IPRoyal Affiliate Program Review 2024 Dont JOIN and Get SCAMMED

Trustworthy affiliate programs are an absolute must in the dynamic field of affiliate marketing. Because of my extensive involvement in the affiliate marketing industry, I am continuously seeking out new options that will help my audience while also generating revenue for myself.

Unfortunately, my experience with the IPRoyal Affiliate Program was nothing short of a fraud, leaving me feeling duped and misled. I am so disappointed with IPRoyal affiliate that now I have to tell you my side of the story in detail, so get ready for the real truth of this company.

Caution: Avoid joining the IPRoyal in-house affiliate program, as they have a track record of unfairly withholding your hard-earned commissions. Instead, consider enrolling in their affiliate program through Impact.com for a more secure and transparent experience. Impact.com is a highly reputable affiliate partner known for its trustworthiness and reliability.

IPRoyal Affiliate Program Review Don’t join at all

IProyal affiliate scams proxy program scam

A Positive Beginning

Recurring commissions are a major selling point for affiliate marketing programs like the IPRoyal Affiliate Program. Promoting their services, bringing in clients, and eventually receiving a cut of their earnings looked like a good deal. I thought I had found a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so I immediately signed up, thinking it would be mutually beneficial.

Iproyal scam affiliate programs Iproyal Scams affiliate program

So you can see screenshots from marketing manager Justas Palekas. He clearly doesn’t care for the negative review for their company and doesn’t have any clear explanation for removing my recurring commissions. IProyal did pay me for sponsored listing in 2021 and 2022 but their period got over for top positions. So I had to remove them and deal with other companies; this is nothing against the contract of IPRoyal.

Justas keeps exaggerating about the top positions. I never made a deal for lifetime positions with them, and he wants me to put IPRoyal at top positions again without upfront payment.

If you are feeling confused about listing, kindly check out the proxy companies I am promoting here so you will have a better idea of what I am talking about.

Look at his reply to the company’s negative review; he is a marketing manager who really doesn’t care for his company. 

IProyal scams Proxy affiliate program scam

The First Gains

When I first started working with IPRoyal, everything seemed good. I promoted their services, and my efforts were not in vain. After I began receiving payments, I knew I had joined their affiliate program wisely. It empowered me to wholeheartedly endorse their services to my audience.

The Tricky Shift

But I started to see some worrying shifts as time went on. In a very unexpected move, IPRoyal changed the rules of their affiliate program with no warning or explanation. Our profits were slashed in half because they lowered the affiliate commission rates. This shift was totally unexpected and betrayed the faith I had put in them.

Commission Fraud That Continues

IProyal review scam

The way IPRoyal dealt with ongoing commissions was the most surprising part of my experience with the company. Affiliate marketing has taught me that commissions can change depending on how customers act. But IPRoyal elevated it to an all-new level. In addition to lowering the recurring commission rates, they went ahead and adjusted them for my current referrals.

Commission cuts that were implemented after the fact really impacted. I had invested much in acquiring clients, thinking that I would maintain a reasonable cut of their profits. I was disappointed since IPRoyal broke their promise and took my hard-earned commissions.

They haven’t paid my recurring commission since October 2023, I believe, and now they have an affiliate program on Impact.com. They cut down my recurring commissions to zero and never informed me of this.

So, what do you think about this scam company IPRoyal?

If they had informed me of the whole situation earlier, I would have thought and tried to find a bridge to work with them. I am a very friendly affiliate marketer who likes to do business with kindness and empathy.

Inadequate Accountability and Communication

Throughout this whole mess, IPRoyal was completely secretive and unaccountable. Affiliates like myself were caught unaware and perplexed because they did not sufficiently discuss these major changes. There was complete dead air when I attempted to contact their support staff for answers. It seems like they didn’t care about the affiliates who helped them succeed.

The Big Time Scam

Affiliate marketers’ faith is being taken advantage of by the IPRoyal Affiliate Program, which is a major fraud in my view. Their repeated commission promises will entice you, but they will surprise you by pulling the rug out from under you. The livelihoods of their affiliates are negatively impacted by their immoral acts.

Final Thoughts: IPRoyal Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate marketers should take note of my story on the IPRoyal Affiliate Program. If you pick your affiliates carefully, affiliate marketing may be a very profitable venture. My disappointment and frustration are at an all-time high due to IPRoyal’s dishonesty and lack of transparency.

I strongly suggest that other affiliate marketers look for affiliate relationships that prioritize honesty, equity, and trust instead of this program. Ultimately, we must do what is necessary to safeguard our commissions and keep the affiliate marketing business honest.

Check out some trusted proxy affiliate programs like Oxylabs, SmartProxy, ProxyEmpire, and Rayobyte.com. They do pay commissions on time and never cheat their affiliates.

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