LearnPress Vs LifterLMS 2024: Which One Is The Best?

Are you a Software developer? Do you own a website? Does your website look basic and you wish that it could be more eye-catching; plugins are the solution to all these questions. If you are still reading this article, it means that you are fully aware of plugins.

There are numerous plugins that you could use to generate add-ons on your website. If we wish to name a few from the list of all plugins, it would go like MonsterSite, Yoast SEO, Constant Contact, LearnPress, LifterLMS, and many more. Still, a major question that arises is what plugin would be the best for your WordPress. In this article, we are going to debate between two renowned plugins namely LearnPress Vs LifterLMS based on their features, Pricing, and other parameters.

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- The Ultimate Comparison

LearnPress Overview- 

LearnPress is counted as one of the most renowned plugins you could use for WordPress. The LearnPress climbs the top of the ladder with the addition of various features, specializations, foolproof user interface, mouth-watering themes, and much more. Overall these features, there is an option for the free trial where you need not pay a single penny and you can enjoy the majority of services that the plugin has to offer. The free version does not include all the key factors and features but comes with enough features that are necessary to build an amazing website.

Taking about the other category of payment or premium version of LearnPress, which is named “PRO” as we call it, will cost you around 249$ with all the special features and services that the plugin comes with.

LearnPress Overview

You can also buy this plugin at a cheaper rate according to your requirement and select among the themes that the plugin has and pay accordingly. If you wish to go for a cheaper version of the premium theme LearnPress, you will have to loosen your pockets by a price ranging from 49$-69$ which is very cheap as compared to all the plugins. The best thing about LearnPress is that it accepts the ideas from the people who are using LearnPress in the form of follow up by the people through the customer service desk and appreciated the ideas of people as it would help LearnPress grow and develop better.

LifterLMS Overview- 

Now let’s have a quick overview of the rival that we are going to have a debate on against LearnPress, which is LifterLMS.

LifterLMS is also considered as one of the most famous LMS plugins because of its services and their extremely high price. LifterLMS runs with various key features necessary for WordPress that include the learner’s analytical datasheet and also gives you the opportunity to become a member of the plugin.

LifterLMS _ The best LMS plugin

LiferLMS takes care that their clients find no difficulty in any form and thus have come up with a straightforward and undemanding interface so that people get used to it as soon as possible. There is the service of customer service where the people of the customer service desk listen to the problems and queries of people and make changes according to the requirement of their clients by making additions to their plugins. As mentioned earlier the extremely high price is what makes the reputation of the plugin go down the stairs.

LiferLMS have come with the ideology of trial or demo version where you are given access to the major countable features of the plugin for a month or span of 4 weeks at just 1$. after you go through this span of 1 month you are the ruler of your own mind whether to go for the premium version of LifterLMS or not as it costs you a whopping amount of 300$-1800$.

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- Features 

Features LearnPress LifterLMS
Construct and lead courses Yes Yes
Easy to use UI Yes Yes
Brooch and appreciations Yes Yes
Content Drizzle Yes Yes
Content Restriction Yes Yes
Prerequisites Yes Yes
Theme-integrated Yes No
E-Commerce add-ons Yes Yes
Multi-lessons Yes Yes
Multi-instructors Yes No
Total control Yes No
Usage Analysis Yes Ye
Pay once, use forever Yes No
Membership/Subscription for users Yes Yes
Learner’s characteristics No Yes
bbPress and BuddyPress Yes No

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- Similarities & Differences 

The Similarities

Both the plugins being from the same family possess various similarities and also major differences. In this section, we are going to debate about the similarities that these plugins have based on the tabular data shown above.

The pair that has the first similarity is the Easy To Use User Interface. Both the plugins have a user interface that is eye-catching and not so difficult to work with. Next up we have rewards and appreciations. Both the plugins show faith in their clients by giving them rewards in the form of certificates and appreciations. 

Next in the list of similarities in the construction of WordPress. This is the common feature in all the plugins as the base of the plugin is to construct WordPress for you. Yes, both the plugins have this feature. Following the construction, the pair has similarities in the content drizzle. Next up is prerequisites.

Both platforms are working on a wider area network to improve their number of clients and are running in the direction of the Smartphone version of their plugin. Due to the introduction of plugins in smartphones, people get the liberty of working for the place they wish to and get the freedom of working at any point in time in the day. In this world of smartphones, almost each and everyone has their individual Smartphones thus helping the plugins improve the number of clients.

Another similarity that both the plugins have is the mode of payment. Both the plugins have collaborated with platforms like PayPal, STRIPE and other e-commerce platforms to make your payment to the plugin smooth and very easy. 

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- The Differences


LearnPress has the unique feature of not being limited to the number, quantity, or extent of any source. LearnPress gives you permission to generate limitless chapters, sessions, and many more features. This is the first and most important point of difference between LearnPress and LifterLMS. You have the liberty to charge for the course that you have tailor-made by yourself. If you wish to charge for the course you may and if you wish to provide it to the students for free even you can do that. You are given the freedom in modes of payment as well where you can pay the complete subscription in one go, or you can pay for a month or have the chance to pay for the yearly package.

Create Course Easily with LearnPress

People don’t trust people asking for money in return for services. To resolve this problem, LearnPress has come up with a solution named Course Preview. This feature allows you as a service provider to upload a part of your content for the students to review and then decide if they wish to pay for the content that they wish to buy. This generates a sense of trust between the client and the service provider. LearnPress also comes up with various themes to make your WordPress look eye-catching and attractive.

In order to get publicity and spread the community on a broader spectrum, LearnPress comes up with bbPress and BuddyPress additions. BBpress and BuddyPress are ranked as the top two LMS plugins for WordPress. They give students the freedom of communication, interaction, and discussion with each other and even with the instructors.

LearnPress- BBpress Integration

LearnPress is free and does not charge you to pay for instructors. Learnpress comes with three packages. First is the one in which you don’t have to pay. Second is the PRO version in which you have to pay 249$ for a lifetime with all the features that the plugin has to offer and lastly the integrated version for which you have to pay 49$-69$ that includes selected PRO features and all the themes.


LifterLMS comes up with a progression bar on the top right corner of the course. This bar helps you with the progress of the students and how they are growing. This bar keeps the track record of the student’s learning process. For the new course promotion, attach other courses, upload memory maps this progression bar comes to rescue. New key features like the learner’s profiles and information analytic are offered from LifterLMS.

LifterLMS gives you rewards in the form of achievement badges, certificates, and currently learning courses. All these rewards are slicked on the progression bar. These rewards become the motivation for the learners and it also becomes easy to keep the complete track record of the student’s profile Data analytic is a feature that will help you have a broad sight over data from sales markets.

Certification of Completion by LifterLMS

In order to increase the number of subscribers, LifterLMS have come up with a unique feature of try for $1. With the payment of one dollar, you will have access for 30 days of experiencing the features of LifterLMS. After you are done with the trial of 1$, you can decide by yourself whether you would like to go for the full price or opt for another platform. However, the “full price” is not so comfortable for you. You have to buy the subscription annually to continue the use of LifterLMS. You have to pay huge numbers starting at 300$ for the initial or the first site and empty your pockets completely with a payment of 1800$ for 5 over the net sites. Moreover, LifterLMS provides Complete sales reporting in the given budget-

LifterLMS Sales Reporting

In addition to this, if you wish to make your website thematic, you need to pay for it as the themes are not a complimentary service from the plugin. There is a feature or a service that LifterLMS provides you which is named ”Done For You” for which you will have to pay a whole lot of money. This category is again divided into two subdivisions, the Bronze pack and the highest one being the platinum pack. If you go for such plans, Devs develop your website for you. For the bronze plan, you need to pay 1000$ and for the platinum plan you need to pay an extremely huge amount of 10000$

LearnPress vs LifterLMS: Actual Comparison:

LearnPress vs LifterLMS, my choice is LearnPress, how about you?

One of the easiest methods of creating a website that serves online lessons is by using an LMS plugin. It is just a myth that you need extraordinary expertise to modify your website. Let me get you closer to the truth. Once you are done with setting up all the essential things, features, characteristics, and requirements that you need for your online lessons, LMS are here standing with you to help you out for the further process. 

There is a huge variety of WordPress plugins, just like every other plugin category. You need a plugin for each and every detail for your website which includes even if you wish to allow content to the paid users or all the people who surf your website over the internet. Another positive point that a plugin comes with is creating an informative network as a plugin helps you with the process of creating it. It helps you add an engaging social network that stays under the restricted student’s area.

The abbreviated form of LMS is the Learning Management System that makes the complete studying procedure easy for both students and teachers. A convenient interaction between the student and the teacher or the trainee through the medium of this LMS becomes easy. 

LMS also enables the student to trainee interaction through shares, emails, content, and community forums. The type of plugin that you select gives you and you trainee the freedom of selecting multiple teaching and learning tools that are included. There is a special feature in plugins that enables you to make grade-books and also restrict some content until the student is eligible for it. For that, the student needs to pass the previous stages of difficulties or lessons.

You will feel blessed as there are many plugins that handle the entire process for you. These types of plugins come under the advanced level plugins. The plugins are divided into two categories. One is the Advanced category and the other one being the universal category. There are a total of 69 category features. LifterLMS wins the battle on this comparison as it checks about 63 key features and on the contrary LearnPress has only 36. The stats are put ahead of you, you are your own ruler to select the plugin between the two, also I am here to help you out with further comparison to make it easier for you to choose.

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- Pricing Review 

In Learnpress you get 36 features out of 69 features. There are altogether nearly 69 features that are needed to construct a perfect website. LearnPress comes with a unique set of features that will fulfill the majority of your requirements to build a website but at the same time also lacks a few areas. what if it is missing something or characteristics that you find very important? It is required then we can answer this question. Learnpress plugin comes with 3 major payment methods. First is the free version that will charge you nothing but will help you with limited features and the other two bundles are the ones that you will be charged for.

LearnPress Pricing

The plugins that you will be charged to come with advanced plugin options. The first one is the LearnPress Theme Bundle with advanced features, which is a 1-site license operating with 1 theme only. The only condition you need to follow is that you have to select the theme from the available options which would cost you roughly around $49 to $69. LearnPress Pro Bundle is the other option of payment that you can opt for, which includes a 3-site license and will cost you around $249.

A lot better, if you’ve got time, is to watch this video of LearnPress in action: it gives you a better idea of how easy-to-use the plugin is. Discover on your own if you like the way the plugin is laid out and if you find it looks intuitive. 

LearnPress Pricing

LifterLMS Pricing

The plugin comes with three major payment windows, namely Infinity, which has all the add-ons and priority support, Universal, that comes with all the add-ons except for living office hours and LifterLMS advanced add-ons and priority support. The last but not the least is the Basic package with no add-ons and only basic support. You will be charged a huge amount of about 899$ for the Infinity package, nearly around 299$ for the Universal package, and finally about 99$ for the basic package. Each bundle has the validity of about 1 year of updates along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

LifterLMS Pricing

LearnPress Vs LifterLMS- My Honest Review

LMS plugins are becoming a major market in the world and they are increasing in numbers and quantities every single day. The number of quality plugins is also increasing in number. These WordPress plugins are very necessary for the people who wish that their website should be very attractive, eye-catching and most importantly the website should be overwhelming to the person who is visiting the website. With the help of these plugins if the website runs well it can be very profitable. But the question that most people have is what type of plugin would be the one that fulfills every necessity and requirement. The correct answer as to which would be the perfect plugin is not in existence.

There are many business models available with many special features and characteristics that each and every website requires. Owners of websites love to follow their own choice of plugins. This is the reason that I as a writer is conducting this comparison for your guidance. Identifying the features that you will need to ornament your website is really very very important. Along with the features some more guidelines like what would be important to you and what are the areas you don’t require so that you don’t spend money on them.  The liberty of making choices in a most informal way is also possible and with this, you also maximize the chances to look different from the crowd. 

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👉What are the plans you can opt for in LearnPress?

Learnpress comes with three categories to pay for. The first one is the free version for which you don’t have to pay anything and get the nominal features. Second is the integrated version. And lastly, the Universal version where you get the features and characteristics that the plugin has to offer.

👉Out of all the features, how many features does each plugin check?

There are a total of 69 features that are necessary for the perfect web help. LearnPress has 36 features covered and on the other hand, LifterLMS covers 63 features.

👉Why is LifterLMS so expensive?

LifterLMS is extremely expensive because it covers almost all the necessary as well as specialized themes that can be used to ornament your website.

👉How much does each plugin charge at maximum?

LearnPress charges 249$ at the maximum for a year providing all the features it has to offer and LifterLMS charges a whopping amount of 10000$ for the platinum package where you will be given each and everything served on the plate.

Conclusion: LearnPress Vs LifterPress 2024

Overall, if we wish to summarize then, LearnPress is a better LMS plugin option for WordPress. LifterLMS is nice, and also has potential and also is user friendly with certain specialties which include features and characteristics like learners’ reports, awards achieved, and Done For You type of services. But there is the absence of communication capability, don’t have multi-instructors support, fall behind in superior control over LMS, and have less themes-integrated features. 

Plus, LifterLMS will empty your pockets as you have to pay a huge amount of your earnings to buy the premium version of it. On the contrary, LearnPress is a money saver and fits into the budget. With LearnPress once you are done with the payment in LearnPress which is marginal, you get access to the LearnPress platform for the lifetime, in other words, you get lifetime usage.

Because of such huge support from various other platforms such as bbPress and BuddyPress, some additional support in the form of forums and feedback system, users can send their opinions and help the platform to generate new ideas as this is a platform which grows with the learners as they believe in accepting the suggestions from the people to improve their platform. LearnPress, contributions are so much value that they are always appreciated. 

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