Kartra FAQs 2024 : What People Ask About Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing and sales automation platform that has been gaining a lot of buzz in the online marketing community lately. If you’re not familiar with it yet, you’re probably wondering what it is and how it works.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about Kartra. We’ll also give you a brief overview of what Kartra can do for your business. So, let’s get started!

Kartra FAQs

Kartra FAQs 2024: What People Ask About Kartra

❗How is Kartra different than other online platforms?

Kartra offers all the tools you need in one platform: a shopping cart, email marketing system, list building and management abilities, web hosting and much more. It serves as everything for your business’s marketing needs in one place.

🤩Who uses Kartra?

One of the top features is its ability to accommodate any business, big or small. Companies like Dior, NBC Universal and Harvard University are just some of the many who use Kartra to power their online marketing.

❌Where is Kartra available?

Kartra can be used in more than 20 countries worldwide which means not only can U.S.-based businesses use it but also businesses in the UK, Australia, Africa and Asia.

🤷‍♀️What makes Kartra different than these other online platforms?

Kartra is the perfect combination of marketing tools. You get essential equipment you need to market your business in one platform, giving you more time to work on your business instead of managing various software systems.

⁉️How much does Kartra cost?

Kartra is available for $297/month (one site) with no long term contract. There are several promotional offers that can significantly reduce the price depending on how much you pay up front, it is normally discounted to around $1.75 per day (paid monthly).

🤔Is Kartra reliable?

Kartra's uptime is 99.9% which they achieve by using one of the world's top 10 data centers to host your account, and a team of highly skilled sysadmins to maintain it. Kartra also provides 1 click WordPress deployments where you can set up a new WordPress site in 5 minutes while only costing an extra $7/month.

❗Do I need my own domain name?

I think (it can be false) you don’t necessarily need your own domain name to launch a funnel, although I would recommend it. If you don’t have one then your funnel URL will look something similar to http://username.Kartra.com .

💯What is Kartra's support like?

Kartra's support is fairly good in my experience, although they can be a little slow in responding. They use tickets, so you may immediately ask questions in the live chat box. Support requests are usually answered in a couple of hours and I found the staff to pretty helpful to all my questions.

❔ What are Kartra's payment options?

Kartra offers 3 different checkout pages. They also allow you to use Stripe, PayPal , or Authorize.net...if you have your own merchant account then Kartra will use that option as well. If you have any questions about this process it isn’t too difficult to ask them in the chat box and they will explain how it works.

😮 Is Kartra worth getting?

My full review on Kartra.com is here . I would recommend Kartra for anyone looking to build a funnel website, it's easy to use and costs around $1/day with offers. The ability to deploy 1 click WordPress sites make this product excellent value in my opinion!

🙆‍♂️What is the future of Kartra?

Kartra was founded on the idea that people who run their business using Amazon should have all the tools they need in one place. We are constantly striving to provide innovative features and functionality that will make managing your online business easier than ever before! With our goal to make ecommerce easy we also want to be there for you at every step of your journey; whether it's during the initial stages or when you're ready to scale up by providing access to more products, new marketing techniques and automation technology that makes running a busy online store effortless.

👉What if my suppliers are in China?

Kartra has just launched storehouse.co which provides a one-stop shop for finding reliable wholesalers all over the world that can drop ship for you! Storehouse aggregates data from different sources including Google Shopping and AliExpress to provide business owners with access to millions of products & suppliers in their local currencies at wholesale prices faster than ever before! .

✅Why do I need an Amazon presence?

Amazon has grown exponentially becoming one of the top visited websites in the world. At first glance it may appear that you are not missing out on sales if your website is not present on Amazon but this could not be farther from the truth. According to recent reports over 2 billion items were sold via Amazon during 2014's holiday season alone! That represents over 40% of all online shopping happening at that time.

💁‍♀️Is Kartra available for Windows devices?

No, it is currently only available on iOS and Android devices.

👉How long will it be free to download?

You can download Kartra for free until January 2015. After this date, the app will not be free any longer and you will have to pay $8.99 per month to use it. However, if you purchase the 12 month plan up-front at $89.99, you receive a 25% discount making the monthly fee just $7.49!

👍I don't have WiFi but I want to use Kartra, what do I do?

You can buy a data package on Kartra where you can access all areas of the app without WiFi.

‼️ Will Kartra be available on devices other than smartphones and tablets?

t this moment in time, it is only possible to download Kartra onto your phone or tablet. However, there are plans for Kartra to become available on all platforms so it is accessible by computers as well!

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Conclusion: Kartra FAQs 2024 

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that has something to offer everyone in the online space. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been selling online for years, Kartra has a solution that will make your life easier.

If you have any questions about Kartra that weren’t answered here, be sure to head over to their website and check out the FAQ section. And as always, if you need help getting started with Kartra or have any other questions, our team is happy to assist. Thanks for reading!

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