Kameleo Review 2024: Best Anti-Detect Browser?

Kameleo Review

Overall Verdict

Kameleo is a powerful anti-detect browser that offers advanced automation and multi-accounting capabilities. It supports many web browsers and mobile devices and includes tools for changing browser fingerprints and geolocation. With its comprehensive set of features and flexible pricing plans, Kameleo is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their online operations.

Out of 10


  • Intelligent Canvas Spoofing (Unique feature not offered by its competitors)
  • Customer support is pretty good
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • The automation feature is quite effective
  • Extremely easy to use
  • iOS and Android Profiles are also available


  • iOS application is not available (Android app is available)
  • Limited simultaneous usage. One license can be used only for one device at a time. If will have a team, you may have to buy separate licenses.


Price: $ 59

Kameleo is cutting-edge software offering a unique online privacy and data protection solution.

With its advanced browser fingerprint protection and customizable profiles, Kameleo allows users to surf the web anonymously, preventing advertisers and other organizations from tracking their online activities. 

Whether you are an e-commerce professional, web scraper, social media marketer, or just a concerned online user, Kameleo offers a range of features that cater to your privacy needs. 

In this Kameleo review, we will take a closer look at Kameleo, exploring its features, benefits, and pricing options, helping you determine if it is the right solution for you.

Kameleo Review

So, if you are looking for a reliable, secure, and flexible solution to protect your online privacy, read on!

What Are Anti-Detect Browsers?

Anti-Detect browsers are specially designed programs that mask a user’s identity and activity. They can bypass anti-fraud systems by simulating different web browsers, OSes, and devices and hiding their IP address.

In addition to masking identity and activity, Anti-Detect browsers also provide powerful tools for rotating proxies, spoofing fingerprints, manipulating cookies and user agents, encrypting connections, and more.

These features help users stay anonymous while performing online transactions or browsing activities. 

One of the main benefits of Anti-Detect browsers is their ability to change how websites recognize and respond to a user’s request.

For example, if a website is designed to track users’ activities, Anti-Detect browsers can bypass such tracking by simulating different web browsers and OSes. This makes it difficult for websites to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activity. 

Another benefit of Anti-Detect browsers is that they are highly customizable and can be tailored to each user’s unique needs.

For instance, users can configure content blocking, proxy rotation intervals, custom browser fingerprints, cookie management, etc., to completely control their online anonymity. 

What is Kameleo?

Kameleo is an anti-detection browser program that lets you browse in secret and use multiple accounts. It helps users hide their browser’s “fingerprint” and gives them multiple virtual browser profiles, each with its environment, cookies, local storage, and cache.

This makes it hard for web services to determine if one computer manages more than one account. Kameleo works with Android phones and is an alternative to Multilogin, the market leader in anti-detect.

Kameleo’s stealth platform is often used for social media marketing, analyzing and spying on ads, managing multiple storefronts on sites like Amazon and eBay, affiliate marketing, and automating and scraping the web.

kameleo review

Users can do these things with Kameleo without worrying that their accounts will be found out or banned. Kameleo lets users be truly anonymous and get their work done, even as websites get smarter and use browser fingerprinting to find out if they are being automated.

The fact that Kameleo can hide the user’s IP address is another reason to use it. This ensures that the user’s online activities can’t be linked back to them, giving them more privacy and security.

Kameleo is perfect for people who need to manage multiple accounts on different websites, do web automation or scraping work, or just want to keep their online activities private and safe.

Kameleo also gives its users much control over their browser environment and ways to change it. Users can choose which kind of proxy they want to use and set it up to work for them.

This control level ensures that the user’s browser environment stays unique and can’t be easily tied back to them.

Kameleo: Features

Kameleo is a powerful platform that offers various features to protect your browser fingerprint and enable stealth browsing. The features mentioned in the previous message include:

1. Unlimited Browser Profiles Available:

This feature allows you to create as many virtual browser profiles as you need, allowing you to have multiple accounts without getting detected.

You can bind each account to a separate browser profile, creating a unique environment for each account, which makes it look like you are managing the accounts from different computers.

2. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge Support:

Kameleo supports multiple popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, providing a wide range of options.

3. Android and iOS Support:

Kameleo also offers support for mobile devices, with a mobile app available for Android devices. This allows you to manage your virtual browser profiles on the go.

4. Cookie Editor Tool:

Kameleo provides a powerful cookie editor tool that allows you to easily manage your cookies and manipulate them to suit your needs.

5. HTTP, SOCKS, and SSH Proxy Connections:

With Kameleo, you can connect to a wide range of proxies, including HTTP, SOCKS, and SSH proxies, to help keep your IP address masked and your identity protected.

6. Browser Fingerprint Protection:

Kameleo provides robust protection against browser fingerprinting, a method used by websites to identify your device and track your online activity.

With Kameleo, your browser fingerprint is protected, making it difficult for websites to track your activity.


7. Canvas Spoofing:

Kameleo also provides canvas spoofing. This feature helps protect your online identity by changing how your device renders graphics, making it difficult for websites to identify you.

8. WebGL Metadata:

The WebGL metadata feature allows you to change how your device communicates with the graphics card, making it even more difficult for websites to identify you.

9. Automatic Timezone:

Kameleo provides an automatic timezone feature that automatically changes each virtual browser profile, providing extra protection against browser fingerprinting.

10. Change Geolocation:

Kameleo also allows you to change your geolocation, allowing you to appear as if you are browsing from a different location.

11. WebRTC Support:

Kameleo offers support for WebRTC. This technology enables real-time communication over the web, making it possible to use voice and video chat without installing any additional software.

12. Change Fonts and Plugins:

With Kameleo, you can also change your browser fonts and plugins, providing another layer of protection against browser fingerprinting.

13. Audio Fingerprint Spoofing:

Kameleo provides audio fingerprint spoofing. This feature helps protect your online identity by changing how your device outputs audio, making it difficult for websites to identify you.

Kameleo: Use Cases

Kameleo is a highly versatile and advanced tool designed to help with various use cases. Here’s how Kameleo can help in each of the use cases:

1. eCommerce: Kameleo offers unlimited browser profiles, allowing e-commerce professionals to manage multiple storefronts on platforms like Amazon and eBay without getting detected.

The browser fingerprint protection and canvas spoofing features provide added security and make it difficult for the platform to detect multiple accounts.

2. Web Scraping: With Kameleo, you can perform web scraping and automation tasks without getting detected. The browser fingerprint protection and intelligent canvas spoofing feature ensure that your activities remain undetected and anonymous.

3. Social Media Marketing: Kameleo enables users to have multiple social media accounts without the risk of getting detected and banned.

The multiple browser profiles, browser fingerprint protection, and canvas spoofing features make it possible to manage accounts as if they were being operated from multiple devices.

4. Ad Verification: Kameleo’s ad verification features allow advertisers to see real, non-personalized ads, which helps them in their analysis and ad spying efforts.

use cases

5. Retail Price Comparison: With Kameleo, retail price comparison becomes more accurate as users can access retail websites without the risk of getting detected or facing any restrictions.

The browser fingerprint protection and canvas spoofing features help users access websites without the risk of getting detected or facing restrictions.

6. Ad Spying: The Kameleo platform offers features that help users see real, non-personalized ads and gather the information they need for their ad analysis.

7. Self-Testing: Kameleo allows users to test their browser profiles, configurations, and proxies for optimal performance and to identify any potential leaks.

8. Affiliate Marketing: Kameleo’s browser fingerprint protection and canvas spoofing features make it possible for affiliates to manage multiple accounts without the risk of getting detected by the affiliate platform.

This allows them to earn the maximum amount based on their hard work and sales capabilities.

Kameleo offers various features that provide unparalleled privacy and security for users in various use cases.

The browser fingerprint protection, canvas spoofing, and other features make it one of the most advanced tools for web automation and web scraping.

Kameleo Pricing

Kameleo offers three pricing plans tailored to meet different user needs and requirements. The Basic plan is suitable for users who need basic browser fingerprint protection and support for popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

kameleo pricing

This plan includes unlimited browser profiles, easy profile management, and support for SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) proxy connections, as well as access to the Help Center and ticket support.

The Advanced plan is a step up from the Basic plan and is ideal for users who need more advanced features such as cookie import and export and mobile device browser fingerprinting.

In addition to the features included in the Basic plan, users also have access to profiles for Android and iOS devices, making it easier to test and run applications on a range of platforms.

The Automation plan is the top-tier offering from Kameleo and is designed for users who need automation tools for their browser fingerprinting.

In addition to the features included in the Advanced plan, users also have access to a local API for browser automation, and support for Playwright Framework, Puppeteer Framework, and Selenium Stealth WebDriver, making it easier to automate complex tasks and processes.

Kameleo offers a variety of payment options, including Trustly, UPI, Alipay, WebMoney, CoinGate, and Wire Transfer (for orders above 1000 EUR). They also accept credit card payments via Stripe. 

annualy pricing

The number of concurrent logins allowed is determined by the quantity of the plan selected. If your team consists of at least 3 people, you can contact the support team for discounts.

It’s also possible to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time on your Account Dashboard.

One license can only be used on one device at a time, but you can log in to your account on as many devices as you want. If you need team accounts, you’ll need to purchase additional licenses.

Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you will be automatically activated and can log in to the desktop application, which can be installed in seconds.

The application provides automatic defaults for every configuration, ensuring the safety of your session. If you’re getting started with automation features, you’ll find examples using the NuGet and NodeJS packages.

Why Use Kameleo?

Kameleo is a browser automation and virtual identity management tool that offers numerous features to enhance the user experience.

It is ideal for individuals and organizations looking for protection, multi-accounting, mobile profiles, automation, and more.

Let’s look at why Kameleo is the right choice.

1. Protection: Kameleo provides robust protection for your virtual identity through its browser fingerprint protection feature.

It helps to hide your online activities from online trackers, making it ideal for individuals who want to keep their online activities private.

2. Multi accounting: Kameleo allows you to create unlimited profiles and use multiple accounts simultaneously.

This feature is particularly useful for individuals who need to manage multiple accounts for different purposes, such as social media marketing or ad verification.

3. Mobile Profiles: Kameleo supports mobile profiles, allowing you to create profiles for Android and iOS devices. This is a great feature for individuals who need to use different identities on their mobile devices.

4. Web Browser Automation: Kameleo provides support for web browser automation, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and save time. Whether using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, Kameleo offers support for the browsers you need.

5. Automation: Kameleo offers automation features, including local API for browser automation, Selenium Stealth WebDriver, and Puppeteer Framework Support. These features make it possible to automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and effort.

6. Profile Management: Kameleo provides easy profile management, allowing you to quickly switch between profiles, edit profiles, and create new profiles as needed.

This makes it easy to manage your virtual identities and keep track of your online activities.

7. iOS and Android Profiles: Kameleo offers support for both iOS and Android profiles, making it possible for you to use different identities on different devices.

This is useful for individuals who need to use different profiles for different purposes, such as ad verification or retail price comparison.

why use kameleo

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Conclusion: Kameleo Review 2024

In conclusion, Kameleo is a robust and reliable browser fingerprint protection and automation software that provides its users with a wide range of features.

Its protection features allow users to browse the internet without worrying about being tracked or monitored. The multi-accounting feature allows users to have multiple profiles, making it easier to manage multiple accounts. 

The mobile profiles and the automation features make it easier for users to perform tasks easily, and the profile management features provide a simple and intuitive way to manage your profiles.

The compatibility with both iOS and Android profiles, along with the support for different web browsers, makes Kameleo an excellent choice for users who want to maintain their privacy and security while browsing the internet. 

Overall, Kameleo is a great investment for those who value online privacy and security and want to automate various online tasks.

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