Lingodeer Review 2024 Is LingoDeer worth it? Is Paid LingoDeer Worth It?


Overall Verdict

Lingodeer started in September 2017 with an initial emphasis on East Asian languages but has subsequently grown to include courses in a variety of languages.

Out of 10


  • Explanations of writing systems that are precise and comprehensive
  • A grammar-centered lesson plan promotes genuine mastery.
  • East Asian languages that are less well-known get attention.
  • Comparable to other rivals
  • Affordable website
  • Good customer support


  • Not every language has complete feature coverage.
  • Less features in Basic plan


Price: $ 14.99

In this article, I will be sharing a complete Lingodeer Review.

While almost everyone has heard of Duolingo and Memrise when it comes to language learning applications, they are far from the only choices.

Lingodeer is a relatively new software that first concentrated on Asian languages but has now grown to include many additional languages. Lessons are taught in a way comparable to that of Duolingo, but considerably more effectively (at least for me).

This is particularly true for Asian languages. I’d previously attempted to use Duolingo to learn Chinese and was astounded at how ineffective it was. Lingodeer is much superior when it comes to learning Asian languages.

Even still, I’d prefer Lingodeer over Duolingo for languages such as German, French, or Portuguese.

This is not to imply that Lingodeer is ideal or that it should be used only for learning purposes. There are still many areas for improvement. I’ll get to them eventually.

Lingodeer now provides classes in the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

Additionally, classes are offered in other languages. For instance, you might enroll in a Korean-taught English course or a German-taught Japanese course.

Lingodeer Review

What is Lingodeer? Is Paid LingoDeer Worth It?

Lingodeer started in September 2017 with an initial emphasis on East Asian languages but has subsequently grown to include courses in a variety of languages.

According to Lingodeer, the language learning app has accumulated over “10 million satisfied learners” in only three years, which gives the rapidly expanding company some boasting rights.

Additionally, it seems to have won the 2019 Google Play Editor’s Choice Award and the Android Excellence Award.

Wang Zhulong, a computer scientist and language instructor, created Lingodeer. He previously built the popular Mandarin beginners app ChineseSkill, which raised $5 million in funding.

Lingodeer Overview

Languages are taught on Lingodeer not just in English as the source language, but also in French and a variety of other languages.

Although Lingodeer is not very unique (it is fairly similar to Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone), it stands out for its simplicity, comprehensive explanations, and straightforward functioning.

It’s a language study software that makes learning enjoyable, which I believe is critical for beginners.

If you’re interested in giving Lingodeer a try, you may do so through their website, Google Play, or the Apple App Store.

What Services Does Lingodeer Provide?

1. Curriculum and Content: 

LingoDeer’s curriculum is comprised of two major courses. Japanese 1 first, and then Japanese 2 when you’re ready. Introducing you to basic vocabulary, fundamental grammar, and a range of popular themes.

One thing I like is how each part has a specific focus for practice and building upon as you go. Assuring that you get the necessary repetition before moving on too fast.

2. Writing Systems – Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji:

Japanese is not entirely comprised of sentences and words. Additionally, it introduces three new writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

With regards to hiragana and katakana, the program includes a section devoted to teaching you how to read, write, and pronounce each character. Additionally, you may see an interactive chart that provides a comprehensive reference for each character.

Because Kanji is very distinct from Hiragana and Katakana. LingoDeer contains an entire section dedicated to the 100 most frequently used Kanji characters.

You may use this section to refer to specific characters, see the program explain how to draw them, or practice drawing them yourself. If you get stuck on a particular character, you may add them to your favorites for concentrated study on only that characters.

Retain everything you learn

3. Gameplay and Instructions:

The most critical element of any language learning software, in my view, is how it educates and leads you through each segment. This is one of the most significant qualities I’ve discovered in Lingodeer. Here’s how it works…

Each section’s specific advice will teach you all you need to know to finish the tasks without becoming confused, angry, or screaming at your phone. In other words, everything you face during gaming will be explained in detail in the accompanying manuals.

Additionally, these instructions are readily accessible at any moment, even during gaming. Simply click on the tips symbol to quickly overlay the instructions. You may also just touch on a term that stumps you to bring up a condensed explanation.

When it comes to the LingoDeer gaming experience, you may anticipate everything from… Blocking in phrases, complete spelling with individual characters, listening and reading exercise, filling in gaps, deleting erroneous fragments of a sentence, matching pictures to words, and matching vocabulary from English to Japanese Placing fragments of a sentence in the appropriate location, as well as choosing answers to discussions. And so on…

4. Practice with audio and speech

I’ve always found it infuriating when I’m unable to listen to an app that needs audio playback. A convenient remedy to this issue, which is provided in LingoDeer, is to simply shut off the audio-only ways of practice. Permitting you to play anywhere, at any time, and incomplete quiet.

Practice with audio and speech

When it comes to speaking, LingoDeer allows you to talk along with examples whenever and ONLY whenever you choose! To talk, just touch the microphone button and give it a go. What’s particularly amazing about this function is that the program will record your voice and play it back to compare it to the example.

If you’re looking for a more concentrated speaking practice session. Additionally, LingoDeer provides additional chances for speaking practice in the evaluation and story sections.

What Makes LingoDeer Unique Among Other Apps?

LingoDeer teaches many languages, not just one. It is primarily concerned with the Grammar that governs any language’s subdivisions.

While other online language learning applications assist you in memorizing a basic set of words and phrases, LingoDeer presents you with more difficulties. As it places a greater emphasis on grammar and vocabulary to acquire a complete mastery of target languages.

best among app

Learning a language without understanding its meaning is comparable to building a home without blueprints.

The same holds when it comes to learning a new language. As with the last point, you must have a solid conceptual framework to connect easily with the various components.

LingoDeer helps you through the process of mastering your target language’s distinctive grammatical structure. The LingoDeer language learning software teaches users how to connect vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Additionally, a greater knowledge of how to use it properly.

After studying about LingoDeer’s methodology, you’re probably thinking that learning languages using LingoDeer is a difficult job. However, it is not because it teaches languages intelligently and easily.

Lingodeer Pricing

Unlike many other programs, Lingodeer does not need money or the submission of a payment method to use it. Indeed, no account is required. Each language’s alphabet and pronunciation guidelines, as well as the first unit, are completely free.

If you decide you enjoy the software and would want to buy lifetime access to all of its features, you may do so for $ 159.99. If you’d rather have the convenience of a subscription, you may pay $ 14.99 monthly, $ 39.99 quarterly, or $ 79.99 yearly. To be quite candid, the price is pretty reasonable in contrast to others on the market!

Lingodeer Review- Pros and Cons


  • Comparable to other rivals
  • A grammar-centered lesson plan promotes genuine mastery.
  • East Asian languages that are less well-known get attention.
  • Explanations of writing systems that are precise and comprehensive


  • Subscriptions for LingoDeer and LingoDeer+ are distinct.
  • Not every language has complete feature coverage.
  • The desktop version does not have all functionalities.
  • Lessons that are repetitive and unvarying

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FAQs | Lingodeer Review

👍Is LingoDeer a better alternative to Duolingo?

Duolingo, on the other hand, is unquestionably the more popular of the two. However, is it better? Let's see who wins this Duolingo vs. LingoDeer battle. To begin, Duolingo supports 19 languages, whereas LingoDeer supports 11. However, although LingoDeer entered the market in 2017, Duolingo has been around for much longer — since 2011. However, LingoDeer triumphs in several critical areas. The majority of LingoDeer user evaluations commend it for its pronunciation choices, which are reportedly superior to those in Duolingo. LingoDeer also offers teachers that are native speakers.

👉Is LingoDeer a superior alternative to Babbel?

While doing my testing for this LingoDeer review, I found the company's attitude was more relaxed. On the other side, Babbel employs a classroom-style approach. LingoDeer is your best option if you want to study Asian languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese. On the other side, Babbel provides additional language choices that LingoDeer does not. Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, and Norwegian are just a few. Finally, it is determined by your requirements.

😮Is it worthwhile to purchase LingoDeer?

Yes, LingoDeer is well worth the investment. It's enjoyable, engaging, and educational, and goes deeper than the majority of foreign language programs. Additionally, it includes pronunciation instruction!

Conclusion | Lingodeer Review 2024

I’m very happy with the Lingodeer application.

It’s rekindled interest in studying Italian in me, and I like being able to fit Lingodeer’s short and simple courses into my busy schedule.

The diversity of lesson/exercise formats is excellent: multiple-choice, writing whole sentences, listening to a native speaker, and dictating how he or she articulates.

It’s a pleasurable method to study, and I’ve found that it helps me recall things more readily without stressing me out — which is a blessing!:smile:

The ability to take classes offline is also advantageous in a variety of circumstances (and one of the best selling points, in my opinion).

Lingodeer is not going to provide you with a university degree in languages; rather, it will teach you the fundamentals quickly enough that you can greet people, know the time, and order your favorite food from the menu, among other things.

After a little period of use, I feel secure in the Italian I’ve learned.

Lingodeer seems to recognize that each person learns and absorbs knowledge differently.

There is an option to choose a particular narrator, backdrop color, and the script’s size and type.

The option to study quietly is also advantageous if you are in an environment that is devoid of noise.

The Alphabet part is very comprehensive, including lectures on vowels, consonants, unusual consonants, and double consonants. Unfortunately, not many language apps provide an alphabet lesson, but Lingodeer does, and even better, it is available to consumers with a free subscription.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Lingodeer app, in my opinion, is the option to revisit lessons. When one is learning a new language, it is common to feel both thrilled and overwhelmed.

It’s all too simple to lose track of what you’ve learned.

The ability to revisit and refresh your memory through the flashcard feature and enjoyable quizzes is a lifesaver and something I often do.

I’m excited to see how far I can go on my ‘learning Italian’ adventure with Lingodeer.

It receives favorable reviews.

Lingodeer seems simple; it does not need reading 500-page books, attending lectures, or producing 10,000-word essays on time.

It’s an excellent tool for novices, travelers, and students since it allows you to quickly take up the fundamentals of a language.

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