Jane Goodall Masterclass Review 2024: Is This For You?

Jane Goodall Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

Taking this masterclass is truly a humbling experience. It provided me with so much insight into the world of conservation and helped me appreciate Jane Goodall’s incredible contributions even more than before. If you have an interest in wildlife conservation or just want to learn from one of its most influential activists, then this masterclass is definitely for you.

Out of 10


  • Accessible, knowledgeable and charismatic teaching.
  • Inspirational and uplifting content
  • Gives you the tools to make a difference


  • Emphasis is on storytelling rather than concrete conservation skills
  • Not a course for advanced conservationists


Price: $ 15

I recently had the pleasure of taking Jane Goodall’s Masterclass. After already having a great appreciation for her work and dedication to conservation, I was mesmerized by the amount of knowledge she shared in her masterclass.

From her vast personal experiences with animals to her application of scientific principles, studying this course has been an enlightening journey. Here is my review of the Jane Goodall Masterclass. 

Jane Goodall Masterclass Review

In this Jane Goodall Masterclass Review, we’ll also look at how effective it has been. So, let’s get started.

A Little About Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall was just 26 years old when she began her research on chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania.

She is one of the world’s greatest authorities on chimpanzees, and her 60-year research on the social and familial connections of wild chimpanzees is renowned.

She has published over 25 books, including In the Shadow of Man (1971), The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior (1986), and The Book of Hope (2021), which she co-authored with Douglas Abrams.

Jane Goodall Masterclass Review

She has also redefined species conservation to include the requirements of local communities and the natural environment. She is a devoted activist who has devoted most of her life to animal welfare and conservation.

In 2004, she was elevated to the rank of Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, having been awarded a UN Messenger of Peace in 2002.

She created the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute, a nonprofit that promotes the welfare of local populations, wildlife, and the environment. Her Roots and Shoots program is now functioning in over fifty countries globally.

Who is the Jane Goodall Masterclass For?

This MasterClass is for everyone who cares about the environment and is concerned about climate change and how the environment is visibly changing.

This course is ideal for anybody who wants to hear a professional naturalist discuss her experiences with wildlife, animal abuse, and animal behavior.

This course inspires students of all ages to undertake environmentally-beneficial lifestyle modifications. You are at the correct spot if you want to take activities that have a beneficial effect on the environment and mother earth but are unsure of how to begin.


  • Dr. Goodall begins her classes by discussing her youth, in which she was captivated by nature. She remembers wonderful recollections of her interactions with the natural world.
  • She begins her teaching in a class by discussing chimpanzees, their behavioral tendencies, and their natural environment.
  • She then discusses the influence of people on the ecosystem. She describes the effects of industrial agriculture on the environment. Goodall digs into animal abuse and climate change.
  • She does an excellent job connecting all the factors and explaining how we contribute to environmental deterioration. The environmentalist then discusses communication and how every one of us may be the generator of hope.
  • She divides ideas into subtopics and elaborately discusses them. She explains how poverty results in the selection of mass-produced goods and lead to excessive waste.

What I Learned From The Jane Goodall Masterclass

Below are the 5 things that I Learned From The Jane Goodall Masterclass:

1. Facts are important:

If you are going to address the consequences of climate change or the significance of conservation, ensure that you are well-informed.

Locate the most current data and reports to support your assertions. There is a danger that someone may invalidate your whole point of view if you do not.

2. Education is crucial:

To comprehend what is occurring in the environment and make a change, education is required. This is the point of departure. Obtain an education, and the rest will follow.

Jane Goodall Conservation Masterclass Review - Introduction

3. Conservation is a human endeavor:

Goodall is emphatic that locals must be included in conservation efforts.

All of her conservation activities entail speaking with residents of regions that need protection, asking them what would make their lives better and utilizing this as a point of departure.

4. Individuals may affect change:

When considering the climate catastrophe, it is tempting to believe that our efforts will be ineffective. Goodall demonstrates that this is not the case, demonstrating how even the tiniest individual actions may have an effect on the ecosystem.

5. Goodall transformed the study of animal behavior:

Goodall was the first person to do extensive research on chimpanzees in their natural environment.

As a consequence, her investigations revealed so much about chimpanzee behavior that, at the time, experts deemed it impossible. For example, their emotional sensitivity and personality.

Why Do I Recommend The Jane Goodall Masterclass

The 3 reasons why I recommend Jane Goodall’s masterclass are:

1. Find a new appreciation for chimpanzees:

Obviously, this will not appeal to everyone! Nonetheless, during the initial classes, Jane provides a wealth of information and scientific facts about chimpanzees that let you realize their extraordinary nature.

If you already have a passion for animals, this course is ideal for you, since Jane imparts substantial information not just about chimpanzees but also gorillas, pigs, elephants, and bees.

Dr-Jane-Goodall-Teaches-Conservation-MasterClass - Chimpanzee behavior 

2. A really inspiring lesson about conservation:

Numerous individuals dislike contemplating or researching climate issues and animal abuse since these are unpleasant and distressing subjects.

Jane does not shy away from discussing the terrible things she has seen and experienced, but she does it in a logical and strong manner.

Jane urges us all to consider answers, alternatives, and enhancements as opposed to concentrating on how certain horrible circumstances are.

By the conclusion of the course, the teachings are centered on what we can all do to make the world a better place, as opposed to the previous horrors done by humans.

3. An honest course about setbacks and achievements:

Jane is unafraid to confront the criticism she has received and the errors she has committed.

While she still defends some of the scientific judgments she took when she was younger, she also recognizes her previous errors, such as feeding the chimpanzees in Gombe in order to have a closer look at them.

It is reassuring to see a prominent scientist confess that she has not always been correct and be forthright about the lessons she has learned along the way.

This kind of openness lets students like us feel as if we can acknowledge our past errors and strive for improvement in the future. You are taught by a leading specialist, yet it seems like you are being taught by a friend:

  • The most notable aspect of Jane’s communication style is that she speaks to you as if you were an old friend.
  • The level of specificity with which she describes her life and experiences is very captivating and makes you want to hear more and more.
  • Although the course may appear overly one-dimensional to some, the simplicity of hearing real-life tales makes it much simpler to concentrate and consider what is being stated.

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Conclusion: Jane Goodall Masterclass Review 2024

Taking this masterclass was truly a humbling experience. It provided me with so much insight into the world of conservation and helped me appreciate Jane Goodall’s incredible contributions even more than before.

If you have an interest in wildlife conservation or just want to learn from one of its most influential activists, then this masterclass is definitely for you.

It has been an honor to learn from one of the best conservationists in history. I highly recommend it! 

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