Keeper Security Free vs Pro 2024: Which Is Better For You?

Keeper Security Free vs Pro

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I would strongly suggest everyone have a look at the features and benefits of the Pro version as I myself used both the versions, and truly, I found the Pro version more reliable than the Free version. 

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The Keeper Security website has helped me a lot in protecting my data from others. I used both the Free and Pro plans of Keeper Security, and its features were enthusiastic.

This website is used to secure our essential business passwords, improve the productivity of each employee, and also helps in meeting the compliance standards.

The website has two main plans, mainly the free and Pro plan. In this article, I will tell you my personal experience of using both plans simultaneously.

The website Keeper Security has many advanced features compared to other websites like it lowers the risk of data breaches and boosts your security and privacy.

Let’s dive into the article and find out what Keeper Security has provided in free and pro version!

Overview: Keeper Security Free vs Pro

Keeper Unlimited- Keeper Security Free vs Pro


  • Keeper Security Free

Keeper Security offers us a free trial and a free version too. There is a difference between both. The free trial may also contain some premium features.

The free trial of Keeper Security lasts 14 days, after which you can choose to have a free or pro version. The free version offers you to save your business data for free.

The free version allows you to set a master password for all your websites and private data. This defends your data against hacking and identity theft.

The free version also provides many awesome features: a random password generator, and a self-destruct function that provides extra security against hacking.

  • Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro version of every website offers many unique features. The Pro version of Keeper Security website is also known as Keeper Backup version.

This version offers all the features provided by the free version including some unique and interesting features too. 

Keeper security Pro plan starts with the cost of less than 4$ per month and 40$ per year. After this we have the Enterprise plan where you can choose the plans according to members of your company.

The Pro plan offers many enthusiastic features like unlimited storage & backup, syncs to your devices, allows you to have web access from anywhere, Live support, and much more.

Common Features:

Keeper Unlimited Features- Keeper Security Free vs Pro

Two Factor Authentication:

Keeper Security Free

The Keeper Security Free version provides a two Factor Authentication security to its users. It is used to strengthen the security of your accounts.

Keeper Security Pro:

The Keeper Security Pro version also provides a two Factor Authentication security to its users. It is used to strengthen the security of your accounts and your data too.

Mobile Device Access:

Keeper Security Free:

The Free version of Keeper Security offers the only access to one device, making it quite limited. People who use multiple devices may face difficulties in using them.

Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro version of Keeper Security offers access to unlimited devices, which makes it an excellent feature. This feature makes people use the Pro plan more.

Customer Support:

  • Keeper Security Free:

The free plan of Keeper Security offers only E-mail and Live chat support which may not be available every time. It may also involve some delays too.

  • Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro plan of Keeper Security offers support through E-mail, Live chat, and Phone too. They can easily get access to solve their queries in just a matter of minutes.

Unique Features:

Keeper Security Free:

  • Generate Passwords:

Keeper Security free version offers you to generate Passwords free of cost. These passwords are so reliable that they have the power to secure your website data.

  • Export Passwords:

The free version of Keeper Security also gives a feature of exporting the passwords securely. The passwords can be exported to a text file with full security.

  • Unlimited Password Storage:

The free version of Keeper Security offers another awesome feature of storing unlimited Passwords on your one device. This makes data storage even more simple so that you can access your passwords easily.

Keeper Security Pro:

keeper security reviews- keeper security free vs proi

Keeper Security Pro contains all the features in Keeper Security free along with them, it also has these amazing features. So, let’s find out about them.

  • Secure File Storage:

The Pro version of Keeper Security has an enthusiastic feature that allows you to secure your file storage. This feature gives us access to store up to 5 files which is an excellent feature.

  • Emergency Access:

Sometimes we are in an emergency, so we require to have emergency access to the passwords of our data. This feature gives Emergency access to the users who use the Pro version of Keeper Security.

  • Phone Support:

The people who use the Pro plan of Keeper Security get another awesome feature of Phone Support where they can get the solutions of their problems in just a phone call with the Support.

  • Web Vault Access:

This feature allows the administrators and end-users of the website to manage and have access from any location with the help of a web client.

  • Desktop App Access:

This feature of the website allows its users to have unlimited access to their Desktop app. This helps the users who use PC or Laptop only for these purposes.

  • Browser Extension access:

This is one of the most awesome features of Keeper Security Pro as it allows the users to have an access to its Browser Extension. The browser extension is easier and user-friendly.

  • Autofill Passwords:

The next feature is Autofill passwords. As the name suggests, this feature makes the website automatically fill up the passwords and other details to save your time.

  • Multi-Device Sync:

This feature performs the synchronization of your data at the multiple devices which are linked in the Pro version.

  • View Record History and Restore Deleted Records:

This is another strong feature of the website as it shows us the recorded history and also allows us to restore the deleted records within a 30 days’ time.

  • Delete Records, Folders & Subfolders:

This feature allows the user to delete the records, folders and subfolders which are of no use. The main reason of deleting them is their usage of storage.

  • Folder & Record Sharing:

This feature gives access to the user in sharing the folders and records with the devices which have been linked in the Pro version with the help of just one Click.

  • Time Based One-Time Password (TOTP) codes:

These codes are computer generated and are 100% unique as they are generated by using the current time as their source of uniqueness.

Customer Support:

  • Keeper Security Free:

The Free version of Keeper Security has a 24/7 support team that is always ready to help you with your queries. There are also many articles present in the website’s support section, ready to give quick help to your queries.

The users of the free version can have access to Email & Live chat support.

  • Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro version of Keeper Security gives awesome access to Customer Service. People using the free version may experience some delays, but the people who have access to the Pro version can have a quick solution to their queries as they also have access to Phone Support.


keeper security free vs pro features

  • Keeper Security Free:

The free version of Keeper Security allows you to have high security in protecting your data. It uses the features of Encryption and Decryption when you are logging in to your vault.

The Keeper Security uses the best encryption method by protecting your data with AES 256-Bit Encryption.

  • Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro version of Keeper Security has more enhanced security as compared to the users of the free version. The users of the Pro version become a priority for the Keeper Security website.

They get access to Deep level Encryption, Private Master Password, Secure Cloud Vault, which helps you store your data with full security so that it is totally safe from hacking and theft.


Personal & Family plans- Keeper Security Free vs Pro


Keeper Security Free:

As mentioned in its name, the free version of Keeper Security is totally free of cost. Users can use it without even paying anything to the website. And the best thing is that there is no Credit card required in starting the free version of Keeper Security.

Keeper Security Pro:

The Pro version of Keeper Security has more enhanced features and security at a very less cost. The cost of Keeper Security Pro starts with the payment of less than 4$ per month. There are a total of 5 plans in the Pro version, these are:-

  • Personal Plan-

This plan costs 2.91$ per month and 35$ per year. It’s plus bundle costs 4.87$ per month and 58.47$ per year.

  • Student Plan-

Students can enjoy the features of Keeper Security Pro for free. If they want to have paid features, they can also have a 50% discount.

  • Family Plan-

The family plan costs 6.24$ per month and 75$ per year. It’s plus bundle costs 8.62$ per month and 103.48$ per year.

  • Business Plan-

This plan costs 3.75$ per month and 45$ per year.

  • Enterprise Plan-

This plan can be chosen by the owner of the enterprise himself depending upon the members working in the enterprise.

Pros & Cons:

Keeper Security Free:


  • The Keeper Security website is very simple to use, and it has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • This website gives us a high level of security with its feature of two Factor Authentication.
  • You can sync your data to all your devices.


    • This website uses the desktop interface, which is sometimes not user-friendly.
    • The website doesn’t have any security dashboard required in a website in which we trust regarding our data.

Keeper Security Pro:


      • It allows you to store your data files easily.
      • It is very easy to save your passwords and login information with Keeper Security.
      • It also helps in creating complex passwords.
      • It allows you to use attachments with your passwords in the digital vault. Attachments like photos, videos, etc., can be used.


    • The feature of Web form filling is sometimes not working and is also limited.
    • The web form filling is automatic, and sometimes it randomly pops up, disturbing our work, which at times annoys us.

Which one to choose! Keeper Security free or Pro?

If you would ask me, I would suggest you to spend some money to get access to the best features. Just 4$ per month, and you get features that make you access many unique features that you may not get in the Free version. 

The customer support in free version is limited and it may also involve some delays. But if you bought the Pro version, you can get access to Phone Support, which means their support is totally at your service. 

The Keeper Security website gives first priority to their Pro version users. This doesn’t mean that free version users get no priorities. All the users of the website are their priorities. 

But the only difference is that Pro version users are higher on the list. The free version only includes 5-6 features which are common to both the Free and Pro versions. 

These features are Export Passwords, two Factor Authentication, access to one mobile device, and a few more. The Pro version gives higher access to many unique features to its users.

These features are Web vault access, Browser extension access, Desktop app access, unlimited Passwords storage, access to unlimited devices, Autofill passwords, Multi-device sync, delete records, folders & subfolders, secure file storage, Emergency access, and many more. 

Customer Reviews

Keeper Unlimited Customer reviews


💥How can we reset our master password?

The users who created their accounts on the website after August 2015 will automatically see an Account Recovery Option. You can recover your account with the help of many things like Security questions, Security answers, E-mail addresses, and Two-Factor authentication. To reset your password, you can use the Vault website, android app, Desktop app, or the iOS app. After opening the site or app, you simply have to click on the Forgot Password option, and you will be redirected to a page where you can reset your password. If you are an iOS user and unable to log in with your Touch ID or Face ID, you can simply choose to reset the master password by going to the settings tab in the app.

✔ Is it safe to use Keeper Security?

Keeper uses the technology of a Zero-Knowledge security provider. This technology provides us with the highest level of security and privacy with the help of some principles like: The data which you use is Encrypted and Decrypted at your device level. The application will never store data that is human-readable or plain. The website server will never accept your data in plain text. The data you store cannot be accessed by any Keeper Security employee or any third-party app.

👉 How does the Self destruction work?

Self-destruct is another vital feature of the website. This security feature ensures that your Keeper records will be deleted if an incorrect password is entered five times. You would think that your data can also be deleted. Don't worry; your data is securely stored with the website, and it will not be deleted even by the Self destruct software. You can also retrieve your records after Self-destruction by Two Factor Authentication, E-mail, Security Questions, and much more.

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Conclusion: Which One To Choose? Keeper Security Free vs Pro

So, I would strongly suggest everyone have a look at the features and benefits of the Pro version as I myself used both the versions, and truly, I found the Pro version more reliable than the Free version. 

If you want, you can also try both the versions one by one, but you will say that I was right in the end. But there is one benefit, which you can also have by purchasing the Pro version. 


The Pro version also gives you a 30-day free trial, after which you can choose to cancel your subscription as per your choice. 

You can get access to all the features of the Pro version in the 30-day free trial. The free trial is different from the free version, and you must understand this.


I would strongly suggest everyone have a look at the features and benefits of the Pro version as I myself used both the versions, and truly, I found the Pro version more reliable than the Free version. 

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