Interview of Mobidea CEO Antoine: How Mobile Industry is Changing in 2017

In this interview I have Antoine CEO of affiliate network of Mobidea. He will be answering various questions related to Digital Media & other Internet Marketing stuffs.  Antoine Moreau is the commander-in-chief of Mobidea, a technology-driven network in the mobile affiliate marketing industry. Mobidea is a Mobile Affiliate Network. They specialize in mobile subscriptions, pin submits, sweepstakes and app install offers.

So lets start with the interview.


1 – Jitendra: Thanks a lot for coming here to speak to us all at bloggersideas. Please introduce yourself and Mobidea to our readers?

Antoine:  I’m Antoine, Mobidea’s CEO. Mobidea was founded in June of 2011 in Luxembourg. We now have offices in Portugal, Romania and Mexico. We focus on mobile content offers, pin submits and sweepstakes offers. We’re proud to have more than 70.000 affiliates currently registered in our affiliate network. Moreover, we’re focusing on educational content so as to help our affiliates and those who want to start earning big in this industry. This is why we created the Mobidea Academy and also why we actually provide an array of guides, tips and tutorials, not only for beginners but also for affiliate marketing advanced players.

2 – Jitendra: What are your favorite social media tools? Which tools do you prefer to use so as to increase user engagement?

Antoine: I really enjoy exploring MailChimp since it allows Mobidea to create awesome newsletters and showcase what’s great about our network. SEMRush is another amazing tool I use on a daily basis because it really helps us understand the type of social media content our affiliates love the most.

3 – Jitendra: How did you create the concept of Mobidea? Can you share something in detail?

Antoine: I started my journey as an affiliate marketer 12 years ago. Mobidea was born out of the frustrations I experienced while working with different networks. I hired a team to build tools and I also managed the campaigns I was running. Then, we figured out that what we’d built could be useful for more people.

4 – Jitendra: Do you fear that web surfers have browsers which can auto-clean cookies at the end of each browsing session? What if this becomes a default feature on browsers?

Antoine: I believe that this possibility would mainly impact desktop advertising. Of course it would also impact mobile, but to a lesser extent. At Mobidea, we are focused on mobile advertising. This means those auto-clean cookies wouldn’t really have a big impact. Our Smartlink technology that maximizes the revenue of affiliates doesn’t rely only on cookie-based retargeting but also on other methods.

5 – Jitendra: Why is Mobidea focused on mobile affiliate opportunities? Why not focus on all affiliate opportunities like the market’s other main players?

Antoine: That’s a great question. Mobidea aim is quite simple: to have a mindset that’s always passionate about progress and technology. That’s why mobile is so crucial to us. There are also other reasons to invest in mobile: first, the billing system is simple; second, the market has great potential and is growing every year; third, our company has developed the technological expertise for the magic to happen. We love mobile. In fact, we’re even expanding our reach and making sure our affiliates have the chance to experience a wider range of mobile offers. We’ve started by integrating Nutrition campaigns now and will invest on some other verticals in the near future.

6 – Jitendra: Mobidea has a hot feature called Smartlink. Can you describe what are the benefits and qualities of this tool to affiliates?

Antoine: The Smartlink will automatically optimize the offers shown to each user based on their segment. The Smartlink will always select the offer that generates the highest revenue for you, and it’s constantly being updated. You can use the Smartlink on the following verticals: Mainstream, Mainstream Incent, Mainstream CPI, and Adult.

7 – Jitendra: Let me see if I got it: affiliates send traffic via Smartlink® and then your algorithm figures out how that traffic can make the most money for the affiliates?

Antoine: I’d say that’s an accurate description. We launched this feature more than 3 years ago and it gave us an important technological advance when compared to our competitors which launched similar rotators last year or even this year. This feature is pretty cool because it accesses our offers’ performance in real-time, therefore building a campaign ranking based on those same results. Then, the Smartlink analyzes your user’s segment (country + device + mobile carrier plus 15 other criteria) and presents them that ranking’s best offer.

8 – Jitendra: One of the critical decisions a newbie affiliate marketer has to make is choosing what product or service to promote. How do you do it? What is your process for selecting products or services to promote to have the greatest chance of success?


  • A vertical I like
  • Be patient

The offers that will give you your best chances will be a mirror of what your audience wants, or of what your traffic is expected to go for. In fact, you’ll probably be successful promoting app installs on your Facebook Games fanpage. Nonetheless, you can also have outstanding results with a mobile entertainment subscription single offer on a website that promotes such content.

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Then you’ve got to ask yourself: “Do I want to keep being the one who has to optimize campaigns and select which offers to run on my traffic?” If not, go with the Smartlink. If you feel like you can select offers on your own, then explore away! There are plenty of single offers for you to choose from on Mobidea.

9 – Jitendra: What are the main competitive advantages of working with Mobidea?


  • Daily payments
  • Smartlink
  • Support 7/7
  • 1000+ Offers
  • 80% Revenue share

10 – Jitendra: What are your goals for Mobidea’s next 2 years?


  • Launch a brand-new, revamped Mobidea Academy and invest on the education of industry affiliates.
  • Launch a new version of the Android and iOS apps so as to simplify the lives of our affiliates.
  • Keep innovating, innovating, and innovating some more in order to help affiliates generate even more revenue.

11 – Jitendra: How can Mobidea monetize mobile offers better than the competition? What’s so great about Mobidea that makes the competition pale in comparison?

Antoine: Mobidea is a great platform for mobile offers. It’s pretty much something we’re terrific at. That’s why you know that – with Mobidea – you’re gonna be in great hands. We also have some core strengths that make us powerful players in this game: a) our in-house built technology which optimizes all traffic and gives us that extra edge; b) our remarkable team of multicultural and experienced affiliate managers, who look after our publishers’ best interests; c) an incredible advertisers department that’s always bringing in direct partners who provide the most competitive and profitable offers; d) a solid support team that’s always able to respond to every single request. Our aim is to constantly provide the best possible service to our hard-working affiliates.

12- Jitendra: Mobidea is also investing on the educational side, especially through the Mobidea Academy. Do you have tutorials on how to work with your platform? Can you explain the aim of the Mobidea Academy?


    • The Mobidea Academy is a platform in which Media Buyers, Webmasters and Affiliate Marketing enthusiasts can find a whole arsenal of information about the business. From ad networks to the best mobile spots; from dynamic tracking to bid or targeting, nothing is left to chance. The Mobidea Academy is the perfect place for people to learn more about the complexities and traits of this industry, ultimately honing their skills in a competitive environment.

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  • We have some awesome tutorials on how to use our platform. In the future, affiliates can expect to check even more tips and tutorials that’ll help them get to a whole new level and earn even bigger!
  • Soon, you can expect to see learning paths for advanced and newbie affiliates. We’ll also have awesome and constantly updated content for those of you who want to know all about traffic, optimizing, capping, price models, budget strategy, etc.

13 – Jitendra: Is it possible for Indian Affiliates to use Mobidea and start earning just like all the other international players?

Antoine: Oh, yes! India is definitely a super consistent, top market for us. Moreover, we have many Indian affiliates using Mobidea and making money with us on a daily basis. On the one hand, we have a lot of top campaigns to monetize Indian users. On the other hand, we have a trained team to welcome, coach, and work alongside publishers who want to monetize with us. For these and many other good reasons, new affiliates from India should signup with Mobidea as soon as possible at Mobidea!



14 – Jitendra: Awesome, Antoine! Could you leave a motivational quote for BloggersIdeas’ readers?

Antoine: “Impossible is nothing!”

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