Lambda School vs Springboard 2024: Which One Is Better Online School?

Lambda School vs Springboard

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Lambda School has certainly stood out as truly newsworthy for a coding boot camp, both great and awful. Eventually, moving on from Lambda School will in all probability make you more qualified to enter the tech business than if you hadn't.

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Here, we have shared the comparison between Lambda School vs Springboard. So, which one is the best coding school?


Lambda School

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$0-$30,000 $0-$9,000
Best for

Lambda School is best for someone who is fully engaged, enthusiastic and ready to work hard to get a career in technology.

Springboard is for those interested in pursuing a career as a software developer, data scientist, cybersecurity researcher, or user experience designe

  • Courses are 100% online
  • Full-time courses
  • Ability to communicate with instructors and classmates
  • Offers students a job guarantee
  • Courses are asynchronous
  • Self-paced
  • Experienced, competent teachers
  • Proven & Organized Curriculum
  • Modern web technologies and programming languages
  • 100% Online
  • Detailed Curriculum with videos
  • Great Deal of Support
  • Expensive courses
  • Job guarantee only eligible to those in US/Canada
Ease of Use

The process of registering for an account, completing your online application form, completing your entry tests, and signing registration documents is a straightforward one.

Admission process may take longer than Lambda. But, you can still be contacted in quick time.

Value For Money

If you are ready to pay a premium for a direct education and a curriculum, Lambda School is worth it.

Springboard offers incredible value for money in such a price.

Choosing the online schools could be a difficult and risky start to go with, and after this, you have got to make sure about the varsity you’re signing yourself into because the 21st century continues to roll on, an increased need for tech and computing professionals will still grow, widening the tech talent gap even further Computer science and coding schools have emerged as an awe-inspiring and amazing choice for those who are willing to enter this tech industry. 

For a booming industry, one needs to have that intense training that can provide them, the kick start they would require.

While looking for such tech schools, you’ll want to find boot camp reviews and guides that layout an honest and in-depth look into what the institution has to put forward.

Lambda School and Springboard are both online tech courses that can be registered easily. 

Choosing an online school is a huge decision. That’s why it is important to look into all the available alternatives. Both of them provides courses that can land the students with a handful of job in the tech industry.

However, there are a number of key differences between Lambda School and Springboard.  Let’s move forward to look for the programs offered by these schools.

We’ll also need to compare the Application process, Tuition Fees and financing options available, learning techniques, and Job guarantee offered by both of the camps.

Basic Overview: Lambda School vs Springboard 

What is Springboard?

springboard Review - Lambda school vs springboard school

It is a career-building education provider. Springboard’s part-time boot-camps get you job-ready in six to nine months, from the comfort of your home.

Start your new tech career in fields like  UX design, data analytics, machine learning, data designing, or software engineering with an employment guarantee.

The most prominent feature to consider is that there might be a chance that no other online learning camp besides Springboard offers guaranteed job opportunities for all graduates.

By collaborating with major cooperation, it has guided to offer guaranteed jobs to all or any qualified graduates and, not only that, but they provide refund policy to students who can’t land an employment opportunity.

This is not only new in this industry but also a marvellous step taken that can boost the confidence of the student to give their best without thinking about the outcome. A risk that is worth taking.

Springboard’s self-paced courses give students the chance to develop skills that they can work on, after stepping into the real world industry.

And all this long, students collect the support of their mentor as well as learn from their industry experience to go with. And Springboard’s resident advisors and the larger student/alumni community have always pooled in their ideas so that students can have improved work ethics.

What is Lambda School?

Lambda School Review Overview- Springboard school vs Lambda school

The Lambda institution is an online boot camp, based in Silicon Valley that helps students strengthen their technical skills. Although Lambda is online-only, sessions are taken live by educators in virtual rooms, so you can communicate with your classmates and teacher as you would in an actual school setting.

This boot camp came up with two main courses: data science and full-stack web development, both of which are either nine months or 18 months long, offering us a chance to choose from the part-time schedule to the full-time option depending on the time we can give. All of this is looked at by a specialized team of instructors, leaders, and coordinators.

Students are teamed up to work together and simultaneously, to complete a group project that can be exhibited to different organizations in the future.

Learning set-up

Keeping a decent balance between fun and work is vital to have an effective learning experience. With regards to learning style, what suits one student may not suit another?

This is why the format of an online boot camp is so significant. Springboard boot camps and Lambda School boot camps are organized in a different manner. Here is a short depiction of the principle contrasts between the two:


Lambad school vs spring board- Springboard set up

  • It is a completely self-guided online course plan. Springboard’s educational program is made out of a series of recordings, understanding materials, and spontaneous and built-in course activities planned by industry specialists to consider a large number of learning styles. 
  • It is a computer programming boot camp that covers the present most popular language like Redux, Python, or Reacts. Springboard’s boot camps—called Career Tracks—are intended to take between six to nine months to finish with 15-20 hours of work each week.
  •  All Career Tracks offers one capstone venture to be finished as a feature of the course educational plan to help students work out their portfolios.

Lambda School:

Lambda school vs sprinboard- Lambda school set up

  • Courses are entirely remoting and they permit students to collaborate live with teachers and different team-mates. 
  • It provides Full-time courses of 40 hours per week for 9 months and also Part-time courses that last 18 months. Both the courses have definite projects which help them have first-hand experience. 
  • Courses cover languages like Redux, Python, and React. Daily coursework includes cooperating with educators and working with your companions and instructors.

Key learning Area: Lambda School vs Springboard

Lambda vs springboard - marketing Course

Courses offered at Springboard

Springboard’s courses cover a few vocation tracks. The courses cover all areas of programming and information science. The school even offers a few prep courses in these fields to help Students into their program before class begins. 

  • Cyber Security Career Track

The units in this program cover digital protection fundamentals, IT project, network security, and security evaluation and preparation.

Students will likewise find out about character and access the board, and application security. The course incorporates in excess of 30 labs and tasks, just as a capstone project that will exhibit the student’s new abilities.

  • Data Analytics Career Track

In this program, students will figure out what insights can mean for essential business ideas. To do this, they will contemplate coding dialects and projects like Python, SQL, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. Students will likewise learn progressed information investigation methods while creating critical thinking abilities. 

  • Data Science Career Track

This Data science boot camp will go into both essential and progressed data science concepts and methods. Students will be ready for an entry-level data science job. During the program, Students will examine Python, make information perceptions utilizing Seaborn and Matplotlib, and will compose code in Python with the PEP8 standard. 

  • Machine Learning Engineering Career Track

In the AI program, Students will figure out how to plan a model for a profound learning framework. They will likewise figure out how to utilize a web administration or API to send applications that they have planned. The preparation additionally incorporates peculiarity location, direct relapse, and information cleaning.

  • UI/UX Design Career Track

The UI/UX configuration program at Springboard shows participants how to make easy-to-use sites. To do this, they will examine wireframes and fabricate high-loyalty mockups.

During the program, students will work with proficient website specialists to execute the client experience and UI plan abilities they have acquired. The site that they plan as a component of their group venture will be remembered for their portfolio.

Courses offered at Lambda School

Lambda school vs Springboard- Lambda school courses

If you want to have 900 hours+ experience in coding in your pocket to land you in the worth living profession, then you are at the right place. At Lambda’s, the school offers two main programs to help students kick start a career in the tech industry.

  • Full Stack Web Development

To turn into a full-stack web engineer, you should get familiar with the progression of programming language. You should pursue this course to learn HTML, CSS, React, Python, Redux, and JavaScript. These are the most common programming languages used to construct sites. 

The school curated the educational program to outfit you with the specialized expertise and expert abilities to keep a web designer’s position. The teacher will tell you the best way to foster workers utilizing Node.js and RDBMS. Applying software engineering ideas ought to be simple for you following to going to this boot camp. 

  • Data Science

In the event that you need to begin a career in applied statistics or AI, you ought to think about Lambda among your best options. Its data science program will take you past the central ideas of data science.

As a component of the educational program, you will learn Python, SQL, Data representation and linear algebra. This is an enthusiastically suggested course on the off chance that you love math and depend on information to settle on educated choices. 

Along with learning Python, the teacher will show you how to break down various sorts of information and assemble data in an understandable manner. You can utilize the activities that you work on during the course to support your task portfolio. The course likewise covers prescient demonstrating, software engineering, information designing, and AI. Upon graduation, you’d have the vital abilities to investigate junior-level abilities in AI or data analysis.

  • Mini Code Boot camp

Intended to be learner-friendly, Lambda’s free Mini code boot camp assists students with figuring out how to code. Utilizing a Livestream design, the classes are open from any place you are. You don’t need to pay any educational expenses to go to the live meetings. 

This boot camp will help you fabricate your abilities without any preparation as you figure out how to construct a web-based game, train a Python model, and make a JavaScript visualizer for next to nothing. 

Application Process

Both Springboard and Lambda School have an easy go application process. Boot camps usually require students to meet certain prerequisite skills and backgrounds.

These vary depending on program requirements and are designed to make sure the course is a great fit for the student based on their goals and previous experience. The key differences are mentioned below:


  • Students fill his or her application form for their desired programs online and are screened for further necessary requirements.
  • Some courses require students to opt for a technical skills survey. If a student is unable to clear the percentage required, they can enroll in a preparatory course that will train them with the skills to pass the survey. On average, these surveys are structured to take under an hour to complete and measure whether the course is a good fit for the student based on knowledge of both technical and soft skills
  • Students are not required to go through a “fit interview” for programs other than software engineering
  • Once all the necessities are done, students are contacted by an admissions director, who helps them enrolling in the course and check the financing options available for them.

Lambda School:

About the Admission process- Lambda School Review

  • For the data science and iOS development course, Students have to apply by creating a profile and telling Lambda School about their background. Next, students complete enrollment by providing proof of their previous education, signing the agreements, and choosing a tuition payment option for the required course they want to enroll for.
  • The data science and iOS Development curriculums require preparatory coursework that introduces students to basic technical concepts as part of the application process
  • For the full-stack courses, students apply and then complete assessments. These assignments contain an aptitude test and code challenge. The application process is completed by submitting the information of previous education, signing the agreements, and selecting the financing option for tuition fees.

Pricing and finance options:

The comparison on the basis of pricing is a crucial aspect for deciding between the two boot camps. The key differences can be clearly seen below.


springboard coupon code - pricing plan

The pricing for courses on Springboard varies between $5,000 and $9,000 for students who pay upfront. This could vary according to the course opted:

  1. Coding- $8,500 (9 months course)
  2. Data Science and AI – $7500 (6 months course)
  3. Data Analytics – $5,500 (6 months course)
  4. UX Design – $5,900 (6months course)

Preparatory courses (Data Science and Software Engineering) costs -$490 per month.

  • Through Springboard does not offer an Income share Agreement (ISAs) for any of its courses, however, it does provide students to pay the late tuition fees in a fixed amount.
  • Springboard offers students to pay through Climb Credit as loan-based finance.
  • Springboard offers Scholarship options to underprivileged students.

Lambda School:

Lambda school vs springboardlamba school pricing

  • The Course cost of Lambda School is $30,000 upfront.
  • Most schools make money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. Lambda School takes a different approach. It lays down an opportunity for its students through an income share agreement or ISA. This allows students to enroll in the course with no upfront fees, instead of paying back 17% of the income for up to 2 years or till the time they paid $30,00 in total once they earn $50,000 at the job. No interest will be applicable on the payments if the student didn’t have the job.
  • This Bootcamp even has a cap option on how much students have to pay, and once the cap is reached, they no longer have to make payments. Paying back a total of $30,000.

 Job Guarantee

Both Lambda School and Springboard have exceptional ways to promote their courses and to be result-oriented.


Springboard provides students the opportunity to get a job in their pocket within the six months of the intense training program, and if some students are unable to land with it they will get a complete refund for their tuition fees.

Lambda School:

  • Lambda School does not promise to land you with a Job offer. Instead, it lays down a web designed to help students find employment. This connects professional mentors who work together with students, neighborhood coaches, recruiting accomplices hoping to employ alumni of Lambda School, and specialists in the business.
  • Lambda School additionally has a group that straightforwardly contacts recruiting administrators to interface them to students.

 Pros and Cons 

Want a more open way to distinguish between Springboard vs. Lambda School? Below is a list of pros and cons for each boot camp.

Springboard Pros:

  • Guaranteed Job/Refund. In the event that students don’t get a proposal for a job within a half year of finishing the program, their educational cost is refunded
  • Learning at your own pace. Students can pick their own learning plan that turns out best for their way of life and objectives
  • Reasonable fee structure. By and large, Springboard courses cost between $3,300-$9,000

Springboard Cons:

  • One-to-one touch missing. Springboard doesn’t offer any face-to-face courses. It is totally recorded-based videos.
  • Steady over study. Since Springboard courses are self-guided, it’s dependent upon students to deal with their own learning timetable and keep steady over their work, if it’s not done there can be an issue with the job offer.
  • No mentor access. Springboard students get one-on-one mentorship however no formalized guidance from coaches or teachers.

 Lambda School Pros:

  • Income share agreement (ISA). In the event that students utilize this educational cost installment choice, they don’t have to pay forthright and will rather repay the educational cost once they have a job in hand.
  • Interactive sessions. Students take an interest in cross-group cooperation with friends to make projects that feature their abilities. Students are likewise driven by teachers through Zoom
  •  Career placement. Lambda School has a few measures set up to keep its students associated and help them get a new line of work in the business whenever they have graduated.

Lambda School Cons:

  • 100% online learning. Lambda School doesn’t offer any face-to-face classes and rather is directed altogether on the net.
  • Hours not flexible. Since a large part of the course includes live joint effort, Students can’t single out which hours they go for the course. However, it does offer part-time courses to the full time.
  • No job guarantee. While different schools like Springboard have ensured that say if their students don’t get a new line of work within a specific time period subsequent to graduating, they get their educational cost cashback. Lambda School doesn’t have this assurance

Springboard School Customer Reviews:

Springboard school vs Lambda school- Sprinboard customer reviews

Lambda School Reviews & Testimonials:

lambda school vs springboard- Lamda school reviews and testimonials

Conclusion: Which One Is Better For Prep Course? Lambda School vs Springboard

A boot camp succeeds when its understudies proceed to discover jobs and roles they love that will empower them to accomplish their best work. An effective boot camp will have a heavenly history of setting students into new jobs. 

This is the means by which Springboard’s and Lambda School’s results stack facing one another. 


  • Springboard graduates report a normal compensation increment of $26,000 in their work offers (information from information science and UX programs). This implies the normal Springboard Career Track pays for itself in 3-5 months.
  • In expansion, 85% of all Springboard understudies got a proposal within four months, with 53% of understudies generally accepting a bid for employment before graduating.

Lambda School:

  • Among the individuals who moved on from Lambda School’s full-stack web advancement course in the second half of 2019, 73% had the option to get a new line of work as a programmer. The information science program saw a considerably higher occupation position rate at 79%. 
  • Full-time understudies had the option to find a new line of work 74% of the time, and low maintenance understudies 72%, which recommends that whether you concentrate full-time or low maintenance will not affect your capacity to get employed subsequent to graduating!

The fundamental contrast between Springboard and Lambda School is that Springboard’s program is a lot less expensive and substantially less time-concentrated. While Lambda School is considerably more costly and time-consuming.

While Springboard additionally doesn’t offer an ISA choice, yet rather gives its students the alternative to pay month to month, concede their educational cost, or apply for one of their scholarships. 

At last, the educational plans of each might be comparative, yet Lambda School is a substantially more top to bottom program than Springboard. 

Lambda School has certainly stood out as truly newsworthy for a coding boot camp, both great and awful. Eventually, moving on from Lambda School will in all probability make you more qualified to enter the tech business than if you hadn’t.

Springboard provides with a variety of courses along with a guaranteed job or else a full refund. 

Joining up with Lambda School or Springboard is no straightforward matter. It shouldn’t at any point be a choice that is made in the scramble, and you ought to consider a few boot camps and their course contributions before you settle on your final choice.

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Lambda School has certainly stood out as truly newsworthy for a coding boot camp, both great and awful. Eventually, moving on from Lambda School will in all probability make you more qualified to enter the tech business than if you hadn't.

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