LimeProxies Review 2024 (Features & Pricing) (Discount Coupon Code 50% OFF)

LimeProxies Review

Overall Verdict

Limeproxies is best dedicated proxies provider in the proxy space, they offer worldwide proxy network covering 40+ countries and 100+ cities, and Provide professional Customer support with live-chat. Offer private proxies and Premium Proxies, Premium Proxies are virgin IPs which not used by other users. Limeproxies have been trusted by 5000+ brands.

Out of 10


  • Virgin SOCKS5 proxies
  • Free trial AND money-back guarantee
  • Responsive 24/7 support
  • Private proxies start from $10 for 10 IPs
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Locations: 40 locations around the world


  • Cheap recycled private IPs
  • Limited available use cases


Price: $ 9.98

Are you looking for a high-speed premium and affordable private proxies at an affordable cost?


LimeProxies can be your savior in this case.

In this post, I have featured an in-depth LimeProxies Review that includes detailed insights into this private proxy platform. So let’s get started here..

LimeProxies Review

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Detailed LimeProxies Review 2024 Datacenter proxies for gaming, classified ads, and ticketing.

Lime proxies network review

LimeProxies has been in business since 2010 and it is one of the older proxy providers. The main goal of Lime Proxies is to provide affordable datacenter IPs to online marketers and businesses from small-to-medium.

 Other proxy services provide residential IPs which actually limits the possible proxy uses but Lime Proxies never provides that. They provide data center IPs and it has limits too which means you can not use it for emailing, accessing e-commerce websites. Only you can use it for placing classified ads, ticketing and gaming.

Lime Proxies Review - Lime Proxies

There are a lot of things you can do with the datacenter IPs but the provider only focuses on these three cases. They have optimized their proxies for Craigslist, Ticketmaster and Online gaming. They provide all sorts of proxies like private proxies, Socks5 Private Proxies and International Private proxies.

Features & Benefits of LimeProxies Review

Limeproxies best proxy network

Private Proxies

They provide many different types of private proxies and it is the cheapest option available. In reality, they recycle datacenter IP addresses which means it has already been used by someone. This means that it might not work on some selected websites, so before purchasing private proxies you must consider it with the Lime Proxies support.

Private proxies reviews

Private proxies have many advantages like you can get them at cheap prices but it has some disadvantages too like it has the slowest speed of 100Mbps speeds and only includes 2 locations with up to 5 subnets. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not support SOCKS5 proxies.

Dedicated Proxies

You can find these types of proxies in mid-range plans and come in two varieties too which are US proxies and EU proxies. The major difference between these two is the speed means you will get more speed on US proxies than EU proxies. Any of the plans you purchase will give you full control over the proxies.

It covers limited locations and the best part about it is that it comes from only one subnet which you will have the total control of all the proxies. The dedicated proxies are much better than private proxies because the only purpose of it is regarding business ads or online gaming. In the smallest plan, you can get up to 250 proxies which are really great for some users to start their business.

Premium Proxies

It comes with premium plans which can be a little expensive for small businesses. It is the advanced option available on Lime Proxies. They are called Virgin IPs means they are completely new and never used before on any website by anyone. 

It also gives more speed than both private and dedicated proxies which can go up to 1Gbps. You can get more locations with premium plans. The best part about it is that you will get more than one subnet along with SOCKS5 support.

SOCKS5 Proxies

In this type of proxies, you will get SOCKS5 IP addresses which is the most exclusive option and it is most suitable for enterprise businesses. If you need more secure and more proxies then it is the best option for it. They are nearly similar to the premium proxies but some features are different from it.

Location Coverage

Lime proxy network reviews

They cover over 40 locations all over the world and you can choose according to your needs. You can only select a limited number of locations in any of the plans you purchase so choose wisely. To change locations after purchasing a plan can be a little difficult because then you need to contact the support team of Lime Proxies.

Easy To Use

Private proxies are a little bit complicated but with the help of the online panel, you can use it very easily. The company is making changes on a regular basis which is really good for its customers. You can also get a demo of premium proxies. The advanced users get more features and the interface is much easier to use for them.

How To Get Started With LimeProxies?

You just need to sign up on LimeProxies, to begin with, it. To create an account you need to fill up your full name and email address and after that, they will send you a confirmation email in which you will find a link and you just click on it to complete the signup process. You don’t need to pay for anything just yet.

Once you create an account, you will be given a dashboard that will show your credits, usage and proxy plans. After that, you can purchase any of the plans which suit your purpose. All the things can be managed on your dashboard. You can get help on your dashboard instantly. They also offer a free trial which is a really great thing because then you can get an overview of Lime Proxies.

Follow the exacts steps given below:

Step #1: Choose The Site To Access

STARTING With LimeProxies

Step #2: Setup authorized IPs

setup authorised IPS

Step #3: Start Your Free Trial

start your LimeProxies Free Trial

Now just follow the instruction, you have just started you LimePorxies Free Trial right away..

How to Setup A Proxy With LimeProxies?

When you purchase a plan, the number of proxies will appear on the dashboard. If you have purchased a premium proxy plan then switch to SOCKS proxies and you have to download your proxy list in the .txt format. You can also refresh your proxies once a month after getting them blocked.

There are two ways in which Lime Proxies authenticate your proxies. The first one is by whitelisting your proxies up to 25 IPs and the second one is by using your credentials. They usually use the first option because the second one is limited and it is only available if you use SOCKS proxies and have more than 10 premium IPs. To access more websites you need to create a whitelist yourself.

LimeProxies Customer Support

Customer support is one of the best features of Lime Proxies because for them customers are everything that’s why they answer quickly to their customers. You can contact the support team by sending them a ticket or using a live chat option. 

Lime Proxies Review - Customer Support

They get back to you within a few minutes and the customer support agents try to solve your query as soon as possible and if not they redirect you to someone who has more experience on that. They offer you 24*7 support which is quite good for a proxy provider.

LimeProxies Pricing Plans 

There are basically three different types of proxies you can and their pricing plans are divided according to that. You can also get a free trial for 3 days which can give you an overview of LimeProxies work.

Lime Proxies Review - Pricing Plan


  • $9.99/month for 10 Proxies
  •  $24.99/month for 25 Proxies
  • $99.99/month for 100 Proxies 
  •  $249.99/month for 250 Proxies
  • Exclusive Proxies
  • Up to 100Mbps Speed
  • Choose Up to 2 Locations
  • Get 5 Subnets
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • $50/month for 10 Proxies
  • $100/month for 25 Proxies
  • $150/month for 50 Proxies
  • $300/month for 100 Proxies
  • Fresh New IPs
  • Over 50 concurrent threads
  • Speed up to 1Gbps
  • Choose Locations 3 To 8 depending on the Plan 
  • Get 6 To 20 Subnets
  • Multiple IP Class
  • 24/7 Reliable Customer Service


  • $50/month for 10 Proxies
  • $100/month for 25 Proxies
  • $150/month for 50 Proxies
  • $300/month for 100 Proxies
  • New Virgin IPs
  • Get Speed Up to 1Gbps
  • 3 Cities Covered
  • 7 Subnets
  • Similar features as Premium

These are three categories of plans you can choose from along with that they also offer you a 3-day money-back guarantee which means if you are not satisfied with it then get your money back whenever you want.

Get Up to 50% Off On Lime Proxies

Pros and Cons


  • Best Customer Support
  • Datacenter Proxies for Online Gaming
  • Highly In cognitive and Elite Proxies
  • Mostly the proxies are for ticketing and Gaming.
  • You choose multiple locations for private proxies.
  • You can also get a replacement for IPs for free.
  • 3-Day free trial and 3-day money-back guarantee
  • New and Fresh Proxies which are also called Virgin IPs.
  • Get Free Trial and money-back guarantee


  • Limited access in private proxies
  • Not many locations you can choose in every plan

LimeProxies Customer Testimonials

Below we have listed the LimeProxies Review from TrustPilot.

Lime Proxies testimonials

LimeProxies Customer Reviews- TrustPilot

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LimeProxies Review Conclusion : Best Private Proxy Services?

LimeProxies are good options for businessmen and gamers. You can not create Instagram accounts or cop sneakers with datacenter IPs because for that you will need residential proxies. There are a lot of options available from which you can choose when it comes to pricing plans or locations.

You can also get private proxies at cheap prices but they might not work on some websites because they are recycled IPs so before purchasing any private proxy plan you should consider with the support team about it. 

Virgin IPs are only available in premium and Socks plan which also supports SOCKS5. It is one of the best data center IPs they offer. You can do gaming, download torrents, target your audience and book tickets with these proxies. At last, I want to say that it can be a good option to start but after all the choice is yours so choose wisely.

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  1. I like LimeProxies because out of all the proxy services I’ve come across, it’s had the most success. Unlike some data centers that offer proxies that are too expensive for me to afford or that provide different types of IPs which might affect my campaign goals, LimeProxies offers residential IPs at a very affordable price with no major limitations. Plus they’re hosted in Texas and California so I never run into latency issues when uploading videos on YouTube.

  2. There are many features of LimeProxies and it has some stand out things.
    A very unique feature of Limeproxies is that they provide an API for the proxies. You should be able to integrate the API to your applications to automatically configure the proxy settings.
    Limeproxies has a very prompt customer support. Their live chat is open 24/7 and it usually takes less than 10 minutes for them to reply. They can also be reached by phone worldwide.

  3. Professional approach, great customer service – in my I’m career I tried a lot of private proxies, but with Lime Proxies I got best of everything. Quality proxies, professional support, almost instant deliverability and you can easily manage your proxies within their members dashboard and also you can change your proxy locations very easily.

  4. Lime Proxies bridges the gap between affordable and quality with all of their IPs being hosted in premium data centers. With our proxy services, you get all advantages of anonymity and accessibility, which is perfect for marketers & business owners. You can even use this service to replace expensive bidding on international ad networks like Google Adwords!

  5. Lime Proxies is the best I’ve found so far, it’s not just affordable- they are cheap. The IPs are fast and perfect for those on the budget but high in demand; all good things to know before buying a proxy. In conclusion, Lime Proxies rock!
    The great thing about lime proxies is their novelty: first of all you have no idea what part of the country they’re coming from which couldn’t be more handy with that whole “not using residential” thing; second, I can post as many ads as my time allows without having to worry about slowing anything down since high traffic never affects them at all

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