19 SEO Experts Roundup- Best Link Building Hacks For Niche Site 2024

We asked 19 SEO Experts from all over the world about their Best Link Building Hacks For a Niche Site in2024.  Let’s see and Learn from them the best strategy for link building for a niche site!!

15 SEO Experts Roundup


Let’s find-out experts got to say on this lit topic.


19 SEO Experts Roundup- Best Link Building Hacks For a Niche Site in 2024


1) Todd Jamieson

Todd is the CEO and Founder of EnvisionUP (a Google Partner), a Canadian Digital Agency providing Internet Marketing services to growing Home Services businesses.

EnvisionUP’s “360-degree” approach provides clients with complete solutions and support across all major platforms. Todd lives in Ottawa with his wife and two sons. When not helping clients grow their businesses, you can find him on the soccer pitch or at the hockey arena.




Website/Blog: https://www.envisionup.com/services/internet-marketing-package/

Todd’s Best Link Building Hack:

When we find a site that we believe would be a great fit for a link to a piece of our content, we do the legwork and find the perfect spot for the link on their site. We do this by reading their articles, combing for potentially broken links, and coming up with text that would seamlessly work with their existing content. We then approach them with a fully formulated plan of where and why the link would make sense.

Since we’re asking them for the link, taking on the bulk of the work involved can make the proposal more convenient and appealing to them. Now they don’t have to spend time finding a place for it. When we do a specific outreach like this, we always make sure to include a compliment or two surrounding the existing content on their site as well – they worked hard on it, and it always feels good to be recognized!


2) Quentin Aisbett

Quentin is a SEO Strategist.


Quentin Aisbett


Website/Blog: https://www.onqmarketing.com.au/seo-services/

Quentin’s Best Link Building Hack:

I have a few go-to link building hacks that work for most businesses and are easy to implement.
The first is responding to journalist requests and to make that easier I recommend subscribing to HARO or Sourcebottle. I also follow #prrequest on Twitter but it’s much less fruitful. They’ll almost always give you a link and in some cases let you choose the link you want. Often it only takes one published response to get the attention of other journos and over time they come directly to you, so it can really be a great link building exercise.
The second is a little more technical and not always applicable but it’s identifying links to outdated content of your competitors. If you have access to SEMRush or Ahrefs or other backlink tools, you can look at the links that your competitors have and identify some opportunities. For example, I love checking to see if there are other sites linking to an outdated resource on your competitor’s site. This could be a link to an article referencing another year or referencing outdated research. All you have to do is have a better alternative on your site, reach out to the publisher and let them know that their readers may appreciate a more relevant resource. Take a link from your competitor, earn one for yourself. It’s a win/win.
The more recent tip that I think is being under-utilized is guest podcasting. We all know one of the first things you get told in order to build links is to guest blog. However, the value of these links can be questioned and it can still take a bit of work to find the opportunities and then prepare the article. Why not identify podcasts that have the right audience for you.

Sure there’s a bit of prep and finding an opportunity will take longer than a guest post spot but you get the link in the show notes, which I suspect will be more valuable and you will see other opportunities will follow. Not to mention with Google looking to index audio and display it in the SERP’s these guest spots may prove even more valuable in the future.

3) Ashley Faulkes

Ashley is an SEO Consultant & WordPress Developer at Mad Lemmings.


Ashley Faulkes Mad Lemmings


Website/Blog: https://madlemmings.com

Ashley’s Best Link Building Hack:

For me, the simplest option is always the best. You can spend hours learning the latest link building tactic or trying to figure out how to steal your competitor’s backlinks, but with niche sites, it is often very tough. For most of my sites and clients, I always opt for guest posting. It is a great way to get in context links on relevant sites and develop relationships with your peers at the same time. It is also something you can easily outsource and set up a process for, so it’s a win-win in my opinion.

4) Codrut Turcanu

The bio of Codrut says: “The go-to #B2B #Copywriter for pro #bloggers & companies. Do NOT hire me unless you’re ready to save time, and get results! Let’s TALK: http://bit.ly/2VJgJNa.”


- Codrut Turcanu


Website/Blog: https://www.CodrutTurcanu.com

Codrut’s Best Link Building Hack:

Years ago, I started with ‘grey hat’, artificial type links. I used article directories and blog networks to publish average content and back-link to my site. Since 2015, I specialized in ‘expert roundup’ blog posts to emphasize the power of viral marketing and business growth through influent outreach.

In my experience, these are the best link building strategy, for short and long term gains for three main reasons:

1. Content is created by the expert.

2. The insights are proven.

3. The experts will love to promote the content and back-link to it.

Nowadays I collaborate with top bloggers and digital marketing companies from multiple niches and industries to help others create expert, premium roundups of the highest quality.

5) Nedelina Payaneva

Nedelina Payaneva is a Marketing Specialist at Asian Absolute. She is passionate about business, digital marketing, languages, and translation.
Asian Absolute Ltd

Nedelina’s Best Link Building Hack:

Create relevant content for a personalized audience Your outreach efforts have to be personalized in order to get the right person’s attention, as should the content you put out there for them to use, and for their audiences to enjoy.

Guest posting on a news site, or on a blog, is a great way to build backlinks from reputable sites around the web. In order to do this, you’ve got to have some pretty good content. This might mean bringing in an expert to write an interesting article, or a designer to create a compelling infographic. If you go through the trouble of acquiring a new source to post and link back to your content, why not create content that has the potential to go viral?

A single guest post will generate one inbound link from the site you reached out to. Why not aim to capture a reader’s imagination as well? The more people that link back to your content, the better.

Contributing to expert roundups: When you participate in a roundup, you earn a backlink with not a big effort. Instead of having to send lots of cold emails begging for a guest post, only to then need to write a long post, in a roundup, bloggers approach you inviting you to their post. You only need to contribute 200-300 words with good actionable tips.

You can scale easily and have your face and link on lots of sites from your industry. Use services like HARO and Source Bottle to get more opportunities.

6) Evgeniy Garkaviy

Evgeniy is an Online marketing strategist in Hopespring.uk.
ready - Evgeniy Garkaviy

Evgeniy’s Best Link Building Hack:

I’m a big fan of skyscraper technique for new niche websites. It allows me to get some high-quality links naturally and what is very important from my niche. It is a bit time consuming but in the end, the result is very good.

There are many good case studies for skyscraper technique. Personal for me I like Brain Dean’s tutorial: https://backlinko.com/skyscraper-technique.

During the last SEO conference in Boston, many SEO gurus said about the importance of having a good backlink profile from relevant donors. So I recommend paying good attention to this.

Skyscraper technique works in this way:

1. You identify a good topic from your industry.
2. Search for a few articles and improve them, make them much more valuable to the reader.
3. After that, you find backlink sources for that original articles and do email outreach informing people that you have written something even better.

7) Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is a Full-Time blogger, Blogging Coach and Certified Cryptocurrency Expert.
Enstine Muki

Enstine’s Best Link Building Hack:

Nothing is as quick and effective as guest posting either done by you or guest posting services. You may want to publish killer content and rely on natural links from your community but stepping out to submit guest content on related content sites and blogs really work.

I have seen content marketers involved in blackhat link building techniques like link buying. While this works, it places you at risk of being penalized by the search giant, which isn’t something anyone can embrace.

8) Temi Odurinde

Temi is the founder of water poverty alleviation NGO, Hope Spring Water. He also founded an SEO and web hosting business. Though most of his time these days is spent on his charitable work. He stays up to date with the latest SEO techniques and web services trends.
temiava - Domain Admin

Temi’s Best Link Building Hack:

If you have been working in one niche for a long time, it is very easy to get complacent and forget about some of the old fashioned ways you build links in the past. In my case, bloggers outreach is what I have become complacent about. Because I get contacted by a lot of people in my nice over the years, I have stopped instigating an outreach, to build new contacts and new links.

It is okay to sit there and let people come to you if you are very popular in your niche. But how do you connect with other strong sites, who do not initiate an outreach? This is where you instigating an outreach to come into play.

I recently instigated a blogger outreach for one of my websites, and I was very surprised by the success of the outreach. I reached out to about 50 bloggers. In addition to achieving the objective of the outreach, I also discovered that traffic to the site went up, and some of my old contents, of 3-4 years ago, was noticed and generated significant engagement, some of which turned to a sale. So, I will strongly recommend a bloggers outreach, if you want to build quality links, with the added secondary benefits like the one I experienced.


9) David James

Developing marketing systems that are proven to work is David’s passion. It delivers value and wealth for both customers and entrepreneurs. David loves to share information that will help empower you to develop a successful marketing system through SEO, Content marketing, PPC, Social Media and more.


David James


Website/Blog: https://businessgrowthdigitalmarketing.com

David’s Best Link Building Hack:

There are a couple of approaches that I like to use. My preferred method is to build link bait/shareable content. It does require more investment and time to develop, but the content is more likely to be shared by people that are looking for the information.

I did notice with my niche hobby site https://lollivia.com, people started to link to some of the case studies or guides naturally simply because it was helpful information.

Building genuine relationships also creates opportunities for more link opportunities as well. So you can swap content and appear as a guest on other peoples websites. I’ve also shared some more link building tactics in this post here:


10) Bolu Olurunfemi

Bolu is the group communication officer for Hope Spring, a UK based water poverty alleviation charity. She is responsible for digital market strategy for Hope Spring advocacy website, and their social enterprise sites.
Bolu Olorunfemi

Bolu’s Best Link Building Hack:

We all know that building high-quality inbound links to a website or a blog involves spending a lot of time and money. One of the link building strategies, that could potentially help with building quality links, in any sector is repairing broken links. You probably wonder what repairing broken links mean.

To repair broken links, and build strong inbound links in the process, you need to go to an open directory or website, like Wikipedia. Look in the section, where information about your business or organization is listed. Nine times out of ten times, you will see links to websites that do not exist anymore. You can fix such broken links, by pointing it in the most appropriate page or pages on your organization’s website.

The above method basically kills two birds with one stone; you get valuable links to your site, and you can help improve the website where the broken links were. We have used this method very successfully in our organization over the years.

11) James McAllister

James McAllister is the owner of JamesMcAllisterOnline.com, where he shares tips that have helped his companies sell hundreds of thousands of units online.

With over 6,000 students, he is the creator of several best-selling training programs for entrepreneurs, covering topics such as blogging, email marketing, and building a mindset for success.


James McAllister



Website/Blog: https://jamesmcallisteronline.com

Jame’s best Link Building Hack:

Develop a system for networking influencers in your niche. Ultimately, link building is significantly easier when you are already known and recognized to the person you’re hoping to get a link from. Providing some sort of value well before you ask for a link can be a great way to ensure that this request is granted.

I keep a spreadsheet of all of the top influencers in the niches that I work in. In this spreadsheet, I not only include information about this person and their website, but I also include information about my relationship with them.

In this way, I’m able to know exactly where I’m at in the relationship building process. I know whether or not I’ve reached out to this person through email, and talked with them one-on-one. I can quickly identify opportunities to connect with this person more deeply and will know if I’ve gone a long time without talking to this person.

Far too many entrepreneurs start the relationship building process strong, but the relationship decays over time because the two people stop contacting each other. Keeping a system in place to track this ensures that the relationship stays strong as time goes on, and you remain at the top of the influencer’s mind.

Because I prioritize networking first rather than just asking for a link up front, I often find these people will naturally link to me, even without asking. Of course, if the right opportunity pops up, I am happy to directly ask. 9 out of 10 times they will say yes.

What’s important though is that you go into networking with the right intentions – to build genuine connections and to provide reciprocal value – rather than just making it all about you. By doing this, you ensure that you’ll continue building natural, valuable links over time.

12) Michael Cottam

Michael is a technical SEO specialist, focusing on on-site audits, on-page optimization, and also backlinks analysis and penalty recovery. As well as my independent consulting and an Associate at Moz, answering questions from PRO members in their Q&A forum, and contributing articles to the Moz main blog fairly regularly.

Michael has been on the board of SEMpdx as well: a non-profit that puts on monthly educational events and the annual Engage (formerly SearchFest) digital marketing conference.


Michael Cottam



Website/Blog: https://www.michaelcottam.com/

Michael’s Best Link Building Hack:

Sponsoring events, conferences, and charities can be a great way to get links.

The problem is, most of these kinds of sites thank their sponsors in a really SEO-dumb way: they’ll create a page of their sponsors, and on that page, there’ll be a big list of logos of the sponsors, and each logo will be linked to the sponsor’s home page. But….what does this look like to Google?

Let’s see…we’ve got a bunch of images on one site linked to other sites….we know what these are, they’re banner ads! And shame on you (the sponsored site) for not no following these obviously paid-for links! What’s even worse, let’s think about the link juice flowing from that page–let’s say there are 20 sponsors: you’re each getting 1/20th of the link juice that page has to send.

But all is not lost….instead, ask for a thank-you blog post for JUST YOUR COMPANY, and have them include your logo (unlinked!!!) and in the text that says “thank you to ACME Corporation for….” have them link your company name to your home page. No more appearance of a banner ad. And, you’ll get 100% of the outbound link juice that that page has to offer. Yes, it’s likely to be a weaker page than the single all-sponsors page, BUT you’re not dividing that page’s link juice by 20.

13) Joe Goldstein

Joe Goldstein is the director of SEO and operations for Contractor Calls, a digital marketing agency that works with contractors and home service businesses nationwide.
Joe Goldstein

Joe’s Best Link Building Hack:

One of the best ways to build links to a niche site is to sign up for Help a Reporter Out, or HARO.

HARO is a service that allows reporters and bloggers to find sources for an extremely wide variety of stories, ranging from the mundane to the incredible niche. HARO sends three emails per day with 20-100 prompts each, so sign up and set up an email filter to keep them out of your main inbox. Then you can also set up a secondary filter to send you a notification (or mark the email as important) if it contains a keyword that is extremely relevant to your niche.

The trick with HARO is to not box yourself in too soon. There are lots of questions specifically for new business owners, female and minority business owners, people with unique experiences and life situations, and experts from all walks of life.

Just answer everything that you’re qualified to answer, whether it’s directly related to your business or not, and include your website as the link. In some cases, it might also make more sense to link to a personal website instead, which should then link to your business website.

Many reporters and bloggers who use HARO also notify you when the story is published, so you can share it on your own networks. Definitely do so, let them know you did so, and then reach out to them via LinkedIn or Facebook to grow your network even more.

14) Venchito Tampon

Venchito Tampon is the CEO and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, an SEO company that specializes in link building services for SEO agencies, and fortune 500 brands in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
venchito tampon -

Venchito’s Best Link Building Hack:

Create a solid content strategy that targets linkable audiences relevant to your site’s core customers. For example, if you’re in the mattress space, you can publish guides about mattress disposal guide (targeting eco-friendly/green market), the sleeping guide for people with disabilities (targeting PWDs), and sleeping guide for kids (targeting parents).

By appealing to a specific group of linkers, you guarantee perceivable links to your content, even before you hit send on your outreach emails.

Another approach to discover linkable audiences in your space is to reverse engineer your competitors’ content assets. You can use Ahrefs’ Link Explorer to find the top linkable pages of their sites (pages with a good number of linking root domains). You may also want to sort the results from highest to lowest referring domains to quickly see which topics of pages acquire the most number of links.

Invest in producing your content more comprehensive enough in information than what other similar assets have provided. Add other content formats like visual or videos to make the content serve other learning styles too.

This way, you improve the utility of your content to your users and increase the chances of getting link placements from industry publishers (when they’re promoted).

15) Mike Khorev

Mike Khorev is an SEO expert and digital marketing consultant who helps small and mid-size businesses generate more leads, sales and grow revenue online. He offers expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based digital marketing, web design, social media, search engine marketing, and many other online practices.


Mike Khorev



Website/Blog: https://weknowseo.ca/

Mike’s Best Link Building Hack:

I think in 2019, both Google and the audience are getting smarter than ever, and to be honest, there’s no longer much wiggle room for link building hacks.

With that being said, there is one surefire way to always get links, and that is to consistently produce good content pieces, and properly promote it (this, is something most people miss, promoting your content is just as if not even more important). If your content is good, sooner or later people will link it, but there’s no shortcut around this.

If your content is good, then it’s just a matter of promoting it. What I usually do is to treat each content as a landing page, create a strategy to promote it (heavily) according to each topic. During the promotion, we’ll get both the valuable organic traffic and these important backlinks.

For example, if it’s a topic that is relevant for a certain influencer in our niche, we might mention them in the article and then reach out to them. We might get a backlink or at least a social media mention (also valuable) in the process. If all went well, we can ask for a guest post opportunity.

In short, the best possible hack for me is actually a solid basic: good quality, relevant content.


16. Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel – Sujan Patel is a partner at Ramp Ventures, and has over 14 years of marketing experience. He has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500 caliber companies.

Sujans Best Link Building Hack:

Link to influencers in your content. This could mean quoting an influencer or linking to a post they’ve written, or mentioning something they’ve done or achieved that’s had an impact on the topic in question. Whatever you do to feature influencers in posts, the most important thing is to tell them about it via email or on social. I’ve seen some great success with this hack. Odds are, at the very worst you’ll get a retweet, but if your post’s good enough, you might get a link, too.
Sujan Patel, Right Inbox co-founder – https://www.rightinbox.com/

17) Oren Greenberg

Oren Greenberg is the founder of the Kurve consultancy in London. He helps startups and corporate innovation projects scale using digital channels. He has written for leading marketing blogs and has been featured in the international press.


oren-greenberg-headshot - Oren Greenberg


Website/Blog: https://kurve.co.uk/

Oren’s Best Link Building Hack:

Build a topic tree that allows you to naturally link from guest blogs back to resources on your own site. The key is to add genuine value by creating deep guides and how-tos on your own blog, so the contextual (anchor text) a link is meaningful. You won’t be able to link to thin product pages, but you will be able to link to big comprehensive articles on a similar topic if they add value.

You’re not cheating the system: you’re making sure that the whole content strategy is naturally interlinked and supportive of different branches of the tree. You will build a better, deeper, backlink profile as a result.

18) Gael Breton

Gael is the co-founder of Authority Hacker and runs authority sites for living.
Gael Breton

Gael’s Best Link Building Hack:

For me, the best link building hack for niche sites is to feature other players in your niche and push their work forward to your audience.

It looks counter-intuitive at first, why would you promote your competition but bear with me.

Once you have promoted their work in blog posts, social media, etc, let them know about it either by Tweeting them or emailing them and just thank them for their contribution to the community.

Make sure you keep a google sheet with the names and emails of the people you promote somewhere as this will come in handy further down the line.

Later on, when you have a great non competing for a piece of content on your site, email these people back and ask them if they’d be ok linking to your new content. Make the job easy for them by finding the ideal place on their site where they can add the link and even rewriting the paragraph where you want the link to be inserted so they just need to copy paste.

This way you can also pick their highest authority pages to get a link from. Most of the people you email will get caught by the reciprocity rule and end up linking to you.

Often these people have much stronger sites than yours so it’s a huge opportunity.

I know it’s a little bit tricky but it works.

19) Zackey A. Reyal

Zakey is an SEO & SEM Specialist with more than 10-year hands-on experience, passionate about website performance & bounce rate.


Zackey AHMED


Website/Blog: https://digitalglare.com.au

Zackey’s Best Link Building Hack:

We take link-building activity seriously and ensure it is done correctly. We ensure our customers get the best, relevant and active links to their sites.

We at https://digitalglare.com.au Brisbane, Australia use a few tried and tested techniques for niche link building.

We encourage our clients to get onto related online forums, communities to help with relevant content, ideas, the suggestion that will boost potential visitor/customer confidence and enhance their profile.

We also train our customers to get their business or news out in local press via press releases or sponsored content.

Quora had been one useful platform with immense positive benefits when handled properly and with genuine feedback/answers.


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Conclusion: 19 Experts Roundup On Best Link Building Hacks For a Niche Site in 2024

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