5+ Best Kinsta Alternatives 2024: Find Cheap Hosting Solution!

Finding the right hosting platform for my website can be a daunting task. I want to ensure that it’s reliable and secure and offers excellent performance and customer service.

However, there may be instances where the platform I initially chose fails to meet those expectations.

That’s when exploring Kinsta alternatives becomes crucial – they provide similar services that could potentially better suit my needs.

In this blog post, I will delve into some of these alternatives, highlighting their key strengths and weaknesses.

By doing so, I can make an informed decision about which alternative is the best fit for my website.

Whether I’m seeking a provider with more enticing features or more affordable prices than what Kinsta alternatives offers, this article will provide the necessary insights to guide me in the right direction.

Best Kinsta Alternatives

5+ Best Kinsta Alternatives

1. Cloudways:

Cloudways- Overview

Cloudways is another reputable host that you might consider in place of Kinsta.

Although they are not a WordPress-specific host, they are popular with site owners due to their low prices. Cloudways’ architecture is unique in comparison to other managed hosting providers.

Cloudways is a control panel that has collaborated with five cloud hosting providers to provide managed WordPress hosting services. These providers are Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

Cloudways is an excellent option for Kinsta alternatives since they share many of the same characteristics, and the following is some information to consider before selecting Cloudways.

Cloudways is a cost-effective method to get started. You may get started for as little as $ 10 per month on the Digital Ocean plan, and prices vary depending on the cloud provider.

Cloudways, on the other hand, recommends a $ 22 per month plan for production sites since it provides the optimal balance of server resources.

Pricing Plans:

Cloudways- Pricing

Consider the support before deciding on Cloudways. Cloudways’ assistance is not as good as Kinsta’s. As a client, I’ve seen improvements to their help system, but they still have a long way to go before they can compete with Kinsta alternatives.

Cloudways offers a CDN as an add-on for a fee of $ 1 per site. Thus, Cloudways’ advantage over Kinsta alternatives is its price and speedier performance.

Customer Review:

Cloudways Customer Review

2. Rocket.net:


Rocket.net takes a novel approach to the WordPress hosting sector. Rocket hosting is powered by the Cloudflare Enterprise network and comes pre-configured with CDN and security.

Rocket has a significant performance, cost, and feature edge over Kinsta alternatives.

Because the Rocket host includes a CDN, the Rocket server response time (286 ms) is quicker than Kinsta (360 ms).

While Kinsta alternatives have been tested without a CDN, Rocket offers a no-configuration hosting solution, and their Global CDN network makes them an attractive option.

Kinsta alternatives took 32 milliseconds to process 1000 requests in load testing, whereas Rocket took just 16 milliseconds.

CDN was critical in this case. However, we must give credit to Rocket since they integrate CDN by default, giving them an advantage over Kinsta.

Pricing Plans:

Rocket.net- Pricing

Rocket rates get much more affordable as you host more websites.

While the Kinsta alternatives beginner plan allows for 25,000 monthly visits, the Rocket starter plan allows for 250,000. Similarly, each Rocket plan has roughly ten times the resources of Kinsta.

Ben Gabler established Rocket.net with 17 years of experience working with well-known firms like HostGator, GoDaddy, StackPath, and Sectigo.

Customer Review:

Rocket-net - WordPress Hosting Testimonials

3. Nexcess:


Nexcess should be the least expensive option to Kinsta alternatives, particularly for agencies.

Nexcess, a division of Liquid Web, provides managed WordPress hosting with a slew of unique features not available anywhere else.

Even better, if you need to host several websites, Nexcess plans become very affordable while still providing a sophisticated management panel.

Nexcess offers competitive prices; how about their performance? Nexcess, according to our statistics, is not as powerful as Kinsta alternatives, but by a smaller margin.

Pricing Plans:

Nexcess- Pricing

Kinsta’s average server response time is 360 milliseconds, whereas Nexcess’s is 374 milliseconds. The distinction is not significant in this case.

However, in load testing with 1000 customers per minute, Kinsta alternatives took 32 milliseconds to execute the same amount of requests, whereas Nexcess took 66 milliseconds.

Thus, Nexcess cannot be a perfect substitute, but with a little trade-off in performance and light of the price, Nexcess stands up well.

Nexcess utilizes a visual comparison to give unique auto-updates for WordPress. Nexcess takes images of the site before and after a plugin or theme update to determine if the graphics have been damaged or stayed the same.

If an update is broken, it will return to the original, and if there are no visual concerns, it will be forwarded to the production site.

This is one of the unique qualities. Although my host offers automatic upgrades, I disable them to prevent similar problems; however, with Nexcess, you may activate this feature without concern.

This functionality would be very beneficial for firms managing a large number of websites.

Customer Review:

Nexcess Customer Review

Nexcess offers an unlimited number of email accounts and 24 hours of free auto-scaling. These 24 hours may occur at any point throughout the month and do not have to occur consecutively. 

Nexcess also calculates traffic based on bandwidth, which ensures that your plan cost remains constant, while Kinsta alternatives introduce overage penalties once the traffic limitations are reached.

Nexcess also offers massive savings, with up to a 40%  discount on their plans to get started for as little as $ 13 per month.

4. WP Engine:

WP Engine- Overview

WP Engine dominates the Managed WordPress hosting market. WP Engine, like Kinsta, is based on the Google Cloud platform but offers a restricted number of data center locations.

Both WP Engine and Kinsta alternatives provide comparable performance, cost, support, and features.

If you’re switching from Kinsta to WP Engine, you’ll see little change in their functionality, including as control panels and contacting customer support.

Why is WP Engine a better option than Kinsta? According to our statistics, both hosts perform similarly in the majority of tests, with WP Engine lagging by 10 to 15 milliseconds.

Pricing Plans:

WP Engine- Pricing

When Kinsta alternatives measured the average response time at 360 milliseconds, WP Engine measured it at 374 milliseconds.

In load testing, Kinsta took 33 milliseconds to respond to 1000 requests, whereas WP Engine took 40 milliseconds. As a result, there is little performance difference between the two, at least in my tests. WP Engine’s content delivery network (CDN) is more powerful than Kinsta’s.

WP Engine makes use of the StackPath CDN, which has over 50 worldwide locations and is one of the fastest CDNs in the world.

Kinsta alternatives make use of KeyCDN, which is excellent but lacks the capability of StackPath. The following graphic illustrates the performance disparity between these two CDNs.

Given the identical performance, let’s look at WP Engine’s price information. Both Kinsta alternatives and WP Engine plans begin at $ 30 per month; however, WP Engine prices become more affordable as you add more sites.

The $ 100/month Kinsta Business 1 plan provides for the hosting of five WordPress sites, but the $ 115 per month WP Engine Growth plan allows for the hosting of ten WordPress sites.

If you’re an agency or a small company owner, WP Engine may save you a lot of money. Additionally, WP Engine gives a larger discount when you join up for an annual plan.

 Customer Review:

Wp Engine reviews & Customer Testimonials

5. Templ.io:


Templ, in my view, is the most comparable Kinsta alternatives hosting provider. Templ, like Kinsta, is built on the Google Cloud platform and offers a choice of 24 worldwide data center locations.

Indeed, only Templ and Kinsta provide access to all Google Cloud locations, although the Templ package begins at only $ 15 per month.

When comparing the statistics from both hosts, Templ delivers a quicker server response time than Kinsta alternatives, with an average of 309 milliseconds for Templ and 360 milliseconds for Kinsta during 30 days.

I also ran a load test on the site, sending 1000 virtual visitors for two minutes, and both servers reported comparable results.

The intriguing thing is that I compared Kinsta’s $ 30 plan to Templ’s $ 15 plan and found that the performance is the same.

This demonstrates that their performance is comparable to that of the Kinsta. Templ utilizes Google CDN, while Kinsta uses KeyCDN.

Pricing Plans:

Templ.io- Pricing

If you are unaware, Google CDN is the world’s fastest CDN, but it is also the most costly. As a result, the majority of hosts opt for cost-effective CDN solutions.

Google asserts that its CDN locations are identical to those used to host its web properties, such as YouTube, Gmail, and so on. 

When migrating from any host, Templ provides a free performance improvement. They will configure WordPress, audit plugins, optimize the database, and optimize images, among other things.

Finally, they’ll provide you with a before-and-after assessment of your site’s performance score.

Customer Review:

Templ Customer Review

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta- Overview

To appreciate the benefits that Kinsta alternatives provide, it’s necessary to first examine Kinsta. Kinsta has been a prominent participant and has established a strong presence in the market over the previous several years.

Four or five years ago, the corporation underwent significant changes and made aggressive pricing choices.

Apart from the services that a managed WordPress hosting service provides, users have access to Google infrastructure via the hosting business’s usage of Google Cloud Platform.

Kinsta alternatives offer competitive costs, yet they remain somewhat pricey in comparison to other providers. Because the key to their success is price reductions, they understand how to be competitive.

Kinsta will provide its customers with access to a custom-built dashboard from which they can simply administer the website.

Due to the service being hosted by Google Cloud Platform, it also utilizes cutting-edge technology such as PHP 7+, HTTP/2, and NGINX.

Kinsta, as has been the case for the previous several years, provides new customers with the option of free migration.

Why I Recommend Cloudways as the Best Kinsta Alternative?

As a managed cloud hosting platform, Cloudways offers a host of features that make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for more control over their web hosting services.

For starters, Cloudways provides users with access to multiple cloud providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and more.

This way, users can choose the cloud provider that best meets their needs. Moreover, its intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage and monitor all your websites with just a few clicks.

In addition to top-notch performance and reliability, Cloudways also offers great customer service. Their support team is available round the clock to help you with any technical issues you might have.

Plus, they also provide easy-to-follow tutorials and guides that make managing cloud hosting a breeze. Finally, Cloudways makes it easy to scale your resources whenever needed.

This feature allows businesses to quickly increase their capacity when needed without having to go through complex procedures or face extra costs.

What Do We Look for in the Best Kinsta Alternatives?

While Kinsta is difficult to beat, there are several other excellent solutions available. To determine the best choices, I emphasized the following features:

1. Security:

I’ve chosen only hosts that offer complimentary SSL certificates, automated backups, and other website security features. These tools are free, but you will need to activate them manually in most circumstances.

2. Powerful control panel:

While some of the hosts on my list have cPanel, the majority of them include a proprietary solution. Similar to MyKinsta, these internal dashboards are more structured and intuitive to use.

3. WordPress features:

I’ve picked hosting with optimized servers for WordPress and managed WordPress services like automated updates and backups. You’ll be equipped with everything necessary to create and run a professional website.

4. Speed:

Kinsta is the quickest web hosting provider my colleagues and I have tried. While the hosts on my list are not nearly as quick, some of them come close.

5. Affordability:

The price structure of Kinsta is its one significant shortcoming. I’ve searched for web providers that offer comparable speed and functionality but are more affordable.


💥 How do I cancel my account with Kinsta?

FOn the MyKinsta dashboard, click Cancel under the Company section to cancel your account. If you cancel within 30 days, you get a full refund. Contact customer support for a prorated refund for any unused hosting after the first month.

🎁 Is Kinsta any good?

Kinsta is adequate but not exceptional. Their entry-level plans include several restrictions. We discovered that Rocket.Net, WPX, and FlyWheel all provided comparable or greater performance at lower pricing.

🌏 What features do Kinsta alternatives offer?

Kinsta alternatives provide managed WordPress hosting with security measures, automated backups, and access to premium themes/plugins. WP Engine, Cloudways, LiquidWeb, and Flywheel are popular alternatives with additional features like high-performance infrastructure and scalability. Many providers also offer customer support for website setup and technical issues.

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 Conclusion: Best Kinsta Alternatives

Overall, as a WordPress site owner, I don’t have to feel limited in my web hosting choices.

While Kinsta is a reliable and secure option for hosting large-scale projects with top performance support, there are other alternatives available in the market that can provide a competitive service, security, and high-level customer support.

Ultimately, selecting a hosting provider depends on my individual circumstances, budget, and specific requirements such as speed, safety, support, availability of plugins and themes, and more.

It’s important to use common sense when making such a significant decision.

I can experiment with different web hosting services during trial periods to get a feel for their performance before committing to a long-term partnership.

If I have considered any of these Kinsta alternatives, it would be valuable to share my experiences so that others can benefit from them as well.

Feedback and insights from real users can help guide others in making informed decisions about their web hosting choices.

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