iSpring Solutions Suite Review 2024 (Pros & Cons) Discount Save Upto $154

One of the best-kept secrets in our industry is the iSpring Solutions product line. Their creative tools have a good reputation for engineering. They provide many features for creating online PowerPoint courses in Flash. And the price is appropriate for most budgets.

I recently installed the latest iSpring Solutions suite to test. (Note: iSpring Solutions is an occasional sponsor of this website.) The suite consists of three products:

  • iSpring Pro (the PowerPoint-based authoring tool)
  • iSpring Kinetics (the interaction generator)
  • iSpring QuizMaker (you guessed it)

Read More About iSpring Solutions Review 2024 in Detailed below:

iSpring Solutions products are valued by over 49,000 customers in 155 countries, including the largest universities and 170 Fortune 500 companies: HP, Intel, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, P & G, PepsiCo, and more. Based in Alexandria, Virginia.

iSpring Solutions Suite Review 2024 (Pros & Cons) Discount Save Upto $154

iSpring Solutions Suite Review

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  • iSpring Suite
  • iSpring Suite Full Service
  • iSpring QuizMaker
  • iSpring Converter Pro

About Ispring Solutions Review With iSpring Solutions Discount Coupon

iSpring Solutions Learn is a cloud-based online learning platform where companies can host content, share courses and quizzes, and track participants’ results. It is suitable for large companies.

Users can use PowerPoint to create interactive e-learning courses. Users can publish these courses online on the iSpring Solutions LMS website. Users can use the control panel to get an overview of their account. These include, but are not limited to, new and popular content, active users and groups, and other information. iSpring Solutions supports content such as test packages, simulations, SCORM, Flash, video, and audio.

iSpring solution review - start try

The user management system allows administrators to define users’ roles and access levels. The reporting system provides information about each student’s progress. A learning path feature allows users to create a course by combining multiple lessons or content items. You can set the order of lessons, the complete rules for each lesson, and other parameters.

iSpring Solutions offers an e-commerce option when users want to sell courses they create.

iSpring Learn is a fast and reliable LMS which is so straightforward and easy to use, you can literally launch in just one day. Please encourage you customers and prospects to test-drive the latest version, it’s free for 14 days.

Here’s how the new iSpring Learn can help your clients to speed up corporate learning:

  • Smart Assignments. The LMS can remove hassle from admins’ work. You just set rules, and iSpring Learn auto-assigns courses to all relevant employees and also tracks changes. Let’s say, if an employee moves to a new team, the LMS will automatically assign them to department-specific courses. Plus, the new release introduces a more flexible way to set course due dates.
  • Online Course Authoring. With the easy-to-use longread editor, you can easily create professional-looking eLearning courses right in iSpring Learn. To make your content engaging, add videos, images, and knowledge checks. Your courses adapt to any screen and play beautifully on all devices.
  • Zoom Web Meetings. Now, you can easily organize and host live online training in iSpring Learn. The LMS will notify your learners about webinars and changes in the schedule and create attendance reports.
  • Departments and sub-departments. You can organize employees in departments with an unlimited number of levels to mirror the actual structure of your company. This helps you to quickly assign courses to a specific department and run reports.

Key features of iSpring Solutions Learn

  • Mobile learning
  • User management
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Free mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Advanced reporting
  • Printable certificates
  • Domain aliases
  • Learning Paths
  • User deactivation
  • Custom development
  • Adaptive user portal
  • Cloud-based

iSpring solution review - details


Mobile Learning: iSpring Solutions Learn users can learn online and offline anytime, anywhere, as the learning management system provides a customizable portal and a free mobile application.

Economy: Flexible subscription packages are suitable for organizations of all sizes. All plans include payment only for active users.

Extensive reports: Although online learning takes place in a virtual classroom, its results are real. With a wealth of detailed reports, users can connect online training with concrete results.

iSpring solution review - About

Intuitive design: All documents loaded in the Learning Management System are systematized in a handy content library. Users can edit course elements, assign them to students, and set permissions in a single window.

Unlimited Space: Users can download all the content they want. iSpring Solutions Learn gives users unlimited disk space so all course materials can be mapped and tracked.

The latest version of iSpring, iSpring Suite 9.0

iSpring Suite 7
An enhancement to iSpring Suite 7 was the compatibility with the combined Flash + HTML5 format for multiple platforms. It allowed users to create projects for mobile devices that match the size and orientation of the screen.
ISpring Suite 7 comes with free iOS and Android mobile apps that allow content to be viewed offline. Applications collect statistics about learning activities, even if they are not connected to the Internet, and send them to a learning management system as soon as the connection is reestablished.

iSpring solution review - tech

iSpring Suite 8
Ispring Suite 8 introduces some new features in the toolbox.
Version 8 adds a conversation simulator that allows users to create simulated dialogs. In addition, iSpring Suite 8 has a screen recording tool that allows users to capture the screen and insert the recording into a PowerPoint slide, a recording audio/video editor. Screen and audio/video comments and a video player to display PowerPoint slides and video playback side by side.

iSpring 9 Suite
The ninth release, released in April 2018, features 14 new interactions, a new built-in video editor with advanced screen recording capabilities, and major improvements to the questionnaire editor: the new drag-and-drop question, the newly integrated editor equation. advanced comment options and 7 new questionnaire templates. The other feature of iSpring Suite 9 is the simple combination of LMS projects.

iSpring solution review - ispring


The iSpring Solutions Suite includes 5 creative components: the iSpring add-on, a questionnaire editor, a conversation simulator, a screen capture tool, and an interaction editor, as well as a set of independent tools that can be used individually or together. Other components available in the publishing interface include PowerPoint to Video / YouTube (available separately as iSpring Solutions River) and the iSpring Cloud Hosting and Sharing Platform.
iSpring Solutions Converter Pro converts PowerPoint presentations into online presentations. It supports standard PowerPoint features such as animations, transition effects, and speech features.

Getting Started
After installation, the iSpring Solutions Suite toolbar appears as a tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. Find all the tools you need to publish, manage the presentation, record media, add SWFs, create questionnaires, and create interactions.

Manage slides
When you work in Ispring Solutions Pro, you manage the course’s features through the Presentation Explorer shown below. Here you can change the title of the slide, the hierarchy, the visibility, the advanced method, the duration, and the presentation. You can also add background music and create a loop playback.

iSpring solution review - boast

Record and add media
In terms of media, you can record videos through a webcam, record and import audio, and add a YouTube video if your course is online on a public server.
The Manage Narration Tool manages most multimedia functions. Here’s an intuitive interface for expanding or collapsing the story along the timeline to place the elements where you want them. This makes it easier to split an audio file into multiple slides (see below). You can also sync an audio track to a video and sync actions on the screen.

Although you can capture a webcam video and add a published Flash file, it is difficult to run other video formats. You can import AVI, WMV, MPG, and MP4 files from the Manage Comments tool or the Insert menu in PowerPoint. I think that’s the best option. However, you should also install a free codec package for these video formats to work in your published course.

The iSpring Solutions Knowledge Base recommends installing the free software FFMPEG or K-Lite. If your classes require a lot of videos, I recommend you download the free trial version of iSpring Solutions to see if it can be successful. I would say that this is the weakest point of iSpring Pro, even if you do not need the video, it’s no problem. Although I’m aware of the licensing issues, I hope a future release of the FLV video is compatible with a built-in codec.

Build interactions
Kinetics is the interaction generator of iSpring Solutions. When you buy the package, it is integrated into the toolbar, but it also works as a separate tool. So far, there are four interactions. I could use something more.
The 3D book will create one of those Flash books in which you will drag a page. In this directory, you can create references, resources, and glossaries. This seems very useful to provide additional information that the students themselves can explore. Interaction of Frequently Asked Questions can be used for all kinds of questions and answers. Finally, the timeline interaction lets you add content in a chronological format.

iSpring solution review - service

Like Kinetics, iSpring Solutions QuizMaker integrates with the suite or acts as a stand-alone tool for creating polls and reviews. You will probably appreciate the variety of questions asked. In addition to the standards you expect, you can find more in the following toolbar.

Streamline Player is the look and feel of the controls that are playing. You can access it via the Publish button. You will find many parameters and options to customize the look. I like the design and organization of this dialog box. It’s easy to understand and use, with a drop-down menu at the top left to select any category of options.

If you want even more options, eLearning Brothers will sell PowerPoint presentations and other models that work well with iSpring Solutions review.

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use, versatility, price, function. learning route
  • Friendly application, easily accessible and downloadable on the phone.
  • Excellent support, easy implementation, personalized reports with detailed information.
  • Easy to use with good interactive elements. Make the content more interesting and interesting for the students. You can add tests to the classes.


  • I would be happy if it would be possible to customize the design and mark the login page of your LMS account
  • expensive, I can not download the creator of the test on different computers with the same account
  • The functionality is limited compared to the paid software, but this is reconciled with the price-performance ratio.

iSpring Solutions Review Pricing Plan (iSpring Solutions Discount Coupon)

Starting at: $ 3.27 / month
Tariff model: Subscription
Free trial: available (credit card is not required)
With iSpring Solutions Learn you can invite and register as many users as you like. Pay only for active users. The cost per active user per month varies from $ 1.40 to $ 3.27 depending on your subscription plan.

iSpring Solutions Suite Review

iSpring Solutions Learn LMS offers four price plans for small and medium businesses and businesses, depending on the number of active users. A free trial plan is also available. Examine the details and choose your plan:

iSpring solution review - discount price

  • 100 active users – 3.27 USD per active user and billed monthly
  • 300 active users: USD 2.87 per active user and billed monthly
  • 500 active users – $ 2.66 per active user and billed monthly
  • Custom: You can get a custom plan for any number of users.

Use Discount Code : BID15 At Check Out, This coupon works on following products of iSpring Solutions

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Conclusion: iSpring Solutions Review (iSpring Solutions Discount Coupon)

| Is beneficial Or Not?

E-learning toolkit for designing receptive classes for multiple devices. The iSpring Solutions Suite optimizes its online courses with training videos, interactive reviews and dialogue simulations.

It is a user-friendly tool that is compatible with all LMS. It’s software without a learning curve: just what you need in time. Attend the 50,000-course developers who have already opted for Ispring Solutions and save time every day with iSpring Solutions Suite.

iSpring Solutions Pro is one of the many creative tools to convert PowerPoint to SWF format (Flash format). Initially, the publishing options seem to contain what you expect: CD, Web, iSpring Solutions Online, or a learning management system with standard SCORM options. Upon closer inspection, you will discover other unique options, such as: For example, publishing each slide in a separate SWF file. create an EXE file; and access to various compression and protection configurations.

The iSpring Solutions Suite offers many of the features that are sought after by many eLearning designers and developers. This is not only a good starting point but also a good tool for your collection.

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