Is Mindvalley Any good? Is Mindvalley Worth a subscription?

Are you looking for Mindvalley Subscription? Is Mindvalley Any good, you will get your answer in this article.

Traditional education is no longer working for people. It’s expensive, doesn’t teach you what you need to know, and leaves you feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Learning new skills can be incredibly challenging, especially if you don’t have any guidance. You might feel like you’re spending a lot of time and money on something that’s not going to work out in the end.

Mindvalley offers an innovative full-spectrum learning platform that will help you learn whatever it is that you want to know. Our video courses and articles are designed by some of the world’s top experts, and our intelligent approach guarantees your success.

What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is just an online learning tool that is a little bit different from the typical academic platform that you would normally use. Vishen Lakhiani, an entrepreneur, author, and activist who has several talents, established the company in 2003.

 mindvalley: Is Mindvalley Any good

This online learning platform places an emphasis on individual development by cultivating all facets of the human transformation process.

It is home to an incredible 10 million students from all corners of the globe and has a staff of more than 300 people from other countries

Mindvalley is an online educational platform that provides personal development classes covering all facets of the process of human change. Its educational activities are referred to as Quests, and they are both engaging and easy to comprehend.

When compared to other online platforms, one that has a robust online community that is committed and friendly in supporting your learning opportunity will stand out as being superior.

You have the option of purchasing a single quest or subscribing to an “all access” subscription, which may either be paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. In addition, Mindvalley provides its users with a taste of the platform via its weekly free Masterclasses.

Mindvalley Pricing:

When it comes to buying Mindvalley’s educational programs, customers have a few different choices. You have the option of purchasing a single Quest, also known as a course or signing up for a full access subscription, for which you will be charged on a monthly or annual basis.

mindvalley pricing

Individual Quests

The prices of its separate quests range somewhere from $199 to up to $499 each. Therefore, if you already have a quest in mind, you should choose this option instead. The following is a list of what is included in your purchase of Individual Quests:

  • Access to the course materials is lifelong.
  • Free annual updates to the existing curriculum materials.
  • Additional content that may or may not is related to the course in concern.
  • Access to the Mindvalley learning community for an endless period of time.

All Access Memberships:

There are a few membership levels available to choose from if you want full access to the site as well as complete freedom to use it.

  • Monthly Membership – $99 a month (Pay monthly, cancel anytime)
  • Yearly Membership – $499.20 a year – working out at $41.60 a month

You have the option to participate in the Mindvalley community and enjoy quests whenever you choose with the freedom afforded to you by the monthly and annual All Access Mindvalley subscriptions.

The following are examples of members who are part of it:

  • Unrestricted access to the whole of Mindvalley’s teaching materials.
  • Weekly Mindvalley Live Sessions that include some of today’s most influential trainers, best-selling authors, and celebrities.
  • Access to all of Mindvalley’s Meditations.
  • You will be granted access to Mindvalley’s exclusive social network, where you can interact with other members, learn from them, and develop together.
  • Your purchase is completely risk-free since you can get a refund with only one click during the first 15 days.
  • When you pick an annual membership, you will get a discount applicable for life.

Mindvalley Competitors

Here is the comparison of Mindvalley’s Competitors:

MindValley Vs Gaia

Therefore, if you’re the kind of person who wants to grow spiritually and metaphysically, there aren’t a lot of options available to you, albeit the ones you DO have are rather wonderful. At the moment, the two leading challengers for your spiritual education and growth are Gaia and Mindvalley.

Each of them is sufficiently distinctive in its own right, and each of them is highly specialized in the services they provide. Not only that, they are all highly regarded by previous users, and millions of users every day leave feeling delighted with the courses, lectures, and knowledge available via them.

The issue now is which one SHOULD you choose? To that end, let us examine various distinct issues and compare and contrast them to assist you in making a selection.

Mindvalley’s user interface is simple and intuitive, and there isn’t much more to say about it in terms of evaluation other than that it’s similar to utilizing any other Online Learning platform.

You just log in and have access to categories, saved searches, previously completed classes and workshops, as well as your progress and account information. Efficacious and clean.

Gaia, on the other hand, is a little bit different in that its platform is still in its infancy and is distributed through a variety of various channels, including articles, magazine downloads, and streaming. You can view all of the videos on it and stream them to your smart TVs, but it seems to be somewhat difficult to connect to.

Not only that, but the user interface is completely unintuitive and difficult to use, which means you often get lost when trying to view a video about meditation or anything similar.

Additionally, some users note that certain topics are classified incorrectly, but this has been resolved and is one of the areas in which Gaia is constantly improving with each platform upgrade.

Final Verdict: MindValley Vs Gaia

In general, there isn’t much difference between them.

Thus, what is the true difference between them, and which one should you choose? That’s a difficult response to provide, given that they each do something unique and offer enough distinct services to be regarded as distinct platforms in their own right.

Finally, if you stick to pure price, you’ll receive a lot more for your money with Gaia, since it’s the less expensive alternative. However, if you’re looking for something that’s less spread out in terms of what it can give and relies on a large number of the world’s finest experts to create material for them, you’ll want to go with Mindvalley.

If you’re interested in streaming and just being delighted by what’s available, Gaia is probably the best option, since it can be accessed from any device, while Mindvalley is exclusively an Online Learning platform with lectures, courses, supplementary reading, and conversations.

Overall, which is best for you depends on what you want to get out of them and if the price fits your budget.

MindValley Vs Headspace

Here is the comparison Of MindValley Vs Headspace:


Headspace is a mindfulness application with an intuitive UI that demystifies and intimidates meditation.

According to TechCrunch, Headspace is the second most often downloaded mindfulness app in the world, behind only Calm in terms of downloads, with millions.

After making an account, you’re transported to the site, where you’re welcomed with “Wake Up,” a brief sequence of movies that explain ideas such as letting go or walking away from mental pressures (at times, the video features a celebrity).

The bottom menu bar has four categories that you may change between: Meditate, Sleep, Move, and Focus.


Mindvalley is a program that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. It consists of over 30 courses, dubbed quests by wellness professionals, which users may enroll in order to improve their well-being. Some are complimentary, while others are fee-based. The online self-development platform is staffed by a team of specialists that can assist you with your transition.

In spite of the fact that the organization has outposts all over the globe, its primary operations are carried out in Malaysia. At the time of the publishing of this Mindvalley review, the company had over 12 million students and was operating in 80 different countries.

With Mindvalley, you won’t be lost in the dark, attempting to discover the correct path.

It includes an evaluation exam to assist you in determining which areas of your life need nutrition. It lasts 22 minutes and the findings assist you in customizing your course.

Accenture, Facebook, Google, Duracell, Emirates, ExxonMobil, WeWork, and PWC are among the firms that use Mindvalley.

Courses and quests in Mindvalley come with a timeline that outlines the total number of hours necessary to finish the course or quest, in addition to providing information on the credentials of the trainer. In addition, the website provides information about the next admission date, which enables both instructors and students to plan ahead.

Final Verdict: MindValley Vs Headspace

The only major advantage that Headspace has over MindValley is that it has a slightly better history and content as compared to MindValley. However, the features that you get at MindValley cannot be compared to any.

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Conclusion: Is Mindvalley Any good?

Wondering if Mindvalley is any good?

We’re glad you asked! Mindvalley is one of the world’s leading education companies, and for good reason. We offer life-changing courses on personal growth, mindfulness, productivity, creativity, and more.

Our programs have helped millions of people around the world achieve their goals and live better lives.

With over 1 million happy students, we know that Mindvalley works. And our team of experts is constantly updating our courses to make sure they stay ahead of the curve. So whether you want to learn about business, health, or personal growth, we have a course for you.

If you’re looking to improve yourself in any way, Mindvalley is the perfect place to start.

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