Ling app Review 2024: Is The Ling app Worth It? 🤔

Ling App

Overall Verdict

The Ling app is a gamified language-learning application offering courses in more than 60 languages. Convenient and enjoyable study time is achieved via themed, brief practice courses. It is not the most thorough resource available, particularly for more common languages, but it is an excellent method to begin learning a less common language.

Out of 10


  • The Chatbot is a fun method for experimenting with discussions.
  • The native-speaker audio samples that I've evaluated are often of high quality.
  • Every time a word or phrase is taught, it is paired with a sentence that uses it.
  • You can receive reminder emails and maintain your streak.
  • The vocabulary is valuable and applicable.
  • You may skip forward if you choose


  • New in the market


Price: $

Are you looking for an Unbiased Ling app Review, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

I was looking for a new way to learn Spanish, and I needed something effective. 

Finding the right language learning program can be challenging because they all seem similar. How do you know which one is going to work best for you?

After trying out a bunch of different programs, I finally found the Ling app. This app is separate from any other language learning program I’ve tried. 

Ling app Review

With Ling, you can learn at your own pace, and the lessons are tailored specifically to your needs. Plus, there’s a built-in community of learners ready to help you whenever you need it.

Let us check out Ling app in a little more detail. 

What Is Ling app?

Ling app is only one of the numerous award-winning language applications provided by Simya Solutions. It was created by a team of professionals, native speakers, and language experts. It utilizes gamification to keep language learners engaged and happy to study, even if they just use the app for a few minutes every day. It is a significant differentiation from other accessible applications.

Ling App Review

To guarantee that students get as much information as possible in the allotted time, they designed bite-sized courses for a variety of languages so that you may quickly grasp the language principles. It also has hard quizzes and activities designed to aid in learning to scaffold.

Who wouldn’t like studying grammatical principles while having fun with Ling? From picking the correct vocabulary term based on an example phrase to performing interactive speaking practice with an artificial intelligence chatbot, the Ling app has your back!

Unsurprisingly, millions of language aficionados have downloaded this language software, given its completely immersive teaching methodology, well-structured courses, and extensive library of hundreds of languages. The recent ascent of the Ling app to the top 10 language learning applications on the App Store demonstrates its tremendous potential.

How Does The Ling app Work?

As previously stated, the Ling app has five levels, each with ten parts. The majority of parts consist of four lessons in which vocabulary and fundamental phrases are taught, a speaking lesson, a test, and a review session.

The classes each introduce a new term and then provide some background for that word. In the latter, there are complaints of errors in many languages. Thus this is something to keep in mind while using the app to learn a language. It is often a decent introduction to the language.

Each class concludes with a discussion portion. The conversation portion provides a brief dialogue to aid in retaining the vocabulary section’s information.

The speaking lesson employs speech recognition, which could be better like other voice recognition in language-learning applications. With the Ling app, you are given a phrase and asked to videotape yourself reading it; your pronunciation is often scored randomly.

The examination assesses your knowledge of each lesson. It is quite identical to each of the four separate lectures, except that you are tested on material from all four lessons for each part, the exam is timed, and you may only make four errors before “failing” it.

Each lesson also contains a “review all” part, essentially a summary of the material covered. There is also a review area accessible from the homepage. This part displays random words from the classes you have studied. This indicates that it does not employ SRS (spaced repetition) to highlight the information you need to concentrate on and study the most.

Some of the languages also include a part on writing. This is for languages with a distinct writing system (but Persian was not supported). There are three pieces for each letter or character in the writing portions. The first image depicts an animation of a figure being sketched. The second step displays arrows suggesting how each letter or character component should be drawn. 

The grammar section is another component accessible for certain languages but not others. This part included concise explanations of the grammar found in the classes.

Lastly, there is the chatbot, which is just what one would anticipate. The chatbot is a discussion in which you pick your response from a limited number of options. It’s not an exam but rather a systematic approach to experience communication.

Ling app: Best Features

  • New Language Selection: Whether you are interested in learning Japanese, French, or Korean, the Ling app provides all you need! This program, unlike others, supports more than sixty languages and includes lessons for the least prevalent European and Asian languages. This is because the organization is devoted to ensuring everyone has the greatest possible access to learning material, regardless of the language they choose to study.
  • Get Feedback On Your Progress: It is common to feel overwhelmed and disappointed while acquiring new knowledge. They’ve divided language classes into short, bite-sized sessions to keep you motivated, so you will only have to devote a little time to learning a few essential topics in your target language. In addition,  consistency is the key, which is why they have enhanced their “reminders” tool so that you may select your daily objective and be told when the optimal time to review is.
  • Language Learning Quizzes: In contrast to other language learning applications, the Ling app includes checkpoint questions that confirm mastery of newly acquired knowledge. Typically, programs rely heavily on conventional flashcard-style training, but this platform offers a vast array of tests based on current research in language learning. This comprises the two fundamental forms: summative lesson tests and games/quizzes (formative). Learners will be motivated to take their 10-minute learning sessions seriously if they cannot pass the summative assessment.
  • Improve Your Language Skills With Gamified Content: Suppose you are serious about completing a complete course with the Ling app. In that case, you can be certain that the learning materials have been prepared and vetted by experienced linguists, seasoned instructors, and native speakers. To guarantee that it is a comprehensive resource, it combines classic teaching techniques with unique linguistic elements that will appeal to both young learners and experts. By visiting the Ling app, you will notice a large number of organized units with thematic lessons, which is wonderful if you need to follow a language learning plan and want to avoid being overwhelmed while studying. Each lesson includes an audio recording (recorded by a natural speaker), an example sentence, grammatical explanations, and a feature that allows you to take the course many times until you have mastered it. And the highlight? All the information is presented to you uniquely and entertainingly!

Ling app Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Ling app from here and click on ‘About us’.

Ling App Pricing & How To Buy Guide step1

Step – 2: Scroll down and click on ‘Pricing’.

Ling App Pricing & How To Buy Guide step2

Step – 3: Choose the pricing plan of your choice.

Ling App Pricing & How To Buy Guide step3

Step – 4: Choose the plan of your choice and click on ‘Buy now’ aside it.

Ling App Pricing & How To Buy Guide step4

Step – 5: Fill up the payment details asked for, and click on ‘Pay’.

Ling App Pricing & How To Buy Guide step5

That is it. You are good to go. 

Let us check out the Ling app with the free plan. You can simply click on ‘START TUTORIAL’ to begin.

Ling app with the free plan

The tutorial looks something like this. 

I recommend you try it yourself too. 

Why Do I Recommend Ling app?

  • Can be used while traveling: The Ling app is adaptable in that it is accessible through its online version and can also be downloaded to a mobile device. Due to this, anybody may study while traveling!
  • Learn with native speakers: By using the app for only a few minutes every day, you may acquire new words, expressions, and phrases that will boost your confidence while conversing with native speakers.
  • Multiple resources: Lessons inside the Ling app include sample phrases, audio files, animations, and anything else you will ever need to learn and comprehend your target language.
  • A fun way to learn: While you may spend numerous hours watching movies, purchasing and completing the writing part of textbooks, and memorizing vocabulary daily, studying without enjoyment will only get you so far. The easiest technique to develop competency spontaneously is to decrease your emotional filter while learning by playing games. And when it comes to interesting and thrilling games, the Ling app is unrivaled.
  • Works on a freemium model: Learning a new language is difficult, but it can be simple and inexpensive. Currently, the Ling app operates on a freemium model, allowing you to test the waters and see whether it is the perfect app.

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Conclusion: Ling app Review 2024

The Ling app provides an effective and efficient way for users to learn new languages. It offers a variety of features that make learning foreign languages easier, such as interactive lessons, native speakers pronouncing words, and audio recordings. 

With these features, the app can provide comprehensive learning experiences tailored to different levels of language proficiency. 

The app also has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus that can aid in understanding words and phrases. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface ensures that users have an enjoyable learning experience. All these features make it one of the best language-learning apps available today. 

In conclusion, the Ling app is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn a new language. It is easy to use and provides comprehensive learning experiences at an affordable price. 

The app also has the advantage of being available on multiple platforms so that users can access it wherever they are. With such great features, the Ling app will surely be popular with language learners for years to come.

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