Is Mindvalley All-Access Pass Worth It?

In this article, we will discuss Is Mindvalley All-Access Pass Worth It?

I am fascinated with personal development. I am always striving to become a good human than I was yesterday.

This growth attitude is what lead me to Mindvalley, the self-development, and enlightenment-focused education platform.

Surely you’ve encountered Mindvalley before. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely wondered, “Is Mindvalley worth it? Will joining Mindvalley help me become a better person?”

In this amazing review, I will provide comprehensive information on Mindvalley and its All-Access Pass Worth It. I will discuss Mindvalley’s price and if it is really worth it.

What Is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is a virtual education portal that provides personal development courses exclusively. What courses are offered? Reading comprehension, conscious uncoupling, meditation, public speaking, and dieting are some of the skills taught by Silva Ultramind.

Mindvalley offers a variety of courses ranging from the immediately useful (public speaking) to more long-term (spiritual development) (awaken the species). But at its core, Mindvalley focuses on assisting you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Mindvalley was founded in 2002 and currently has over 10 million students registered in its self-help courses.

These courses include video lessons, question and answer sessions, assignments, and discussion groups. Mindvalley offers over 30 self-improvement courses taught by industry leaders.

They continuously introduce new courses, guaranteeing that you constantly have access to the top online self-improvement courses!

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Is Mindvalley’s All-Access Pass Worth It?

Is Mindvalley All-Access Pass Worth It

The courses are of superior quality since they are all taught by professionals. The cost of a Mindvalley Subscription is $499 per year. Mindvalley is worthwhile because the abilities you acquire there may be applied to every aspect of your life. I have completed sixteen quests on Mindvalley and believe it is one of the greatest learning platforms.

Is Mindvalley All Access A Good Deal?

If you are interested in completing several Mindvalley Quests, I believe Mindvalley All Access is an excellent price.

The cost of a single quest is $350. Two missions are $700! That is not pocket change. With the All Access year membership, however, you may access all courses for just $499.

If take 2 classes, you’re saving over 200 bucks. If you complete 3 courses, you’ve saved $550. You would have saved $3,000 if you had completed 10 courses in one year.

Mindvalley All Access is thus an excellent value if you intend to utilize the platform. It’s like a gym membership: if you utilize it, it’s a terrific value! If you acquire an annual membership to Mindvalley All Access and then…don’t utilize it, then Mindvalley All Access is probably not a good value for you.

Therefore, you must determine whether Mindvalley is suitable for you.

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How Much Does Mindvalley Cost?

The moment has come to discuss the price. Mindvalley courses may be bought separately, or you can subscribe to Mindvalley All Access to have access to all their key courses.

MindValley Worth The Price

Individual Mindvalley Class Price

Individual quests formerly cost around $199 to $499 apiece, however as Mindvalley Membership gives a considerably greater deal for the money, the firm has discontinued selling individual quests. Mindvalley also provides a 7-day free quest titled “The 6 Phase Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani” as well as more than 25 free masterclasses.

Price of Mindvalley University

Mindvalley University is still only accessible to students with a Mindvalley Membership or Global Campus Membership, hence a membership cost is required. The adult ticket price begins at $1,299. Teenagers and children may get tickets for $1,099 at a modest discount. Free admission is provided to children under seven years old. The ticket fee does not cover lodging, food, or transportation expenses.

How Much Does Mindvalley A-Fest Cost?

Mindvalley A-Fests are elite and prestigious gatherings. You must first apply to become a member of the Mindvalley Global Campus. If you are accepted (typically within one week), you must pay $995 each year to guarantee your membership.

After paying the membership fee, you would be able to buy A-Fest tickets for $3,495 or more. The earlier members purchase tickets, the cheaper they are.

This pricing covers the cost of the event in addition to four lunches, one supper, and an open bar, but not airfare, ground transportation, or lodging. The majority of A-Fest guests are business owners, artists, thought leaders, physicians, authors, presenters, professional sports, and stars from Hollywood.

As soon as their membership is current, Global University Members will be welcomed to A-Fest annually without having to apply again.

In addition, they will get a free Mindvalley Quest membership and loss access to Mindvalley Live and Mindvalley University. Global University Members are regarded as VIPs, given preferential seating, and able to attend special meals and meetings with Vishen.

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Conclusion: Is Mindvalley All-Access Pass Worth It?

Overall, I believe that the Mindvalley All Access subscription is definitely worth it. Not only do you have access to an amazing range of courses on personal growth and development, but you can also join a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and grow as a person, then I would highly recommend giving Mindvalley All Access a try!

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