Kicksta Review 2024: 🚀Is it Effective for Instagram Growth?


Overall Verdict

Using Kicksta Expand your audience, increase your social influence, and market your brand with authentic followers and engagement. Relied upon by brands and influencers.

Out of 10


  • Quick set up
  • Use-friendly
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Breaks Down Analytics in Detail
  • Live Chat and Email Support
  • Niche Targeting for Accounts & Hashtags


  • Doesn't offer any free trials
  • Customer support can be improved
  • No filter to remove unwanted subjects and interests


Price: $ 49

Welcome to my Kicksta Review.

Growing your brand’s recognition might be a challenge, but boosting your social media following and activity is often the answer.

However, it will be quite challenging for your business to take off if you don’t have any customers that are interested in what you’re selling.

It is possible to reduce the amount of work required while also improving results by enlisting the assistance of an Instagram influencer, professional, or automated technology. Many people consider Kicksta to be one of these tools.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront

According to my Analysis, Kicksta is reliable, well-priced, and worth your money. For me, the service’s biggest drawback has been its inability to guarantee a steady increase in Instagram followers. As far as Instagram growth tools go, Kicksta has a good reputation. Features include following growth metrics, targeted account and hashtag engagement, and more. Using Kicksta has helped many people get more exposure and followers. However, the success you have with any one technology will depend on aspects like your specific goals and content strategy. It is suggested that you test out Kicksta to see whether it helps you get your desired results on Instagram.


Kicksta Review

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an automated organic growth tool designed to attract real followers and boost one’s overall engagement on Instagram.

With more followers on Instagram comes more social proof: brands and influencers with large followings and high engagement are viewed as legitimate leaders in their industries and on the Internet.

Thanks to the services of tools like Kicksta, brands and influencers alike are able to gain real followers.

Kicksta Review With Discount Coupon- Get Real Instagram Followers

With Kicksta’s “liking method”, clients can expect the service to help them get real followers that will quickly translate into growth for their businesses.

With the help of Kicksta, many influencers and entrepreneurs will watch this organic growth translate into new clients, more contracts, paid partnerships, and an overall increase in sales.

Getting Started with Kicksta

Kicksta login

To use Kicksta, clients must choose between two packages: The Creative or The Professional. Each package guarantees real growth for clients and offers clients certain filters and features that guarantee they will attract the right type of followers.

After signing up, Kicksta clients kickstart their Instagram growth by choosing target Instagram accounts that are similar to theirs. Once the target accounts are set, the service will “like” 1 or 2 photos from every follower of these target accounts.

The idea is that as users receive the notification that they have new likes, they’ll visit your Instagram and follow you back.

Since Kicksta targets other accounts similar to yours, these followers are much more likely to visit your Instagram and follow you. Kickstart’s liking method targets around 30,000 photos a month, making it one of the most effective tools for boosting your reach organically.

The liking method and notifications work like a “tap” on the shoulder, allowing others to see that your Instagram features similar content that they will likely be just as interested in.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta Automation

Kicksta “liking method” is one of the more striking differences between this Instagram growth tool and other services. As Kicksta works to connect with real followers in an organic way, they are able to facilitate a natural and genuine pattern of growth.

Similarly, as Kicksta doesn’t follow or unfollow people, send direct messages, or comment on photos, Kicksta clients are better able to trust that this service will connect them with interested Instagrammers in a truly authentic way.

A Review of Kicksta - Automation

Authentic growth is king on Instagram and Kicksta certainly takes that into account. Like other services, Kicksta is an automated tool that uses its own brand of AI technology to automate this liking process.

Kicksta is able to connect with more people, resulting in the organic act of more Instagrammers following back.

While the automation accounts for the likes other Instagrammers receive, the new followers you gain are completely organic.

Selecting Target Accounts

To take full advantage of Kickstta’s automation, clients must target the right accounts and use the most appropriate hashtags for the service to attract the right followers.

Whether you begin using Kicksta with a modest following or you already have a growing account, Kicksta’s method of growth will work for you. After selecting your growth plan, submit your list of targeted Instagram accounts that have followers that are part of the same niche audience you aim to attract.

A Review of Kicksta - Target Account

For the most effective results, choose target accounts with several thousand followers. Kicksta will use its automated liking method to organically attract the attention of its followers.

A Review of Kicksta - Target Account

Not sure what accounts to target? As a Kicksta client, you can consult Kicksta’s FAQ page, your account manager, and the video resources. This information will point you to the best accounts that will bring you the most followers.

As Kicksta continues to grow your account, you’ll have access to reports revealing the highest-performing and lowest-performing accounts, making it easy to determine which accounts to remove and what type of accounts to target next.

Choosing Relevant Hashtags

In addition to selecting these target accounts, your choice of hashtags is particularly important. These hashtags will make your content easily discoverable to other Instagrammers, influencers, and brands.

These hashtags should be relevant to your content and brand, in addition to being popular enough that other people are actively searching for these hashtags.

In addition to providing clients with Instagram automation, Kicksta has a hashtag generator. Input any keyword into Kicksta’s free hashtag generator, submit your email address, and unlock a list of generated hashtags.

Kicksta Filters and Features

There are multiple features and smart filters Kicksta clients can set to maximize their growth potential as much as possible and to better curate the type of followers whose content the service likes.

Similarly, when using Kicksta, clients never have to worry about automated direct messages or comments as these go against Kicksta’s commitment to not sending spam, which is more than can be said for similar tools that use Instagram automation.

A Review of Kicksta - Features

When growing your Instagram organically with Kicksta, you’ll have access to smart filters that will help you gain as many new followers as possible and improve your overall engagement.

While Kicksta’s advanced filtering methods vary according to the plan you choose, each package offers powerful features that make it easier to use its targeted growth service.

With the following filters, Kicksta is able to weed out spammy and Instagram accounts:

  • Ignore Private Accounts
  • Ignore Suspicious Accounts (Accounts that have a weird* follower-to-following ratio)
  • IgnoreInactive Accounts (Accounts that have not been posted in the past 90 days)
  • Ignore New Accounts (Accounts that are only a few months old)

Setting the above filters allows Kicksta clients to ensure they are truly interacting with real users and engaged Instagrammers, making it easier to avoid bots, fake accounts, and inactive users.

In addition to the basic set of filters, Kicksta clients also have access to the following advanced filters:

  • Gender Filter
  • Profanity Filter
  • Blacklist Filter
  • Business Accounts FIlters
  • Foreign Language Filter

Kicksta powerful AI automation successfully mimics human behavior, which allows them to conduct as many interactions as they can, ensuring your account is secure and within Instagram’s standards of operation.

With 1,500 interactions a day (varying based on your particular plan), you’ll see that Kicksta’s organic interactions make it easier to increase your engagement and follow organically.

Reporting and Analytics

Another important feature of Kicksta is its reporting capabilities. Their thorough analytics makes it easy for clients to define trends and determine what targets and features are most effective in increasing their impact on Instagram.

Kicksta uses high-level stats and individual target performance reports to display the details of your Instagram growth. These metrics are located in Kicksta’s followers gained section, where your total number of new followers is displayed.

In the daily stats section, the net number of followers gained is displayed.

A Review of Kicksta - Reporting And Analytics

With these detailed statistics, clients are able to analyze their growth and determine what target account’s individual performance is better, allowing them to better refine their targets and remove underperforming accounts, ultimately improving their results.

A Review of Kicksta - New Post
Additionally, Kicksta clients can use the recent posts section to track likes and comments from recent posts, as well as review statistics related to their engagement rate.

These metrics make it easier for you to determine which posts are highly successful, revealing the kind of content you should replicate to experience the same type of engagement with future posts.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta plan gives clients access to certain smart filters and features.

The standard plan is ideal for entrepreneurs and influencers that are just beginning to use Instagram for marketing purposes while the professional package is geared towards brands, influencers, marketing agencies, and brands that are serious about their social media marketing.

The Standard plan:

  • Priced at $49 a month
  • Moderate growth (Kicksta will like 1,000 photos daily)
  • Filters to eliminate inappropriate comments, bots, and fake accounts

Kisksta Discount Coupon

Premium Plan:

  • The Professional plan:
  • Package for $99 a month
  • Maximum growth (Kicksta will like up to 1500 photos daily)
  • Clients have access to 40 targets
  • Live Chat and Email Support
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Blacklisting (Kicksta won’t interact with blacklisted hashtags and accounts)
  • Clients that are ready to try Kicksta’s guaranteed growth but want to first see if it works for them can take advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee to determine if the service is really right for them.

Kicksta Customer support

Kicksta Customer Support

Kicksta clients have access to 24/7 customer support, either through email or live chat. Clients that have the Professional Plan can use Kicksta’s Customer Success Manager when picking new targets and working to optimize growth.

Clients with any additional questions can also consult the comprehensive Kicksta FAQ, as well as watch the Kicksta Video Courses that offer answers to the common question regarding using this growth tool.

Quick Links:

FAQs: Kicksta Review

✅Is Kicksta any good?

YKicksta is safe. But if you don’t follow the rules, it will not work out well for you. Kicksta likes to limit how many photos each follower has on their account. So make sure that the people that you are targeting have a lot of followers and post a lot of photos.

✅ Will Kicksta get you banned?

Kicksta helps you get more REAL followers on Instagram and they target the people on basis of interest.

✅ Does Kicksta offer any sort of guarantee?

Yes they do offer 14 money-back guarantees. You can contact Kicksta support and they will help you get a refund.

✅ Will Kicksta work for my industry?

Yes it will work because their process is the same for every niche. As long as many brands are there on Instagram so Kicksta will work for you easily.

⭕How many followers should I expect by using Kicksta?

Kicksta doesn't offer any guarantee for the number of followers or likes, as each account is different and results may vary. You need to keep posting consistently high quality in order to have engagement.

✅Why does Kicksta need my password?

Kicksta does not work with Instagram, Facebook, or any third-party app. They need your username and password from Instagram to get information about your account on the API. They do not store this information and they will not share it with anyone else.

✅How do I stop Kicksta?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to fill out the cancellation form. This will help you avoid future charges on your bill. One can contact them directly for more information about the cancellation form.

✅How long does Kicksta take to work?

Once you have landed on Kicksta's website, you need to provide them with the location. Also, you will need to provide them with hashtags and other information. You will get an email from them in 24 hours saying that they are ready and then they will start driving traffic and people to your Instagram page.

✅ How effective is Kicksta?

Kicksta rapidly grows your Instagram following. To increase organic followers, it carefully engages your target audience. Kicksta uses sophisticated analytics and targeting to draw in the correct audience. It effectively grows the Instagram community. Numerous user reviews confirm Kicksta's effectiveness.

✅Will Kicksta get you banned?

Kicksta is a company that helps Instagram accounts grow. AI technology helps them know the limits of how many likes and followers one account can have. This way, they can use all their resources to help you with your account without being banned.

Which is Better

Final Thoughts: Kicksta Review – Is Kicksta any good?

To summarise this Kicksta review, I believe that all things considered, it is an excellent Instagram tool.

I witnessed a substantial increase in the number of people following us on Kicksta, and I was confident that these new followers belonged to genuine individuals who were interested in the content that I posted. Because Kicksta will never post or comment on your behalf, you can relax knowing that your account will not be marked as spam.

This gives you the freedom to publish and comment as you choose. They are focused entirely on generating organic traffic for you in a dependable and risk-free manner.

With its 7-day free trial, pay-as-you-go strategy, and cancellation option, Kicksta is worth a try. It’s a terrific tool for Instagram growth with no-risk choices, strong customer service, and many positive reviews. Kicksta can boost your Instagram success.

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    • The most recent coupon code from Kicksta was “NUYLXS” for “20% Off Your First Campaign.”

  1. Kicksta was the perfect product for me to gain followers on Instagram. They were active and quality, which saved time in sorting out who I followed after. The only complaint is that they didn’t spare any recommendations of accounts to follow–at least according to what’s relevant at the moment.

  2. Growing an Instagram account is time consuming. Between snapping photos for content, finding the best hashtags to attach to posts, building your following, and strategizing around engagement it’s hard not to get discouraged when scrolling through other people’s follow-worthy feeds! Luckily for all of us small business dreamers out there Kicksta has released an innovative set of services that are exactly what was promised. I’ve seen quality followers in my feed as well as in my analytics report in only a few weeks after starting the journey with them. It’s been a completely seamless process working with their team and if you’re looking for realistic growth meaning no bots or gimmicks then this is the group for you!

  3. “I tried their free trial and Kicskta did nothing for me. Kicksta clearly fell short. Sure, the app makes it easy to track your contributions–but then what? Your purchase of a subscription doesn’t come with any help on how you can grow your traffic, find new customers, or get more reviews. It’s obvious that this company is all about taking our money without actually improving anything.

  4. I’ve been using kicksta for 2 weeks, and so far I haven’t seen any results. Sure, my account has gained a few new followers, but I’ve lost just as many in the process. When I reached out to customer service for help, they never answered. So if you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, Kicksta may not be the best option.

  5. Kicksta is a social connection establishment tool similar to instacart. An organization could use the convenience of this program and beat the analysts in Wall Street by their stock recommendation. Motley Fool reviews Kicksta as a company that provides two stock recommendations every month, one each by the co-founders, in order to increase revenue within its shareholders and customers.

  6. I tried Kicksta and these are my thoughts; it doesn’t work. It was clunky, confusing, and didn’t offer any clarity around how their product functions.

  7. Kicksta is a website with tools to help you gain followers without doing anything.

    Only the coolest kids know about Kicksta – and now, so do you! We’re not kidding when we say that a lot of your favorite celebs use it on a daily basis! If being social on Insta was on your to-do list, then let’s just scratch that off sooner rather than later. Times have changed and unlike those 10 hour days at the office, gaining more followers is as simple as using this app for 15 minutes. All done in privacy? Yes please!

  8. Kicksta is a fun app that fulfills my needs as a social media addict. It’s perfect for those who just need to increase their follower numbers or impress their boss with a large following so she notices you, unlike some other things. The app has nifty features like sorting accounts by username and following posts from specific hashtags so they always show up in your feed! Plus the process is SUPER easy: Just follow a few links, select how many followers you want, and hit ‘Start Now!’

  9. Kicksta has been a lifesaver for anyone looking to get serious about their online presence. The process is not only seamless, but it’s also fast and effective. You can’t go wrong with anything that the Kicksta team offers!

  10. Kicksta offers quality growth management for our clients and adds tons of value, which is a win-win! We’re really picky about the work they do with us, so we haven’t had any issues with them. The feedback from customer service has been great, too!

  11. Kicksta truly helped elevate my business’ Instagram presence & organically increases our following and engagement every day. I’m so happy that I found this service!

  12. Kicksta is an active service that has got great things in store for you like a substantial and ever-growing amount of loyal followers. I was looking for realistic growth, not gimmicks or bot follows and Kicksta ended up delivering everything we talked about and even exceeded my expectations in the process.

  13. If I could give Kicksta zero stars, I would. Literally the only thing they do is publish deals from other sites.

    Trying to make things happen in Kicskta was a nightmare. We were starting from scratch and knew nothing about how their prices change day to day or what product actually does at all…in short it’s not clear if any of the changes we made led to statistically significant improvement for our campaign goal..
    I’m a small business owner because I love problem solving but this app left me with more questions than answers, which is really too bad because it seems like an awesome concept.

  14. kicksta is the best up-and-coming app for increasing your follower count on social media. I am 1000% sure this will work better than any other products that are comparable because it has amazing customer service and gives you updates to show you what’s up.

  15. Kicksta is a real service. I got Instagram followers, and they were good quality with a good rate of response. Sometimes the accounts would be relevant to what you wanted them for, but sometimes there was no guidance on which interests to select from making it hard to find the best one for everyone’s needs.

  16. Kicksta is very pleased to be recognized for their work, and was delivered quality followers that did not disappear.

  17. I’m so happy with my Kicksta purchase. Initially, I thought the service was a little pricey until it offered some decent social media strategy for my business’ Instagram account. Now, our posts have way more engagement and this is seriously helping us increase our following. You should totally try out Kicksta too!

  18. Kicksta is a small and affordable marketing service that gives entrepreneurs and small businesses on Instagram smart new ways to grow their following, increase their engagement, and post more photos.

  19. I love all the options Kicksta gives me to get followers! I was having a hard time finding accounts with certain qualities like generating lots of likes and comments, but Kicksta gave them to me in such an easy way. So glad they made this amazing app. #bestautomation

  20. Kicksta makes it really difficult for you to stay organized on Instagram, not matter what level of expertise or experience. It seems like the app is great until you start getting locked out of your account and then Insta crashes for no reason. And forget about customer service–if you’re lucky enough to get someone, they’re useless at best and condescending at worst.

  21. Kicskta team couldn’t even manage to stay up and running for the time that I could tolerate their service. Spending hours on my computer and clicking all over, nothing. I was waiting for a live person to chat with because this website wouldn’t let me apply or set up anything else until one of them responded but they never did. Long story short: Kicskta is too terrible to use!

  22. This app is changing the game. for my not so Instagram niche page and it took me from 50 to 900 followers in 2 months.

  23. I use my Kicksta account at least once a day to stay on top of the latest trends.
    I can’t go more than 24 hours without using Kicksta – it has become like another personal assistant for me! I am able to manage my blog, orders, and social media pages all on one platform with ease. And because their Instagram profile suggestions are never boring or recycled, you are left feeling updated and inspired every time they post something new.

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