Integral Life By Ken Wilber Review 2024: Should You Join This Mindvalley Course?

Integral Life Review

Overall Verdict

Me taking out the time to dedicatedly write about Integral Life is proof that I would love to tell as many people about the program as possible. There are things everyone should experience in their lives but then the approach and thought process is so crucial. I will always be rooting for this quest and asking people to give it a shot. 

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Price: $ 499

This is one of the most advanced courses on self-development. Ken Wilber dedicated his life to creating an internal theory of life over decades of his time.

When I started this program I was shocked to see how detailed and intensive this entire program was turning out to be so once you start make sure you have a pencil and a notebook to maintain notes.

You need to be really focused on this course. This can easily be said to be the most advanced learning course available on Mindvalley. 

Ken Wilber is a highly intellectual person who wrote a mind-shattering book on power, the importance of life, and guided self-development called The Spectrum of Consciousness.

Basically focusing on how we can focus on the right things at the right time between the fast-paced life that we lead in these current times. You get to understand your importance in living the life you are currently living.

After I started reviewing my strengths and weaknesses to become the person I was aiming to be, things started getting clearer. I used these learnings to understand how I can help myself, set my goals to get ahead in life and grow each day. 

Bottom Line Upfront:

In my opinion, Ken Wilber is an amazing visionary thinker that knows his thing about spirituality. After reading so many positive reviews, I gave a try to the Integral Life program and the program was intriguing for me. There are amazing modules and short duration lessons with a clear agenda in mind. Bein unbiased, I recommend Integral Life Program to you and everyone who is on the fitness journey.

About Ken Wilber

Integral Life By Ken Wilber- overview

Ken Wilber published his first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness, in the year 1977. As per Wilber, there are three crucial ways of “Knowing”.

Ken is known to be a visionary thinker and a genius of his time, he developed the integral theory of everything to help people see the truth about spirituality and scientific and philosophical ways to lead a good life. Ken lives in Colorado, USA, and is an accomplished teacher, author, and philosopher.

He has written 25 books and is associated with some of the big publishing houses in the world. Now Ken offers his teachings via Mindvalley. He founded the Integral Institute which is the first of its kind, dedicated to the Integral approach in relation to contemporary global issues.

Ken formed the institute by joining hands with more than 200 scholars who were masters in new age education, political sciences, business development, medicine, psychology, law, and spirituality. 

What is Ken’s Integral Theory? 

Creator of Integral Life By Ken Wilber- Review Of Integral Life By Ken Wilber On Mindvalley

“I’d like to think of it as one of the first believable world philosophies”. This is how Ken Wilber explained his Theory in a line. He insisted that in the current situation and where the world is heading we could not be following the same old principles of life and expect to move forward with a positive approach.

You started incorporating subjects and studies like politics, art, sports, education, sustainability, psychotherapy, biology, and spirituality. The areas from where Ken developed his Theory were limitless.

If I were to explain the approach in detail then, in the times that we are living in right now, there are a very high number of gurus and teachers trying to decode the meaning of life and how we should be living each day.

In the current times where everything is so fast and time is of the essence, some theories do not really work as the pressures of life just keep bringing people down.

Ken’s theory goes beyond the practice and devices a construct that helps in your day-to-day tasks and pushes you to improve and also move along seamlessly with these current fast-paced times.

To be precise, the Integral Approach is a coherent organization designed to work in harmony with all the relevant practices and experiences available for us.

We get to see the many possibilities for a better life and a more compassionate and sustainable future for us all. You get the best opportunity possible to transform into responsible citizens and embrace the beauty in living each day in harmony. The focus of the course is on the mind, body, spirit, relationships, and work. 

The highlight of the course: Ken Wilber Mindvalley Review

Integral life core programs- Integral lige by Ken Wilber review

In the 35-day program, you are led to improving your overall well-being and your thought process. Video lessons are available by Ken Wilber that will guide you through the entire process and help you evolve into the best version of yourself. The Integral Theory works along 6 major subjects. 

  1. The Integral Approach
  2. The Integral Mind 
  3. The Integral Spirit 
  4. The Integral Body
  5. The Integral Relationship 
  6. The Integral Work

The Integral Approach

An introduction into the Holistic Manual of life. You get to study yourself and expand your horizon in every aspect of your life. There are thoughts that need your attention on a daily basis.

To understand where your thought process is going and how you need to cut off negative thoughts you need to grasp your core mental strength and put mind shifts in place. This part of the plan transforms your energies. 

The Integral Mind 

Ken here, teaches you about the conscious state of mind. You get to learn to observe and always know your thoughts, your actions, and your words.

Most of the time we do not realize our actions. Here you get connected with yourself better. You have this thing around you, like an aura, called shadow material.

Learn to understand and master your shadow material to control your negative thoughts and addictions. You have the power to free your mind of all your bad thoughts and bad habits. 

The Integral Spirit 

The Integral Spirit part starts after 3 weeks of your journey of The integral Life course. You are shown the importance of society and how it plays an important role in your life. Your understanding of God will be tested and you will be able to realize how religion and spirituality have shaped your life since you were a child.

The application of AQAL is put in place so that the students undertaking this course can fully understand God and the Spirit. Your level of thoughts and mind shall be tested and then nurtured to make you calm and understanding in all situations. 

The Integral Body 

Integral Life By Ken Wilber-stories

All that you need to know about your body shall be talked about in this session. They will help you in understanding your diet plans and your exercise routines. You will start to get insights into how you can bring out the best in yourself by following these holistic practices. If you don’t believe me then google Ken Wilber Shirtless, he is a total fitness freak.

A good diet plan shall help you in creating that perfect environment for success. The best thing about the body is that it regenerates and with the right tools you will be in power to take your body to the next level with the right steps to heal better too. 

The Integral Relationship and Work 

I cannot say that all relationships need work but there is just so much we miss out on because of the destructive lifestyle we live in these current times. There are so many things that you need to actively partake in to see the right way of growing your love life. This part of the plan showed me the little things that made everything in my relationship just a little better. 

You will get to be part of discussions on the case studies of some of the best businesses in the market currently and how they grew. The theory of success is not the same for every business.

It needs to be created as you move forward with new challenges every day but the one thing that is common for all these stories is determination and the right thought process. You need to be headstrong and know that your time will come provided you do not give up and keep moving forward. 

The Cores of the Program 

Creating a program where you apply theories and mind shifts to get better each day by becoming more conscious to create bigger impacts in your life personally and spiritually. You have been placed in this world and by reaching your full potential you will know your place.

Ken wilber integral life creator

A deep connection is created by you between your energies and focuses and the reality that is right now and you shall connect with nature even more and get spiritual in life. The way you can clear your mind and stay focused while doing anything that you do and always be self-aware of your thoughts, actions, and words.

There are so many incidents where we do not even try to understand other people’s perspectives. Every action taken by a person has something to do with the situation they have been put into and if you were to always keep this in mind then your mindset will be golden. There will be no way for you to get negative in the days to come.

The Integral Life plan will help you heal and grow spiritually and mentally once your mind reaches this stage then all the actions you take will not be influenced by others or situations, the actions were taken by you will be very conscious and constructive. A sense of deep self-healing will start and the level of clarity in your life will be amazing.

They focus on creating a plan for you where you get to learn the right desires and needs, most of the time, the things we crave for or live for have absolutely no relevance in making us a better person or even be good for us. Once you have the power to control your needs and desires then the battle is won.

Your actions will not be driven by useless things but with positivity and balanced goodness. They help you in getting connected with nature and yourself. You will gain a lot of support from your loved ones because they too shall observe the drastic change in you. 

The Integral life course is 35 days long. You will get access to a lot of videos of Ken talking about his theories. Your sessions will go deeper than usual if Ken will start talking about your mind then the way he will start to connect the mind with the body or other people’s thoughts is just remarkable.

Integral life core programs

At times you might find yourself struggling as he throws really big words and analysis when he talks so I would recommend you record the sessions or take notes.

The program has been designed to be accessible wherever you are, simply download the app and log into your device and start your program. The accessibility of the app is universal as it works on all iOS and Android devices.

The video content is high definition and made by editing experts, it is so engaging that you will get entertained by the content available. Since this plan is only for the ones who would seriously like to work on themselves (As instructed by all), the program’s completion rate is really high.

Integral Life is not a lengthy plan where you need to take out a lot of time from your day. All you need is 20 minutes from your daily routine for 35 days only and you should easily soar through the program.

Till this point, my critique of Wilber has focused on some problematic “details” in his model—important details that, I believe, have ramifications for his cosmology as a whole.

I’d now like to focus on the “big picture,” and on the practical implications of his work. Notwithstanding some of the theoretical and logical difficulties buried in the details of Wilber’s vast and comprehensive model, his overall contribution has been immense.

Unlike many of the life gurus and teachers, he has pieced together a truly remarkable map of the way the mind works. If we learn one unavoidable fact from Wilber, it’s that the world of the mind, the interior life, is at least as complex and differentiated and interrelated as the immense complexities of the outer world revealed by physical sciences.

Wilber’s integral psychology alerts us to the baffling complexity of consciousness. Whereas modern science tends to simplistically divide the world into outer-physical and inner-mental, and modern philosophy of mind focuses on the mind-body relationship, Wilber, drawing on a wide spectrum of psycho-spiritual disciplines and traditions, has documented and chartered the immense complexity of the inner soul—not just the superficial, ego, and superego of psychotherapy, but a whole host of characters and developmental sets through which we play out our life’s dramas.

Integral Life Pricing 

Integral Life By Ken Wilber Pricing- Integral life review

There are two plans available for this Program. You can either pay for the single plan where you get access to only The Integral Life, or you can go for the Mindvalley Membership subscription which needs to be paid for annually. 

The Single Program

The Single Program will cost you $499 for the Integral Life Program only. You don’t need to pay for the entire program in one go, you have the option of paying the amount in installments. You can pay the premium in three different installments of $179 each which turns up to be a total of $537. The Single Program will be accessible to you on all your devices after you log in. 

The Mindvalley Membership 

This is an annual membership for the main Mindvalley Membership plan. The membership costs $499 per year paid each month. You get complete access to their 50 plus program and unlock the Plus content on all your devices. If you see the plan and try to analyze the pricing then the membership costs you not more than $14 a week. 

Integral Life By Ken Wilber Reviews:

Mindvalley reviews facebook- integral life

Integral life by ken wilber reviews

Frequently Asked Questions On Integral Life

🔥 Can I take the Integral Life plan individually without paying the Mindvalley subscription?

Yes, Mindvalley is a great platform offering for people who really want to bring a good change in their lives so there are no such restrictions or loopholes for you if you want to exclusively choose a plan. You can opt for the Integral Life plan on its own for $499 and have access to all the online material by Ken Wilber. It is recommended that you look at the portfolio of all the courses and material available on Mindvalley as you will love the content available along with its reasonable pricing.

✔ Is there an option to pay in installments for Integral Life?

Yes, there is an option for you to pay in 3 installments of $179 each for three months. The premium adds up to $537 which is more than the actual cost but the convenience is there. If you go for the annual plan then all you need to pay is $499 per year for 12 months which works out to be way more reasonable than the single plan.

👓 How many programs do I get from the Mindvalley Membership Plan?

The Mindvalley portal consists of quests and bonus content. The list of inclusions is mentioned below. The content is only available for people who have paid for the subscription. Super Brain by Jim Kwik Money EQ by Ken Honda Duality by Jeffery Allen The M Word by Emily Fletcher Super Reading by Jim Kwik Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols Energy Machine by Donna Eden Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani (Founder) Feng Shui for Life by Marie Diamond The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus Hero, Genius, Legend by Robin Sharma The Integral Life by Ken Wilber The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain Ultimate Leader by Keith Ferrazzi Kenward Yoga Experience Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley And like 20 plus more courses and content.

✔ What is the cancellation policy?

Mindvalley has a very generous refund policy. Their products are not based on a very capitalistic revenue model. They have a 15-day refund policy for anyone who opts for their subscription or any program. If you somehow feel that you did not get what you have paid for and there is nothing that is helping you in their journey then you have all the right to demand a refund but it has to be within the 15-day policy. But if you request a refund you get barred from all the material available on their platform. If you have paid for single quests then you will access them.

✔ Is the Integral Life book not enough for me to transform myself?

The Integral Life book is a great read and is focused more on how Ken came up with his theories and what they are supposed to mean. If you were to compare the Mindvalley quest along with the book then the book is more of a self-guide to his teachings while the quest follows you through till the very end crafting your entire journey for success. In the quest, you get video sessions and tutorials that help you reach the next step faster and with way more efficiency.

👉 Is Ken Wilber a Self-paced course?

The program/quest has been designed to be followed on a daily basis but on a micro-level. By taking out very little time from your daily busy life and working on the quest as a group is what they focus on. If you are unable to attend sessions then you can always pick up where you left off but usually, people follow the process dedicatedly as the sessions are not long and also do not take months to get over. Also, once you pay for the subscription, the programs are yours for you to attend whenever you can till your subscription lasts.

🔥 Do I need to fix a time daily for the course?

Ken believes that his quest is best if you start developing a healthy habit daily. Whenever you are trying to do something positive then it is important to work on building a habit. It is recommended that you fix a time from your schedule to take up the quest but if it is really not possible then you may do it at your convenience. The pace can be set by you and you can monitor your progress through the website but it is of utmost importance that you complete your quests as per the given timelines.

👓 What changes can I expect in myself after I am through with integral Life?

To be precise, the Integral Approach is a coherent organization designed to work in harmony with all the relevant practices and experiences available for us. We get to see the many possibilities for a better life and a more compassionate and sustainable future for us all. You get the best opportunity possible to transform into responsible citizens and embrace the beauty in living each day in harmony. The focus of the course is on the mind, body, spirit, relationships, and work. As long as you are serious about applying the learnings to your day-to-day life, you will see how it impacts you positively. Your approach towards life will change drastically and you will see all things not in just your perspective but as per the other person’s situation. In general, this has the power to make you a better person who brings good to the community.

🔥 Who is Integral Life for?

Integral Life cannot be categorized into something that is a need for any specific type of person, it is a way of approaching your life and being the best versions of yourself. No matter who you are, if you are looking to enhance your life by being mentally and physically fit, if you are working towards being an efficient person in the work domain or looking to seek more out of your relationship then this is the go-to for you. If you feel that your life needs a drastic change and you would like to do better then you need to research more on Integral Life and get on with it.


Conclusion: Is Integral Life by Ken Wilber The Best Self-Development Course? 

Once you have made up your mind to take up the Integral Life quest, you need to be really dedicated to the program. I would recommend that you take this as seriously as possible and make it a daily task to indulge in the program even after your allotted time each day.

You should look at this as something that will need practice each day after attending the sessions. Once you start applying the practices in your day-to-day activities and also in the kind of thoughts that you can consciously construct, you will start seeing the positive in life itself.

There is just so much insight that Ken has to offer in all of his videos and material that understanding each and everything along with its application might be difficult for many people but you can slowly start following the steps and improve if you dedicate yourself to maintain notes and also track your performance on your own.

This quest works best when it is taken up in groups and by working alongside your community you will see better results. There are people who are part of the community with such positive affirmations that they genuinely reach out to you to help you along the way and such kinds of responses just make the quest even more fun and engaging.

Your need to grow as a group and to help one another in reaching their goals is going to take you a long way with the quest. There won’t be a day when you will not look out for each other and be there to support each other.

Team building is crucial in Integral Life. Once I was through with the 4 major subjects of Integral Life my approach to everything changed. I was not looking at anything with a negative stand but trying to always find the good in everything.

I fed my mind with thoughts that would bring good energies back to me. The diet plan I started to follow kept my mind light and active and this brought a drastic change in my physical appearance.

Me taking out the time to dedicatedly write about Integral Life is proof that I would love to tell as many people about the program as possible. There are things everyone should experience in their lives but then the approach and thought process is so crucial. I will always be rooting for this quest and asking people to give it a shot. 

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