LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi 2024: Battle For #1 Platform (Pros & Cons) Which is Best for Course Creators?



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Best for

Best for School Administration & Sales & Marketing

Best for

  • Economical and flexible plans
  • igh degree of branding and customization
  • LearnWorlds is the choice of top course creators
  • Interactive videos, transcripts & ebooks
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Template Management
  • Test / Quiz Creation
  • Video Management
  • Built-in Course Authoring
  • Kajabi sells itself as the one home for your whole business
  • True white-labelling
  • Live classes with Zoom integration
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Awesome Documentation
  • Great Webinars
  • Content Import / Export
  • No Gamification
  • No PowerPoint Conversion
  • No True white-labelling
  • Limited products (courses). Kajabi only allows 3
Ease of Use

They offers 30 day free trial to try and offers best ease of use for newbies

Kajabi also offers great ease of use and it is more tailored towards advanced course management.

Value For Money

LearnWorlds pricing starts at $99.00 per month. LearnWorlds have better pricing structure than Kajabi

Kajabi pricing starts at $129.00 per month.

Customer Support

They have the "onboarding a new customer" process with great support.

They have the "onboarding a new customer" process down, If you're looking for an all-in-one platform, Kajabi provides it

In this post, I have featured LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi that includes detailed insights into LearnWorlds and Kajabi.

The old order changeth, yielding place to new” magnificently poses a holistic view of what is happening with the Educational System of the current world. 

Amidst its tireless attempts to surf through the pandemic era, it has ensured that the teaching-learning process is not subjected to an unceasing quarantine period.

The online market is flooded with countless courses and discernible initiatives taken by premier institutions to digitalize the entire learning system to an extent where even Harvard and Stanford offer online degree programs, ensuring that the teaching-learning process remains fit as a fiddle forever.

Philanthropists have come forward to provide technological support, struggling to bridge the vast Gulf of the digital divide.

It is worth mentioning that a tactile form of instruction will not be preferred in a post-pandemic environment.

It will tend to blend the beneficial features of both to build a physical-cum-digital way of learning, such as replacing lecture notes with printed notes and online quizzes for revision, which is similar to the view of a mixed economy.

This makes an investment in the sphere of online courses both intriguing and promising.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

LearnWorlds is an amazing platform for staff training. It’s simple to use, with the opportunity to build an unlimited number of courses on LearnWolds – which means you can sell them directly from this website as well!

I prefer LearnWorlds over Kajabi since it provides more features for instructors. There are several plans to pick from that are unique and adaptable.

The video stuff is also amazing. You may create your own course with elements such as assignments, quizzes, and more to help students learn more effectively.

They can also assist you in getting your courses certified or copyrighted. You may share a profile with grade cards for all of your students. The nicest part of LearnWorlds is that you can build an endless number of courses!

You can also get a 20% discount on yearly plans for LearnWorlds.

LearnWorlds and Kajabi are two competing platforms and are used to host e-contents. I have used and researched both these platforms and have compared LearnWorlds vs Kajabi for you.

LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi: Overview Which is Best for Course Creators?

As previously said, the demand for comprehensive and strong online service portals is at an all-time high as a result of the worldwide pandemic, which has pushed the digitization of companies and other important services.

Education is one of the worst-affected industries worldwide. The digitization of education is accelerating, and LearnWorlds with Kajabi can help you achieve your goals of creating online courses. Creating online course modules is not a simple task.

As a result, both platforms provide a plethora of features and seamless integration of various digital and marketing tools.

LearnWorlds Overview

LearnWorlds, as the name implies, emphasizes the creation of courses and modules to train individuals and enterprises. It is a cloud-based platform suitable for training and teaching professionals. LearnWorlds comes with powerful tools that cater to the needs of E-learning. 

LearnWorlds- Overview

Kajabi Overview

Kajabi, on the other hand, is a more generalized platform that lets users create and sell online products. Be it building membership sites, individual subscriptions, business portals, or online courses, Kajabi can handle it. Kajabi places strong attention on marketing, unlike LearnWorld.

 Kajabi Overview

Which platform is best for my business? 

Your product’s platform is determined by your company objectives. If you are a newcomer selling a single online product, you may not be able to achieve success on both of these channels.

A developing business with several goods or courses may profit more from the extensive capabilities available on these platforms.

In this essay, I will guide you through the subtleties of Kajabi and LearnWorlds, examining all features and gaps to assist you in selecting the ideal platform for your digital product.

Emphasis Of LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi 

When two software shares a common niche, competition occurs. As far as LearnWorlds and Kajabi are concerned, even though they share a look-alike objective, i.e., to host e-content, they have an opposing emphasis on what they focus on, exhibiting strengths and weaknesses. 


I’ve been using LearnWorlds for a year now. It is, indeed, a content champion. What does this imply?

Simply said, LearnWorlds is the ideal option if you want to focus on content management and building a comprehensive online schooling platform with endless courses and many instructors.

Dashboard Of LearnWorlds

However, you’re restrained by the prerequisite of having a well-defined course structure or syllabi and a body of students already enrolled under you. 


Kajabi, on the other hand, is regarded as a marketing champion. If you’re looking to create generalist material, i.e., if you have a plethora of digital resources at your disposal and are concerned about the number of enrollments you generate, Kajabi is the way to go.


Kajabi’s primary focus is on business development and marketing. You’re legitimized to sell digital products, including memberships, subscriptions, and a wide range of courses, more importantly, without predefined syllabi.


LearnWorlds is designed specifically for online classes. As a result, it has an advantage over Kajabi in terms of content specialization.

Kajabi, on the other hand, is a more generic platform that can be used to provide a wide range of digital products, courses, membership forms, subscriptions, and tailored digital products.

Kajabi, because it is designed specifically for marketing, provides everything you need to move your business ahead.



In my experience, LearnWorlds, on the other hand, tend to take a second seat in marketing. Marketing and business growth are not for everyone.

It lacks built-in email functionality, forcing you to interface with third-party apps such as Aweber or MailChimp.

Learnworlds - Dashboard


In addition to that, page templates to create sales funnels are absent in LearnWorlds. Nonetheless, LearnWorlds also offers an affiliate management program similar to Kajabi.


As examined in the earlier paragraphs, Kajabi is an unparalleled marketing champion. Kajabi possesses a built-in email management tool and a visual mail builder.

The latter refers to a more interactive email version that includes integrated videos, interactive buttons, event calendars, and offer countdown timer facilities.

Kajabi is equipped with an easy-to-use page builder and comes with unlimited customization and flexibility options. You can constitute a website of your choice in minutes with their professional, ready-to-use templates.

kajabi-Video Content

As a result, Kajabi is the ultimate all-in-one platform, bringing together all marketing requirements in a one location.

Any third-party apps, including an external funnel builder, email list management, hosting, payment-related services, and automation, may be replaced.

The most notable feature of Kajabi is the inclusion of built-in webinar capabilities, which make it simple to arrange and coordinate many events. It’s worth noting that Kajabi has a robust analytics tool.

Kajabi also has a robust affiliate network that allows you to manage accounts and affiliate registrations, track form submissions and chats, generate thorough affiliate statistics, and implement an automatic affiliate commission scheme.


As a result, if you’re looking to grow your business by increasing enrollments, Kajabi will be a better fit than LearnWorlds.

For example, although LearnWorlds focuses on engaging learning experiences, Kajabi focuses on marketing and sales.

As a result, the LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi comparison boils down to an education platform vs. a sales engine.

Video Content 


Among both platforms, LearnWorlds’ video material stands out. LearnWorlds provides limitless video hosting and bandwidth consumption.

It is quite simple to upload video material and build a complete video collection. It is also possible to import video footage from YouTube or Vimeo.

LearnWorlds makes it simple to submit content from SoundCloud, Microsoft Word, or any other program.

Learnworlds Create and Sell Online Course

An attractive feature LearnWorlds holds is the ability to extract video transcripts unavailable in Kajabi. Editing is easy, and diverse options available on LearnWorlds save you time by letting you edit on the platform.  


Kajabi, on the other hand, does offer a variety of features, but the storage bandwidth limit may incur extra charges now and then for competent video content providers. 

Importing videos from Google Drive or Dropbox is also available with Kajabi. But, it lacks all the significant features important in creating video content, and LearnWorlds excels in this area. 

Course tools


LearnWorlds is credited for its special emphasis on the online course platform. It’s well-equipped with a dynamic, sophisticated test engine that offers graded or ungraded, open or closed-type questions.

In addition to that, it offers a personalized grade book for all your students.

LearnWorlds guarantees a holistic learning experience. The Pro Trainer package allows you to construct massive question banks with infinite questions.

Randomized questions with a timed and defined test are required for programs giving course credit, and LearnWorlds assures this.

On course completion, you may offer your students with branded and personalized digital certificates. LearnWorlds already has ready-to-use, eye-catching templates, making manual labor much easier.

LearnWorlds - Choose A Course Topic

LearnWorlds also provides high-definition, interactive video templates, highly interactive transcripts, fascinating information, and trouble-free classroom sessions.

Isn’t it upsetting when someone copies and pastes your stuff without giving you credit? LearnWorlds provides an excellent quick remedy for protecting your intellectual property.

It allows you to apply watermarks to movies and Documents, giving your material copyright protection.

It’s worth mentioning that LearnWorlds complies with the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model).

SCORM is a set of e-learning specifications and standards, and LearnWorlds is SCORM-compliant, making it genuine and qualitative.

Lastly, LearnWorlds allows you to host an infinite number of free and paid courses and is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, providing cutting-edge data protection.


On the other hand, Kajabi focuses on selling any kind of digital product and isn’t custom-made for online courses. It lacks specialized course features as available in LearnWorlds.

Whereas LearnWorlds provides far more advanced test engines, Kajabi just provides a few simple quizzes and surveys.

The Kajabi platform is not appropriate for organizing graded tests that provide coveted credentials. It also lacks the individualized grade booklets that LearnWorlds provides.

It’s worth noting that Kajabi lacks copyright protection.

A course is accredited when it receives approval from a professional body. These courses provide learning credits and include all you need to know from head to toe to seek a job in a relevant field.

The most major disadvantage of Kajabi is the inability to provide course accreditations.

In contrast to LearnWorlds, Kajabi is limited to three goods on the basic plan ($149 per month), fifteen on the growth plan ($199/per month), and a maximum of one hundred products on the Pro plan ($399 per month).

Moreover, Kajabi provides considerably more rudimentary GPDR security than LearnWorlds’ fully compliant, comprehensive GPDR toolset.

Nonetheless, Kajabi includes a test package that includes paper patterns, question banks, and customized digital certificates.

When compared to LearnWorlds, these capabilities are of middling quality, highlighting the lack of specialized course tools.


Developing a sense of community is critical to establishing a comprehensive group-learning experience. Both systems include features that aid in this endeavor.

Creators are not required to use other social media channels to communicate and engage with their students or clients.

The course developers will maintain total control of their content and will have free access to it on both platforms.


Kajabi lets users preoccupy with the learning experience through their app. The Kajabi mobile app comes with its own branding. 


All students get a sharable public profile and personalized grade cards. LearnWorlds has a built-in social community where students can interact, learn, and give feedback while networking with fellow learners.

LearnWorlds - Course Overview

Regarding the mobile app, accurate white labeling exquisitely works in the case of LearnWorlds.

Unique features 


  • White labeling works perfectly well 
  • Live interactive classes integrated with Zoom
  • Interactive videos, e-books, and transcripts
  • Customizable video player
  • Copyright protection of contents
  • Advanced GDPR toolkit for data security
  • Shareable student portal and personalized grade cards 
  • SCORM files support
  • Unlimited courses


  • Ability to share and manage various e-documents
  • Indexing content facilitates ease of search mechanism
  • Role-based access to the dashboard and effective permission management system
  • Ability to write content directly with rich text formatting
  • SEO management
  • Keyword search
  • Lets you design and create your own templates
  • Self-sufficient, replace third-party integration
  • Built-in email management tool and visual email builder

LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi Pros and Cons



  • Pro-content, focusing on course content and interactive classes
  • Offer unlimited courses
  • Personalized and shareable student profile showcasing achievements
  • Comparatively lower price
  • Affiliate management platform (Pro plan)
  • Blog (Pro Plan)
  • Availability of Volume and corporate plans
  • Unlimited video upload with in-built editor
  • Sophisticated test engine, question banks
  • Offer course credits
  • Branded and personalized digital certificates
  • SCORM compliant
  • Public student profile and active community
  • White labeling
  • Multi-language interphase


  • Requires third-party integration
  • Average to poor marketing facilities
  • Absence of built-in Email function
  • Devoid of page templates to create sales funnels
  • Complicated marketing analytics
  • Confusing control panel with too many options
  • A transaction fee of $5 per enrollment makes the “Basic Plan” appear uneconomical, prima facie.



  • Marketing champ
  • All-in-one platform replacing all third-party integrations
  • No transaction fee
  • Multi-language interphase
  • Specialized marketing features
  • Built-in Email management tool with the visual email builder
  • Flexible page builder
  • Powerful analytics tool
  • Enables scheduling and coordination of events with built-in webinar tools.
  • Android/iOS friendly mobile app
  • Role-based access to the dashboard
  • SEO management 


  • Generalized- less focus on online courses
  • Lacks specialized course features
  • Average video player
  • Absence of copyrighting facilities
  • Kajabi branded mobile app
  • Does not offer course credits
  • Course/Product ceiling 

Pricing For LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi   (LearnWorlds offers the Best Value for Price)


LearnWorlds has an edge in pricing over Kajabi with its competitive plans. The platform offers four plans- 

LearnWorlds Pricing

  1. Starter pack targeted at individual and new course creators 
  2. Pro trainer suitable for professional trainers 
  3. Learning center enabling the seamless collaboration of multiple instructors
  4. High Volume and Corporate training plans

As said, the first three plans are generally suitable for students and learners. The corporate plan enables enterprises to create courses for employee training. 

LearnWorlds promises a large number of essential features to all users, irrespective of the plans they opt for:

  • Agility to provide unlimited courses 
  • Video Library
  • Customizable themes
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Lead generation
  • A built-in social network for group learning 
  • Learner profiles
  • Quizzes, assignments, exams, assessment options
  • Learner analytics 

And much more. 

Basic plan

The basic plan starts at $24 a month, billed annually. Although there are no transaction fees for all subsequent plans, the basic plan charges $5 per course sale. It is limited to one admin access with a custom domain, 3 pages of building, and complete paid courses. 

Pro Trainer Plan

For professional trainers, the Pro trainer plan comes in handy. $79 is charged for using features included in the starter pack with up to 5 admin access and unlimited landing pages.

This offers the flexibility of a customizable course player, checkout page, certificates, and a complete website builder integrated with the blog. 

The Pro trainer plan allows users to enjoy premium affiliate management and integration of third-party platforms like Zapier, Zoom, and Live class hosting.

Learning Center Plan

The learning center plan is arguably the most famous among all four. Starting at $249, the plan lets users have admin access to up to 20 instructors, Bulk student Upload, Integrations with API, Interactive video sessions, and advanced affiliate management. 

You can also access a custom IOS/ android app for your courses with an extra fee.

Corporate plan 

The corporate plan offers all basic Learning center features with premium cloud services, a full-fledged corporate academy with dedicated managers available to help you quickly set up an employee training facility.

To avail of this plan, corporates must book a live demo and request all necessary features. 

LearnWorlds makes online course creation easier and seamless with its flexible and economic plans. 


kajabi pricing
kajabi pricing

Kajabi offers three plans –

  1. Basic Plan, 
  2. Growth Plan
  3. Pro Plan 

All of the plans come with unlimited bandwidth, video hosting, and zero percent transaction fees. 

All plans offer the flexibility to use Kajabi University – a catalog of resources to help clients understand the platform better and guide them in creating products.

Ready to use templates, webinars/ events hosting, assessment options such as Quizzes and surveys, along with customer support  

Basic plan

The Basic plan starts at $149 per month if billed annually, which is slightly on the costlier edge compared to LearnWorld’s basic plan of $24 per month. But, Kajabi offers a wide range of features and usability right away. 

The basic plan allows users to create three products, three basic sales pipelines, and an unlimited number of marketing emails and landing pages. Users can access a single website and admin option, 10,000 contacts, and 1000 active members. 

Growth plan

Kajabi Growth plan is the most famous among the lot. Billed at $199 per month annually, the Growth plan and all the basic plan features offer access to 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. 

Users get to create 15 products and 15 sales pipelines in the growth plan. Up to 10 admin users can be added instead of one, and a single website-building option is available.

This tier offers more advanced automation options, the freedom to remove Kajabi Branding, and an affiliate program- most suitable for running businesses. 

Pro plan

Kajabi Pro is the top tier among plans which is billed at $399 a month billed annually. This plan enables you to create up to 100 products and pipelines. 

The Pro plan can add up to 1,00,000 contacts and 20,000 active members.

Instead of just one website, three different website hosts, along with 25 admin user access, can be garnered through the Pro plan. Kajabi Pro offers a powerful option for Code editing plus all options available in Growth Plan. 

Users get the flexibility to either upgrade or downgrade the plan specifics at any time. 

Why I recommend LearnWorlds over Kajabi:

  1. Economical and flexible plans specially tailored to suit the needs of educators
  2. Rich feature catalog available to create and edit all the content 
  3. Robust video content creation supported 
  4. Learner assessment options like assignments, quizzes, etc. to make learning more effective 
  5. Course accreditation 
  6. copyright protection of contents
  7. Shareable profile for all students with personalized grade cards
  8. Unlimited Courses can be created 

LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi Testimonials ( Customer Reviews)

LearnWorld Customer Review


Learnworlds is great! I’ve tried Teachable and Thinkific and several others and Learnworlds is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s really been a blessing from God and I’m excited about all the ways I can use it! I reached out to your support team yesterday and they were very helpful! – Lynn

I just want to also say, having using a WP Plugin LMS, evaluated Thinkific, and Teachable, I am very pleased with what your platform provides. It is by far superior. – Fabien

It is the most customizable platform that I have tested without needing any code. Other platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific only offer a very basic design of the pages. For those like me, who value not just functionality but beauty, Learnworlds will exceed your expectations.

LearnWorlds - Testimonials

Kajabi Customer Review

Ross Grant
“Since moving to Kajabi email, from Drip, my open rates have risen from 16% to 23%+.”

Jenine Dilts Bayman
Fitness Entrepreneur
“I’ve been totally blown away by the customer service.”

Mel Abraham
Bestselling Author
“With Kajabi, I have everything I need to create, build and scale my thought leader business.”

Amy Porterfield
Online Marketing Expert
“Kajabi makes it incredibly easy to turn your knowledge into products you can sell.”

Brendon Burchard
Personal Development Coach
“With Kajabi, I get all the tools I need in one platform.”

Michelle Helmers Lagaly
Teacher, Healer, Coach
“Thank you to Kajabi for creating an awesome platform and community.”

Brian J. Dixon
Business Coach
“So grateful for this incredible platform and the awesome team behind it.”

Haley Burkhead
Marketing Strategist
“It took me one day to setup everything I needed to sell with Kajabi.”

Dirk van Reenen
“Kajabi is the perfect platform for us to have launched our business on.”

Monica Hershaft
Holistic Health Expert
“There is an overall ‘helpful’ feeling in here.”

Chris Luck
“Thank you Kajabi for giving us all the tools we need to build a successful online business.”

Sarah-Jane Walls
Posture Expert
“I joined Kajabi just a month ago, and I made my first 1K in a few days.”

Kajabi - Kajabi Student Experience

FAQs On LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi Comparison

👉Do Kajabi and LearnWorlds platforms offer free trials?

Yes, both Kajibi and LearnWorlds offer free trials. Kajibi has a 14-day free trial option whereas LearnWorlds lets you use the free trial for 30 days.

👉Can I use my own domain name on the platforms?

The option to use your own domain name is available on both Kajabi and LearnWorlds. Kajabi provides a free domain if customers do not have an official domain name.

👉How is all the data stored and retrieved on service platforms?

Platforms like Kajabi and LearnWorlds use cloud-based storage systems to ensure all data generated is perfectly backed-up and protected.

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Conclusion: LearnWorlds Vs Kajabi 2024 

Kajabi and LearnWorlds have become competitive platforms for providing online services. Diverse elements, seamless integration across multiple platforms, and ease of setup and use are USPs of both platforms.

However, Kajabi stands out with its numerous in-built tools. Customers need not even look for any external resources to run their services.

Kajabi lets you build websites, and blogs, automate email marketing and set up sales funnels all in one platform. You can handily run an entire online course business with Kajabi.

LearnWorlds, on the other hand, is dedicated to providing an unrivaled learning experience. Its video content development tools, evaluation tools, and community management capabilities make it an appealing platform for online course vendors.

As a result, if you want to build a vibrant learner community with compelling course content, I definitely recommend LearnWorlds.

Kajabi is the best platform for building online product-selling enterprises.

When it comes to creating online course modules, LearnWorlds has more to offer. Your priority as a principled educator is to provide interesting and high-quality curriculum. Education is a goal, not a commodity to be produced and sold for profit.

Kashish Babber
This author is verified on BloggersIdeas.com

Kashish is a B.Com graduate, who is currently follower her passion to learn and write about SEO and blogging. With every new Google algorithm update she dives in the details. She's always eager to learn and loves to explore every twist and turn of Google's algorithm updates, getting into the nitty-gritty to understand how they work. Her enthusiasm for these topics' can be seen through in her writing, making her insights both informative and engaging for anyone interested in the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization and the art of blogging.

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Comments (38)

  1. Some features need more depth, like metrics. They’ve done a lot of work regarding this, but there is still room for improvement. Also, they just integrate with Paypal and Stripe for payments. Being based in Latin America, I need also to be able to add the local payment gateway (Mercado Pago). I don’t see this happening by Kajabi in the near future from their side, and I am sure that I am losing money because of this.

  2. I’ve paid over £1000 for their Pro Trainer plan, but I feel like I’ve been scammed. There are endless bugs with their website, students are struggling to use my learning platform because of Learnworlds. I have numerous issues with setting up Facebook pixel that hasn’t been resolved as their customer service hasn’t come back to me for over 3 weeks. I had to refund several students because of Learnworlds. When students paid for the course they didn’t get access to the course (this should happen automatically upon payment) and this, of course, caused students to ask for a refund. I’ve raised an issue but of course still waiting to be resolved.

  3. It can feel a bit daunting to find a proper video hosting service. One should know the features they need and have a list of potential candidates. However, LearnWorlds manages their user’s time by providing rich default options as well as different editing interfaces for you to play around with based on what you’re looking for. In terms of course content, LearnWorlds has it all from blogs to quizzes, videos and transcripts that are easily searchable which is only an account away from being available – no installation necessary! Learning becomes easier with access to this toolset that does not come without charge.

  4. It doesn’t have an option currency to be based on the country of payment; it has only PayPal and Stripe but they are changing this at the moment and there are no smart Quiz forms, where the outcome results depend on the answers selected on each question.

  5. I don’t know how I found out about LearnWorlds, but it was the best day of my life. It’s a really simple platform that doesn’t need any subscriptions or software to work! All you have to do is sign up and then create your course. If you’re looking for a more advanced course designer with professional templates, then Kajabi might be better suited for you. But if you just want something fast and easy-going, LearnWorlds is perfect for beginners!

  6. We compared five options and LearnWorlds came out on the bottom. Old user interface. Outdated feeling and not a good experience. There are much better options out there.

  7. It can be quite difficult to manage all the things that come with running an online degree program. But, it’s not too hard when you have LearnWorlds by your side. With LearnWorlds, there are tools for content management and unlimited courses to provide a range of materials available to students so they can find what fits their needs best. Plus, instructors are easy to set up and activate which provides courses for even more people who want access to them! And if that wasn’t enough yet, there are also integrations with many customer relationship platforms that let professors connect easily with students.

  8. LearnWorlds is a content champ. If you’re looking for a content management platform that has unlimited courses and multiple instructors, LearnWorlds will be the best for you! Kajabi provides amazing opportunities to build generalized content with their blueprints. You’ll be able to whip out limitless digital resources of any kind at your disposal.

  9. I’ve been using LearnWorlds for the past year. It has a unique system for courses and instructors. There are mixed reviews about their customer support, but overall it seems an excellent choice if you want to create a content management platform with your own courses and multiple instructors. On the other hand, I’m using Kajabi as a marketing champion to grow my many e-courses! They have great community features that really help me engage with subscribers- their strategy is focused on generalized content rather than one course at a time which makes them more useful in some ways.

  10. Privacy is big these days with businesses collecting more information about us than they need to know.
    LearnWorlds differentiates itself in part because of their free unlimited bandwidth hosting and video storage, no limits or hidden fees on the number of people who can access the content. We all love money-saving features right? It’s amazing how much time you save with Kajabi when starting your course with this feature available to collaborate on projects without having to switch back and forth between our version editor. And last but not least- reliable quality video content uploads that load quickly on any device!

  11. Choosing a program to run your business with can sometimes be difficult. With so many systems on the market today, it can get a little overwhelming just figuring out where to start let alone trying to figure out which one is going to best fit your needs. If you’re looking for an e-learning platform centred around courses and content management, LearnWorlds might be right for you. But if you want something more generalized in scope with a focus on digital resources and marketing success, then try googling “Kajabi review”! It never hurts having options when it comes down to getting the ultimate product that fits all of your preferences while also providing top-notch customer service.

  12. LearnWorlds and Kajabi both offer a variety of options in the realm of online coaching and content services. LearnWorlds provides you with unlimited video hosting, up to three hours per month worth of bandwidth usage, easy importing from Youtube or Vimeo videos, the ability to extract video transcripts…The list goes on! If for nothing else, give them a shot because they will save you editing time with their diverse option.

  13. I’ve been using LearnWorlds for the past year and I love it. My courses are never down; there is rarely a server error message popping up when I need to do work, and my instructors inspire me every day. However, Kajabi isn’t all bad because they provide information like email templates which you can really use if you already have an email list set up. All in all, what we’re looking for is a content management system that will cater to our needs no matter what we’re working on: e-learning platform or marketing toolkit.

  14. Kajabi is the next big thing in marketing. With its wealth of flexibility, Kajabi allows you to create unlimited websites with easy-to-use templates that are fully customizable. It also comes with a visual mail builder which lets you make more interactive emails with videos and interactive buttons for emailing your customers better! Kajabi has even given us an email management tool so they are always at our fingertips!

  15. I love this program. I created my account one year ago and have been blown away by how easy it is to use. There are no technical difficulties, you can sell whatever courses you create, and the customer service has always been prompt if I ever needed them for HELP HELP or had a problem with something on the site. If I am going, to be honest, it may not be as bells and whistles as Kajabi but for a guy who doesn’t need those extras, it’s just perfect!

  16. Kajabi’s video content was long due. Finally, after four years of waiting, an update featuring unlimited uploads is arriving and with it a supportive and engaging community eager to streamline the process almost as much as we are. The potential for creating private branded videos will make higher education marketing campaigns easier than ever!

  17. LearnWorlds is my favourite platform! It strikes a perfect balance between designing your own courses and harnessing the power of collaborative learning. To start, you will create courses by grouping lessons together in modules. These are easy to design because they are templates. Once you have created 20-30 modules, choose one lesson from each module to create your very own course that can be sold or used for continuing education purposes.

  18. This product is such a wonderful, revolutionary subscription that I would never want to go back! Their software offers an easy-to-use page builder and comes with unlimited customization and flexibility options. Once you purchase the lifetime access for this program, it’s yours forever; there are no restrictions whatsoever on how much time you can spend building your website in Kajabi. You don’t even need any knowledge of coding or programming– they tried and true templates pre-assemble all the necessary features for making a site accessible to search engines so they can find it when people google keywords relevant specifically to your business. It not only looks professional but operates like one too. They’ve got tricky add-ons such as event calendars which add an interactive touch

  19. Kajabi wins by marketing itself as a one-stop solution for setting up a business. They have plenty of great features to offer, including an easy mail builder and page builder that both create professional email newsletters or websites with no coding required, e-commerce options for selling your products, and analytics to track customers’ information. I would definitely recommend them over LearnWorlds any day.

  20. The Kajabi platform provides an incredible amount of flexibility. It accommodates all your needs with its customization capability for one-of-a-kind websites. With Kajabi, you can create pages that are simple or luxurious, depending on your budgetary restrictions and desired look. Share the web’s most engaging content with ease with our built-in Video generators! Make your online store more appealing to customers by integrated countdown timers into promos! Try out custom templates now via the free trial period. You’ll be hooked instantly!

  21. Looking for a comprehensive video hosting and content management system? Then LearnWorlds is your answer. Maintaining a library of videos to share on the web has never been easier than with our all-in-one platform that allows you to upload, edit, and track everything about your content in one place. We eliminate the hassle of uploading video files from Youtube or Vimeo because any file can be uploaded directly onto our platform which cuts down on time wasted searching through countless file folders for just the right video clip. Our impressive video editing options also saves me time – no more will I have to decide between uploading my edited copy of an interview or just uploading the raw footage! With LearnWorlds, you’re always up-to-date.

  22. I’ve been using LearnWorlds since last year: it’s indeed a super slick platform where I manage my online course. What does that mean? Simply means that if we’re talking about shaping massive learning opportunities – rather than specific products – and enrolling loads of people in them – instead of focuses on specific markets – then this will be the best software choice as its right-hand man!

  23. I find myself feeling more confident in my online business creations. It is a relief to know that video hosting and bandwidth usage are unlimited, importing videos from Youtube or Vimeo is convenient, and I can edit with diverse options. If you feel intimidated about creating the perfect website yourself, Kajabi may seem like an attractive option; however, when it comes to content creation, LearnWorlds is hands-down your best bet.

  24. Kajabi has been wonderful for our company as it has an easy to use page builder and a host of other amazing features that let you personalize your site the way you want from the layout, basic design, to colour schemes. We have not had any issues with Kajabi at all!

  25. Immediately after signing up for LearnWorlds, my employees were eager and energized to learn about our product. With a variety of courses on topics including marketing, management, and sales, the offerings on LearnWorlds make it perfect for training individuals as well as enterprises at scale. Since we had a lot of work ahead of us with implementing new programs and routes every week, the ability for employees to customize their own reference guides proved invaluable in getting us through those first few weeks smoothly. For those considering Kajabi vs LearnTheWays Training Platforms, I would highly recommend using this platform if you’re looking for some easy solutions that can be used right away without hassle or high prices.

  26. The platform is built for one instructor and is a little old nowadays. Everything that we ask about there has to be a workaround or another featured ad and really isn’t value for money. We have now opted for a WordPress Tutor LMS platform. Also, the support was good but if you have a problem at the weekends there is ZERO support. For a multi-million pound company like LearnWorld, this is really poor.

  27. I could not believe how easy it is to post content on LearnWorlds. Their online editor made putting together my information video quick and simple. I like that you can upload content from any app, because if the thought of converting documents fills me with stress then this was wonderful news. My favourite feature has got to be learning transcript extraction; this saves me so long when producing videos faster by giving their automatic speech-to date conversion software a go too!

  28. Kajabi is a great all-in-one marketing platform. It helps you grow your audience and promote your products by building a website or email newsletter in minutes, send high converting campaigns with interactive previews, build video campaigns that convert viewers into buyers. The software walks you through each step of the process for creating an amazing looking site to help you get immediate access to qualified prospects and increase sales from day one. Kajabi’s features are unmatched – truly one of a kind.

  29. LearnWorlds integrates all the necessities that you need to train your employees conveniently. It is very easy to use and affordable for small business owners who don’t have enough money for on-site training. If you want a flexible course creator, then LearnWorlds is certainly best.

  30. The only thing that I found that was a pain point, and something to be aware of, was that Kajabi customer service is not available 24/7. This makes life very difficult if you’re running campaigns at off-hours while travelling or abroad. Other than this significant shortcoming (in my opinion), the software is fantastic and extremely well-built.

  31. I’ve had my LearnWorlds account for a short while, but I am already in love with it. The content is high quality and all-encompassing. I can store unlimited videos, store 250 hours per month of videos uploaded to the platform per hour, export video descriptions in many formats including Word or PDF files, customize my video gallery with beautiful image headers, customize sidebar text with catchy sentences so people don’t leave when they land on your website … you get the drill by now!

  32. With LearnWorlds, it’s not about courses. It’s about content management. Each course I created needed to make sense in the greater scheme of things. The support team helped me understand these customizable sections—User names, Access Rights Management (setting up who can access what), and Security (who gets notifications) that were crucial for my school design. You also get an accordion-style guide to keep organized! From then on, every click was a pleasure, and it allowed me to immerse myself in learning 100%.

  33. You know what, I am not someone who reviews anyone, yet here I am…I am so disappointed in LearnWorlds, it is a joke, to be honest. nearly EVERY single time I have asked why something is broken or a bug exists here or there etc, the response is….”I’ll forward this to our dev team.” Then 5 days later (in some cases) another person says “hi how are things, sorry but we are still trying to figure it out blah blah blah….” absolutely pathetic.

  34. I would totally recommend using LearnWorlds because it is very easy to use and give you all the tools. I’m not much of a computer person, but after watching the tutorials on how to navigate LearnWorlds, it was really simple to use. With your own website, you can create as many courses as you want and sell them directly. Along with selling courses, these are great for anyone looking for training instructions at their job; companies like IBM need all their employees skilled in certain areas so they can switch out if needed or fill gaps when people go on vacation or leave the company drawn long-term illness etc.

  35. The reality is that email deliverability has had a negative impact on my business. Most of my emails are going to spam and customer service will not get back to me. They have a chat feature which is how I’m getting a hold of them and they say they are so inundated with customer issues, that they are behind. Moreover, Kajabi sells you on customization, but the reality is that there is little customization and the website builder is really clunky.

  36. Something is very suspicious with Learnworlds Paypal payments.
    My first 3 students tried to buy my course. They all paid with Paypal. I didn’t get any payment and they couldn’t access the course.
    I thought maybe there’s something wrong with my new Paypal account. After one of my friends has sent me 2 payments in Dollars in only 1 minute and not through Learnworlds, I’ve understood the problem is within the connection between Learnworlds and Paypal.

  37. The first time I used LearnWorlds, I was really confused about how the platform works. There are some really complicated steps that you need to take before creating a course or making it available for purchase on your website. That’s why oftentimes courses are not up to date with the most recent version of LearnWorlds. But there is one thing about this product that struck me right away – it looked easy to use! The interface has everything laid out nicely and is organized into various categories which makes using the product much easier than expected.

  38. Kajabi is just what we needed to take our business into the new world. The e-mail and marketing tools on this site are diverse, and combined with the page builder, writing up a full website was simple and quick! They took branding so seriously that they had hundreds of graphics/templates for us to use as-is or modify. You can never beat Kajabi’s customer service team either – especially when you need help with your setting up!

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