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Kajabi is a marketing and content delivery platform best to content based products

Clickfunnels is platform designed to sell both digital & physical products

  • no knowledge of coding required
  • 100+ templates available
  • Gives full control over all page elements
  • Integrate well with third party email service providers
  • just with a drag and drop one can customize
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Lighter on the wallet
  • Easy to customize
  • starting plan has all the Kajabi features
  • Offers Automatic thank you page with landing page
  • Funnel builder is very impressive
  • offers powerful automations
  • Kajabi does not have a wordpress plugin
  • no built-in A/B testing for landing pages
  • provide email support only
Ease of Use

Kajabi is very easy to use with no coding knowledge required with more than 100 templated availability.

Creating landing pages is quite easy in Clickfunnels, templates are aesthetically-designed.

Value For Money

Kajabi is a cost-effective option if you are specifically looking to sell courses online

Clickfunnel is all value for money if you selling both physical and digital products

Customer Support

Kajabi has 24*7 customer support availability

Clickfunnels offers you an email option to reach out to them

Welcome to my Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels comparison 2024

In the world of online marketing, having a reliable platform for running your business is paramount. Two top players in this space are Kajabi and Clickfunnels.

Have you given any thought to launching a new business or expanding your current one online? That’s awesome, man! You’ll need the right infrastructure, though, in order to make your new company a success.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find the finest digital solution to fit your demands. This article’s goal is to assist you in drawing comparisons between ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

After reading my comparison between the two, you ought to have a lot clearer idea of which software is best for you and your company if you’ve been tossing between Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

The common objective of both websites is to help online business owners realize their aspirations. But keep in mind that they serve a very wide range of populations.

The following aspects of the two well-known platforms, ClickFunnels, and Kajabi, will be compared and contrasted, that includes Features and Price Ranges of Different Sales Funnels

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

Kajabi is known for its advanced course creation tools and membership integration, making it ideal for coaches and educators. On the other hand, Clickfunnels focuses on streamlining the sales funnel process and has a wider range of third-party integrations, making it a great choice for marketers.

ClickFunnels is an good option, particularly if the creation of sales funnels is your top goal.

With its superior course-building and marketing features, Kajabi comes out on top of this comparison.

An Overview of Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Platform

Although, both platforms serve different purposes primarily; there are some similarities, loopholes, and advantages between both of them.

I tried using both platforms and personally, found that Kajabi has a slight edge over Clickfunnels, with its wider range for a lower cost.

Moreover, the software is solely focused on course building & increasing sales. It acts as an entrepreneur, helping you seal the deal! How? You’ll know soon.

Clickfunnels is a platform that covers all aspects of selling both physical and digital products. They help you generate leads and target audiences and help in converting them into your all-time customers.

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels - Clickfunnels

Click Here to Read my Details Clickfunnels Review and decide if it fits your online marketing need.

Kajabi, on the other hand, specializes in selling online products- online courses, e-books, etc. they are popular for catering to the needs of those known as ‘infopreneurs’.

So, which one should you choose for your digital product?


It majorly depends on what you want to bring to the market. If you wish to sell a variety of products and services ranging from physical to digital then Clickfunnels may be the best choice for you.

But, if your business is strictly related to online products and course creation.

Kajabi is the best choice and with their 14-day free trial offer, you can get an overview of their services.

If are you looking to sell your courses online, Click Here to Read my In-depth Kajabi Review before making your decision.

Sales Funnels: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

To get sales done, having a strong funneling system is a must. It helps you to convert every visitor into a customer, thereby working wonders for your sales.


Clickfunnels are nothing if not a platform with the best front-end sales funnels. They aim to make sales funnels easier to build and manage as well as make them interactive for your customers.

Sales funnels have three key Clickfunnels features:

  • Pre-built Templates: With an assortment of pre-built design templates, designing a great web page is a no-brainer.
    They look professional and are sure to convert your audience into clients. Although Kajabi offers pre-built templates as well, they are limited in number and quite basic. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: This feature of Clickfunnels makes editing your funnel just as easy as selecting its template.
    You can add images, countdown timers, videos, and whatever you want. Just pull it down from the sidebar menu. 
  • Upsell, Downsale, and Cross-sell Pages: Getting clients is an art, and Clickfunnels allows you to strategically steer your customers into buying your products.
    Instead of displaying all your products together, you sell them something they are interested in or present them with a phenomenal offer. From there, you upsell or down-sell accordingly. 


Kajabi has a sales funnel builder called Pipelines and its primary focus is on selling content and online courses on the front end. It is sure to get the job done even though it’s not as good as Clickfunnels. The best Kajabi features are: 

  • Email integration: Kajabi’s sales funnel system works through email integration. They attract customers by constantly interacting with them through emails until they have accepted the offer.
  • Moreover, Kajabi has a list of pre-written emails to choose from. 
  • Course Layout: just like email prototypes, Kajabi has a layout of all prospective courses that you can think of.
    Therefore, you don’t need to invest your time in planning the number of classes to build your online course from scratch. 

Email Marketing: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

A strong sales funneling system is only good as long as you have engaging email marketing to back up. 

Clickfunnels Actionetics

Segmentation: Clickfunnels categorizes your clients as per their interests. Clickfunnels records every action of your client and categorizes them accordingly.

You can classify them per their gender, geographical location, what products they have purchased from you, whether they have purchased or simply visited your website, and the list goes on and on.

It makes it so much easier to target specific messages toward specific clients.

Segmentation tools give you a greater advantage as your audience is more likely to go through your emails when they aren’t bombarded with spam. This increases your chances of getting the intended response.

Autoresponder: Efficient email communication not only keeps your clients engaged but comes in handy especially when you are launching promotions. But doesn’t it get too tedious to manually send an email to all of your clients?

This is where Clickfunnels autoresponder comes into the picture. You’ll need to put in some effort in the beginning when you customize the emails as per the actions your clients take on your website.

Action Funnels: This is where your custom funnels and your autoresponder culminate. The autoresponder targets specific clients and brings them into your customized sales funnel.

Front-end action funnels follow up the sales process and ensure that the sale is done.

Clickfunnels ‘Actionetics’ is the best option when you need strong email marketing. It is designed to work as per the actions taken by your customer.

So, you can successfully give them a personalized journey, targeting them towards whichever funnel that’s best suited for them.

Moreover, you don’t need to pay attention and give your time in doing so. Clickfunnels takes care of everything!

Kajabi Pipelines

Kajabi’s pipelines include their email marketing system as well. Just like Clickfunnels, they focus on easing your marketing process so that you can focus on generating revenue. 


Tagging: It is congruent with Clickfunnels segmentation. Although tagging is automated in Kajabi, you might want to customize your tags yourself. This will allow you vast possibilities of categories in exchange for a little extra effort.

Email Automations: it allows you to build email responses directly into your funnel. They allow you to keep your audience engaged through email communication.

Unlike Clickfunnels, Kajabi also has a set of email prototypes to choose from.

CRM: Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels

CRM tools help engage a customer through automated marketing. The software records every customer’s cycle and channels them into funnels accordingly.

Although a large chunk of CRM is covered through email marketing, it includes so much more. 

Apart from email, you can interact with your customers through texts or social media messages. It is more effective than emails as people don’t prioritize opening their emails. 

Clickfunnels Actionetics 

Clickfunnels ‘Actionetics’ covers all aspects of CRM and it is the best in the market. All you need to get started is to upgrade to its Etison Suite.

It might be a little costly, but it’s worth the wide range of unlimited you get with the upgrade. Signing up for the Etison Suite would give you:

 ClickFunnels Marketing Funnels Made Easy

Great Contact Profiles: Once you get the customer’s personal information, Actionetics gets to work. They scour for matching profiles and demographic locations. 

By the end of the search, you have a full profile of your client. Right from how much time they spent on the website to what products they are interested in. You also get their personal information like their age, gender, income, etc.

Multi-Channel Marketing: With Actionetics you aren’t just restricted to marketing via emails. Apart from getting demographic information, social media can be used to send messages directly.

All you have to do is set a series of automated messages to send depending on whether your customer has responded to the previous message or not. 

I told you about reaching them in more than one way? If your client hasn’t responded to your email within 24 hours, you send them a Facebook invite asking them to check their email. 

Broadcasts: Although Clickfunnels provides a variety of methods to communicate with your clients, pestering with too many messages might irritate your customers, provoking them to quit.

Broadcasts come in exceptionally handy during such times. Make sure to not use broadcast often as it might end up working against you!

Kajabi Marketing Automation

When it comes to CRM, Kajabi lags a lot behind Clickfunnels. Where Clickfunnels offers you ‘Multi-Channel Marketing’ Kajabi settles for simple email communication. Its key features are:

  • Built into Pipelines: The CRM of Kajabi is included in its pipelines. This means once you customize email responses, Kajabi handles everything without worrying you. 
  • Broadcasts: Just like Clickfunnels, Kajabi too allows you to send emails to your entire contact list all at once. 

Membership Builder: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

When you have great content and you want to have an upper hand in the market, granting membership to your customers is the key.

It allows you to give a tease of your wide range of products and services but hides maximum content behind a membership wall. 

Today companies like Netflix, Amazon, etc have flourished by offering memberships after a trial period. Needless to say, it might work wonders for you too!

Clickfunnels wasabi 

Wasabi works on the same principle as Clickfunnels Actionetics. Using the phenomenal marketing tools provided by Clickfunnels, you can convert most of your clients into members.

ClickFunnels Team

  1. Membership Funnels: Just like sales funnels, membership funnels help you attract members. Clickfunnels has pre-built templates for everything. Simply pick one and edit them the way you want. 
  2. Drip Content: If you drop the bomb with too much content as soon as your users sign up for a membership, it might get too overwhelming for them.
    On the other hand, it is quite possible that they exhaust all the content within a short period and then cancel their subscription. 

To keep your customers around for longer, use the drip content feature by Clickunnels. It allows your users to access new content only after a specific amount of time, just like unlocking new levels in a game. 

Kajabi’s Course Builder

Kajabi is built for easy online course selling. Moreover, Kajabi shines when it comes to membership access. Along with the features Clickfunnels offers, Kajabi has a lot more of its own. Its extra features include:

Kajabi - Kajabi Members

User Progress Bars: Kajabi has progress bars and percentages that show your users how well they are doing. This marketing tool gives them a sense of accomplishment and they feel encouraged to continue learning with you.

Native Video Hosting: Kajabi allows you to post videos directly on their website. Clickfunnels doesn’t give you this option and you have to host your video tutorials on a site like YouTube.

User Forum Boards: Kajabi is a platform that surely knows how to make its users feel at home.
They have communities and forum boards where your clients can come together and discuss the features they are getting with other members. This keeps them engaged and together in their learning journey. 

Pricing Plans – Kajabi vs Clickfunnels💰

With all features compared, it is important to know which software is lighter on your wallet.

While Clickfunnels caters to a wider array with a plethora of features, Kajabi restricts itself to being useful for those who want to sell digital courses. 

Let’s go through the various packages offered by both and then decide which is the best option for you

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi pricing has three different packages:

Kajabi Pricing

Basic Plan: $149/month or $1428 when billed annually. The basic Plan includes 3 products, 3 pipelines, 10,000 contacts, 1000 active members, 1 website, 1 admin user.

Growth Plan: It costs $159 per month or $2388 per annum. It includes 15 Products, 15 Pipelines, 1 Website, 10 Admin Users, 25,000 Contacts, 10,000 Active members, Unlimited landing pages, and Unlimited marketing emails.

Pro Plan: $319/month or $4788/year. Including, 100 Products, 100 Pipelines, Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited marketing emails, 100,000 Contacts, 20,000 Active members, 3 Websites, and 25 Admin Users.


Another area where Clickfunnels out pars Kajabi is its cost-effectiveness. It offers two packages, both cheaper than its Kajabi counterparts.

Pricing Plans

Basic Plan: It costs $97 per month. Although it does not cover most of the noteworthy features of Clickfunnels, Basic Plan is enough to build your sales funnel, publish it live and start with your business.

It includes: 20 websites, 20 funnels, 3 custom domains, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, Unlimited contacts, Unlimited A/B split testing, Email Integration, Opt-in forms and pop-ups.

Checkout forms, Full library of landing page templates, Unlimited members, Upsell, down sale, and cross-sell pages and Share funnels

Etison Suite: Once you buy the Etison plan which costs $297 per month, you encounter the real features of Clickfunnels. It gives you unlimited of almost everything.

This package includes:

20 websites, 3 custom domains, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, Unlimited contacts, Unlimited A/B split testing, Email Integration, Opt-in forms, and pop-ups, Actionetics analytics tools, Manage email lists, and the list goes on.

If you’re looking to get features worth your money then Clickfunnels offers a more worthy package. They both offer a 14-day free trial.

With the features it offers, it aids you in selling not just online courses but a wider range of products.

Do bear in mind, that Kajabi helps you create a brand and offers membership facilities like no other. Instead of investing in just one, get the best of both worlds by integrating the two!

Integration: Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels

Comparing Clickfunnels and Kajabi is like comparing apples to oranges. Both platforms were built to serve different needs and both are exceptional in doing so.

Instead of seeing the two as competitors, you can integrate the two and give your audience the best learning experience with epic content delivery. 

You can integrate them in two ways:

First, use Clickfunnels to build your sales funnels and convert your audience into customers.

Then put Kajabi’s membership services into play. Keep them glued to you by offering them one-of-a-kind membership facilities, customer service, and product delivery. 

The second way is to let Clickfunnels do all the work and let Kajabi through only where it works best.

This means Clickfunnels will build sales funnels, interact with clients, and order forms. While Kajabi will provide its digital features for building membership. 

This option works wonders for upselling. Clickfunnels will take your clients through the entire journey and Kajabi will be the last stop.

Your customers will only pay through Kajabi. This way, you can use Kajabi’s one-click upsell to your advantage. 

Reviews & Testimonials by Users: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi Testimonials

Kajabi - Kajabi Student Experience


ClickFunnels Reviews

Trustpilot Reviews

Clickfunnels Trustpilot

Kajabi Trustpilot

FAQ Related Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels

👉🏻 Can you sell products on Kajabi?

Kajabi is specially designed to sell digital products like online courses, ebooks, etc. You can use it to sell physical products too but it might get a little tricky. Kajabi doesn’t have features to aid in selling physical products. For instance, it doesn’t have a built-in shipping order option.

💡What are the Best Alternatives to Kajabi?

Kajabi is the best in the market. But if you aren’t inclined towards Kajabi, you might want to consider Thinkific or Teachable.

🤷‍♂️What are best Alternatives to Clickfunnels ?

If not Clickfunnels, go for Samcart, Ontraport, or Builderall. Although let me remind you, you are likely to come back to Clickfunnels for the amazing features it offers

🙌What does ClickFunnels do?

ClickFunnels is a program for businesses to help them sell their products and services. You can use it to create a sales funnel with many designs. Businesses often use ClickFunnels because it makes selling easier.

👌 Is ClickFunnels a landing page?

Clickfunnels is a tool for creating great landing pages. A landing page is a website that you click on to get something. It can be for anything, but it usually gets you sales or leads.

🤓What is Kajabi used for?

Kajabi is a content marketing platform that helps people sell their online courses. People might be influencers. They can use Kajabi to create landing pages and emails.

👉 Can you build funnels in Kajabi?

Kajabi is for people who are experts. They can create funnels that tell where to buy their courses. People come to Kajabi looking for things.

Conclusion: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Comparison 2024 🎯

The time has come to decide, but which option is best?

Because of the complexity of your needs, budget, and desired features, there is no easy solution to this topic.

Choose Kajabi if you want to:

– Want to make a difference in the world? Become a knowledge entrepreneur and start spreading your wisdom.
– Create a membership-based content business and focus on providing exclusive content to your customers.
– Build a small, dedicated following of people interested in the same thing.
– Have up-to-date, visually pleasing layouts for an educated audience.

When you need a platform that can accommodate the sale of both physical and digital products, ClickFunnels is the way to go.

Choose ClickFunnels if you want to:-

– You’re more concerned with digital marketing than actual content delivery.
– So, you want to dip your toe into the waters of online marketing but you’re on a tight budget.
– If you want to attract lots of users, you’ll need a system that’s compatible with lots of other programs.

In a nutshell, Kajabi and ClickFunnels are two distinct systems that cater to different audiences.

The ClickFunnels marketing platform is primarily focused on accelerating the sale of any product, while Kajabi is more suited to content-based digital marketing.

Further Comparison:

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