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  • World’s leader in digital test prep courses
  • Taught by Shark Tank winner
  • Maximized accessibility and value
  • Bite-sized videos that engage and inspire
  • 98% STUDENTS INSPIRED Course Interaction & Completion
  • 93% PARENT SATISFACTION Results & Valu


  • Expensive for beginners
  • No live chat support
  • Some students complained for lack of support


Price: $ 499

In this article, we have Covered Kranse Institute Review, Standardized tests, including SAT, PSAT, ACT, and GMAT, are recognized worldwide and allow you to apply to any university when taking a test. ACT and SAT are compulsory for admission to the university and are administered at the national level, although the duration and sections of their examinations differ.

In this Kranse Institute Review, we covered experts based on real stories from students who have really improved their SAT scores after attending this course.

Kranse Institute Review

Kranse Institute Review 2024 | (Kranse Institute SAT ACT GMAT Reviews)


What Is The SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test used for college admission in the United States. College admissions officers often consult these results with your study credentials, essays, admission to the university, and other aspects of your application to determine if you are fit and ready to graduate.

The SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 (the SAT scoring method is quite complex, so if you’re considering taking the exam, it’s a good idea to study it or ask your ACT trainer or tutor online!) The exam consists of Reading, writing and speech as well as math and includes an optional essay section.

Should I Take The Or ACT?

SAT and ACT are college entrance exams, and most universities accept your score on every exam. If the universities you are applying to accept one of the grades, you can take one or both exams.

The SAT consists of three sections: reading, writing and language, and math … while the ACT covers four sections: English, math, reading, and science.

The SAT gives him more time per question than the ACT and explicitly evaluates it in the vocabulary, while the ACT evaluates it in terms of scientific reasoning.

kranse Institute Review - Home

In the end, the tests you need to perform are reduced to you and your abilities, preferences, and goals. It’s a good idea to take a little time to study both the and ACT, read sample questions for each exam, and think about your skills and preferences. admission to the university, PSAT is Kranse Institute.

What Is Kranse-Institute?

Shaan Patel founder of the Kranse Institute, The Kranse Institute is an online SAT preparatory course for Shaan Patel (USC and Yale MD / MBA dermatologist) who has tried a number of strategies to improve her average SAT score to an exceptional 2,400.

The story does not end here. He has not only been accepted by prestigious universities but has also won a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships.

kranse Institute Review - Owner

Many who came from a house with a problematic background had trouble believing that he had become the best student in his class.

He was rewarded by the King for his homecoming and as part of the President’s scholarship program. the White House, which he selected for two exceptional students from each state. He came to shake hands with George W. Bush, then President of the United States of America.

After his own success with SAT and his many unsuccessful attempts to publish a book on SAT preparation, he developed an exclusive SAT prep course with the last $ 900 of his scholarship helping students dramatically improve their scores. ,

Patel’s activity became the only online SAT prep course conducted by a student who had himself achieved a perfect score and an average score of 376 points after his first program.

This means that all students arrived there after completing their pilot course, averaging 376 points more than their previous SAT attempt.

Unlike other SAT preparation centers, the Kranse Institute’s preparatory program includes 100 different strategies that will prepare you for all types of questioning strategies that you see in the exam. Once you have put various assessment strategies into practice, the chances of a high score are minimal and pave the way for admission to the university of your dreams.

What Makes Kranse Better?

The Kranse-Institute is free of interference as it uses a completely different but for practical preparation technique. Instead of sending brochures and filling in clichés for SAT preparation,

Kranse offers educational videos to keep interested in the content. The 206 videoconferences recorded are produced at all levels while preserving the intellect of the students.

kranse Institute Review - Track Record

On average, videos last a maximum of 10 minutes, so you will not get bored with long videos. Kranse strives to keep this game as short and uncomplicated as possible. However, this does not mean that Kranse Prep courses are not thorough.

The Kranse SAT online prep course is comprehensive and intense, with the added benefit of being able to learn with Internet access anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to long driving lessons to prepare for your SAT and attend consecutive lessons after school.


1. Short and targeted videos
Let’s shorten the numbers: The SAT preparatory course of the Kranse-Institut comprises a total of 204 videos, which are divided into 12 different lessons. Each video lasts about 10 minutes and has about 34 hours of content.

Each lesson, with the exception of the first introductory lesson, begins with a vocabulary test to review and deepen the vocabulary required to successfully complete the sections for reading and writing.

In each video, Dr. Patel the students through the different strategies he has developed, as well as some examples of SAT questions that would best use this strategy. Switch frequently between sections so students can prepare for reading comprehension, math and, writing relatively evenly.

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Videos Of The Preparatory Course Of The Crane Institute

The videos are short enough to maximize engagement with the program. Each “chapter” of the lesson is a small piece of information that is easy to digest. The short format allows breaks and exercises between videos so you can concentrate more.

2. Free application
The course also includes a free app for smartphones. Log in to the app with your credentials and participate in the video conferencing provided by the Kranse Institute. This can be a great way to spend productive time on the bus to school, or if your child is waiting to start a club activity after school.

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Only the iOS version is available, but the Android application is currently running.

3. Excellent Recognition
The effect and the overall success of the SAT, PSAT and ACT preparatory courses of the Kranse-Institut did not go unnoticed. In fact, the Institute has appeared in several news networks across the country as an admirable example. NBC News, Bloomberg Business Week, New York Times, USA Today, and Shark Tank are all examples of these media that came to the Institute at prime time.

4. Study Materials Based On Strategies

The content is different from other exam preparation courses. Although memorizing is a priority, in most videos SAT questions are answered in a unique way. For example, Patel advises students not to solve many of the theoretical problems in the mathematics section, but to replace simple numbers to better understand the problem. Likewise, reading comprehension and writing questions are treated with simple but overlooked strategies.

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5.crane institute SAT practical questions

In this way, the Kranse Institute teaches students the formula that underlies the SAT questions and uses that formula instead of memorizing typical memory courses in traditional preparation programs.

6. Complete The Sat Tutorial
During the preparation for the SAT of the Kranse-Institut Dr.-Ing. Patel has already performed an SAT test and shows how his strategies are developed in a real test.

Traditional preparatory courses usually teach students question-for-question, leaving them unprepared when the course involuntarily focuses on simpler questions. Bypassing a comprehensive exam, the Kranse Institute avoids this problem by guiding students through a complete exam.

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7. Guaranteed improvement of the score

The Kranse-Institut not only teaches the topic to students but also provides them with the various strategies with which they can achieve higher scores. This resulted in a dramatic improvement in the overall performance of the student’s SAT.

8.Maximum value and accessibility
The Kranse Institute benefits from its preparatory SAT courses with an 18-month license. This is flexible enough to match 9 different SAT test data. This means that students who prefer to take the exam several times to improve their results will have room to do so at no extra cost!

9. Accessibility of 18 months
Unlike other preparatory courses, where students often have three to six months to access their preparatory course, the Kranse Institute offers 18 months. This means that you can register for the third year of your child to support the use of the PSAT and continue to use it in the first half of last year. As your site indicates, you can sign up for 9 possible trial dates during this period, so you never lose access prematurely.

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10. Affordable prices
In addition to the fact that the prices charged are cheap and affordable, the institute only calculates customer satisfaction, not that of the offer.

The institute also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 7 days. This means offering their learning resources to students, offering them a seven-day trial period and only charging them if their SAT score really improves. You will NOT be charged if your score does not improve during this grace period! Using the TFC coupon code at the end of the purchase will save you 30% of your total order.

11. Money-back guarantee
Preparation courses can be expensive, and despite the research you’ve done, you’ll never know if it’s the one who “clicks” for your child. Fortunately, the Kranse-Institut offers a money-back guarantee that does not ask questions. During the first seven days after enrollment, you and your child can spend most of the desired course. If you are not satisfied, you can send an email to the Kranse Institute for a full refund.

12. Technological knowledge

His preparatory courses at SAT are aimed at modern students who are familiar with the technology. They are usually shorter and are therefore suitable for people with shorter periods of attention. They are accessible via a mobile application, the Internet platform and 10-minute recorded video conferencing.

kranse Institute Review - Guarantee

13. Excellent record
The company history clearly speaks for itself. Overall, he has helped more than 62,000 students so far. 97% of the students indicated some improvement in their SAT scores. 98% of them reported on an inspiring journey and an interactive experience.

93% of parents said they had amassed satisfaction and value for their services. Nine of the students who scored points scored 2400 perfect points while 210 others reported an average increase in their SAT scores.

In addition, most alumni have been enrolled in major higher education institutions, including the eight Ivy League institutions. This is another testimony that the services provided are worth the time and money they need.

Tips To Improve Your SAT Result

Remember that the SAT is a marathon, not a sprint. For this reason, students should have a long-term vision during SAT studies and focus on creating good learning habits that maximize the potential for evaluation. Here are five checklists of the main learning habits. How are you

Study tip 1: Know your target score

Have I set myself a realistic but ambitious goal?

Do I regularly do an SAT test to find out how I qualify for the exam?

Do I face the most difficult areas for myself?

Will I go back and check the most difficult areas for me?

kranse Institute Review

Remember, the online Kranse SAT program was developed to help students focus on the weak points. Their 10-minute “small” videos introducing Shaan Patel carefully examine specific SAT strategies so students can tailor test preparation to their specific needs in order to practice and learn.

Learning Habit 2: Do not push, leave enough time

Do I have a system to track my progress toward my goal?

Am I registered for the Did I make a second try on my calendar?

Did I have at least 6-8 weeks to prepare myself for the first SAT? Did it take me at least 4 to 6 weeks to prepare for a retest?

Did I take my physical or extracurricular activities into account when planning my exams, so as not to be overwhelmed?

Am I aware that the SAT now offers a summer test option?

Remember: Kranse is the ONLY online SAT program that gives Their students 18-month access. They want Their students to have enough time to learn at a pace appropriate to them.

kranse Institute Review - Courses

Study Habit 3: Developing good time management skills

Do I have a specific day and time I reserve every week to study at SAT?

Can I tell my family and friends that I’m studying, so I do not mind?

Should I turn off the sound on my phone so my friends’ updates and social media will not distract me?

Can I use “rewards” to promote my studies? For example, “Will I reward myself for watching my favorite YouTube video after completing this session?”

Am I planning regular study breaks?

Tip: Sign up for the free Kranse SAT app to track and track your progress on the course. It also offers cash prizes, automatic updates, and learning tips.

Study Habit 4: Create a good workstation study

Do I have a workspace large enough to expand?

Is the room comfortable? Do I have a good chair?

Do I have pencils, erasers, markers, sticky notes and tokens on hand?

Do I have a special place or backpack to store all my SAT learning materials so I can easily find them?

Do I have a timer available? Timers are much better than cell phones, which can be a distraction.
Tip: Even students who value the flexibility of Kranse’s online SAT program can set up a mobile workstation and a mobile studio by making sure they have everything in their backpacks that they need.

kranse Institute Review - Success ratio

Study Habit 5: Pay attention to your physical health

Do I sleep a priority?

Do I make sure that I have enough downtime to deal with daily stress?

Do I stay well hydrated and eat healthy snacks?

Should I take action to stay healthy, even if other people around me are ill?

Am I getting enough exercise and fresh air? Am I doing a fun physical activity to relieve stress?
Tip: Be sure to go to bed one week before the SAT! Last night, stay home and relax, you deserve it!

What differentiates Kranse Prices From Other Brands?

in this kranse Institute Review, we also have covered that how Kranse prices are differentiated from other brandsthe All her videos are short, clear and crisp, captivating and last no longer than 10 minutes. They cover the topic well and provide a unique approach to teaching problem-solving strategies rather than revise and memorize them.

The highest score and improvements are guaranteed. An average increase of 210 was observed
With most results, hey improve from the 50th to the 90th percentile.

kranse Institute Review - digital college prep courses

It has been observed that students not only learn the subject but also good strategies for solving problems.
They provide a guarantee of improved results that are second to none in the industry.
They give you access to all courses up to 18 months. While we’re watching other competitors, it’s only for a few months.

The Importance Of The Sat Test For Admission To The College

Every professional education counselor points out to students that they are qualified in various aspects of their school life when applying to a university. Your notes, your disciplinary records, your attendance records, and your extracurricular activities are part of this equation.

University work is also an important element of the admission process as it shows the personality, concentration, and mastery of the student’s written language.

The interview is also important because it allows the College Admissions Officer to ask important questions about the goals and dreams of the student and determine if they are suitable for the campus. They also want to get an idea of ​​how candidates think, solve difficult problems, and discuss new ideas.

kranse Institute Review - digital college prep courses

If you want to enter an Ivy League school, testing and interviewing can sometimes be the ripple between two candidates that are similar in terms of GPAs and activities in the same way.

The SAT can also distinguish a student from other students in the admission procedure. The SAT plays an important role in distinguishing students who will be able to cope with the high academic burden that many large universities expect from new students.

If you participate in the SAT and select the universities to which your results should be reported, you can continue the SAT several times.

When it’s time to apply for your universities, the admissions officers see your highest score. If you do not succeed SAT for the first time, do not worry: many students do not do it right the first time. Issues such as test anxiety, ignorance of the way the questions are asked, and getting used to the exam format play an important role in low scores.

Programs such as the SAT Preparation Expert at the Kranse-Institut can help you significantly increase your score over the next few years.

Kranse Prep Expert SAT video Course At Your Own Pace

The Patel course is a purely digital online learning experience. Students have access to this revolutionary method to prepare for online exams through the website and an application.

Patel uses 100 simplified strategies that specify certain aspects of the test to help students succeed. He says that 97% of students using their course increase their score, with the average test score increasing 368 points at the beginning of the course and the SAT continuing to use the 2400 point system. Some students even managed to reach the almost impossible score of 2400.

Because their SAT strategies are so effective, students also request other standardized tests with them, including PSAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE.

kranse Institute Review - Smart Way

Modification of the expert preparation program for the further development of the SAT

The College Board announced that it will change the SAT into a 1600-point rating model in 2014, breaking the test and implementing vocabulary geared toward relevance in 21st-century and world-class universities.

With these changes to the test from March 2016, the SAT preparatory expert of the Kranse-Institute has also changed. On average, students still improve their results by almost 210 points. In fact, if you do not improve your score on your next test, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

They also offer a 7-day Cram Guarantee: Buy the course, read the material and get your money back if you do not like it within a week. However, most students see the incredible value of the course and use it to prepare for their exams.

Kranse Pricing Policy

The prices are quite cheap given the success rate and the opportunity to attend a university. They are sucking pretty high. They offer a limited time offer with prices of $ 499 compared to $ 599.

kranse Institute Review - Advantage

EXTENDED STUDY 6 MONTHS ADDITIONAL (18 months total access)
EBook “Advanced Strategies for Academic Applications” FREE!
All major review sites gave them high marks. The locations approved by the buyers rated more than 4,000 customers with 4.8 / 5. Students Testimonial:

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Conclusion: Kranse Institute Review 2024

We liked the fact that the average improvement rate of their students is 210. Small videos are an attractive proposition because it is very difficult for me to stay focused for a long time.

Each video encourages you to learn more and access it yourself. They also gave me enough access to learning, 18 months to be exact. The best part is that it provides a more comfortable environment where you can learn at your own pace.


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