Keap vs Hubspot 2024: Which Marketing Automation Tool Is The Best?

Are you confused about Keap vs HubSpot? Struggling to know that which one is better and why?

If yes then read this article completely and find your idol one. Let’s start with the basic comparison!




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Startups looking for a tool that offers email marketing features but also allows them to host their contacts on the same platform as their email marke

HubSpot is the greatest option for people that are just starting out in business and seeking for marketing solutions. For many marketers, it's also a

  • It has the feature of Info Cleanup.
  • It supports Saved Searches.
  • Easy Navigation is it's key feature.
  • In-Depth Contact Insights are provided by CRM.
  • It comes with a feature called Service Requests.
  • It offers a user-friendly and straightforward marketing.
  • It gives Universal Tracking.
  • Serves Sales Cycle Management.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hubspot hubs collaborate to create business solutions.
  • Your social media marketing approach may integrated.
  • Hubspot provides a lot of useful features, like scheduling.
  • No native integrations.
  • Hubspot is a bit more difficult to assess.
Ease of Use

With the exception of its email marketing capabilities, Keap is easy to use. Automation is a particular strength. Workflows can be built easily using this platform, and you can monitor their structure and performance.

HubSpot is less difficult to learn. HubSpot lets you see how social media fits into your whole marketing plan rather than just focusing on it. It offers a more intuitive user interface.

Value For Money

The plans include an email marketing suite as well as a CRM and other marketing and sales features. It provides good feature but the price is a lil costly.

It is more feature-rich than WordPress and thus well worth the investment. Email marketing, live chat, email scheduling, and form creators are just a few of HubSpot's capabilities. HubSpot's objectives include social reporting and blog creation, among other things.

Customer Support

Customer service at Keap is exceptional. Their website includes a phone number. There are also 24/7 live chat support, a community, and a Facebook user group, as well as email addresses for different departments.

Hubspot provides customer service in a number of ways. For more extensive use, you can join Hubspot groups. There are self-help books, workbooks, recommendations, and templates accessible. You can access the company's customer blog, developer documentation, and solution partners. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Keep reading to find out which of Keap vs Hubspot is the finest; we’ll reveal the winner at the end🤔.

Email marketing is integrated into HubSpot and Keap, two of the most complex platforms. Find out which software offers more features and capabilities by reading this Keap vs HubSpot comparison.

Keap vs Hubspot: Email Templates

Prospective email marketing platforms should offer email templates as one of their main features.

Keap Email Templates:

This platform offers a rich library of flexible and beautiful email templates. There’s a template for every need, whether you’re launching a new product or announcing a new event.

Additionally, Keap offers a number of customization features and an option to create new templates. The email body text can be styled, links can be included, or fields can be merged.

Keap Templates - Keap vs Hubspot

A simple email can be created in as little as 10 minutes thanks to the intuitive process.

HubSpot Email Templates:

You may use HubSpot’s professionally designed email templates for various purposes such as welcome emails, invitations, newsletters, re-engagement emails, follow-up emails, etc.

These templates can be customized in almost every aspect such as text, buttons, layout, etc. via the email editor.

Your emails can be customized based on a variety of criteria the platform gathers automatically, such as your contacts’ location, their life stage, or what lists they belong to.

Winner: Templates and customization options are excellent on both platforms.

Keap vs Hubspot: Landing Pages

In addition to generating leads, landing pages are excellent for promoting your business.

Keap Landing Pages:

Your landing pages will look great with Keap with little effort. With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, even people with limited technical skills can create landing pages.

The platform offers a good array of landing page templates that can make your job easier. Each of them is responsive, can be viewed on any device, and can be customized.

HubSpot Landing Pages:

Additionally, HubSpot provides a wide range of landing page options, such as mobile-friendly templates. You can customize the look of these pages by changing their colors, banner images, CTAs, layouts, content, forms, or icons.

Hubspot Landing Page Builder - Keap vs Hubspot

You can also view a preview of any page, as well as track the engagement of your pages through various reports. Additionally, it offers custom SEO recommendations.

Winner: The HubSpot platform offers a broader range of features.

Keap vs Hubspot: Automation

Automated workflows are a must if you plan to upgrade your email marketing strategy and engage more with your customers.

Keap Automation:

Automation is a key feature of Keap. Almost any marketing or sales process can be automated using this platform. Based on triggers, Keap can send emails to customers automatically using workflows.

Keap Marketing Automation

This type of email may be scheduled at a particular time or triggered by the actions of users (e.g. a recent purchase, an appointment booked, an email opened, or an abandoned cart). Additionally, clients can be automatically tagged.

HubSpot Automation:

If you want to automate your email campaigns, HubSpot is up to the task. You can create complex workflows using this platform using a variety of triggers.

Leads can be added to an email sequence once they submit a form, click on a link from a previous email, view a product, or click on an advertisement.

Hubspot Automation - Keap vs Hubspot

The number of triggers you can set up will be unlimited, and the number of ways you can branch-off your sequences will also be unlimited.

If you would like to reengage customers who have not interacted with your emails in the past 30 days, you can use time-based triggers. Workflow goals can also be added and progress tracked.

Winner: Each platform offers a wide range of automation features.

Keap vs Hubspot: A/B Testing

A/B testing is a must to do experiment if you want to know that which of your campaign will be favored by the people or users.

Keap A/B Testing

A/B split testing tools are available on this platform. The following elements can be split-tested: subject lines, the overall design of your email, call to action buttons, and any part of the content of the email.

Keap also offers preview tests and auto-spam checking that lets you know if your emails will make it through spam filters, a feature that helps you achieve high deliverability rates. Keap also offers an intelligent send feature with algorithms that improves your delivery times.

HubSpot A/B Testing

A/B testing is also available in HubSpot. The platform allows you to test different versions of a campaign once it has been created to discover which is the most engaging.

Different elements can be tested in A/B tests, including subject lines, email content, images, and call-to-action. Testing landing pages is also an option.

Winner: There are more options with Keap.

Keap vs Hubspot: Segmentation

List segmentation is an essential part of a robust email marketing strategy. Personalized and persuasive emails can be sent through list segmentation.

Keap Segmentation:

In addition to its customer relationship management capabilities, Keap provides a variety of useful segmentation tools.

Based on customer behavior and how contacts interacted with previous campaigns, you can build different contact lists using this platform. As many lists as you want can be created, and your audience can be further divided into smaller groups.

HubSpot Segmentation:

You can segment HubSpot’s list by numerous factors including age, location, lifecycle, behavior, etc. The platform’s CRM automatically updates lists and adds or removes contacts as the CRM’s data changes.

Winner: Segmentation is powerful on both platforms.

Keap vs Hubspot: How Much Does It Cost?

Learn about the plans offered by Keap and HubSpot.

Keap Pricing:

It is free to try Keap’s Lite, Pro, and Max plans for 14 days. There is a $56/month charge for a minimum of 500 contacts, a $112/month charge for a minimum of one user, and a $140 charge for a minimum of two users.

Keap Pricing - Keap vs Hubspot

These plans include an email marketing suite as well as a CRM and other marketing and sales features.

HubSpot Pricing:

With HubSpot’s Starter plan, the cheapest😲 monthly plan is $50💸 for 1,000 contacts. You have to pay $800 per month for the Professional plan and $3,200 per month for the Enterprise plan.


If you sign up for the whole year, you’ll get different discounts as well as a free trial.

Winner: Keap’s higher plans are cheaper than HubSpot’s higher plans, however, both platforms are more expensive than standalone email marketing tools.

Keap vs Hubspot: Ease of Use

Moving forward, let’s discuss how easy it is to use these two platforms.

Keap Ease of Use:

With the exception of its email marketing capabilities, Keap is easy to use. Automation is a particular strength.

Keap Overview

Workflows can be built easily using this platform, and you can monitor their structure and performance.

HubSpot Ease of Use:

Since HubSpot has so many features and is so complex, it has a steeper learning curve, especially for those who wish to explore its in-depth reporting.

HubSpot Ease Of Use - Keap vs Hubspot

Navigating the platform is made easier by the fact that everything is well-organized and has straightforward names.

Winner: Keap seems to be more user-friendly.

Keap vs Hubspot: Reports

Modern email marketing platforms should also offer reporting capabilities. Keap vs Hubspot’s main reports is shown below.

Keap Reporting:

Keap provides all the basic campaign reports you might need so you can see how many contacts opened and clicked on your emails, or have not read them.

Keap Reporting - Keap vs Hubspot

Other campaign reports are engagement, sales, and email deliverability.

HubSpot Reporting:

The numerous reports HubSpot offers can be customized. Over 20 custom reports are available with the average plan, and 500 with the highest tier.

HubSpot Reporting & Analytics

All aspects of your campaign’s performance can be tracked here: open rates, heat maps, click maps, spam, bounces, etc. In addition, social media reports and sales forecasts are available.

Winner: The HubSpot platform is more advanced.

Keap vs Hubspot: Integrations

Integrations streamline marketing processes by allowing you to manage multiple accounts from just one platform.

Keap Integrations:

There are hundreds of integrations in Keap.

Keap IntegrationsKeap is categorized into several categories including eCommerce, landing pages/forms, lead generation, etc. Instapage, Instapage, Optinmonster, Outlook, Zapier, AppointmentCore, BigCommerce, Bonjoro, Quickbooks, and AppointmentCore are just some of its most popular integrations.

HubSpot Integrations:

There are more than 100 HubSpot integrations with third-party marketing, content management, or social media applications. WordPress, Zapier, SurveyMonkey, Facebook, Mailchimp, Slack, and Salesforce are among its most popular integrations.

Winner: Keap offers more integrations.

Keap vs Hubspot: Support

If you purchase a new piece of software, you may need support as you might have various questions.

Keap Support

Customer service at Keap is exceptional. Their website includes a phone🤳 number.

Keap Support

There are also 24/7 live chat support, a community, and a Facebook user group, as well as email addresses for different departments.

HubSpot Support

You can access HubSpot’s sticky help button from your dashboard at all times. The customer service options include live chat, email, and phone, but they are not available 24/7.

HubSpot Customer Support

There is also a comprehensive knowledge base.

Winner: Keap offers a wider selection of options.

Keap vs Hubspot: When to Use Each

Let’s see who these platforms are targeting.

When to Use Keap:

Startups looking for a tool that offers email marketing features but also allows them to host their contacts on the same platform as their email marketing can benefit from Keap.

The platform offers a pro plan that helps bigger companies streamline their sales. The Keap platform is also suitable for anyone seeking an intuitive interface and excellent email templates.

When to Use HubSpot:

A CRM, automation, and reporting platform like HubSpot is ideal for companies that need an all-in-one solution and have a lot of contacts.

It is usually chosen by medium-large companies because of its price point.

Keap vs Hubspot: Pros & Cons

The following is a brief overview of the major pros and cons of each platform.

Keap Pros and Cons:

Besides email marketing tools, Keap offers many other useful features including templates and workflows. However, it is a bit pricey for small companies with a large contact list.

HubSpot Pros and Cons:

While Hubspot offers excellent list management and segmentation features, a wide variety of design options, and excellent automation, it is one of the most expensive tools on the market, so it might not be the best option if all you’re looking for is email marketing.

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Conclusion: Keap vs Hubspot 2024

Hubspot Is Clear Winner.

Due to its complexity and multiple automation, reporting, and design features, HubSpot was the winner in most rounds, as well as the final winner.

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