Kajabi Vs Teachable 2024 : Which One Is The Best? (#1 Reason) What Is The Difference Between Kajabi And Teachable?



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Best for

Teachable is not just a platform for making great online courses, but it is also creditable for creating a ‘delightful educational package’ for yo

Kajabi is a marketing and content delivery platform best to content based products

  • Progress Tracking
  • Community Of Teachers And Students
  • Course Structure
  • no knowledge of coding required
  • 100+ templates available
  • Gives full control over all page elements
  • Full control of students
  • Great option for beginners
  • You can get started with it for free
  • Lighter on the wallet
  • Easy to customize
  • starting plan has all the Kajabi features
  • High Transaction Fees
  • Kajabi does not have a wordpress plugin
Value For Money

Teachable is affordable in terms of pricing and the features and tools are good but you will have to pay transaction fees. Except all that it is a really great platform and worth investing.

Kajabi is a cost-effective option if you are specifically looking to sell courses online

Looking for a comparison between Kajabi Vs Teachable?  We got you covered.

With the growth of Higher education all across the world, more and more people are now switching to distance learning courses to master new skills which they want at their desired speed and at a much more reasonable cost.

Trying to run a program can be a perfect way to increase another source of revenue to your internet business, and because it’s all done through the internet, this can be rather successful when everything is in place.

You just need a little information and enthusiasm for the particular topic you would like to discuss to get going. Unless you are not a professional in this area, don’t feel anxious; you may continue with complete novice courses and develop more challenging courses as you develop and explore.

Teachable Vs Kajabi Comparison 2024

Kajabi and Teachable are the most widely successful online learning websites, with their own market share. As a result, almost every online learning designer must decide between Kajabi and Teachable.

In regards to whatever they have to sell and how they have been priced, both these services are highly different. As a consequence, there is no clear response to which course platform is good, and the smartest option for you might be determined by your specific business requirements.

In this comparison, we will be looking at the benefits that Kajabi vs Teachable have to provide, and also their benefits and drawbacks, and of course, their pricing plans, to give you a good idea of which tool is better for your company.

Kajabi Vs Teachable 2024: Which Is Better? (In-Depth Comparison)


Kajabi is an online learning platform that enables people to host their online programs as well as deliver them in a professional way to the students. Furthermore, it can be used to create a website that is completely developed, creates a blog, develops marketing funnels, along with automating email marketing. This ensures that one need not make use of many services of the plugin to create and run their online course business.

Kajabi Vs Teachable - Kajabi


It is essential to remember that Kajabi isn’t a marketplace like other platforms like Udemy and this gives you total control over the pricing, policies, and data of students. This site helps in creating a beautiful website inclusive of blogs for your brand. 

Main Features Kajabi

  • ZERO percent transaction charges
  • Mobile Application available
  • Websites
  • Email Marketing Platform
  • Payments
  • Pipelines
  • Marketing Automation Platform (Kajabi automation are available)
  • Full Analytics, as well as Reports, are provided
  • Lead Tracking and Tagging option
  • Communities
  • Questionnaires and Surveys available
  • Sell Subscriptions
  • Design and sell courses
  • Sell Digital Products
  • You may access the Template Library
  • Affiliate Program (affiliate links and marketing)
  • Webinars and Events option is available


Teachable is also a Learning management system provider. It is a good platform for bloggers, online educators, as well as other creative people who wish to develop and sell courses. Ankur Nagpal founded this LMS provider and it was known as Fedora previously.

 Kajabi Vs Teachable - Teachable

Teachable can be used to create membership sites. Around 22,000 teachers are part of this platform and have created more than 34,000 courses for students across the world. Teachable enables people to create professional online courses that can be taught to people. Through Teachable one can create beautiful websites with the numerous options offered – video courses or PDF training.

Main Features of Teachable

  • Student Feedback
  • Quizzes and Surveys
  • Multimedia Lectures
  • Advanced Customizations with the help of Power Editor
  • Student list Segmentation
  • Website Builder
  • Coupons and Promotions
  • Course Compliance
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • Complete Reporting and Analytics
  • Fully Responsive Pages
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free Teachable domain will be provided or you can use your own domain
  • Advanced Pricing Options are there
  • Integrations through Zapier (for example, many third-party software options available)
  • International payments through PayPal and Stripe
  • Affiliate Program available (Affiliate Marketing functionality)

Also read,

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Course Creation

Kajabi Content Creation

Kajabi allows the creator to add audio, text, video, pdfs, quizzes, and the like, to the courses. The content can be uploaded easily and it can be structured into a course with the help of course builder. This enables the creator to add posts – lessons, as well as modules -categories to the course, and this, can be rearranged easily just by the feature of drag and drop. The third level of sub-categories also can be added and this makes the course structure more flexible. 


Content can be added individually or in bulk, either from your desktop or even from Google Drive or Dropbox. On clicking the lesson title which is on the page of the curriculum, you are led to the lesson page wherein videos or assessments can be added, you can add download files, modify the comments area, etc. Also, the settings for publishing can be changed, a drip schedule can be defined, prerequisite lessons can be set, etc. through the course builder.


Teachable also has unlimited video hosting. It comes with a course builder wherein you can drag-and-drop the lessons as well as modules to the course structure. In contrast to Kajabi, here you can add just two levels to the course.

The lessons can be added individually or even in bulk. The course builder on Teachable is user friendly than Kajabi. So, lessons can be selected in bulk in the curriculum area, settings for the downloads can be modified easily, etc. or they can also be deleted on your curriculum page, in contrast to Kajabi, where you have to visit individual lesson pages so as to change the settings and delete lessons. 

 Teachable Review- Customization Options

You can also add different types of content like pdf, video, quiz, etc, to any lecture and in any order, in contrast to Kajabi, which does not have such flexibility as you cannot add 2 videos in a lesson either can you add a video and quiz in one lesson.

Kajabi Vs. Teachable: Content Delivery – Course Player


The best thing regarding the course player design on this platform is that about 10+ course themes are offered and a unique theme can be chosen based on your offerings. Irrespective of your site being a membership one or a library of some standalone content or an online course, there is a theme for everything.

The themes are designed very well and the Premier Theme is one of the best course player themes amongst all online course platforms in the marketplace. The design is clean and video thumbnails can be displayed in your curriculum area which gives it an elegant look. Navigation between lessons and modules is quite easy. 


Overall your courses get a very premium appearance and feel. Another theme worth considering is the Momentum theme – it has a traditional design and the navigation is on the left, whereas the content area lies on the right. Any element in the theme can be customized as well which is appreciated. This platform enables users to access the course on their mobile devices. Kajabi supports Android as well as iOS.


The course player of Teachable is quite user-friendly, navigation is easy and lies on the left. Users can check their progress easily. The actual content will appear on the right. But, the course player here has just one default theme and this might not be applicable in case you are creating a membership site

Teachable Review- Learning Tools

where you do not wish to have the same these as your evergreen online course. The theme elements cannot be customized. Though users can access Teachable on a web browser on their phone, the Teachable app is just for iPhone users.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Community


Kajabi enables you to add the native comment area in your lessons. It sits right below your content in any lesson and this area can be used by students to ask you any questions or even leave some feedback. Also, you can create a community forum on this platform. Your members are able to access those communities that they are associated with. The community forum has a very modern, clean, and unique design.

Kajabi Vs Teachable - Kajabi Members

The members can also take part in an ongoing discussion or they could begin a new discussion. Private messages can be sent by members to other members or the admin. As an admin, you can keep creating topics for discussion which appear on the members’ feed, and you could pin any post or even send announcements to the members.


Now, this platform does not have the option to create community forums. You will have to make use of external solutions such as Mighty Networks, wherein students have to sign up, create logins, and this not a great experience.

Kajabi Vs Teachable - Teachable Member

The admin has the option of adding a comment area in the lessons where the members can leave feedback or ask questions.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Pricing Plans

Price is a very important factor that aspiring course creators focus on when they choose any LMS. Let us look into the pricing of both these platforms.


Now, this platform is expensive than Teachable. The reason behind this is that it offers more marketing tools, many customizable options and it has a very robust nature. The cost includes many features that one would be paying for individually on other platforms and this makes the pricing of Kajabi appear to be a little deceptive. This platform offers you a 14-day trial. 

Mentioned below is the monthly vs. annual price of Kajabi

Kajabi Vs Teachable - Kajabi Pricing

Price structure when you opt for monthly payment:

Basic: Cost is $1,788 which comes to $149/month

Growth: Cost is $2,388 which comes to $199/month

Pro: Cost is $4,788 which comes to $399/month

Price structure when you opt for annual payment:

Basic: Cost is $1,428 which comes to $119/month

Growth: Cost is $1,908 which comes to $159/month

Pro: Cost is $3,828 which comes to $319/month


This is for those who are conscious regarding their budget. However, while comparing platforms, make sure you include the costs which must be paid extra for various marketing tools. Teachable offers a long-term plan free as well

Price structure when you opt for monthly payment:

Kajabi Vs Teachable - Teachable Pricing

Basic: Cost is $468 which comes to $39/month

Professional: Cost is $1,188 which comes to $99/month

Business: Cost is $5,988 which comes to $499/month

Price structure when you opt for annual payment:

Basic: Cost is $348 which comes to $29/month

Professional: Cost is $948 which comes to $79/month

Business: Cost is $4,788 which comes to $399/month

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Assessments

Kajabi has Assessments which enable the creator to design quizzes and surveys related to the courses. You could opt for multiple-choice questions, paragraph style questions, or the like. This also comes with file upload question which is used for accepting students assignments.

The best part is that images can be added to questions and basic formatting is possible. Furthermore, the passing grade can be set for the students and their responses can be automatically evaluated.

With the Assessment feature, marketing quizzes can be created based on which lead can be collected and website visitors can be segmented. This feature is very flexible. It does not support any advanced features of quizzing such as randomization, importing questions, etc. Kajabi is more elegant in contrast to Teachable.


Teachable also enables the creator to create quizzes along with grading the students automatically. But, quizzes can consist only of multiple-choice or multiple-option questions.

There is no feature of file upload and hence you will not be able to accept student assignments or survey them. One more limitation here is that the questions can only include text, and no formatting is possible, and no images can be added. This platform too doesn’t support advanced features related quizzing like randomization or importing questions.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Certificate of Completion


At present, Kajabi doesn’t enable the content creator to create any completion certificates and hence you cannot send across certificates of completion to your students. You may have to make use of external solutions such as Accredible or Google Slides to create certificates, post which you need to automate the process by using Zapier.

Certificate of Completion kajabi


On the other hand, Teachable enables the creator to develop certificates of completion inherently on its platform. A certificate can be added to a particular course and once your students complete the course they will automatically receive the certificate.

At present, it offers 3 certificate templates, each one having a very professional design. Also, many elements on the templates can be modified and customized. In case you are well-versed with liquid or HTML coding, you could build a personal template as well.

Certificate of Completion teachable

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Content Locking, Dripping


This platform lets you set some prerequisite lessons for a module, wherein unless the user completes this pre-requisite lesson, they will not get access to that module. In case the pre-requisite lesson also has an Assessment that needs a specific passing grade, then the student has to pass the quiz prior to accessing the module.

kajabi content locking

In case they fail to clear the quiz, they cannot access the module. Content can be dripped on a specific date or as per student enrollment. Emails can be sent to students automatically regarding the availability of new content and Kajabi enables customization of default time to drip the content.


Teachable enables the creator to lock their content, however, it works differently. Compliance is being enforced at the course level and there are three options to select from. For instance, if you choose the ‘Enforce Lecture Order’, then the user has to progress through all lectures that are part of the course in a specific order.

Even quiz completion compliance can be enforced. The interesting part is the  ‘Enforce Video Watching’ which is offered on Teachable wherein students must watch about 90% of the videos created by you before they get marked as complete. Teachable has restrictive course compliance. 

teachable content locking

When Video Watching or the Quiz Completion compliance is enabled, Lecture Order one gets enforced automatically. Teachable allows you to drip content based on enrollment or on a certain date. Emails can be automatically sent to students on the availability of any new content, however, Teachable does not have the option of customizing the default time for content dripping.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Course Reporting & Analytics


Students’ progress, as well as the performance of videos related to the course, can be tracked on Kajabi. Even metrics such as course completion rates, video engagement, quiz scores, play rate, etc. can be tracked.

In Kajabi, the stats are available on individual videos and you have to check each video. Aggregated video stats for your whole course cannot be checked. You will have to visit different areas on the dashboard to check different information and reports. Completion rates can be checked only at the student or lecture level.


Teachable has extensive tools for course reporting in contrast to Kajabi. You can check the completion rates not just at the course level but also at the lecture level and student level. The tracking of the performance of all videos can be done on one page itself. Teachable enables you to see the aggregated video statistics for your entire course.

 Teachable Review- Marketing And Analytics


All the reports can be accessed on a single place on the course dashboard. Analyzing different course metrics, as well as viewing insights is much better on Teachable than on Kajabi.

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Checkout Pages & Upsells & EU VAT


Kajabi has a single-step process of checkout wherein the personal data of the user is entered and the payment gets completed on just one page. Kajabi makes it easy to develop a checkout page that is highly converting for all your online courses. There are many options offered to build as well as customize the checkout page.

You could add a logo, add an introductory video, testimonials, a badge depicting a money-back guarantee, offer details, etc., to the checkout page. The creator will have total control of the information that you wish to collect from users. 

kajabi checkout page

There are plenty of handy conversion tools as well. The feature of an abandoned cart enables you to track those who have left the checkout page without finishing the purchase and send them an automated email on follow up. Currently, Kajabi does not handle EU VAT and external solutions on sales tax management such as Quaderno or external solutions on checkout pages such as  ThriveCart will have to be used.


Teachable also has a similar checkout process like Kajabi where the payment is completed on one page. The checkout design is well-optimized and unique on Teachable. You can add customized elements to the checkout page like the badge on a money-back guarantee, testimonials, features or benefits in bullet points, etc. However, it isn’t as flexible as Kajabi. You can’t add any promo video or image to the checkout page.

Kajabi Vs Techable - Techable Stats

You also do not have control over the information that you want to collect from users. You cannot add any order bump on the checkout page to your offer, unlike that on Kajabi. Teachable also does not have the feature of tracking abandoned carts. But, it offers inbuilt support to handle EU VAT digital tax, based on the location of the customer.

Student Experience


Kajabi Vs Teachable - Kajabi Student Experience


Kajabi Vs Teachable - Teachable Student Experience

Kajabi Vs Teachable Pros and Cons:

Kajabi Pros

  • It offers more than 10 well-designed themes along with many customization options with respect to the course player.
  • It offers very powerful engagement tools such as community, automation, assessment as well as assignments
  • It has an app which is compatible with iOS and Android 
  • It enables the creator to create a full-fledged website and blog.
  • It offers flexible pricing as well as payment options related to recurring subscriptions.
  • It comes with a sales pipeline builder that is inbuilt and also has email marketing tools.
  • It Offers live chat support 24/7
  • It offers content dripping
  • You can add 2 videos or a video and image in a single lesson on this platform
  • The course player here has many themes
  • You can create a community forum 
  • It has the feature of tracking abandoned carts

Kajabi Cons

  • It does not handle the EU VAT digital tax.
  • You cannot create certificates of completion
  • Completion rates can be checked at 2 levels only-  lecture and student
  • Aggregated video stats for your whole course cannot be checked

Teachable Pros

  • It permits you to create completion certificates natively.
  • The platform has its iOS app.
  • It has good tools for course reporting as well as for analytics.
  • It takes care of the EU VAT digital tax.
  • It Supports Apple Pay as well as Google Pay 
  • It is very flexible and has a beginner-friendly pricing
  • Completion rates can be checked at 3 levels- course, lecture, and student. 
  • The tracking of the performance of all videos can be done on one page itself. 
  • You see the aggregated video statistics for your entire course. 
  • All the reports can be accessed on a single place on the course dashboard. 

Teachable Cons

  • It does not support Android
  • The course player here has just one default theme 
  • You cannot create a community forum
  • there is no feature of tracking abandoned carts

Why Should You Use Kajabi?

  • With Kajabi’s built-in email marketing, you can easily build beautiful emails and automated campaigns without having to switch to another program.
  • With Kajabi’s page builder, you can create a landing page and sales funnels (a sales page) for your products.
  • You can add tags to your leads and customers’ profiles and make notes on their profiles to send more targeted email campaigns.
  • You can build online courses with quizzes and tests at the end of each course to rate the students.
  • Make a membership platform that allows you to drip-feed content over time.
  • Build your websites, blogs, and marketing funnels quickly and easily with the extensive template library, which you can customize to match your branding.
  • Never pay a commission on your course or product sales as a transaction fee.

Why Should You Use Teachable?

  • Teachable offers a fully free plan, allowing you to test it out before deciding whether or not to move to a paid plan.
  • Even on paid plans, Teachable is a very inexpensive choice, making it open to all.
  • Your students will find the courses easy to navigate, and they are completely sensitive, so they will look great on any computer.
  • Quizzes can be used in your courses to keep students interested and help them understand.
  • Ensure that the students complete each module before moving on to the next in order to maintain course compliance.
  • Teachable is easy to use, making it a good choice for both beginners and experienced users.
  • If you have more than one course or product to sell, you can bundle them together to maximize your profits.
  • To help scale your online business, you can sell your goods and courses through affiliates on all paid plans.
  • Even the free plan allows you to create an infinite number of course builds.

Kajabi Vs Teachable Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Kajabi free?

Kajabi does not have a free plan, but they do have a 14-day free trial where you can test out the app to see how it functions.

Is Kajabi worth the price?

Even on Kajabi's top tier plan, if you consider the costs of the features like email marketing software, web hosting, sales funnels, social media management and landing page software, as well as the other systems required for creating and running an online course business without Kajabi, with Kajabi you would be able to save a lot of money per year, which is why it's such a good deal.

Can I build pages easily on Kajabi?

Kajabi makes it simple to create pages: simply select a template from their template library and customize it with your own photos, material, and branding. When you're finished, you can publish your pages with a single click, and they'll be online and integrated with the rest of your web.

Does Kajabi offer email marketing tools?

Yes, indeed! The Kajabi platform includes email marketing, making it simple to reach out to your audience without having to switch channels or figure out how to make two separate pieces of software work together.

Is email marketing on Kajabi flexible?

The email program is highly customizable (many customization options), and Kajabi's responsive email templates enable you to create a great-looking email campaign in minutes. When your list has signed up with you, you can create automatic email sequences to cultivate them, as well as tag subscribers and make notes on their customer profiles to ensure they always get the right details at the right time.

Can I automate my marketing campaigns on Kajabi?

Marketing strategies can be completely automated and optimized, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business as your online business grows on its own. Campaigns can be optimized to have the best experience for your users, and triggers can be set up to ensure that campaigns are sent at the optimal time to ensure optimum conversion.

Is Teachable free?

You can get started with the Teachable course platform for free, and you don't even need to give your credit card information; all you have to do is sign up with your email address, making this the ideal option for anyone looking to get their feet wet with course development.

Does Teachable offer monthly payouts?

All plans, including the free one, provide unlimited classes, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting, email service (customer support), lecture comments, simple quizzes, and student management, as well as instant and monthly payouts.

What can I do with Teachable?

By including videos, audio, presentations, photographs, and text in your material, you can easily make your school more engaging. You may also have quizzes at the end of your modules to assist your students in learning and assessing their progress in the course.

I already have a website. Can I use Teachable parallely?

Teachable can be used in conjunction with your current website, or you can build all of your pages on Teachable and keep it in one place. The page builder has a simple drag-and-drop gui that makes creating beautiful pages that complement your current website's branding a breeze.

Are the pages designed on Teachable mobile friendly?

Teachable pages and courses are completely responsive, which means they'll look fantastic on any computer. Your students will have a fantastic experience whether they use a desktop, laptop, iPad, or smartphone.

What are the key features of Teachable?

Coupons, affiliate programs (affiliate marketing), and fully customizable sales pages are just a few of the resources available to help you develop your online course company. You'll also have access to advanced pricing options, such as one-time payments, subscriptions, and payment plans, as well as the ability to accept payments through PayPal and Stripe.

What marketing features do I get with Teachable?

Quizzes, course completion certificates, and course enforcement to ensure your students aren't missing any lectures are only a few of the marketing feature design choices available to ensure your students get the most out of their course. You can also use Google forms (opt-in forms) and surveys to gather input from your students so that you can better your courses.

Do I get access to insights and analytics on Teachable?

Yes, indeed! A robust reporting dashboard is available to assist you in gaining useful market insights. With first and last touch attribution, you will learn where your students first learned about you and which promotions were the most successful. Reports on your sales, course completion rates, and student account form are also available.

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Final Thoughts: Kajabi Vs Teachable 2024 

So, this article would have given you a clear picture of both these platforms and their offerings and how they could help your business. Kajabi is a good choice in case you wish to have all the tools required for your online course business under one roof, or if you wish to create a membership site or sell a subscription and when the budget is not a major issue for you. On the other hand, Teachable is a good option for you in case you have an existing website and just need a platform for hosting and delivering your courses.

 It is also good for those who have a tight budget. It allows adding of authors, sharing of revenue, and also pays them automatically in case you use this gateway. Hope this guide helps you decide on the platform which will suit your business well.

If you really enjoyed Kajabi vs Teachable review then please do like and share this post with your friends. Also, share your experience with me in the comment section.

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Comments (40)

  1. In general, I enjoy the Kajabi platform. I find it easier to use than other platforms I have experience with. The ability to tag customer accounts and sync the system with Stripe for payment are several highlights of the platform. I found this platform to be easy to use and would recommend it to other trainers / teachers.

  2. I like the fact that Kajabi is an all-in-one software solution for online business owners. It has everything you need, including a website builder, email autoresponder, login page, online shopping cart, payment processing, and more. Customer support is one of the best support I have encountered.

  3. When I started to transform my business from a customer to online courses and training teaching, I joined Kajabi. This is an exception for those who provide value to their followers/students through magnet courses, training and courses. It is easy to learn and use, and the customer service they provide through chat is very good. As a lecturer and student taking courses through this platform, Kajabi is by far the best experience. Compared with other tools, their email management system must catch up, but they are clearly improving it. I can’t recommend Kajabi highly.

  4. Kajabi provides convenience for companies with multiple products that need to access portals, where they can host information, webinars, calendars, etc. Very easy to use. Customers like to be able to access all the information they need in one place.

  5. Kajabi is considered a membership or course software. It’s much more than that. I like the fact that you can save money by subscribing to get rid of multiple tools, because Kajabi can do it all. And it’s very good.

  6. Kajabi not only enables you to host and provide online courses, but also enables you to create entire marketing channels and automate email marketing on the platform. What I like the most about this platform is that I can build a fully functional online course business without having to learn several different tools.

  7. There are two aspects to consider. The person who hosts or publishes the training and the consumer who will receive the training. Usually one side or the other is not clean. When it comes to Kajabi, both parties can benefit from a well thought out plan at a reasonable price.

  8. Kajabi is an online business portal for small businesses (primarily), giving them everything they need to conduct business over the Internet in one place. You can create funnels, use email, manage your CRM, and more. It is primarily a good platform for those who are interested in selling online courses. This is an area that Kajabi has been working on recently. There are not many tools that allow you to sell courses online so easily. As a business owner with the least experience in marketing, channels, landing pages, contacts, etc., you will love Kajabi. Eliminate the pain in the life of business owners. No need to integrate, no need to deal with APIs, you just need one tool to get everything, which is a huge benefit.

  9. I like Kajabi based on the design. You can make very beautiful products and I like to use my products in my online tutoring courses. There are a lot of things to learn at first, but they have great training and customer support videos. Kajabi has been working hard to improve, although I have studied many other platforms such as Thinkific, Podia and others, I believe in this product.

  10. I like to understand how easy it is to start an online business. Marketing, email, shopping, and course creation are all under one platform. There are no integration problems and the price is right for all the features you get. Also, they always release new features, so even if there is another product that is almost comparable to it, Kajabi will keep winning thanks to its new features.

  11. I like that it is almost an all-in-one solution for my business. Customer service is very good and they listen to customer feedback. Since the launch of the new Kajabi a few years ago, I have been with them and keep improving. If there is a problem with my website they will fix it soon, whether it’s a known bug or just fix a specific problem for me. These are the things I did in Kajabi-the storage space for my courses and training hosts my actual website, no other options are needed. I can use the system to run live events and sell tickets from the shopping cart. I can set up a permanent webinar on the system. Although the follow-up activities are not as powerful as other dedicated platforms, my wife sells her audio products and courses on her website. I use it for CRM with basic marking functions. highly recommended.

  12. The best part about Kajabi is that everything is under one roof. Emails, landing pages, sales pages, shopping carts, websites, blogs, marketing channels, online courses. Everything is in one system. very well. Did you know that Kajabi does a good job with most of these features and they are always improving or adding more features? But what almost always surprises me is the real-time customer support. They provide 24/7 live chat, and the longest time I have to wait (I chat all the time during the day and night!) is three or four minutes at a time. Every time (and there are many!) I contact someone almost immediately. These people are amazing. They will provide you with answers, help you solve the problem, and even use some options/coding on the page to make it work even when you try something more customized and it doesn’t work. seriously. The support staff is top-notch!

  13. I like that Kajabi is an all-in-one solution. Once you figure out how to navigate the platform, you will begin to discover that you don’t actually need other software solutions to provide beautiful basic online courses.

  14. Kajabi is a great tool for doing business in the teaching field. It is fully functional, so you only need basic computer skills to set up and focus on promoting and selling your products. I just hope to start with a cheaper package because this is part of a person’s investment.

  15. I am new to Kajabi. My wife just changed her website from WordPress, and I helped her transfer a bunch of blog posts. I can’t believe how easy WordPress is. Everything is very easy to use, photos and videos are automatically uploaded and compressed, and the layout remains the same. You can’t mess it up.

  16. I can integrate almost all business needs under one roof. Before Kajabi, I used other software to perform different tasks in my business. I am not a coder, I integrated everything and made it work! This is a bit like a nightmare. It consumes a lot of time. And he used to spend a lot of money. When I found Kajabi, he saved my life. Email marketing, tagging, email automation, site building, compressed page building, e-learning platform, forms, surveys, this is an all-in-one solution. It saves me a lot of time and money.

  17. Kajabi provides many course building tools to design online courses or trainings from scratch. For example, there is a course creation tool that allows you to create courses, videos, and other digital tools for content. This is the best part after creating a course or training, there are lead generation, product launch tools and webinar funnels available for your marketing. The advantage of Kajabi is that it can perfectly automate the creation, sale and management of your purchases. It really is an all-in-one tool!

  18. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform, Kajabi provides it. However, low email delivery rates, lack of customer service, and limited personalization have killed them. Kajabi may work well at any given time, but all the negatives outweigh the positives.

  19. I like that Kajabi integrates everything in one: sales, website, payment, email, automation, funnels, etc. I also think the onboarding process is very reliable because they send you email training that helps in setting up.

  20. I love Katjabi! Before choosing the Kajabi platform, I conducted a long period of research. I hate using multiple platforms for login pages, email campaigns, email automation, CRM, video training platforms, membership areas, payments, affiliate programs, and comment forms. I want all of this to be concentrated in one place, so as not to waste time and money to integrate, I don’t deal with too many support teams + I want really good support and a company that has a vision for their future and keeps working hard on their platform . After all my research, Kajabi won because he met all my requirements. Their support shows that they are really good and responsive.

  21. Kajabi sells itself as a home for all your company’s websites, courses, payments, memberships, login pages, and emails. All these features are pretty good. Not the best in its class, but pretty good. They are also committed to improving things. They just completely reworked the page editor. Then send an email. Now, these sites are as follows, and membership review may be conducted soon. They really keep improving it.

  22. Overall, Teachable has solved a revenue problem for us! We need a place for people to buy downloadable products and services without having to start from scratch, which is very expensive, and Teachable allows us to do that. It helps us to easily generate the necessary income.

  23. I like the aesthetics and user interface of Teachable. Everything is clean and feels very comfortable. I also like the simplicity of the sales page builder, but if it has more fonts and different layout options and more responsiveness, I would like it better.

  24. What I like most about Teachable is that it works “out of the box.” Most of its features are intuitive and will not try to add a million features that most people will not use. It is a software tool, know what it is and what it is used for. It makes it very easy to create attractive sites and sell courses. Anyone can start and be able to complete most of the work they need to easily build a profitable online course business.

  25. The user interface is intuitive but not so easy to use, and the page takes time to load. They add new features on a regular basis, and I like that the recently added limited time access allows my free courses to expire, which is very helpful for my students to take action, complete courses on time, and upgrade to my highest offer (if they want). .I like that Teachable offers unlimited students and training courses/plans, even the basic plan. It has a well-trained university to help set up courses and training packages, which helps beginners build their e-learning platform. If you don’t want to use html etc. to customize the landing page layout a lot, I find it easy to implement through the page builder of block elements.

  26. I am a language teacher, so I need a platform to teach myself without worries, Teachable gave me the opportunity to do so. The first time I used this software it was great, and I fell in love with it immediately because I could organize everything when I was teaching a course.

  27. Teachable is the first online learning platform I have encountered. Now I use it to create folk and traditional dance courses and distribute these courses to people all over the world. Even in its free pricing plan, Teachable provides sufficient course building, marketing and analysis tools. It also allows full branding of online course pages using custom HTML/CSS.

  28. For beginners, it is great that you can create a course and put it on Teachable for free to test the platform and see if it is suitable for you and your students. I like that the platform is easy to use, customizable, not bulky, and has a professional appearance.

  29. Teachable allows me to run a large online school and use most of the functions in one package. I chose to replace my own website and email automation (WordPress and Active Campaign), but I use their e-commerce payment platform and I feel very safe. I often want to know about changes, but I have never found an alternative, and there is no better compromise than a set of alternatives.

  30. Teachable is very easy to use. I am not a person who likes technology very much, this program allows me to easily configure our digital classroom. When we started using it, the company couldn’t afford more than $ 100 a month and Teachable was very affordable for small nonprofits.

  31. Teachable is very easy to use and provides an intuitive user interface. They have functions such as drag and drop or copy, and can easily create training courses. I have used other course creation software and found that Teachable is easier to understand. They also have a lot of documentation and provide support. Also, check out their Facebook group. There’s a lot of valuable information sharing on course creation.

  32. I am very positive about the overall Teachable experience. Responsive customer support, improved features, and great onboarding training. My only frustration is the inability to automatically schedule blog posts.

  33. Modern and simple interface. Everything is self-explanatory. But there are also many help and hint links in the interface to guide you. You can also ask for help via email support. After creating and uploading everything, you can create online courses hosted on Teachable servers. By content I mean documents, guides, video links or actual videos and images to upload. Everything is intuitive exploration and experimentation for me. Teachable has a standard template system, I found it very simple, I can configure courses according to my time and goals.

  34. I am very happy to find an optimized and easy to use product. I even like that I can register students without signing up for their monthly plan. Of course, the cost of Teachable is higher, but I like the “try before you buy” aspect. I like how it looks, you will be able to create certificates and allow students to track their progress. One of my favorite features is the ability to create discounts/special codes at any time.

  35. I love being taught. It allows any user to add products and sell them online. Compared to many other self-hosted solutions, Teachable can easily start selling. Just add your content and adjust some settings, add prices. Look, for information products for sale, you don’t need to know any coding or website building knowledge.

  36. The advantage of Teachable is that you can create all the online courses you want, and even some free courses. This allows you to share everything you need for the course and you can use GoogleDrive or any other cloud storage site. You can also create quizzes and assessments for your courses, forums, and award certificates to participants. My favorite feature is that you have your own domain name and the name of your choice. This is perfect for me!

  37. Company leaders tend to focus on the money perspective, but I think this is expected. (“You can earn huge dollars through courses!” Some people have already done so). You will not find information on how to design your course, but you will find a lot of information on how to set a high price. If you can avoid the hype and have a third-party email app that you like to use, then Teachable is a good option. Despite the email problem, I found it affordable and cost-effective.

  38. Teachable is good and easy to load. I found that setting up a sales page is not difficult. Using discount coupons to send people to the sales page is a simple process. Payment is collected and paid on time at the end of the month (for my plan). The support was email only (no chat), it took a few days, but the response was very helpful. These programs are reasonably priced and are suitable for individual teachers and consultants.

  39. I like to use Teachable to teach you how to visually build your school on the board. You can easily upload course materials and be sure your students will find it easy to navigate your course and the end result will look very professional. The advertised landing page for each course is easy to complete and customize, and it loads well.

  40. If you want to create courses or develop your business online, Teachable is your best option. I have been using this platform to host my courses and it is great. I like how you create a sales page for each course to help increase sales.

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