Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Mastery Review 2024 Is It Worth It ?

Life Visioning Mastery Review

Overall Verdict

The MindValley Life Vision Mastery program is a collection of bite-sized teachings arranged by Dr. Michael Beckwith, who over the years has been working with people all around the world in pursuit of answers to these questions.

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  • Makes you more spiritual.
  • Teach you how to build a happy and fulfilling life.
  • The course will help you feel more alive.
  • Helps you tap into your true creative self.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Consistency of quality.


  • Some components are vague.


Price: $ 59

Your quest to read Unbiased Life Visioning Mastery Review has come to an end as you landed the right post.

We all face countless questions throughout our lives: what’s our purpose, what are we supposed to be doing with our lives, and are we ever truly alone?

How do we discover what the meaning of life is beyond us, beyond who we have become, and beyond what we are right now?

Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Mastery Review

The MindValley Life Vision Mastery program is a collection of bite-sized teachings arranged by Dr. Michael Beckwith, who over the years has been working with people all around the world in pursuit of answers to these questions.

The course can help anyone transform themselves within just a few weeks, as long as they are willing to listen.

The article shares my own experience with the Life Visioning Mastery Quest, as well as why you may want to experience the same transformation.

Life Visioning Mastery Review 2024: Why I Took This Course

Over the course of my life, I have always had questions about spirituality.

Like many of my peers, I was baptized at an early age and was raised as a Christian.

Although we didn’t go to church every Sunday, I was baptized by both parents and raised as a Christian. 

In addition, while I do not call myself a devout follower of religion, I do not deny the existence of anything.

I am unsure of what that something could be.

People who have an absolute conviction in what they believe I respect and sometimes admire, but I couldn’t settle for anyone answer.

Although it feels as if there’s more to reality than what we see, I don’t even have the capacity to comprehend what it might all mean.

Although I am a decade away from my midlife crisis, after a lifetime of asking questions about what I believe in and what my spirituality is, I guess the simplest answer I can think of is: I will never know what’s out there, at the very least not this lifetime, so I should just wait.

I was intrigued when I heard about Dr. Michael Beckwith’s “Life Visioning Mastery” course a while back.

Unlike other programs of similar nature, it presented a unique perspective on improving oneself and manifesting dreams.

It is important to open yourself to what is already available rather than solely using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction has helped me become a more productive person, and I’ve heard and read a thousand people speak about it.

This concept involves thinking about a goal, dreaming about a goal, and continuously working toward achieving it; eventually, through sheer willpower and effort, we can reach our goals. 

Despite this, writers and influencers ignore the otherworldliness of the law of attraction.

Does the law of attraction work through your own mind, or does it work through something greater than yourself?

How does that really work, and if it does, what does it really mean for you? Are all dreams and goals possible with enough perseverance?

In some ways, the law of attraction is like visualization, and Dr. Beckwith goes so far as to say that there is a spiritual component to it.

He also talks about something he calls visioning.

There are two ways to think about visioning:

1. Certain possibilities have always existed inside you, but you’re not aware of them, and you need to hear them discover them

2. You have already been set on a certain course by the universe, but you can’t begin until you figure out what that course is

Whatever your beliefs about visioning, the concept is the same.

A vision is a way of preparing for parts of your destiny that you do not know.

It does not attempt to visualize a goal or dream you already know.

The act of visioning is like listening to the real meaning of your life by putting your ear to the ground.

I found all of this to be reflective of my own questions about destiny, life, and the whole universe.

In a way, it felt right, and I was interested in finding out more about Dr. Beckwith’s ideas.

Thus, I enrolled in the LifeVisioning Mastery Quest – and have not looked back since. 

Life Visioning Mastery Review: According To Michael Beckwith, Helps People Take Charge Of Their Lives 

In Life Visioning Mastery Quest, Dr. Michael Beckwith

stresses the importance of letting your true purpose shine through.

Among the reasons that he claims visualization and manifestation are flawed are:

  • Visualizing or manifesting only what you already know or desire
  • The wrong goals can be visualized or manifested; the goals of others or of society
  • The vast majority of us are not aware of what we should really be striving for

Dr. Beckwith claims that through Life Visioning Mastery, you can learn how to hear the calling you are meant for.

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Is there a specific way to accomplish this? Dr. Beckwith teaches a series of practices and techniques that aim to:

  • By embracing the idea that everything is an opportunity, you can make your own luck
  • Having a clear vision of your life will ensure you will never have to struggle to stay motivated
  • Living life according to your own values and letting go of the expectations of society
  • You become connected to the universe when you embrace what Dr. Beckwith calls your “Divine Consciousness”

Professor Beckwith shows you how to embrace the idea of a friendly universe just waiting for your voice since none of this is possible unless you fully believe.

You need to believe in the universe’s support, which touches on both the mental and spiritual aspects of personal growth. 

The course consists of 35 days of videos spread over 15 to 20 minutes each day in which Dr. Beckwith provides students with a step-by-step philosophy to help them better understand their life vision.

We progress through the three stages of consciousness growth, including Manifestor Consciousness, Victim Consciousness, and Channel Consciousness, by writing our spiritual roadmap.

Benefits Of Life Visioning Mastery Quest?

In the Life Visioning Mastery Quest, like many courses and quests on Mindvalley, anyone can benefit from Dr. Beckwith’s teachings, but I think it takes a certain type of person to feel the true effects of the course. 

Dr. Beckwith’s videos are viewed by just about anyone at any time, but to experience transformational growth, one must be at a certain stage in life.

You do not need to have a profound, emotionally-charged experience before you are ready to truly process what this is all about.

Anyone can say they are ready to open their hearts and listen to the universe, but you have to have some deeply-affecting personal experiences.

People who would benefit most from Life Visioning Mastery Quest are:

  • Are open to new ideas and beliefs regarding spirituality or religion, and are ready to consider a different approach
  • Be aware of the pain and struggle that comes with working toward achievements we don’t really care about, as well as the challenges that come with working towards goals we don’t care about
  • They feel an underlying sense of emptiness or unfulfillment despite what they have managed to accomplish as if they have been pursuing the wrong things their entire lives
  • Even though they experiment in other areas and dabble in other things, they aren’t able to figure out what it is they should be doing

What Is Michael Beckwith’s background? Is He Qualified?

The first time I heard of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith was when I watched YouTube videos.

The video came up when I was into guided meditation sessions earlier this year when I was into a guided meditation.

Then I just got sucked into the rabbit hole. 

Watching his videos, which are mostly published by Mindvalley, I particularly enjoyed the video on spiritual influence and inspiration.

For a better understanding of Dr. Beckwith, I recommend watching one of his online videos.

In addition to working with community pillars and thought leaders including the Dalai Lama, Dr. Beckwith has always been a beacon for the spiritual community. 

A spiritual community with over 9,000 members, Agape International Spiritual Center is founded by him.

AGAPE outreach programs serve local communities and advocate for environmental stewardship, local arts programs, and at-risk youth. 

Nelson Mandela was presented with the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence by Dr. Beckwith, who served as the international co-chair of the initiative since 1998.

Michael Beckwith

In 2012, during the annual World Interfaith Harmony Week, Dr. Beckwith spoke at the United Nations General Assembly on the importance of spiritual, cultural, and racial diversity. 

It’s not entirely new for Dr. Beckwith to focus on visioning.

As the keynote speaker at the Synthesis Dialogues, a gathering of spiritual leaders from around the world, he talked about the idea of a “global awareness”, a sense of a shared consciousness brought about by certain technologies, practices, and dedications that served humanity. 

There have been numerous books published by Dr. Beckwith since then about visioning, including Life Visioning, TranscenDance Expanded, and Spiritual Liberation – all of which won the prestigious Nautilus Award.

These books, like most of his work, emphasize visioning and listening to the Universe. 

His Life Visioning Mastery course is the first book I’ve read and I haven’t read any of his books yet.

Rather than just reading Dr. Beckwith’s words, you have the opportunity to take a guided course with him personally, which is a unique experience in itself. 

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Everything You Get With A Mastery Quest For Life Visioning

There are 35 days of guided online instruction in the Life Visioning Mastery Quest.

I have an unbelievably busy schedule like mine, but it’s definitely doable for anyone – even for those who have the time. 

You can pretty much access the course from any device when you purchase it.

You can use it with iOS and Android, tablets, desktops, and even Apple TV. 

Life Visioning Mastery Review cost

By enrolling in the course, you will also gain access to:

  • Participants will be guided by a Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator 
  • A private Facebook group for Life Visioning Mastery members 
  • Dr. Michael Beckwith will conduct five prerecorded group coaching calls

Currently, digital access costs $399. If you purchase the $449 bundle, you will receive a completion certificate.

There is no limit to how many times you can restart this course, so it offers virtually limitless value.

Life Visioning Mastery Review: About The Course

The course consists of five chapters, each aimed at helping you change your thinking in preparation for the final chapter.

Here, I think Dr. Beckwith’s longstanding experience as a teacher comes through.

It felt like I was never thrown into the deep end without any tools or information to work with because the chapters flow perfectly together. 

Life Visioning Mastery Review Course

Chapter 1: Your Spiritual Roadmap 

In advance of the course, I already knew some things about absolute power.

Since I was raised as a Christian kid, I believe in a supernatural power, but I think the course would be useful for anyone, whether they were raised religiously or not. 

Dr. Beckwith teaches that the universe is the divine and that the universe is on your side. 

It is really just preparation that takes up the first week.

Basically, the exercises are there to help you open up to the Universe and accept the concept of it being your friend. 

The framework used to place you in your current level of awareness is the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth and Unfoldment described in the first week.

By doing so, you will be able to determine where you are spiritually and how to move forward. 

Chapter 2: Victim Consciousness

Self-reflection and accountability are the main topics of the second week.

We practice going beyond our Victim Consciousness to find answers to why we are the way we are without going back to our childhood problems. 

A destructive behavior, attitude, and habit are cultivated through socialization, according to Dr. Beckwith.

Through social and cultural upbringing, he argues, things like addiction can be embedded into our minds.

Creating a healthier, better version of yourself also comes from being able to isolate yourself from this contagion. 

The 5-step forgiveness framework is designed to help you move on from victim consciousness in a way that is both healthy and effective.

Dr. Beckwith and the rest of the course instructors guide you from start to finish. 

Chapter 3: Manifestor Consciousness

Freedom from fear is the theme of the third week.

I thought I’d found coping mechanisms for dealing with fear as a productive individual, but Dr. Beckwith teaches you how to expand your limitless potential. 

There is a lot of discussion in Chapter 3 about how abundant the Universe is and how you have limitless potential already within you.

People who have difficulty finding direction in their lives would benefit from this.

Having read this chapter, even I was pleasantly surprised by how it reframed my perspective.

As much as I resonated with this chapter, I found myself replaying it.

It is highly recommended that you go through this chapter at least twice if you intend to get the course for yourself. 

Chapter 4: Channeler Consciousness

The most active parts of the book are chapters 4 and 5. Dr. Beckwith says that we are like antennas that receive information from the universe in Chapter 4.

He discusses transcending the ego in one of the exercises or breaking the barrier between the self and higher consciousness.

The idea seems unbelievable at first, but if you are like me and feel there is something out there that can help you, then it is not so far-fetched.

In this section, we focused on helping you accept that there is a higher consciousness to assist you.

The Universe acts like a friend when you realize that it isn’t some ominous force. 

Chapter 5: Being Consciousness & The Life Visioning Process 

Toward the end of the book, Dr. Beckwith talks about becoming the consciousness so that you can realize your full potential.

I will spare you a few details about my personal enlightenment since it is different from everyone else’s. 

His differentiation between visualization and visioning is the most interesting part of this chapter.

Spiritual practice is based on visualization, as you’ll know if you’ve practiced it before.

Dr. Beckwith takes his audience beyond visualization and helps them learn to “vision”, which differs from visualization in that visioning allows one to see their potential in ways they had never considered.

Imagine visualizing as a way to reconcile with what you already know, and visioning as a way of getting attuned to what you didn’t realize could be. 

Life Visioning Mastery Review: The Q&As Were Awesome

As a participant in Life Visioning Mastery my first time around, I attended all four webinars live.

What a great experience! As long as Michael Beckwith gives one webinar a week, I would attend.

Assuming you sign up for Life Visioning Mastery and Michael does all the live Q&As again, you probably won’t watch the webinars I watched.

I’ve attended Mindvalley Q&As for over a year now and Alex has always asked questions that resonated with so many people.

During the live Q&As, attendees can upvote questions, so Alex usually asks the most popular questions so as to reach the largest audience possible.

In Michael’s last webinar, he mentioned that you can follow him on Facebook and his website, and hopefully, he will return to do more Q&As and new quests in the future.

I’m looking forward to that! There are probably a lot of topics Michael Beckwith could create whole quests for Mindvalley on.

Life Visioning Mastery Review: Take A Beginner’s Mindset

Throughout his book, Michael Beckwith stresses the importance of keeping a beginner’s mind so we can learn and grow in new ways.

These thoughts resonated with me, and they will be the basis for future courses and quests.

As someone who has taken a lot of courses on personal development, I tend to go into the course knowing what I know and shaking my head yes or no at what the course creator says.

New ideas aren’t off-limits to me. As long as it resonates with me as truth, I am open to adopting it. My mindset is that I already know a lot about a subject, and that may be hindering my ability to accept new ideas or grow.

Life Visioning Mastery Review

All courses and books I read from now on will be done with a beginner’s mindset so I can see things I would have otherwise missed with my ‘I already know this attitude.’

For Life Visioning Mastery, you might want to do the same thing.

Keep an open mind. Manifesting your life, being in the flow, and creating it is all about letting go of what you know you believe.

Listen to Michael Beckwith’s ideas and try them on for size.

The Life Visioning Mastery tribe member just posted that she is re-starting the quest from the beginning and is surprised at how much she skipped out on that is essential to the integration of the whole quest.

Life Visioning Process Reveals How To Implement It Into Your Life

It is not all theory in Life Visioning Mastery. Techniques must be practiced and growth work must be done.

Among the practices, I learned were Spiritual Shapeshifting, which I found fascinating.

There is a way to inject more positive energy into an area of your life that doesn’t feel like it’s doing its part in order to make it more harmonious with others. Here’s how to do it.

As well as teaching the 7 steps to manifest, he teaches visioning.

In terms of manifesting, this is not your typical ask, belief, and receive.

Through a series of questions and actions, you can uncover what you desire and how you can manifest it in your life.

In short, you will be working hard each day to maximize your learning.

I Recommend Taking The Life Visioning Mastery Quest Twice

In the Life Visioning Quest, I took the quest twice, which I rarely do. In the first instance, I went through it day by day. 

My next step was to take the course over a weekend – class after class. the other.

The day by day taught me a lot.

Questions posed and topics discussed allowed me to reflect.

The work was completed. I have been able to implement what I learned.

Michael Beckwith states it well – taking the quest slowly and integrating what you learn into your life will make the journey mean very little if there is no integration.

I Recommend Taking The Life Visioning Mastery Quest Twice

However, it was awesome to complete the quest in a few days.

It gave me time to catch up on important details.

My perspective changed. I reinforced what I had learned. I just integrated what I learned more fully.

If you have done the daily quest, I highly recommend that you do this as well.

Life Visioning Mastery Reviews & Testimonials:

Life Visioning Mastery Reviews & Testimonials

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Verdict: Life Visioning Mastery Review 2024

Through every quest or course you take, you expand your awareness a bit and notice things you didn’t notice before.

The value of continuous learning cannot be overstated.

You become more knowledgeable. In this regard, Life Visioning Mastery does not disappoint.

Rather, it helps you better appreciate what all this growth is all about!

As Michael Beckwith says, one of the great things about expanding is that it helps the world progress to a higher level, Exactly.

As I searched for answers, I found myself thinking deeply.

It is imperative for us to achieve the full potential that we engage in quests.

As a result, it helps you see the junk and clutter you’ve been carrying around and helps you make room for new ideas and directions in your life.

Using Life Visioning Mastery, I would say that you begin to view life in a more loving, gentle way.

Seeing more than just what is around you can open your eyes to the possibilities.

You might be holding onto fear and stress that you would like to let go of.

The process helps you become more aware of who you are and how you want to manifest, as well as how to manifest it.

This quest will appeal to those who enjoy Michael Beckwith. It’s pure Beckwith.

His essence, passion, kindness, and wisdom are all present in his quest.

Interested in hearing him speak about manifesting the life your soul wants? You can take his free masterclass here if you’re still on the fence.

Also on this page, you can find details about the quest, including the next start date (it’s usually closer to the bottom of the page, just below the section on enrolling in the quest).

In the comments section below, you can ask any questions you may have about the Life Visioning Mastery quest.

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