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Teachable is not just a platform for making great online courses, but it is also creditable for creating a ‘delightful educational package’ for yo

If you're a beginner, LearnWorlds enables you to create, market and sell online courses without any hassle.

  • Progress Tracking
  • Community Of Teachers And Students
  • Course Structure
  • Courses are delivered very systematically.
  • The available resources are very comfortably found and with
  • For doubt clearance, there are some convenient options avai
  • Full control of students
  • Great option for beginners
  • You can get started with it for free
  • Courses are delivered very systematically.
  • The available resources are very comfortably found and with
  • It cuts the expenses of many obvious things such as travel,
  • High Transaction Fees
  • It is seen that in the online assessments questions are most
Value For Money

Teachable is affordable in terms of pricing and the features and tools are good but you will have to pay transaction fees. Except for all that it is a really great platform and worth investing.

LearnWorlds is value for money as the pricing starts from $24/month.

If you’re wondering which course platform is the best for creating, hosting, and selling online courses between LearnWorlds and Teachable, you’ve come to the right place!

At first glance, these two platforms may seem similar, but I have discovered some notable differences that may not be immediately apparent. It’s important to delve deeper into these differences to make an informed decision.

Both platforms are impressive and offer a wide range of features, but the best choice lies in the details. By carefully examining the specific aspects of each platform, I can help you determine which one is the most suitable for your needs.

If you’re currently contemplating between LearnWorlds and Teachable, I have personally written a detailed review and comparison of both platforms to assist you. In this comprehensive analysis, I highlight the unique characteristics of each platform, allowing you to make a well-informed choice.

Remember, the devil is in the details. So, if you’re seeking clarity on which platform to choose, let me guide you through our comprehensive review and comparison of LearnWorlds and Teachable. Together, we’ll find the perfect course platform for your online learning journey.

Bottom Line Upfront: In terms of pricing and features, I have found LearnWorlds to be a fantastic solution for individuals and enterprises alike. With its user-friendly interface and customization options, I have been able to easily tailor the courses to meet the unique training needs of my employees and customers. The platform not only allows me to take courses to enhance my own skills, but it also empowers me to create and sell courses to a wider audience., LearnWorlds is a much better platform than Teachable and they are also offering a 20% discount on yearly plans.

I feel, if you are aiming at selling your online courses or you want to educate employees and partners then LearnWorlds and Teachable both can be the anytime option for you.

LearnWorlds Vs Teachable: Overview

LearnWorlds Overview

LearnWorlds offers you very unique features and allows you to create, sell, and promote your online courses. LearnWorlds not only sells online courses but also comes with a built-in Social Community, Beautiful Templates, Modular Pages Builder, Assessment Engine, Automated Certificates, and Advanced Analytics to design a holistic online learning experience.

LearnWorld Overview: LearnWorlds Vs Teachable

It gives tons of ways to engage and interact with your students. A holistic product that offers “worlds of learning”, “learning ecologies” through which students can immerse themselves.

You might also want to read this detailed comparison on Podia vs Teachable and find out which one works better for you!

Teachable Overview

Teachable offers you features like you can create your website of courses. When you sign up for a Teachable plan, you will be creating one school. Each school can host an unlimited number of individual courses or products. And for building your school you should know where to start.

Teachable Training is provided on paid Teachable plans and guides users on how to choose a course topic, create and launch a course, and build an audience. 

Teachable Overview

Also, it provides features like branding, managing student data, pricing, and messaging as per your concern. In a matter of time, you can create an online course, including curriculum and media. This is super convenient for both the novice online course creator and the more experienced ones. Teachable really can help new teachers who would like to start selling their lessons, as they provide a great free plan.

Features On LearnWorlds Vs Teachable


  • Interactive video editor. 
  • Automatic video transcripts,
  • Built-in communities,
  • E-Commerce system, 
  • Robust website builder
  • Unlimited courses
  • Landing and sales pages
  • Course builder, video uploads
  • Digital downloads
  • Online testing engine
  • Interactive engagement
  • Built-in social network
  • Custom domain
  • Custom native mobile apps
  • Full white label
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Power Editor
  • Content import
  • Multi-language
  • Quiz management
  • Feedback collection
  • Student list segmentation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting & analytics 
  • Student & revenue dashboard
  • Multiple instructor support
  • Student enrollments
  • Refund processing
  • Customizable domain
  • Coupon creation & management
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Sales page templates
  • Discussion forums
  • Course creation
  • Advanced pricing options
  • Course page editor


After using both LearnWorlds and Teachable, I got to know that LearnWorlds has a unique feature that is not present in teachable, and that is LearnWorlds allows us to create a community. I feel that this feature seems more promising towards the growth of a student. Community is a type of discussion room/forum. With this feature, Students can remain in contact with like-minded people, who have the same interest and can share new and different ideas and can discuss doubts too. LearnWorlds allows students to talk to mentors or with other students using social media.

It makes students share their ideas freely and even share their doubts without hesitating a bit. When a student learns something from another student in any discussion, then it impacts the student more and because other students who have the same mindset have an experience of what difficulties they have faced while learning or understanding this particular topic. It makes everyone understand deeply in less time.

As a student, I know that asking for Doubts to teachers or mentors sometimes feels a bit weird, but when it comes to asking a friend or asking a group or community of the same mindset we feel so much relaxed. This is where LearnWorlds turns out to be a Winner for specifically this segment

Comparison Of LearnWorlds Vs Teachable

Course Development


After using it for a few years, I feel that both the software has one of the best course development functions or criteria. While both of them allow us to use audio, videos, PDFs, text, and much more.

LearnWorlds - Choose A Course Topic

I feel that LearnWorlds has an upper point or we can say that It is a little bit better because of the smooth user interface and one of my favorite functions which are Video customization options. Both of them have Video customization options but LearnWolrds comes with a little bit more Customization and a smooth user interface. 

LearnWorlds also offers more edition options like overlays, Intro, Cards, End scrip, etc. so you do not need to use any additional software for video editing. Same as podia also offers you many things like LearnWorlds, check out the in-depth comparison of Podia vs LearnWorlds


Teachable gives you a very interesting Drag and Drop feature which saves you time while building any course since you do not need to browse files from different locations.

With this feature, you can easily create your course. Teachable provides you an additional facility for adding files from Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, or from your Local PC.

Teachable Course

Exams and Quizzes


I feel that LearnWorlds is a little better than Teachable because of some exciting features like giving assignments. LearnWorlds comes with a complex engine for exams and quizzes, by which you can include any quiz or exam according to what is suitable for you.

It comes with an option of certified and non-certified quizzes by which students can test themselves by taking non-certified quizzes and then can perform well in the certified quizzes.

Dashboard Of LearnWorlds

It also offers Assignments, by which we can keep students busy in their studies by giving them interesting assignments daily.

LearnWorlds has one more interesting feature which is the “Question Bank”.  With this, we can make a large collection of questions and allow them to different courses or different tests. It also has a feature of providing Certificates to those students who have completed their tests.


Teachable has features by which you can test students and get their learning reports. With the help of Teachable, you can create quizzes and exams for students and check their learning quality and how they are responding to the quizzes. It comes with a grading feature.

Teachable- Community & Forums

When an exam or quiz gets completed, students will be assigned a Certificate. This keeps students motivated to score more and prepare for all the exams and quizzes more deeply. It comes with some templates for certificates.


Overall, LearnWorlds comes with better plans than Teachable, also it is much more cost-efficient, to begin with. Still, Teachable offers a free plan which is restricted to only 10 students and 1 administrator. And it does not come with the option to get support through the live chat. If it comes to sales then Teachable is the one who shines, as it comes with the ability to email students with marketing emails or updates.

The biggest difference however has to be compared with the white-labeling options. Teachable does not offer any white-labeling and that is a decision to lean towards a course marketplace option similar to Udemy.LearnWorlds instead of offering a built-in email marketing functionality that offers integrations with the world’s top email marketing automation tools.

 Techable - Techable Stats

There is an option to opt-in to the Teachable Discover marketplace and mobile app. This opens up a bigger market opportunity for your courses. The downside of that is the 20% cut and that it provides additional competition for your courses, compared to the option of having your school.

The course marketplace and the MobileApp marketplace has an up-hand Teachable where LearnWorlds is good with e-mail marketing. Based on my personal experience, I feel that LearnWorlds gives better plans but Teachable comes with more prominent features and marketing values.


Both offer only basic support in their Pro plans. I would suggest skipping their basic plans if you are new to running online courses.

In their mid-tier plans, both offer priority support. However, LearnWorlds has an edge over Teachables here. They offer priority onboarding you’ll get a call from a LearnWorlds executive who will guide you through the entire setup process, including branding and customization.

Also, if you’re not interested in the hassles of switching from a different platform then LearnWorlds support has your back. 

They have very powerful knowledge bases with articles offering in-depth coverage on all setup and optimization-related matters. While LearnWorlds has more than 400 articles and frequent webinars, Teachable has a custom training course.

Pricing Battle: LearnWorlds Vs Teachable


LearnWorlds Pricing


A small firm should ideally go for their Basic/Starter plan. It offers every feature a price-sensitive customer will need to start offering classes online. Here’s a comparison between the two.

Teachable Pricing

Teachable Basic Plan ($29) vs. LearnWorlds’ Starter Plan ($24)

Both plans offer similar features and even similar restrictions. 

  • While Teachable has a 5% transaction fee for every transaction, LearnWorlds has a flat charge of $5 for every course sale. In my experience, the 5% transaction fee is an easier pill to swallow than the $5 if your courses are inexpensive. If they are costly, go for LearnWorlds’ flat rates.
  • Teachable provides two admin-level users while LearnWorlds offer only 1 admin. I’d go for Teachable if the number of students per course is large.
  • LearnWorlds allows unlimited courses while Teachable allows unlimited students. Again, the choice will depend upon your business plan.

Teachable Pro Plan ($99) vs. LearnWorlds’ Pro Trainer Plan ($79)

These plans offer the most bang for the buck. With zero transaction fees, five admins, and the option to start an infinite number of classes, it’s simple to see why they are so popular. But here are some points to ponder.

  • LearnWorlds offers better customization on areas like the video player, certificates, etc. when compared to Teachable.
  • For better quizzes and reports, I’d choose Teachable over LearnWorlds.
  • You can even opt for installment payments using LearnWorlds’ heavily customizable checkout page. If your audience is price-sensitive, I’d recommend LearnWorlds.

Teachable Business Plan ($249) vs. LearnWorld’s Learning Center Plan ($249)

At this level, both Teachable and LearnWorlds offer up to 20 admins, high levels of customization, and bulk student upload which is a boon if your headcount is high. I recommended this level only to established players with lots of students. Here are some points to consider if you’re interested in these plans.


  • While both allow advanced integrations, LearnWorlds’ integrations are better than Teachables.
  • LearnWorlds gives you an unbranded website only at this level while Teachable offers it in their Pro plan.

To sum things up, both offer similar features at similar prices but you ask me, teachable’s UI is far more user-friendly and has more features in its Pro plan.

But if you want a video-centric teaching approach, go for LearnWorlds. LearnWorlds and Teachable offer different plans at different price points. While LearnWorlds may seem cheaper than Teachable, I have always felt more welcome feeling when using Teachable.

Pros and Cons

LearnWorlds Pros

  • Highly customizable UI with excellent integrations
  • Video player customization is the best in the industry
  • Unlimited courses can be made with all plans
  • Quality graded/ungraded quizzes can be made with great ease
  • The community is very welcoming and designed like a social networking site
  • The knowledge base is very extensive

LearnWorlds Cons

  • The basic plan has transaction fees while the free plan is very poor in features
  • The page builder in the basic plan is also poorer in features when compared to the competition
  • Unbranded websites can be made only with their costliest plan
  • Marketing will be a headache and will require numerous integrations
  • No option to create sales funnels

Teachable Pros

  • All plans provide unlimited video, hosting, and courses
  • The page builder is miles better than LearnWorlds’
  • Quizzes can be tailored to your needs
  • A custom certificate can be issued when the course ends
  • Offers better after-sales support

Teachable Cons

  • Video support is poor
  • Community creation and management can be cumbersome as many features are missing
  • Marketing will be a headache and will require numerous integrations
  • The basic plan charges 5% transaction fees which can make classes costly for students

Personally, choosing between LearnWorlds and Teachable will depend entirely on the course you wish to make.

LearnWorlds is better if you want an active community or if your course has many videos. Teachable on the other hand is cleaner and more user-friendly. But if you want better marketing features, I’d suggest some other platform.

Review & Testimonials: LearnWorlds Vs Teachable

LearnWorld Customer Review

LearnWorlds - Testimonials

Teachable Customer Review

 Teachable Student Experience

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FAQs on LearnWorlds Vs Teachable

👉 I recently quit my job to pursue my passion for teaching. I am not experienced with operating platforms like Teachable. What are my options?

The answer will depend on the area you need help with. If you feel overwhelmed by the features both these platforms offer, go for any Teachable plan as its UI is simpler than LearnWorlds’. However, if you need help with importing your students’ information and starting the course, I’d suggest LearnWorlds’ Pro Trainer Plan which offers two hours of priority help to aid you in this regard.

👉I teach many students who are quizzed regularly. I also want unbranded pages but my budget is limited. Whose plan should I choose?

If I were you, I’d blindly go for the Teachable Pro Plan. It is specifically designed for clients like you. In my experience, only teachable offers unbranded pages with their mid-range plan. They also offer unlimited student enrolments and their quizzing platform is top-notch.

👉My budget is very limited but I need to start a course ASAP. Are there any free plans?

Even if a plan is available for free, I never recommend them to anyone. In my experience, they offer very few features that will leave you frustrated with precious time wasted. You should opt for LearnWorlds’ Starter plan at $24 a month. It’s cheap but handy with many useful options you can use to start your course.

Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

While the two platforms share many similarities, I believe LearnWorlds provides greater capabilities at a lower cost.

LearnWorlds, in my opinion, is a simple learning platform that enables me to give the finest learning experiences to my students, staff, and clients. It not only gives me all of the tools I need to create, manage, market, and deliver online education, but it also lets me modify the look and feel of my website to exactly coincide with and represent my business.

LearnWorlds is the obvious choice for me if I want to establish a strong online presence for my brand and build the greatest online academy possible. It provides the features and flexibility I require to create a world-class learning environment that reflects my brand’s values and provides excellent value to my learners.

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