Lifebook Online Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Mindvalley Lifebook

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The Lifebook was created as people find it tough to cruise through their daily life- be it relationships, work, or even personal issues as they do not have a command over their lives – the present and the future. Eventually, this leads to living a life without any purpose or aim.

Out of 10


  • Accelerate Your Goal Achievement
  • Discover & Honor Your Passions
  • Financially Abundant and Optimized at Work
  • Growing Faster than Ever Before
  • Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Get Crystal-Clear Vision of Your Life


  • Every topic might not be applicable to everyone
  • For some students it may be overwhelming


Price: $ 299

Looking For Unbiased Lifebook Online Review 2024? I’ve Got You Covered.

What if you could design your life from scratch? What if you could build your life from the ground up, with a personalized system that’s designed just for you?

Your life is out of balance and you’re not achieving your full potential. The Lifebook program is the ultimate lifestyle design system. You’ll get your own personal coach, access to a 12-month course, and the support of a vibrant community.

Enjoy this Mindvalley Lifebook Online Review to help you with making the choice to enroll in this Amazing Mindvalley course! Lifebook by John and Missy Butcher have changed my life, so enjoy my detailed Lifebook Online review!

Bottom Line Upfront : Lifebook Online is a great course that allows you to gain clarity around your life’s goals and thousands of students who have enrolled in this course have great success in their life.

The entire 6-week Lifebook Online program, where you design your personal Lifebook for the 12 dimensions of your life. I highly recommend this program if you really want to achieve your goals. Check out Lifebook Online course now at special price.

At some point of time in life, we tend to ask ourselves a question: ” Is this life that I was expected to live, or  Is this the life I wanted to live? Did I choose this path because it is respectable to society, or Is this path taken because of my parent’s expectations?

These thoughts and questions come into our lives in either our 30s or 40s or even 50s, however, for a few, they could come in much later. Yes, at some stage in life, we will have these thoughts, however, what really makes us think and ponder over it is a huge life event like a personal loss.

It makes us reminisce about our past decisions, and our upbringings, and think about our present and our future.

Lifebook Online Review

The thoughts come to a stagnant point where our thoughts lead to the question: Am I only a stick in this stream, simply floating along, with absolutely no dominance over our fate and destiny?

We have spent many years looking into these questions, asking ourselves the same questions time and again, and consequently bringing about a lot of changes in our life.

The topic is vast and quite a tough one, which is why a lot of people do not address the doubts they have and do not confront their fears, anxieties, and worries, and make amends.

Rather, many people just tread the safe path which only ends in regrets, and they also realize that the safe path is not actually safe. This is why the Lifebook by John Butcher is very powerful as this is a complete tool that helps you stop, stay still, reassess, create a plan, and then move ahead

Lifebook Online Review

In-Depth Lifebook Online Review: What Are The 12 Categories Of Lifebook?

Lifebook is exactly as its name. It is a book that is all about your own life and has been designed to help an individual recognize who they are and who they intend to become.

The Lifebook was created as people find it tough to cruise through their daily life- be it relationships, work, or even personal issues as they do not have a command over their lives – the present and the future. Eventually, this leads to living a life without any purpose or aim.

Lifebook Online is about finding one’s purpose in life, fixing up your goals, as well as being responsible for your actions which help you fulfill your goals in life. In short, it is the master plan of how you wish your life to be.

LifeBook Review -Lifebook Online Review

Lifebook has around 12 categories that cover all the aspects of the life of a person. Every single category has templates and videos which will help you understand how you intend to build upon your life. Finally, what you create is called your “Lifebook.”

Lifebook – What Are The 12 Categories?

Lifebook consists of 12 different categories. They are:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Emotional life
  • Intellectual life
  • Your character
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Social life
  • Career
  • Quality of life, and
  • Life vision

12 Dimension LifeBook - All Program.

Lifebook is way different from personal development courses that focus on a few aspects like building more wealth and climbing the ladder in your career. Lifebook enables you to develop deep focus and get clarity in every area of life.

This is quite important in order to have a well-developed and successful life. You will gain happiness only if you find a balance in your life.

My Verdict: What Lifebook Did For Me

I felt more secure in my own skin after finishing Lifebook; the exercises helped me assess where I stood in different aspects of my existence.

Although I had experience with goal-setting, I found that the prior few years had left me feeling very aimless. So, before I did Lifebook, I had a lot of stale expectations flying around in my head. After that, I had a much better understanding of what I needed.

In general, I prefer to take things as they come. Although adaptability is crucial to success, I sometimes find myself aimlessly cruising without a clear destination or strategy for getting there. As a result, Lifebook assisted me in simplifying complex tasks into manageable ones.

It hasn’t made me rich or helped me find the love of my life overnight, but it has helped me get my act together and make some positive changes in my life.

Mindvalley Lifebook: How Does It Work?

You must have bought some online courses previously and might assume that even Lifebook is similar to those courses wherein you have to pay some amount to get the videos and that’s all about it. But no. Lifebook is not like these life development courses.

This course by Jon and Missy has been structured into a 6-week course, including all the video recordings, the cues, workbooks as well as access to their exclusive group on Facebook. Every week, the focus is shifted to 2 distinct areas in your life.

Questions are provided and videos are also provided. However, it does not end here. The questions asked actually make you think about your life and the way you want it to be in the future. The set of questions makes you introspect and assess your life.

Also, the videos provided in every category are loaded with wisdom and insights. You must ensure that you watch these videos prior to taking up the questions as it will help you structure your aim, goals, and purpose.

At times you might have to struggle to keep up with these recordings and teachings. However, make sure you have sufficient time and finish the course; else it will not offer the benefit that it intends to offer.

But, this need not worry you as you get lifetime access and you can do the course at your time and pace. The most impressive part about Lifebook is the number of actionable tips and information provided.

Lifebook is insightful and comprehensive, however, it is left solely to you, to create the life that you wish for and be accountable for your actions.

Lifebook Online is the most popular program on Mindvalley (with over 1100+ stories of transformation) and arguably the most powerful lifestyle design methodology on the planet.  

So before we start this Lifebook journey on January 4 with over 4000 students already enrolled – I just want to quickly highlight what’s so unique about this upcoming intake and why you should not miss it.

#1. Jon and Missy Butcher will be hosting 7 LIVE coaching calls every week for the entire duration of the program – and they only do this twice a year at the very most.

So this is a great opportunity to learn from the Lifebook creators themselves.

#2. You can get the program with a $500 deposit (100% refundable upon completion) to keep you accountable for finishing the program – which essentially means you can do Lifebook for FREE.

#3. Try it risk-free for 15 days. If giving this program free wasn’t enough, you’re also protected by our unconditional guarantee. So you can try it now and decide later.

Lifebook facebook reviews ivan garcia

6 weeks from now, you too can have your very own Lifebook – a deeply personalized blueprint for your best life. Every dream, desire, or goal – everything that you really want – is captured on the pages of your Lifebook.

With the Lifebook process, you’ll get full clarity on what you believe, what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to get it – in all 12 dimensions of your life.

Whether you’re looking for clarity on your life vision, a proven system to achieve your goals, or if you want to rediscover yourself – Lifebook gives you the tools, clarity, and inspiration you need to get where you want to be.

So if you’re currently going through big life changes as well, Lifebook may just be what you need.

Mindvalley Lifebook: How Can You Be A Part Of It?

1. Signing up 

You can sign up for free. Once you enroll yourself in Lifebook Online, you have to make a payment. You will be charged an upfront fee of $500.

This can be a factor that will stop you from enrolling for the course, as many of us do not have $500 to splurge on a course that you are not sure about. However, you can also get back this $500 that you spend. If you get it done the right way, it would be a free course.

Lifebook facebook reviews antonio

The catch is you have to finish this course within the stipulated timeline and you will get back your money. However, it might not be possible to do so, considering the busy schedules that we all have.

You have to be sure that you can complete it in the six weeks that have been recommended, in case you want your money back. Once you make the payment of the fee, you are taken to the quiz on life satisfaction.

2. The Pre-assessment

Post signing up, you will get access to the courses you have paid for. However, you have to go for the pre-assessment, before you check the courses. This is known as Intra-Spect Assessment.

This is an assessment that is created to measure and assess your life satisfaction. This is quite an interesting way of measuring success and is quite refreshing as well in contrast to what is offered in other self-development courses.

This assessment begins with some basic questions regarding yourself, such as your age, your gender, and your relationship status.

It is quite simple to fill, however, it becomes profound and moves to some uncomfortable questions. The assessment talks about the happiness of a person and their satisfaction regarding how it is related to their life. Now, it might be tempting to simply lie about these things, but it would not meet the purpose of taking up the course. The course will work only if you are honest in the pre-assessment.

LifeBook Company - Program Curriculum

If you are very honest in your answers, this course will definitely help you in the years to come. The answers will not be seen by anyone except yourself.

This helps you to be more open with yourself and speak about things that make you happy and unhappy. If you have never done this, you will be amazed at how writing down your feelings gets it structured in your head.

The test takes 20 minutes, post which you get a score which is the baseline score. The goal of this course is to assist you in improving and increasing this score. This test is essential as you will build everything from this point.

3. Welcome videos

Post your assessment, you will not dive into the different categories. Instead, there are six pleasant activities, such as FAQs, videos,, and a lot more. In case you have a busy schedule, this could be overwhelming, but it helps in explaining the entire process.

There is a video regarding how you can find time for Lifebook. This is quite interesting as it speaks about how one must make time for Lifebook even though you have a busy schedule. It tells you that if you make anything your priority, it can be done.

4. 12 Categories of Lifebook

Once you check the welcome video of this course, you can check out the 12 Lifebook categories. At present, you have to finish 2 categories every week. This will amount to about three hours of lessons every week.

But, these are just videos. You can take all the time you need to complete this course, however, if you are trying to get your money back, then you must complete the course in the recommended 6 weeks as per John and Missy’s schedule.

LifeBook MindValley Free Download- Life Transformation

On average, you can dedicate around 30 minutes or an hour every day to the Lifebook course.

5. Lifebook pages

When you have completed each course, you will get some downloadable templates that help you fill out the Lifebook. These can be downloaded and printed, and you can write your answers. Or you could even type out the answers and print them out. These pages begin with the same questions, which sound like this:

  • What are your beliefs regarding this category?
  • Why do you need this course?
  • What is your perfect vision?
  • How will you be achieving this?

The pages also include a few sample pages from the Lifebook of Jon along with his answers. This is pretty helpful as he is quite clear regarding what he wants in life.

In case you struggle to write down your answers, the page has bullet points that lead you into a detailed discussion with yourself and this is very useful as it helps you go deep into your desires regarding your life.

6. Weekly coaching calls of Misty & John

The interesting part about this course is that it offers coaching calls two times a year. In case you need your money back, you have to enroll yourself in any one of the sessions which will last for 6 weeks.

Now, you can register for this week before it starts as you get time to finish the pre-assessment and the warmup. This coaching call is an essential part of the course, which is offered just twice a year.

Lifebook different phase of emotions

Butcher’s coaching calls: Every week a coaching call is conducted wherein you can ask them all your questions personally. In case you need more clarification on some areas, this can be done during these calls. In case you cannot attend the call, it can be watched later on.

Missy and Jon are very clear, down-to-earth people and it is quite easy to understand the concepts they speak about. They explain all the concepts in simple terms and if you are focused, you can learn a lot from these sessions.

7. The post-assessment

The Post-quest is your last step in this course. It is nothing but the pre-assessment conducted once again. You are given a score once you complete this test. The score here is broken down category-wise and you can check the points you have increased in every category.

8. Printing and binding your Lifebook

Once you are done, your Lifebook pages can be printed and bound to create your very own Lifebook. It helps you stay accountable, and you must read this book often. When you read this book regularly, you remain focused on your priorities and goals in life.

LifeBook: Top 4 Learnings

1. Invest not in the outcome, but in the process

This lesson is remarkable. Though setting up our goals as well as intentions is essential, our happiness should not be hinged on reaching the goals. According to Jon and Missy, you must embrace your actions along with the journey.

You must take pride in all the everyday activities and embrace the whole journey, and this will help you fulfill your goals no matter what you do.

Kristi Anier

Happiness should not be dependent on the attainment of goals, as it keeps you unhappy for a major part of your life. You must learn to enjoy the present and appreciate what you have.

2. Balance and its importance

Jon and Missy teach you how the key to everything in life is balance. What you do, say, think, feel, or eat-  all need awareness and this awareness helps us grow.

Balance cannot be found, it has to be created. The Lifebook concentrated on 12 different areas of life and this is for a reason. It helps you realize the areas and important aspects of life which have been neglected by you. You learn to focus on your emotional health.

3. Develop more understanding of oneself

Lifebook allows you to introspect about your life, your present, and your future. It teaches you the importance of having clarity on what you really want in your life which helps you control the direction of where your life is heading. It gives you a sense of direction and brings back your focus. It creates awareness in you about what makes you happy in life.

4. Your internal world should not be neglected

A lot of us do not pay heed to our internal life. However, Lifebook teaches you that it is an important part of your happiness. In this world, inner peace is not limited to finding quiet. It is where you are at peace, mentally as well as spiritually.

It keeps you calm and strong even during very stressful times. Inner peace does not depend on circumstances and external conditions. It means knowing yourself and knowing your capabilities. Once you attain inner peace, time, and energy is not wasted on meaningless and unimportant thoughts.

Inner peace is simply the opposite of worry, anxiety, and rumination. All you need to do is just be grateful for what you are.

5. The importance of an ultimate mission

Now, you must know this very well, every superhero and every villain have a common thing: they both have their ultimate mission.

Jon and Missy tell us that top performers are at the top because they have a single mission in life and that is what defines their life. Simply having a goal will not be sufficient, as they are tiny milestones that can be knocked down easily and set up.

You must connect yourself with your personal mission, which is when you give yourself a purpose.

The mission must not depend on any external events. Irrespective of where you are and which stage you are in life, your self-imposed quest will give your life the direction it needs. You not only get clarity but also an endless supply of motivation and encouragement.

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Pricing Plan LifeBook Online

Pricing Plan LifeBook Online

Author- Jon Butcher Lifebook

Jon And Missy Butcher

Pros & cons of Lifebook Online Course

Here are the pros & cons:

Pros of LifeBook Online

  • The course has weekly coaching calls which are filled with wisdom and can give you more clarity
  • The Pre and Post assessment tests give you an idea of your improvement, which gives you a sense of satisfaction and certainty regarding your improvement in every aspect of life.
  • The videos are very professional and very easy to watch.
  • The lessons are insightful and easy to understand.
  •  The questions are simple yet they help you become introspective.
  • The fee of $500 is refundable, and this could make the course totally free
  • It is easy to fill and you can create the Lifebook easily.
  • It helps you get focus on what your goals are and what makes you happy.

Cons of LifeBook Online

  • There are just two sessions in a year, and this could be tough for a lot of people to fit into their schedules.
  •  There isn’t any long-term follow-up to assess if the Lifebook has really helped in improving life satisfaction.
  •  There isn’t any process to bind your book, and hence, you will have to get it done on your own.
  •  Every topic might not be applicable to everyone.

Lifebook Expert

LifeBook VIP - Our Author

Lifebook Online Reviews & Customers Testimonials

LifeBook Review - Student Saying

“Jon and Missy are the positive life mentors I’ve searched for all my life.”
My vision for my life has never been clearer, and my commitment to myself has never been stronger. I know what I need to do, and I have a plan in every area to do it. Deepest gratitude to Jon and Missy for helping me fulfill my life’s purpose!

Karen Waldrip

United States


“No amount of money or material possession could ever amount to the lessons I’ve learned from Jon, Missy, and the Lifebook Community.” As I delved into the 12 categories, I discovered that each were interconnected, and can be a source of strength if you lack in any of those categories. My actions became more mindful and focused towards the life vision I’ve always wanted. For me, this was the best gift I have ever given to myself.
Read More

Hazel Marie
Sales / Accounts Executive

Manila, Philippines

What People Say About Lifebook On Facebook:

Lifebook facebook reviews

Phenomenal experience-deep dive into my life- loved the process & in four days I was the author of a fabulous “my life book”!
– Tanya Lynn Thomas
There are no words to describe the emotions that have been created and still exist in my heart. Is best present i have ever did to myself and the best present that someone offered me (Jon & Missy). Every day i wake up i read my Life vision and understand why i am here and what i have to do to make our world a better place. Thank you!
– Chris Alexandrou

Lifebook facebook reviews Tamara

FAQs Related To Lifebook Online Reviews 

🔥 Lifebook Online Course - Is It worth it?

In case you are looking at bringing about a positive change in your life, you are keen on getting that balance in all areas of your life and you wish to change your life in the future, then the first course you must consider taking up is the Lifebook online course. It is simply the perfect course that will help you get more clarity about yourself as an individual, your values, and the kind of life you desire to live in. if you want to bring about a change in your life, what is needed is a vision of where you intend to be. This is where the Lifebook can help you out and help you achieve your desires regarding your life.

💥What’s included in the Lifebook Online program?

The Lifebook Online course have everything you need to shape your life in 12 key areas of your life, This includes 6 weeks of video training, live coaching calls, convenient Lifebook design templates you can use on any devices like smartphones or laptops.

🔥 How do I get Lifebook Online for free?

This course is worth every penny and Lifebook online course comes with money back guarantee, if you dont like the course after completing the videos & training calls, you can ask the Mindvalley team for $500 refund.

✅Will I lose access to Lifebook Online if I request a refund?

Yes you will lose access to Lifebook online program once you requested the refund for it.

✅How long is the Lifebook course?

It will take you atleast 6 weeks to complete the program. It all depends on how much time you dedicate to this course.

Is the Lifebook Online Facebook group helpful?

Yes the Facebook group is very helpful to interact the students and ask the questions you have related to the Lifebook online.

👉Who should take Lifebook?

Anyone who is suffering to take the decision in their life and who don't have any clear goals should opt for this course.

👉Is Lifebook worth the money?

Yes Lifebook online is worth every penny, Lifebook Will Transform Your Life and many students Double Guarantee It. Jon & Missy Butcher have a very solid reputation for creating this course. Many students of the course have shared positive reviews online for Lifebook online.

⚡️How long does it take to write your Lifebook?

Because the templates & training materials are set up so easily, I personally took about 45 minutes for each chapter. You can personalize it with photos if you want, but the simple text will do too.

⚡️How exactly does Lifebook Online work?

Lifebook Online is a detailed course on how to design your life goals and how to achieve it, This can be achieved through a 6-week series of intimate videos and live coaching calls available in Lifebook online course, that systematically guide you as you create your very own Lifebook: a digital (and printable) book that lays out your ‘game plan for your ultimate life.

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Conclusion: Lifebook Online Review 2024

If you are a person who is obsessed with self-improvement or goal-setting, then the approach of Jon and Missy to finding your aim in life and designing your life can be the best course for you. They have come up with an action plan which is very easy to follow.

They have strategies to follow to achieve success in each aspect of their life, without having to sacrifice anything in this entire process. There are many courses on self-improvement that totally ignore these 12 main aspects of life which have been put forward by Jon and Missy.

Most self-improvement gurus concentrate on a single area like goal-setting or career or money. However, they fail to understand that real happiness can be derived when you have a balance in every area of your life. This is the reason why the Lifebook is refreshing.

What is important is that you must be able to commit and work hard towards your goals. This is all that you require to bring about any positive change that you wish to have in your life.

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