Kicksta vs Combin 2024: Which One Is Best For You (OUR PICK)

Looking for a difference between Combin vs Kicksta? I bring you the complete difference between them both in detail into Combin vs Kicksta.

Instagram’s popularity is something to crave but is also a hectic task. It is time taking and it can get frustrating over time. However, if you avail of the required services, you can go about this task in an organic and effort freeway. In order to appeal the potential followers towards your brand, account engagement is recommended.

Combin and Kicksta facilitate growth on Instagram while assuring the best results. Both of them employ the account engagement strategy to create an appeal for your brand among interested users. Both these are fairly identical on the surface but I am going to look at the minor details as well to trace out the distinction between the two.

Kicksta vs Combin: Overview

 Kicksta Overview

 Kicksta vs Combin - Kicksta

Combin Overview

 Kicksta vs Combin - Combin-

Working process Of Combin

Combin work structure and process

While dodging the spam flagging protocols of Instagram,Combin helps you to execute the required engagement functions and gain followers in an automated fashion. With this desktop asset, you can easily figure out the user`s who might want to follow you. The engagement tools Combin offers include follower search, liking, commenting, etc

Combin-– Features

It must be kept into notice that Combin can be used at a single computer at one time. If it is required that Combin be used on another desktop too, un-subscription and re-activation of this platform are required to go about hassle-free follower engagement. In the opposite case, the task becomes less automatic and thus more effort is to be employed while searching and engaging with target users.

Kicksta work structure and process

This growth service comes in handy if you wish to grow your Instagram retinue. Kicksta searches and brings forth you the account profiles that match your own. It also figures out the users that may want to follow you or the audience you may desire. Check our detailed Kicksta Review With Discount Coupon.

Kicksta - How It Works

Post executing the search protocols, Kicksta initiates the profile engagement process to attract the users towards your profile which includes liking and commenting on their posts, etc. if the users are appealed by the stuff you post, they may start following your brand.

Combin vs Kicksta: Features

Combin Features

Combin facilitates information storage in its desktop app. The user search process provides you with a wide range of useful filters that you can employ while finding the perfect target audience for your brand. You can filter the search results on the basis of like and comment count, posting date, etc to pin the best potential follower.

Combin - Followers Statics

Also, after you have found the target users, Combin offers you a manual engagement choice with them. You can choose how and when to engage with the users or their posts. In addition to that, you may also type the comments manually and let Combin execute and post them accordingly on the selected posts you want to engage with.

Combin maintains the output record for its users. It shows you detailed stats and figures regarding the amount of growth it has facilitated on your account during the relevant time span. If you make any growth in the meantime or gain any followers which weren`t the outcome of Combin usage, Combin refrains itself from taking credit for the work it hasn’t done. Hence, such growth stats will not be shown by Combin.

Kicksta Features:

Kicksta provides a detailed account of the growth you make owing to its services on its dashboard. It highlights all the figures regarding post engagement with your target followers. With Kicksta, the determination of the right kind of content which creates more appeal among followers becomes very easy as it maintains a record of post reactions. Owing to such detailed analysis, you can rethink your engagement strategies wherever required while embracing constant growth in retinue.

Kicksta -Features

Kicksta provides organic and automated services while targeting only selected accounts. It offers you the choice to apply various search and analysis filters like distinguishing between new and old accounts or proactive and inactive accounts, etc. this helps you to keep a track of the followers you are dormant and thus your engagement can be more realistic.

Service charging options

Combin service charges

Combin offers different pricing packages to choose from. The range of pricing is purely based on the services you want to avail. In addition to its two pricing plans, Combin also provides a free trial plan for starters. The other two plans are Personal plan and Business plan.


These two plans are distinguished by a single prominent feature relating to the single and multiple device usage. While Personal Plan is single device-oriented, the Business plan allows usage on multiple devices.

Kicksta service charges

The pricing plans that Kicksta offers are different than that of Combin as Kicksta offers a 14-day cashback in case you want to opt-out of the subscription.

Kicksta - Pricing

Kickstart’s pricing plan of the premium level is highly user-oriented and it also offers access to appreciable services such as live chat in case you need support, email support, VIP assistance, stupendous growth options, etc.

KIcksta vs Combin: User Safety

Combin user safety

Studies and researches have proven for such entities to be fairly safe. As stated in Social Media Explorer, these platforms pose no threat to the security of user data. Albeit while downloading such applications you expose your computer to the risk of viruses so it’s better to pre-install an antivirus program in your computer. As far as Instagram is concerned, these apps are fairly safe to use. To be on the safer side, you may schedule regular malware checkups for your computer to make sure Combin doesn’t fiddle with the system of your computer.

Kicksta User Safety

Any concerns regarding the safety of your Instagram data with respect to Kicksta app usage are purely unnecessary. It is worth noting that Kicksta doesn’t execute any function voluntarily. It doesn’t follow or un-follow other profiles that you haven’t targeted and it also doesn’t post comments on other profiles voluntarily. Kicksta also manages to dodge the Instagram safety protocols and algorithms to keep you safe from being marked as spam or fraudulent. Our customer satisfaction records prove the validity of our stating.

Kicksta vs Combin: Appraisals & Reviews


Reviews and work appraisals come in very handy as the tools to describe your product with full transparency. Usually, these reviews are visible to everybody, therefore, act as the mediums of goodwill generation. It is recommended to all the people who are interested in online or digital investments in the service sector or even in other programs and applications to check and go through the reviews carefully so that they get an idea about the reliability of the program they are about to invest in.

If the reviews ofCombin are taken into consideration, a mixed reaction towards the app can be seen. According to the reviews it has received, Combin has been rated 2.7 stars out of the maximum 5 on average on rating platform Capterra. Combin has proven to be an easy to use tool to many of its users. However, some people have found it difficult to un-subscribe to the service. Also, there have been cases where unwanted follower offloading has troubled the users. If you read the reviews you will find that many users have had difficulties running the program while some have reported that it is a time-efficient service.


When compared to Combin, Kicksta holds better ratings on the internet. Rated a staggering 4.7/5, Kicksta has in numerous positive reviews on our internet site. It has proven to be time-efficient and cause effective also. A vast majority of its users are satisfied with the kind of service Kicksta is providing them. The growth they have witnessed has impressed Kicksta`s users almost immediately.

As per the data we have received, an average rise of around 90% has been seen in the Instagram accounts that avail Kicksta`s services. The figures we are showing are not made up; these figures are based on reliable data analysis.


👉What is the magnitude of the risk involved regarding the Instagram account getting banned?

Both Kicksta and Combin assure account safety as they go about the task at hand. These Instagram growth tools help you amass a fair number of the retinue. In addition to being highly organic, both Kicksta and Combin are extremely time-efficient. The effortless nature of their functioning is an appealing feature of such growth tools. Kicksta and Combin make sure that they dodge the Instagram safety protocols and algorithms to prevent your profile from being flagged as spam. Moreover, we refrain from auto commenting or auto liking other profiles` posts voluntarily and don’t execute un-follow protocols at will. Therefore, your account maintenance is hassle-free. With such assurances being highlighted in the features, it is fair to say that there is negligible risk involved in the usage of these Instagram growth apps when it comes to account safety. However, you might want to keep an eye out for suspicious malware and viruses. While downloading these apps, you expose your computer to the risk of a virus intrusion or a malware invasion in the system of your computer. The viruses and malware may gain entry into your computer through the downloaded files or simply may be encoded into the links you visit while surfing through the internet.

👉Which among the two is a better tool?

Both Combin and Kicksta facilitate appreciable growth with assured user information safety. Both have a well-maintained decorum. If we compare the two, there are various points of distinction. If we take customer satisfaction into consideration, both these platforms have done exceedingly well but the occasional customer interaction policy of combin pushes it a step behind its counterpart. Under the premium plan that Kicksta offers, its users can avail 24*7 expert assistance. Also, the Combin lags behind when it comes to reviews and ratings. Combin is rated 2.7/5 compared to a staggering 4.7-star rating of Kicksta. Also, the reviews state that Kicksta offers better functioning than Combin. Hence, if these analytics are taken into consideration, Kicksta gets a healthy edge over Combin in the best among the two tussles. But it is worth noticing that the actual service provided by both these is the same. The followers and methods to amass followers employed by both these are almost the same. What distinguishes the two are the additional services like customer assistance provided by these two in separate ways.

👉Do Instagram growth platforms provide free services?

Every growth facilitator has different pricing plans. Some platforms like Combin have starter packs for new customers which includes free trials and anytime un-subscription options. U8sually these trails are offered with limited services. However, to avail of all the platform services, you have to purchase the subscription. There are two paid plans for Combin and Kicksta each through which you can avail stupendous growth tools and services to expand your brand on Instagram. Subscribing to these platforms has proven to be beneficial for the customers who have used it. You can also check the reviews and appraisals on our website to determine the fairness of the deals these platforms offer. With all said and proven, it is easy to say adjudge that mostly Instagram growth tools like Combin and Kicksta are very inexpensive considering the services they provide but are not completely free of cost.

Reviews & Testimonials Of Kicksta & Combin

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Kicksta - Testimonials

Combin Customer Review

Combin- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Kicksta vs Combin Comparison 2024

When it comes to Instagram followers, many times, people consider it an area where compromises can’t be afforded. The vast retinue is considered to be a symbol of success and fame. Keeping the validity of this fact in perception, vast numbers of service providers have tried to establish themselves in this business. Considering the competitiveness, Combin and Kicksta have done admirably well to win customer trust.

The huge strides these two service providers have made is really astonishing. While both have edge over the rest of the relevant service providers in the market, when it comes to comparing these two with each other, customer reviews and website ratings adjudge Kicksta as a clear winner. With better Customer service under its premium plan, Kicksta beats Combin in customer satisfaction. It provides 24-hour customer service with the best possible interaction and responsiveness.

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