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One of the complicated platforms on the internet is Instagram. It is quite a tough task to attract the attention of people. To stand out from the crowd calls for more than posting content.

It requires one to post comments on other posts of people, responding to queries, liking and following the right people, like pictures and videos, etc. Brand expansion via Instagram involves a lot of time and is quite tedious.

KENJI Review

Now, every problem always has a solution and yes, there are many ways to make any tedious task a lot simpler. Bots are the key. These can be used for automating many tasks of Instagram like following profiles, commenting or liking pictures, etc.

When technology is prevalent to offer you solutions, all you need is to make use of it and expand your reach and appeal to a lot more real users.

One such Instagram Bot which is powered by artificial intelligence is KENJI. It enables you to get many followers, many likes on the pictures and increased engagement. You can get started with KENJI in seconds and the results are bound to blow your mind.

Kenji Review

Kenji Instagram Review 2024 | Get 30% Off On Annual Plans (Exclusive Deal)

KENJI Pricing


What is KENJI? How does it work? (Detailed Kenji Review)

Although it is an Instagram bot that is powered by AI, setting up KENJI doesn’t require the user to possess any technical knowledge. The setting up process is quite simple and easy. Mentioned below are a few important features of KENJI:

How KENJI Works

1) It helps in targeting the Right Followers

KENJI helps in locating the right followers on Instagram. One has to use hashtag targeting- which is the HyperTarget™ feature as well as location targeting to really get the audience you are looking for. Post this, KENJI works on it, getting your profile more audience, more likes on your posts and comments, more exposure and in short, more business.

2) Use of Hashtag Targeting

One needs to look out for people that are relevant and important to one’s niche area and as per the hashtags specified by you. This helps you to gain the right followers at an increased pace.

3) HyperTarget™ Artificial Intelligence

One can provide KENJI with data related to accounts one would like to copy which enables KENJI to target the followers of those accounts. It is programmed to identify and optimize the targets, thereby helping you get more followers.

4) Location Targeting

If you are not on the lookout for followers purely based on interests and you wish to find followers on Instagram also based on location, KENJI is here to sort it out for you.

5) Unique solutions

KENJI is the best AI-powered bot for any small business, for the upcoming and new influencers, as well as for brands and agencies. Using the free trial, you can set it up easily and grow your Instagram profile in just a day.

3 Simple Steps Ro Set Up KENJI

There are three simple, easy steps to set up KENJI and boost the growth of your Instagram profile. They are as follows:

  1. Register on KENJI. Then add the Instagram account to the dashboard On KENJI.
  2. Make use of #hashtags and the HyperTarget™ feature to ensure you obtain the correct Instagram followers.
  3. You can now relax and watch the growth of your Instagram account.

Features of KENJI:

The features of KENJI are quite helpful and aim at boosting the followers of your Instagram profile. The AI-powered Bot is trained and the machine learned to predict the most likely followers based on interests. The features are as follows:

Kenji Features

a) It is Fast and Optimized

Kenji works day and night and is quite fast, thereby picking as many followers as it can for your Instagram profile.

b) Easy to Setup

KENJI is very easy to set up. All you need to do is spend just a minute and you are sorted.

c) Any Device can be used to Access KENJI

KENJI can be accessed from any device and there is no need to install the software.

d) Smart Targeting using Hashtags

One can use a variety of hashtags and make use of the feature- HyperTarget™. KENJI then optimizes the selection of your best results.

e) Use of Artificial Intelligence

KENJI is the only bot which makes use of artificial intelligence in order to increase the social media presence of a person.

f) Availability of Performance Data

KENJI provides clear charts which enable you to track the growth of your profile regularly.


Pricing of KENJI:

KENJI is probably one of the best and rightly priced Instagram Bot. The number of accounts that you link up with makes KENJI worth the investment. It is a good solution for businesses, agencies as well as individuals. There are two kinds of subscriptions which can be selected either on a monthly basis or annual basis.

KENJI Pricing

  1. Samurai: The features of this are:

Unlimited hashtags, Location Targeting, High speed, blacklist, HyperTarget feature, Negative keywords and one can start for free. The monthly subscription comes at $19 /month which comes to $0.63 a day! The annual subscription comes for $159 /year which makes it $0.44 a day ( at a discount of 40%).

  1. Shogun: The features of this are:

Blacklist feature, Unlimited hashtags, Location Targeting, Maximum speed, HyperTarget feature, Negative keywords and one can start for free In the annual subscription. The monthly subscription comes at $29 /month whereas the annual subscription is for $243/year

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Pros And Cons Of KENJI: (Honest Kenji Review)


  1. It is the only Bot powered by artificial intelligence.
  2. it makes use of Hypertarget technology to get you the right followers.
  3. It is easy to set up and use.
  4. It can be accessed from any device
  5. It provides performance tracking charts and data
  6. Once set up, you can see the growth of your profile within a month.
  7. Payment details are not asked while setting it up.


  1. The trial period is for just 3 days.
  2. The service comes at a cost. Unless the follower count, likes, etc matters to your business or blog profile, the service comes at a cost.

Conclusion: Kenji Review With 30% Discount 

KENJI being one of the best Bot for Instagram has changed the way and approach used to increase the follower count for outlook. We all know how important follower count, likes, etc. Is important to an upcoming influencer or an industry. KENJI is the best choices that technology offers to us and we must take advantage of technology whenever we can!

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