Lambda School vs Thinkful 2024 : Comparison On Pricing

There are many different coding bootcamps out there, but which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll compare Lambda School and Thinkful, two of the most popular bootcamps on the market. We’ll discuss their teaching methods, job placement programs, and costs in order to help you make an informed decision about which bootcamp is right for you.

Lambda School vs Thinkful

About Lambda School

Lambda School is an online coding Bootcamp that prepares students to work as software engineers and data scientists. They offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from web development to machine learning.

Lambda School : Lambda School vs Thinkful

Their instructors are top-notch, and they pride themselves on their commitment to helping students succeed in their careers after graduation. Lambda School is based on the premise that conventional university education is “broken,” in part because universities have little financial motivation to ensure that their graduates find good jobs.

But Lambda School is changing all that, making top-quality education available to everyone for free. If you’re interested in learning how to code or become a data scientist, Lambda School is the perfect place for you.

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About Thinkful 

Thinkful is an online learning platform that provides adults with pathways to rewarding careers. Thinkful offers full-time and part-time courses in software engineering, UX/UI design, data science, data analytics, digital marketing, and technical project management. Students are paired with a personal mentor, career coach, academic success manager, and supportive peer network.

Lambda School vs Thinkful : thinkful

Thinkful is an excellent option for adults who want to change careers, because it offers flexible payment options and personalized support. Students continue to get personalized support from a dedicated career coach even after they graduate. This helps ensure that they are able to achieve their career goals.

Lambda School vs Thinkful : Pricing 

Lambda School

Flatiron Pricing- Lambda school vs Flatiron

Lambda School only offers online lessons, and if you choose the full payment option, you will be charged a $20,000 upfront cost. They also have an ISA option available.

In ISA, a student can begin paying the program fee once they have secured a Qualified Job that earns a minimum of $50,000 per year. A student in Lambda must complete the ISA in 24 months at a 17 percent interest rate and a maximum payment cap of $30,000.


Thinkful courses range in price from $7,000 to $13,600, depending on the course you select. Most of the courses offered through Thinkful have monthly payment plans, so you don’t have to pay until you graduate.

Additionally, Thinkful offers multiple scholarships for women in tech and other minorities. You can learn more about these scholarships on the Thinkful website.

Lambda School vs Thinkful : Pros and Cons 

 Lambda School Pros:

  • Income share agreement (ISA). In the event that students utilize this educational cost installment choice, they don’t have to pay forthright and will rather repay the educational cost once they have a job in hand.
  • Interactive sessions. Students take an interest in cross-group cooperation with friends to make projects that feature their abilities. Students are likewise driven by teachers through Zoom
  •  Career placement. Lambda School has a few measures set up to keep its students associated and help them get a new line of work in the business whenever they have graduated.

Lambda School Cons:

  • 100% online learning. Lambda School doesn’t offer any face-to-face classes and rather is directed altogether on the net.
  • Hours not flexible. Since a large part of the course includes live joint effort, Students can’t single out which hours they go for the course. However, it does offer part-time courses to the full time.
  • No job guarantee. While different schools like Springboard have ensured that say if their students don’t get a new line of work within a specific time period subsequent to graduating, they get their educational cost cashback. Lambda School doesn’t have this assurance

Thinkful Pros 

  • You are guaranteed a job
  • There are weekly workshops
  • You meet regularly with a mentor
  • You have a great slack community
  • You follow a set schedule and routine
  • You are partnered with a career coach
  • You are a part of a proven program that works

Thinkful Cons

  • You need to be very disciplined
  • It’s not cheap. Usually thousands of dollars

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Conclusion : Lambda School vs Thinkful 2024 

Lambda School and Thinkful are both excellent choices for those seeking to gain new skills. However, there are a few key distinctions that may make one option more appealing than the other for individual learners.

Lambda School’s longer program duration and lower cost may be attractive to some students, while others may prefer the more flexible schedule offered by Thinkful.

Ultimately, either school can provide an excellent education in web development or data science. It is important to research each school thoroughly and ask lots of questions before making a decision about which program is right for you.

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