Interview with Sanket Bhatt from Dhinchak Mumbai: Sharing Inspiring Journey

As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have kickass & inspiring Sanket Bhatt from Dhinchak Mumbai. Today he will be sharing his failures in entrepreneurship, roadblocks to entrepreneurship & how he overcome them. Sanket had to struggle a lot in beginning to achieve his success. He is a leading college and youth entertainment portal of the Mumbai i.e  Dhinchak Mumbai. I am sure you will learn lot from his entrepreneurship skills.

So lets get started with Sanket.

Sanket Bhatt interview

First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposal. My readers are glad to have you here. Please tell us about yourself and your educational background ?

Hi I am Sanket Bhatt,  Founder of Dhinchak Media L.L.P Ventures . I proudly ,one of the leading college and youth entertainment portal of Mumbai. Dhinchak Productions (Previously known as Moksh WRTS) we deal in event management and event productions. Right from Sound, Lights, Video to Getting Shahrukh Khan to dance at your wedding.

We provide everything. A complete 360 degree event solutions. And my third vertical is Dhinchak Communications. thatprovides marketing solutions to Brands and Movies to help them promote in the college and college festivals.

I have completed my BMM (Advertising) in 2011 and now pursuing my Masters in Event and Sports management at Kedge Business School in France. I could not believe that I will study this far as I always believed in gaining knowledge by experience and trying something different and not just studying for marks and gaining a degree. Luckily I scored well because this field and subjects excite me and so I decided to complete masters.

What is the reason behind your success? Who introduce you to entrepreneurship?

There was no such introduction to entrepreneurship. It was the way I lived my entire life.  People say I am one of the deadliest combinations in the world. My mother is Gujarati (born with an MBA degree :-P) , My father is a Maharashtrian, so never give up attitude comes (Marnahaiyamarnahai.. there is no other option ) from his side and also I am very stubborn . I have been raised with Marwadi and Kuttchis kids and their family.

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So right from childhood I have never seen anybody going to a job and get salaries. All I heard was business. I studied in a Sindhi college till my graduation, so lots of Sindhis around me (another successful business community) Soall these small factors played a very important role in how I see things and situations and what I wanted to do.

I don’t think or recall anytime in my life that I have said when I grow up I will become a doctor or engineer or a scientist. I always said I would make companies, which will provide jobs to all these people.

How did you make your first online income? How much time did it take to make money online?

Online is a very patience games. For the 1st6 month there were hardly any people writing contentor We went to all the events and no body even knew this name and who we were, forget people working and the online revenue. But over 1 year we made brand name strong and invested all we earn from the event management into this website.

It was after 1 and half year that we received our 1st Paid Advertisement on the site. There were time, when we thought of closing the site and focus on the venture which is getting us money. But it was patience that helped us to survive. India is still yet not exploited on the online front, there is a huge potential for the all the online ventures but they should also understand it’s a long term game. The person who manages to stand till the end wins.

How do you share your success with your friends? What you suggest them about entrepreneurship?

Friends are very important. I am fortunate enough to start my ventures with my friends. Few of them left due to some constraints but they are still connected and equally care about the ventures as their own baby. I have lost my cool many a times but it were my friends who understood what I need and what is to be done at the right time and they took control over everything.

That’s how Dhinchak Survived and today it is growing at fast pace. Entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster… you just sit tight and enjoy the ride…it will be fast at some times, slow at times, steep turns and many a times a complete 360 degree flips..but that’s the fun. Entrepreneurship is a journey , its not a achievement.

What are the risks involved in entrepreneurship. Please tell us?

Well everything in life has a risk. No Risk No gains. I don’t call it risk..I called it learning. There are many things you might not know and you will learn it the harder way. I learnt many things by completely being into shit, almost broke down and lost everything I made till that day (which was a lot :P). Cried for 2 days and then got up and started working again. Yes, if you feel that you will loose everything you made because of something you didn’t know and anticipate that is a risk.

But are you ready to take that risk? If yes, then join ..if no, then better search for a job. 23 penaukri.. 25 pechokri .. 28 that life like most of the people on the planet. But if you want to do something different, then risk to lenapadega boss.

What do you think about parental pressure for doing job. Most of the youth are forced for job?

Like every parent, even my parents wanted me to do a decent job and get away from business (even though they have their own companies)..Because they know it’s hectic work. But I don’t believe parents  should pressure their kids to take any decisions. It’s their life; let them learn their own lessons. Let them have their own experiences.

Also, I believe if you can’t sell your idea to parents toh boss customers aur clients kokyabechogey??? Start selling your ideas from your house then think to capture world.

How to recover from failures in entrepreneur.  Please answer in brief?

I got some really crazy way to rise from failures. Don’t know whether it will be applicable to everyone. 1 quarter of Old monk with friends is a good way to begin recovery. Loud music, alone walks and if possible a short trip (trips means not running away from the problem)..You need to recover from that sad part, until you don’t, you wont find the solution to rectify it.

But on a serious note, just try to console yourself. Shit happens. Its ok to make mistakes, everybody makes one. So what this thing failed and it didn’t work. Ideas fail, people don’t. Just try to find what went wrong and find a solution for it.

What hurdles you faced in the beginning of entrepreneurship?

Well there were lot many. Who would listen to a 16 year old guy..skinny as a stick with lose formal clothes and a engage QD cell phone with a loud ringtone and with a email ID called[email protected] .. lol!!! I was always asked “aapkesaath koi badahai? ” .

Also, no investment to even print visiting cards. “Sorry I am out of can take down my number on your phone”, I have used this for a very long time until I managed to print my visiting cards. Besides these small hurdles, there was no office space. Sometimes even I travelled ticketless to attend meetings at the other end of the city (I was too stubborn to ask money from my parents :P) .

But that the part of journey. Now I think, if I didn’t go through all that during that phase of my life, you guys wont be interviewing me and listening to the shit I am saying. Its just hurdles and hardships which make your story interesting. So whenever something is bad or a big hurdle is in your way, just thank god that you will another interesting chapter to share with your people.

As there is stiff competition in market for startups, how to survive in this competition?

I believe there is no competition. It just that you and other companies are working in the same direction. Try to help each other and go ahead. Well, I understood this at the very beginning. Till now my friends or competitors even forward business leads if they are not able to do certain task and similarly we also do it. Keep your focus clear.

Try to develop the eco-system not just your venture. When you develop the eco-systemaround your business it will eventually benefit you and your venture only. So, don’t believe in competition. Be good and work will follow you.

How many times you failed as an entrepreneur. How did you recover from that?

I started my journey with Moksh WRTS. The 1st event planned under this name on 31stJanuary 2009 never happened. It got cancelled 1 day before the date and that was when my focus and dedication became firm. I cried a lot during that day but decided that I will make the best company in the world. It was a 1st major failure but I recovered from that with firm dedication.

During the journey around 2013, there was time when we lost major money and because of it we also lost our office space.

There was no business and we didn’t know what to do next. During the peak time, when everybody had work, we were sitting jobless and just burning up our l remaining money on chai and cigarettes. But it was just a phase it went away. In 2 month we started with full force and managed to bag some huge events for some very big clients. We managed to recover everything we lost in a span of 6 months.

Did you have support from your family in the beginning for entrepreneurship ? Did you face any harsh comments from your relatives for your passion ?

Initially, my parents never liked me working in events. I used to always come late and many a time even missed college because of it. But eventually when they understood, it is impossible to change any decision Sanket makes, they gave up ..finally.hahaha! But I know that they were being so hard on me, so that I managed to learn pressures from all sides.

Even if sometimes, they don’t understand, what your really do and comment harsh on it, just don’t feel bad. Just move on and credit them when you get success. They will realize that they didn’t understand you well. Fighting ,rona-dhona, drama and all is too cliché.

How did you grow your startups. What plans you made for it?

Starting from a one single event management company called Moksh WRTS, today we areDhinchak Media LLP with 3 verticals. All of them running very good. Yes, still lot many ideas keep floating and will execute them soon. On Dhinchak Productions front, we are very well present Pan India covering all major metros, Dubai and now soon in Europe too.

The online venture is in Mumbai as now and we plan to start, and soon.

What advice you have for budding entrepreneurs?

 0Just simply follow what your heart says. When everything in the world will stop and you won’t have any clue where to go and what to do. Just follow what your gut says. Do that. It will work. Almost 100%  of the times. Last but not the least, not for only entrepreneurs but for everyone.

“In your life, try to find that one thing which you will do with full dedication. You will do that with 200% dedication, no cheating, no manipulating..Nothing. One thing you will do with full heart when you have everything in the world. You will do it even when you got all the wealth, health, security, and love.

And find that one thing which you will do with same dedications and love when you don’t have anything. No money, No people, No love, No security. But you will still do it because you love it..The day you find these two thing and do them, your will be sorted and when both the things are one, your life will be awesome”

For me it was events and ideas. If your take everything from me, I will still stay whole night up to execute my productions and my ideas and I will do the same even when I will have my Lamborghini parked at the event venue holding a chai ka cup and smoking my cigarettes.

I hope you enjoy this interview with SanketIf you have any questions about this interview, please do ask in the comments below !

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