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Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses 2024: Which Is The Best?

The conceptualization of traditional learning has changed drastically to online learning within the last couple of years. After research and usage, I have compared Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses. There is no need to discount the incredulity of learning through Internet sources.

This page includes a detailed comparison of Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses. So let’s get started.

The primary distinctions between Kartra and Teachable are as follows:

Teachable was established primarily to enable course makers and businesses to create and sell courses swiftly. It includes all of the required tools and functionalities.

Teachable is one of the largest e-learning platforms, with over 28 million courses created and 124k teachers.

Kartra is a multi-purpose marketing tool that can assist you in running your business. It is much more than an online learning platform. Kartra integrates various tools and features into a single platform, allowing you to operate a profitable online business.

An online platform is a sensible choice to get trained and enhance skills. Online platforms are flexible and accessible, with a wide range of selections and a customized learning experience. 

These delectable and charming features of online learning are handed down by educational institutes and huge companies, enterprises, and entrepreneurs. MNCs or mid or small enterprises train employees through e-learning platforms like WizIQ, Ruzuku, Educadium, Academy of Mine, Score craft, and Share Skills.

Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses

Bottom Line Upfront: LearnWorlds is a fantastic, user-friendly training solution for both people and businesses. You may simply tailor the courses to instruct your personnel as well as your consumers. It allows you to attend classes as well as create courses that you can sell to a wider audience. LearnWorlds is the best option for you out of Kartra, LearnWorlds, Teachable, and Zippy Courses. You can save up to 20% on LearnWorlds now.

Let’s look at comprehensive information on a few of them. In the article, I will share my contemporary panorama on Kartra, LearnWorlds, Teachable, and Zippy, as these are the most well-liked platforms. 

Kartra is a marketing automation software for internet entrepreneurs looking to sell their goods and services. Furthermore, it is more than simply a shopping cart system; it also contains web hosting, email marketing, list development, and business management tools well-suited to diverse marketers. LearnWorlds is a platform for creating, hosting, and selling online courses while ensuring an engaging and social experience.

Teachable, enumerable courses produce skillful observers who shape the future. Everything from web hosting to payment processing is handled by a single platform. A lightweight platform for developing, marketing, and delivering online courses.

The essay outlines the features, benefits, costs, pros, and downsides of these four online platforms and helps you select the best.

Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses: Overview

Kartra Overview

Marketing platform to run an online business, make the work easy, earning money smoothly. Advanced automation of marketing. Kartra automatically sends follow-up messages, assigns tags, and much more. Kartra is stacked with features.

Kartra- Online business made easy

LearnWorlds Overview

This e-learning platform allows experts of all backgrounds, trainees, and workers to design, host, and sell their courses. A welcoming learning environment for all communities.

LearnWorld Review- Create & Sell Online Courses

Teachable Overview

Teachable, an online platform that provides free services, is the most charitable online platform. Freshmen are transformed into spectators via creative courses. It is simple to use and allows anyone to learn and create rapidly.

 Teachable Overview - Teachable

Also, Read,

Zippy Courses Overview

Online course creation tools are enhanced in Zippy, making course creation much more accessible than other platforms. Zippy has a large number of appealing features liked by many professionals.

Zippy is no longer there. They extended the license to existing customers only.

Zippy-Courses - Overview


Standard Features Of Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses 

Here are the features that I felt must be highlighted within the two applications. 


Enrollment usually means admission to any institution or course. Here, it is about registration to the online service-providing platform.


On top of being insightful in providing the best sales and partnership platforms, Kartra offers you the service sites for content delivery without any uncertainty.

It helps you manage your abilities to create a site with training. The training helps gain information about the site setting process, uploading content, and setting up membership access levels.

The methods to admit any member to Kartra are simple – My Membership > +Membership button. Voila.

This step will move you to the next level of the process, which is content creation. The screen that appears in front of you is the Homepage.

Posting material, adding new categories, and modifying your content will all be available. Not to worry.


Registration in LearnWorlds takes you to three options of purchase – Free, Paid, and Bundle. Most of the time, you could enroll yourself, while sometimes, the instructor would enroll you.

If you sign up independently, the method follows: Users > Learners > Manage > Enroll to product > Enroll User. If your instructor enrolls you in any course, the process follows: Users > Learners > Manage > Enroll to product > Enroll User.


Teachable is the platform built for a particular institution; you, as an instructor, should make a course while considering your learner’s faith in your professional skills and lesson building. To make your brand yourself, three simple steps are to be followed:

  1. Initiate a blog about a topic you are familiar with and intensely interested in.
  2. Create and manage a social networking account using your name and website.
  3. Build an offline and online network with your students, attend events and clubs, and build alliances.

Zippy Courses

Registration and content uploading is one of the straightforward tasks while working on Zippy courses. I am shocked that it’s just a matter of 60 seconds for your profile to be open to you.

One set of software allows you to create as many courses as you like – marketing your system to learners will be much easier after you’ve made a page on Zippy courses.

The public course page assists in creating your course summary, photographs, or videos, as well as adding information to the website.

Verdict – Every platform’s enrollment function is quite informative and beneficial. Yet, only one would win the race.

No, it’s not the turtle. Zippy Courses wins because, as previously said, the registration procedure is simple, and once the website is set up, it’s a piece of cake.

Course Customization

Courses are created to help learners adapt to the situation and learn the best. Customization is done to keep it easy for learners or instructors to modify the page whenever and however they want.


Creating a page and uploading the content is a straightforward task and is available on most of the service platforms found online. Your pages at Kartra can be modified and adapted to any condition and according to any changes to be made. 

The platform provides two modes for course customization: Column way (addition of columns, boxes, or alteration of backdrop pictures) and Component Mode (editing form, links, and more).


A LearnWorlds page provides you with customized Navigation of learners with three types of Navigation: 

LearnWorlds - Choose A Course Topic

  1. You can quickly jump onto any unit thanks to Free Navigation.
  2. The Pro-Trainer plan includes Sequential Navigation, which allows you to finish each phase before moving on to the next.
  3. Prerequisite Navigation allows Learning Center Plan users to complete some prerequisites before proceeding to the page.

Another important customization feature is provided on the Course Catalogue Page, which follows the simple steps: All Pages > Course Catalogue.


Customization at Teachable is one of the exciting features I love. It lets you modify the school theme by uploading images from your computer.

You can change your school or professional logo (like your sweet shop).

Allowing you to set the language of your comfort or your school’s comfort. Next question – How?

To customize your text – Login > Site  >Custom Text

To customize your theme – Login > Site > Theme > Upload or Replace or Reset

Zippy Courses

The Home Page is where most of the application’s customization occurs. You can modify the main page and the thank you page. Customization options are available for the dashboard, account, order history, and Buy Now page.

The Thank You page cannot be customized easily because any of those would erase the text. But, custom shortcodes can be added if customized to add the ‘Register’ and ‘Login’ buttons.


Personalization is a complicated procedure since specific platforms provide complex alternatives. Yet, as previously said, the customization function is now readily available.

Selecting the finest of the four is a difficult task. Yet we must choose a winner – Teachable.

Because of how the platform is constructed and is freely available, it is the greatest at customizing.

Key Features and Benefits For Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses 


Kartra promises to be an all-in-one platform that can meet all your demands in one place.

When I saw this statement, I opened the platform and was astounded to see that it gives an all-in-one platform. Let’s look at some of the platform’s distinctive features:

1] Kartra Checkouts: A checkout page is one of the platform’s top features. If you happen to access this website by chance, trust me, you will not leave empty-handed.

With stunning checkouts, this platform makes the goods appear enticing. Several marketing specialists personalize each product.

Kartra CheckOut

2] 1 click transition: Remember those websites that demand you to enter information practically every time you visit them? This platform saves you the agony of remembering your credentials; the next time you visit the site, they fill in the data for you.

3] Variable payment methods: This function is intended for shoppers who enjoy shopping but cannot afford it all at once. This platform allows you to choose whether to pay for a product in three or four installments, depending on your needs.

Kartra Integration

4] Subscription freeze: What if a consumer isn’t ready to use all of your features?

Is it OK to lose a consumer by canceling a subscription? So, here’s a better choice: subscription freeze, which allows you to freeze your client’s membership for a set period and then resume when the consumer is ready.

5] Currency conversion: This feature is a game changer if you are in a foreign business. This eliminates the need to change your money from one currency to another.

The platform performs it automatically based on the User’s geolocation.


E-learning is a massive market in itself and teachable. It’s one of the tough competitors. Let us look at some features that make it stand out. 

1] Dashboard: Anybody here may wonder why there is a dashboard; each platform has one. In this situation, you are incorrect.

Every other platform has a dashboard, but none is as distinctive as Teachable. Its dashboard is like a talking person that guides you through everything.

 Teachable Overview

2] Exhaustive tool kit:  Try this feature; you will never return to your old ways. This platform is your sole prey if you have a hawk’s eye on integration. It has an exhaustive library of tools to use from.

3] Filters: I was overwhelmed by the filters they give; they had at least one for each demand. From names to persons you’ve just signed in, all information is just a click away, and you may easily use the function.

4] Site Building: Without a website, a company is basically non-existent. Teachable is a platform that allows you to create a customizable site, change themes, and boost interactivity without technical knowledge.

 Teachable Learning Tools

5] Snippet code: Teachable provides everything you need in-built without requiring any plugins but still a room for you. It gives you a place to personalize where you can add your source code, might be CSS, and design your site by giving it personal touches. 

Zippy Courses

Unlike any platform, zippy courses are continuously thriving to withhold the competition in the market. Let’s look at a few features of this app that makes it stand apart. 

1] Launch window: This is one of the most appealing aspects of zippy courses. You can enroll students for a specific course on an ongoing basis or set a deadline for your sessions, which provides an upsell since most seats are filled as the deadline approaches.

Zippy-Courses - Launch Windows

2] Automation follow-up emails: Students often like to hear their teacher’s compliments for their performance. This is made simple here with automatic emails where every student will receive emails so that a student remains motivated.

Zippy-Courses - Follow Up Email

3] Constant Contact: When building a teaching profile and having various students enrolled in your course, adding each student’s details to your mailing list is challenging. Zippy courses vanquish your worries by providing constant contacts where enrolled students are directly added to your mailing list. 


LearnWorlds is a platform that provides a plethora of features to its users and creates an interactive environment, let’s look at some key elements here. 

1] Digital Download: The platform sets its benchmark by providing features like downloading to its users. Here they can download videos,  course content, and even e-books for learning from anywhere they want. 

Dashboard Of LearnWorlds

2] But in Social Networks: This feature stole my attention. Online platforms generally fall short of student interactions within themselves. Still, this platform provides a solution by giving students an interactive environment to work in, which helps them engage more with the work. 

3] Custom domains: Often, different platforms require you to use their domain names and work under their specific do environment. LearnWorld lets you choose your domain name to ensure you can engage with them more easily. 

4] Custom native mobile application: What better way to learn than when given the comfort of the mobile application. LearnWorlds provides a customizable mobile application wherein you can add your desired features to a mobile app giving a cross-platform experience to the users. 

Performance and Speed


It was interesting that the speed ofKartra is updated to 4 times faster than before. You can edit the current page and click “Publish Live” to get the newly revised page.


This pleased me more than LearnWorlds since it increased its speed by around 5 times and enhanced its performance by introducing capabilities that could preserve the platform’s integrity even under high usage.


Teachable guarantees that all new material is delivered smoothly without mistakes or delays. This worked perfectly for making a course. Teachable has improved numerous sections since the epidemic and attempted to provide a user-friendly experience for workers that wished to distribute content.

Zippy courses

When Zippy courses claimed their service was smooth, they were not joking. This enables users to create content and/or practices hassle-free without technical issues. The experience is lag-free.


I think LearnWorlds and Zippy’s courses have intense competition regarding speed and performance. Regarding performance and speed, I think the better option is LearnWorld.



Valuing privacy is one of the main features of the platform. Kartra maintains confidentiality about your personal information and even enforces safeguards ensuring your safety.


Encryption at both sides of transaction and communication is what LearnWorlds offer. User passwords are never transmitted just as plain text. 


The platform provides the security of content from piracy as it keeps the interactions between the User and instructor encrypted. 

Zippy Courses:

All user information is confidential and encrypted, keeping it safe from unauthorized users.


We have two winners – Kartra and LearnWorlds – thus, determining the best for security is a quiz. Yet, LearnWorlds is the best since it prevents any transaction between users or teachers, resulting in customer happiness.

Easy to use


You do not have to be an expert in marketing to work and build up your course in Kartra. It is the most accessible platform to be used by anyone planning to set up their course. Caring about you as a family is one of the best features at Kartra. 


Your search for the best support for your child or any user is over, as you have found LearnWorlds. Building an audience and monetizing your skills is what LearWorlds is about.


An easy and interactive environment with the best features and support is packed into this. It lets you hit back and enjoy the features.


It gives you a very intriguing platform. Though all the features are excellent, the Navigation can be tricky, but if you are well aware of the tech, you can quickly master it.


Comparing all four of them on this quality is difficult because one outperforms the others, so if we must pick a winner, it is Teachable. It’s because engagement and ease of access are what make it so great.

Customer Support


Receiving and resolving customer problems is best at the Kartra platform. By just putting down your personal information, you can access one of the best features of Kartra. The panel of members is always there to help you out of any situation. 


The love shown by their customers is the best thing any platform has. But, when it comes to taking up and assessing their problems and complaints, LearnWorlds always come up front. They provide email support as well as on-call complaint intake.


The Help button on the School Admin page does wonders for someone with the problem. The platform also provides many other options to help resolve the issue – Search our Knowledge base, Create a support ticket, and Chat with someone on our team.

Zippy Courses: 

The only way to file a complaint on this platform is through [email protected], which is tedious and has no thrill. But this platform gives you a fast response to your complaint. 


What I notice about obtaining a response after posting a customer complaint on any platform is the alertness and quickness with which they respond. According to these two characteristics, Teachable performs best since you may write your questions in three distinct areas, resulting in a quick response.

Why Kartra Vs Teachable Are Different From Each Other:

  • Marketers may use Kartra’s built-in funnels and campaigns to create their whole marketing and multi-page funnel flow to convert visitors into leads and customers. Teachable does not have this.
  • You may use Teachable to generate quizzes for your courses and to keep your students engaged. Kartra does not have a quiz feature.
  • Kartra has a helpdesk site with live chat and supports ticketing. Teachable does not have this feature.
  • Kartra includes a built-in scheduling and calendar system that makes scheduling and managing appointments and availability simple.
  • Teachable’s ability to reward and validate your students’ success with certificates of completion is another unique feature. On Kartra, you do not find this feature.
  • Teachable has a fantastic feature called “Teachable tutoring.” It is available to all Teachable members who have paid for it. It essentially gives instructors and developers one-on-one assistance in launching their courses. This is something that Kartra lacks.
  • The affiliate management feature in Kartra allows online course makers and businesses to recruit, manage, and track an army of affiliates to market their products. Teachable does not have this feature.
  • Kartra also has a built-in email marketing and automation system, which Teachable lacks.

Learnworlds Vs Teachable: Website, Landing Page Builder & Design

Another crucial aspect of your research when picking a course platform should be the website construction capabilities and design. You want to tailor the platform’s appearance and feel to match your brand, especially if you’re searching for a white-labeled platform.

LearnWorlds and Teachable provide a simple mechanism for creating, customizing, and white-labeling your eLearning website. Both, for example, can:

  • Create and modify landing pages.
  • Created a website
  • Make a blog,
  • Edit the HTML/CSS if necessary.
  • Create a custom domain – or – and connect it to your website.
  • A free SSL certificate is available.

While constructing a website to host your online course company, there are specific differences between the two platforms. Teachable only offers one theme from which to pick. LearnWorlds’ website, on the other hand, features a variety of designs, making site change considerably easier.

Teachable’s Power Editor allows you to alter the basic template for lectures, courses, pages, blogs, author profiles, and page layouts. You will, however, require the support of an in-house developer to do this.

Teachable’s Power Editor was just added to their Pro plan and higher, although you have very little influence over the design of these sites unless you know how to code.

LearnWorld’s one-of-a-kind website builder allows you to construct great landing pages by selecting from an enormous variety of ready-made and responsive themes. You may use it to create a completely responsive website that fits the look and feel of your brand. You may also alter the HTML code yourself for more customization. Everything is included in these plans.

Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses Pros and Cons


  • Pros–It is a Good platform to support and simplify email marketing efforts.
  • Cons–The price is too high, and the features are few. The landing pages are difficult to link up to sales pages.



  • Advanced feature to increase integration
  • Mobile app customization
  • Highly responsive customer support


  • Highly expensive       



  • Student control
  • 1click upsells


  • Transaction fees
  • Basic integration
  • Cannot perform live workshops.

Zippy Courses


  • The course layout is easier 
  • Clear payment plans


  • Lots of plugin developers are allowed to make the first edition.  

Pricing Of Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses 


Kartra- Pricing Plan

Starter plan-$99 per month 

  • upto 2500 leads
  • sell 20 products
  • 50 GB bandwidth

Silver plan-$199 per month

  • upto 12500 leads
  • unlimited packs

Gold plan-$299 per month

  • upto 25000 leads
  • unlimited packs


LearnWorlds Discount Coupon

  • Starter-$24/ month
  • Pro trainer-$79/ month
  • Learning center- $249/month


Teachable pricing
Teachable pricing


  • Pro – $199/month
  • Basic – $39/month
  • Business – $375/month

Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses Testimonials

Kartra Customer Review

Kartra Testimonials

Teachable Customer Review

 Teachable - Teachable Student Experience

Zippy Course Customer Review

Zippy-Courses - Testimonials

FAQs On Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses

How to upload my email list in Kartra ??

Kartra makes uploading email lists incredulously simple. You can do this via CSV, TXT, or manually. Take a look at CSV or TXT file upload first. Select import file>browse a file you wish to import and can move to the next step. Kartra makes uploading email lists incredulously simple. You can do this via CSV, TXT, or manually. Take a look at CSV or TXT file upload first. Select import file>browse a file you wish to import and can move to the next step.

How long do I have access to the course in Teachable ??

How does it sound if you have lifetime access? After enrollment in the course, you have unlimited access as long as you like and can access it across all devices. You can download classes, videos, and pdfs as long as you wish to do so.

How do I install the zippy courses plugin?

Zippy courses come in two parts – one plugin and one theme. Once the courses are purchased, Both are included in it. To get started: The Zippy courses file The Zippy courses file Your license key for Zippy courses

What is Kartra used for?

Kartra helps you make your pages look better. You can add things to the page and show people pictures of different products. There are plans with different numbers of videos that you can use to make your website look better.

How much is Kartra monthly?

Kartra's Starter plan is $99 per month. The Kartra Silver plan is $199 per month. The Kartra Gold plan is $299 per month. Kartra Platinum plan is $499 per month.

Who made Kartra?

Kartra's internet marketing campaigns have started to finish campaigns. They are designed by Frank Kern – a man who has made a million dollars in one day from internet marketing.

Is Kartra any good?

Kartra is a great software that helps you to create good marketing. You can use it for your sales funnel, landing page, website hosting, email marketing, and more.

What is Kartra used for?

Kartra is a great tool because it does everything that you need. It is one big piece of software that helps you advertise your product and get people to buy it.

What is the difference between Kartra and Kajabi?

Kartra has a limit for video hosting. To get more space, you need to upgrade your account. Kajabi does not have a limit, which is better because it does not stop people from posting videos.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Kartra vs LearnWorlds vs Teachable vs Zippy Courses 2024

E-learning platforms provide commendable features, and sharing my views on these platforms is a joy. Kartra, LearnWorlds, Teachable, and Zippy have standard features like performance, reliability, segmentation of the content, and many more. These also have competent features where only one can be supreme over others in a particular part.

Each poses a unique feature, making it stand out like a sore thumb. Undeniably, these are among the highly liked online platforms by the audience.

They all have pros and cons, along with all the features and benefits that might or might not be appreciated by a creator, educator, or seller. Kartra is a marketing business platform, whereas the other LearnWorlds, Teachable, and Zippy are online course platforms.

It is difficult to declare the best among them, but according to your convenience, you can opt for the e-learning platform; all four are exceptional online platforms.

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  2. I find that the more I use Kartra, the more benefits I find. I think I am looking forward to handing over most of the management of my business to others as soon as possible. I also know that it is easy for them to learn how to use it.

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  9. Kartra is an all-in-one marketing system. I can manage my customer database, launch promotions, segment my customers, send emails, and configure all my sales pages and forms through one program. It also has a full membership management system and many customizations.

  10. I like almost everything in Kartra, but it is not easy to use. It takes time to learn all the hidden complex steps to make things work. I hope they have a good business customer who is not proficient in technology, and see them try to use and navigate software. This will help the propeller head understand how we think and operate.

  11. Kartra is the backbone of my online business. As an old student, I still have my basic WordPress website, but everything else is built on Kartra. I collect leads here, train them, sell my products to them, and provide them with my memberships and courses. During its Beta release, I was lucky enough to use Kartra because someone mentioned it immediately after I completed the digital audit. I replaced many other programs with Kartra (using a system that I can remove, saves me $ 500 or more per month). There is no perfect software solution, but Kartra is the closest I found.

  12. I like the fact that almost everything is in one place. I switched to Kartra from 5 different software tools and saved me $250 a month in software costs, but then it might take another 20 hours to try to connect all the tools together to make it work. I now have a place to go, and can build a simple funnel technical part in less than an hour!

  13. There are too many functions to list, but my favorite is membership, easy to make portals with many courses, all activities done for you, all-in-one email functions, forms, integration, and Zapier and Other workflow product interactions, drag and drop page building, I can continue, but I only have so much space. Kartra really understood how an online business should work when creating this software.

  14. I like the simplicity and the way Kartra holds your hand through every step of funnel building and membership setup. The analysis on board is excellent. The function of running our automated webinar is excellent. Creating a page that looks great is effortless. I can’t wait to move our support table and start using some advanced features. For example, we are considering implementing SMS functionality to increase our webinar submission rate.

  15. I like Kartra’s all-in-one concept. The idea is great, the functionality is great, and the integration is great for basic users and small businesses. You can almost complete all the work you need directly in the platform. Funnel, sales, beautiful website, amazing login page, membership website, shopping cart, and fully integrated a complete website and sales from start to finish, which contains a lot of excellent analysis. It is currently the best allinone solution. It is an important part of our business, but it is not strong enough for online businesses with high traffic and sales.

  16. Literally, Kartra has everything in one system. Overall, it is fairly easy to use, and there are no strange rules to remember like other systems. everything is normal! I know several small business owners who use and manage it individually without having to hire a large team.

  17. I use kartra to quickly launch MVP for business ideas or landing pages to collect potential customers. Pre-made templates make website creation very easy and fast without affecting the bottom line. I also use the kartra API to integrate the website I host on kartra with other services such as google sheet and slack.

  18. Kartra has a lot of things I like, especially the all-in-one platform they have. It is more than just designing a website/landing page or sending emails. They cover websites, landing pages, email marketing/automation with sequence and tags, funnels, simple e-commerce, digital downloads, membership sites, help desks, schedules, forms, affiliates, and now agency solutions All basics. If you want to integrate the many platforms you use, Kartra can handle 95% of your investment. His support group on Facebook is second to none. They really care about their employees, which shows; it’s like a family.

  19. The advanced features available in Kartra help and attract other audiences, and complete business management. Provide training tutorials and highly supported videos. This is the only platform and the best platform for my current online business. It’s great to develop features while supporting customers.

  20. Kartra saved me time. Once I have established a few sales funnels, they can be repeated and their success (or failure) is measurable. Kartra provides me with actionable data that is easy to access quickly, so my decisions are based on accurate, real-time data. And I can set it to make money while I sleep.

  21. The idea behind Kartra is amazing: one-stop shop for all your marketing and lead generation needs. In this sense, it has many functions, so you do not need to pay many providers for most needs, just one.

  22. Kartra is a game for professionals. Powerful, with a wealth of professional features, and keep in touch with users, develop new features as needed, and move on. It’s very easy to set up your entire business and startup list and cultivate your leads. Excellent training in graphics and video. Support always responds.

  23. Teachable allows me to run a large online school and use most of the functions in one package. I chose to replace my own website and email automation (WordPress and Active Campaign), but I use their e-commerce payment platform and I feel very safe. I often want to know about changes, but I have never found an alternative, and there is no better compromise than a set of alternatives.

  24. Teachable is the first online learning platform I have encountered. Now I use it to create folk and traditional dance courses and distribute these courses to people all over the world. Even in its free pricing plan, Teachable provides sufficient course building, marketing and analysis tools. It also allows full branding of online course pages using custom HTML/CSS.

  25. I am a language teacher, so I need a platform to teach myself without worries, Teachable gave me the opportunity to do so. The first time I used this software it was great, and I fell in love with it immediately because I could organize everything when I was teaching a course.

  26. Teachable is good and easy to load. I found that setting up a sales page is not difficult. Using discount coupons to send people to the sales page is a simple process. Payment is collected and paid on time at the end of the month (for my plan). The support was email only (no chat), it took a few days, but the response was very helpful. These programs are reasonably priced and are suitable for individual teachers and consultants.

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