iurny By indigitall Review 2024: Does It Provide The Best Web Push Notifications Service?

iurny By indigitall

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IURNY By INDIGITALL is a global firm that provides a SaaS Marketing Automation solution that enables our clients to deliver their audience enhanced, segmented, interactive, and location-based push notifications. Through our clients' mobile apps and web pages, we cover the whole customer lifecycle, activating, converting, and keeping a greater number of people, and putting you up to win more moments of engagement.

Out of 10


  • Plugin update once in 90 days.
  • It maintain all the tracking reports.
  • Provides best customer services.
  • Supports Channel Attribution and Contextual Targeting.
  • No PHP errors during the activation.


  • No disadvantages yet.


Price: $ 16.45

You may have already heard about web push notifications, a new way for websites to send alerts to their visitors’ browsers. iurny By indigitallL plugin makes it easy to add this powerful feature to your WordPress website.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at how IURNY works and what kind of results you can expect from using it.

iurny By indigitallL Review: Who Can Use iurny?

Travel, publishing, restaurant and delivery, financial, and insurance marketers may employ website push notifications in order to boost bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Push messages to feature brief, succinct offers that promote engagement, conversion, and retention without the limits of forms.


Consider how often you’re working on Google Docs, watching a YouTube video, or considering takeout when something catches your eye out of the corner of your eye. An enticing offer diverts your attention away from your current task and directs you to a website you already know and trust.

Getting you to their intended destination is just half the fight for marketers. When you get to the second half, those that have perfected the first part will immerse you in highly personalized product and content experiences, inching you closer and closer to conversion.

Major Features and Benefits of iurny:

Here are some of the major features and benefits of iurny mentioned below for better understanding:


1. Scheduled Notifications: Schedule alerts for future delivery.

2. A/B Testing: Experiment with various messages to a subset of your visitors to see which ones are most successful, and then send the most effective message to the remainder of your visitors!

3. Real-Time Analytics: Monitor the delivery of your alerts in real-time and track their conversion to customers.

4. Targeting Segments: Send messages to individual consumers depending on their language, section, or several visits to your website, or even create your user characteristics.

5. Automatic Notifications: Notify customers using online push notifications whenever you post a new update or have a new offer. Alternatively, set up an automated reminder for them if they haven’t visited in a few days.

Why do I like iurny?

  • The plugin is updated at least once in roughly 90 days.
  • My automated tests didn’t find any resource errors while trying IURNY.
  • There were no activation errors while trying to activate this plugin.
  • The plugin creates less than 50 database tables.
  • No PHP errors were found during the activation.
  • The impact of IURNY on PageSpeed is less than the average impact of other plugins on WordPress.org plus 1000 milliseconds.
  • The memory usage of this plugin is less than the average memory usage of other plugins on WordPress.org plus 200 KB.

Free Web push notifications plugin – iurny By indigitall

iurny web push

Even if your audience isn’t on your website, they can be alerted in real time through their mobile and desktop browsers. Website push notifications from iurny are a fresh method to re-engage your visitors and customers.

Installing the free Webpush plugin on your WordPress site simply takes ten minutes. Now is the time to begin sending out campaigns!

In comparison to email or SMS, web push notifications offer a tenfold boost in benefits. E-commerce and informational websites alike would benefit greatly from this useful feature.

Take advantage of our free account and install our plugin iurny today!


Automatic Notifications – Send web push notifications to customers every time you publish a new update or you have a new offer. Or set up a reminder that gets automatically sent to them if they haven’t visited for a few days

Targeting Segments – Send notifications to specific customers based on language, section, number of times they’ve visited your web, or even set up your own user attributes that you can target

Supports Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), Microsoft Edge (Desktop & Android), Opera (Desktop & Android), Firefox (Desktop & Android) and Samsung Browser (Android).

Real Time Analytics – See your notifications being delivered in real time, and watch them as they convert into customers.

A/B Testing – Try out different messages to a smaller set of your visitors to figure out which messages are more effective and then send the more effective message to the rest of your visitors!

Scheduled Notifications – Schedule notifications to be delivered in the future.

Pricing :

Iurny pricing

FAQs On iurny By indigitall Review

What is iurny By indigitall?

iurny By indigitall is a web push notifications plugin that allows you to send push notifications to your website visitors.

How does iurny work?

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will need to create a notification campaign. You can then add recipients, create messages, and schedule notifications.

What types of notifications can I send with iurny?

You can send notifications for new blog posts, products, or any other type of content.

Can I target specific users with my iurny notifications?

Yes, you can target specific users based on their location, device type, or other criteria.

Can I send iurny notifications to users who have unsubscribed from my list?

No, you cannot send notifications to users who have unsubscribed from your list.

What browser do I need to use the IURNY plugin?

The plugin works with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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Conclusion: iurny By indigitall Review 2024

iurny By indigitall is a powerful web push notifications plugin that lets you easily add subscription-based notifications to your website.

With IURNY, you can quickly and easily create custom notification forms, manage subscribers, and send notifications to your subscribers. Plus, iurny includes a built-in stats dashboard that lets you track the performance of your notifications.

Overall, iurny is a powerful and user-friendly web push notifications plugin that lets you easily add subscription-based notifications to your website.

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