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Choose from 200+ free templates or purchase hundreds more via Envato

130+ free drag and drop templates

  • Tons of integrations
  • Simple split testing
  • Instapage hosts your landing pages for you
  • Documentation
  • Tons of website integrations
  • Connect to your favorite email marketing service & more
  • Build landing pages using easy drag and drop
  • Very detailed video tutorials to help customers
  • Tons of website integrations
  • Email/Help Desk
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Helpful collaboration tools
  • Cheaper than Instapage
  • Customizable Templates
  • SEO Management is easy
  • Expensive pricing
  • A bit confusing user interface
  • Better templates needed as some templates look same
  • No integration with Shopify
Ease of Use

As some using the dashboard is bit confusing, you might get lost but they do have customer support to help you at best

LeadPages dashboard is great and very user friendly too.

Value For Money

Instapage pricing plans are bit expensive for beginners, although they have more templates to choose from.

Leadpages have free trial period and they have better pricing structure for newbies

Customer Support

Instapage provided great customer support and they have live chat to help too.

LeadPages is very good at support, their team is active on social media to reply your queries & live chat is great help for newbies.

Are you not able to select between Instapage and LeadPages? Lets this post help you decide.

Confusion is unavoidable because these two provide the best services for producing high-converting landing pages. But I guarantee that by the conclusion of this essay, you will be able to choose between the two based on your needs Instapage Vs LeadPages.

But before comparing, let us look at what Landing Page Builder is. We will learn about these two services too later then.

What Does Exactly The Landing Page Builder Mean?

A landing page is a separate web page created specifically for marketing and advertising in Digital Marketing.

It’s the page that a user arrives at or is sent to after clicking on an ad, an email, etc.

To keep clients interested, landing pages should be appealing and well-designed.

Many software applications can assist you in creating these landing sites. Landing page builders are such software products or services. We’re comparing the two best landing pages, Instapage and LeadPages.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront : InstaPage vs Leadpages

Unbounce is less expensive if you start at $79 per month. Instapage is more pricey at first and does not have as many features. Unbounce provides a more advanced analytics system with heat maps, but Instapage simply has basic reporting capabilities. Unbounce simply provides basic pop-up capability, but Instapage provides customisable pop-ups with exit intent.

We strongly prefer InstaPage here as the better option.

LeadPages Core features :

  • Leadpages has some things that other website builders do not:
    It lets you edit your landing pages easily.
  • You can choose from 130+ templates.
  • It works with any email marketing service, webinar tool, payment gateway, and CRM.
  • You don’t need to worry about hosting your landing pages or lead magnets because Leadpages takes care of it for you.
  • You can create new A/B/n tests with simple split testing.
  • You will have good analytics, and you will be able to connect to your favorite third-party analytics service.
  • When you are building landing pages, it is easy to publish them on your own website with a plugin or HTML. Beyond just landing pages, it is possible to design entire websites too (like Squarespace).
  • With alert bars, you can use them for promotion offers and more. And there are bonus features like two-step opt that make the process easier for users.

Instapage core features

  • You can use a free and flexible way to edit your site.
  • You can choose from 200+ templates or buy more for more money from Envato.
  • Tons of things you can do with this software, like sync up with email marketing services, CRMs, and much more.
  • You do not have to worry about hosting your landing pages because Instapage hosts them for you on their own domain.
  • You can even create split tests to make sure that your designs are perfect!
  • Analytics : You can see it in the dashboard or connect with other analytics services. There is even more advanced analytics, like heatmaps.
  • Helpful for teams- you can leave comments on parts of a design draft.

InstaPage vs Leadpages 2024: Overview

About InstaPage

InstaPage is one of the world’s best landing page builder services available. It has a reputation for serving more than dozens of thousands of customers.

Clients of InstaPage include Udacity, Spotify, and many others.

InstaPage vs Leadpages - Instapage

Some of the notable features of this Software are –

  • Prehosted landing pages – Landing pages made with InstaPage are pre-hosted.
  • Free templates – InstaPage provides around 200 free templates along with thousands of paid ones.
  • Integration flexibility – Landing pages can be easily integrated with CRMs, Emails, etc.
  • Drag and drop editing – Creating pages is very easy thanks to the drag and drop editing feature.

InstaPage Review 2024 (Special Discount Coupon 25% Off)

About LeadPages

LeadPages is another top player of landing page building service. It provides you with the same tools which they used to grow their website.

LeadPage has helped over 40,000 small businesses to stand on their feet and make a name for themselves.

 Leadpages - leadpages home info

Some of the notable features of this service are –

  • Drag and Drop editing – Easy drag and drop features and visual previews make building landing pages a cakewalk.
  • Easy Tool-integration – It is easy to integrate Apps, CRMs, and Email with the page.
  • Hosted Landing pages – Just like InstaPage, LeadPages also provide pre-hosted landing pages.

Comparison of InstaPage and LeadPages Features

Now you might be wondering that if both of them have some powerful features, then which one is better?

Even though both are perfect in the job they are doing, one might fit better to your use-case than the other.

Our parameters for comparison are

  1. Pricing
  2. Onboarding
  3. The Building Process
  4. Integration Flexibility
  5. Split Testing
  6. Marketing Support
  7. Analytics And Reports

This comparison will judge both the services on the grounds of some features. You will thus get a fair idea of what suits you and why. Keep in mind that in general, this comparison does not mean one is better than the other. This comparison shows the compatibility of both with your work profile.

So let’s start comparing InstaPage vs LeadPages in detail below


Pricing is the first decisive factor to choose any product. As a business, you have a limited budget for everything. You would not want to spend too many bucks on just one element. That’s why pricing makes an important choice to consider before choosing any of those.


InstaPage has Three plans, namely Build, Convert and Ignite. The Build plan has a price of 299$ a month for one year or 199$ if subscribed monthly.

Convert plans have custom prices depending upon your requirements and size.

Ignite plan is also customizable but have better options compared to Build & convert.

Instapage pricing
Instapage pricing

These services include special audits, custom features, Real-time Visual collaboration, among many others.

These plans come with a 14-day free trial.


Unlike InstaPages, this service comes with three different plans. Every membership has various perks and prices.

The cheapest of them is the Standard membership which costs 37$/month for annual plans or 49$/month monthly plan. This plan is the most basic one having only the basic features.

leadpage pricing
leadpage pricing

The slightly pricier one, Pro membership, costs 74$/month billed annually or 99$/month for the monthly bill. This membership gives support for up to 3 sites. Pro membership provides some perks over the Standard one such as Email trigger links and extensive testings.

If you are short and budget and have a medium-sized business, then LeadPages would be a good option for your pocket. It has all the necessary features available in the less expensive membership.

Though if you are working on an enterprise-level, then InstaPages may seem like a way better option. It has all the features as LeadPages in a much pocket-friendly package.

We do suggest that you take free trials of both the services to get a better understanding of what suits you and your work.

Pricing – Leadpages is more affordable than Instapage.

Onboarding Support for InstaPage vs Leadpages

Onboarding refers to how easily you can learn these services when you are a total newbie.

Were you guided a few steps before taking on the task, or you were given the feature to use and implement.

If you are making a landing page for the first time, of course, you need knowledge and experience. You can’t just make a half-baked landing page and expect the customers to get attracted by the landing page.


InstaPage straightaway starts guiding you in your first steps. InstaPage provides you with various popup hints depending on what you are doing at the moment.

Right on the start, it will start guiding you in how to build your team by adding members. If skipped, InstaPage will take you directly to creating a landing page.

Instapage- Features

The page will display a “build my page” button, which will send you directly to the landing page templates. When you select one, you will be sent to the editor.

When you approach the editor, a popup will appear, explaining all of the necessary editor parts.

If you don’t intend to learn from these lessons, you can skip them. These tutorials and recommendations make the editor easy to use.

In addition, when you come across a complicated feature or anything similar, hints will show. They can also be in the form of GIFs.

InstaPage will also offer you a link as an invitation to ask questions, as well as helpful resources.

All of this means that even inexperienced users will find the InstaPage onboarding experience engaging and intuitive. Beginners will have no trouble with their first landing page creating experience.


LeadPages offers a unique onboarding experience. In contrast to InstaPage, LeadPages will send you immediately to the subdomain registration page. Here is where the landing pages are made public.

 - grow more

Following that, LeadPages will allow you to select your brand color, which is also available from the editor.

Lastly, you may choose a theme for the landing page by selecting templates from the selection.

That’s all there is to the LeadPages onboarding experience. If you are a newcomer, you may be perplexed and upset by the lack of information.

In layman’s words, if you’re new to the construction industry, consider InstaPage as you go. The onboarding menu at InstaPage is more than enough to satisfy your appetite.

The Building Process (InstaPage vs Leadpages)

The construction process is where the landing page is created and distributed. Both InstaPage and LeadPages offer landing page construction tools, therefore the primary difference between them is the convenience and efficacy of the creating process.

The four key phases in creating the page are as follows:

  • Choosing a template
  • Then customize the template according to your requirements
  • Add a Call-to-Action(CTA)
  • Finally publishing your landing page

Let us dig deep into the both below:


InstaPage’s landing page builder has five prime menu options in your account.


The first option is “pages” where the creation and editing of landing pages are done.

Instapage- Ad Page

Clicking on the “create a new page” under the “pages” section opens up the template menu.

Here you will find many templates to opt from for your landing page. This page includes more than 200 different templates to select from.

A switch between desktop view and mobile view is also available while previewing.

Drag and Drop Editor

After selecting a template, you will land on a drag and drop editor. This editor is very intuitive.

It is made so that you can add elements to your landing page, along with the fundamental elements such as title, images, and many other interacting factors that can be used. These elements include –

  • Timer
  • Shapes
  • Social media icons
  • Forms

InstaPage also offers a unique element by the name of “Instablock”.

Instablock is a preset of elements that you can add instantly whenever you make a new landing page. Instablock also features some ready-made blocks for you to opt from.

This saves you much time which you would have used in adding elements from scratch.

You just need to keep a set you made and apply it to any new landing page in only a few clicks.

The editor has a few other tricks up its sleeves.

  • Content personalization
  • Custom HTML,CSS,JS
  • Custom mobile page

Capturing Leads

A second form menu displays when you double-click any form to add to a page.

By default, InstaPage collects all lead data for you to examine and download. You may, however, employ various marketing automation connectors from this option.

When a potential lead fills out that form, you have the option of redirecting them.

Publishing the Landing Page

After editing and decorating your landing page, clicking the publish button is the next step.

Instapage- Landing Pages

The demo option will let you preview how the page will look on your subdomain to the visitors.

You can use the InstaPage plugin to publish on a WordPress site directly.



For the editor part, both the services are very similar. However, there are some differences here and there such as –

Builder Templates

LeadPages has a bit less number of templates to opt from when compared to InstaPage. However, it still has a large menu to choose from.

 Leadpages - content count

InstaPage does have a better variety here but not significantly better.

Drag and Drop editor

Even though the drag and drop of LeadPages are like InstaPage, it still has some advancements.

The editor on LeadPages is a bit cleaner than that of InstaPage.

Along with these, LeadPages have some more aspects to its editor such as –

  • Checkout widget which includes many features in a single strip.
  • It allows custom HTML and CSS but not JS.

The rest of the features are the same in both.

Capturing Leads

This part is also similar in both the services. You can capture leads, interact with them just like InstaPage. Just like InstaPage, it is easy for you to determine where to redirect the user after filling the form.


Publishing, like everything else till now, is basically the same in these services.

Your page will be published in the subdomain by default. You may, however, publish your content to your WordPress site using an HTML script.

Choosing between them here is dependent on the Interface you want to work on. InstaPage offers a more visually appealing menu, however LeadPages has a cleaner menu.

Other from that, both editors are equally proficient and will make no difference to you. Just having more template possibilities on InstaPage may influence your decision. You may rest confident that everything is a print between both services.

Split testing between Instapage and LeadPages

The latest landing page building tools include some kind of split testing. This is done to be useful to marketers.

Both the services we are looking at today have this feature. So let’s see how it differentiates them.


InstaPage will not hold you only at A/B tests. You can make several variations in the landing page editor of a particular page which you would wish to test.

Instapage- Map

You can make modifications in the page editor that will remain on the same landing page.

By default, traffic between variants is shared evenly. But, you may also customize the traffic split.

This is all that someone may think of when testing their landing pages.


LeadPages, like InstaPage, allows you to test numerous variants of a landing page.

But, unlike InstaPage, this option will be available in the dashboard rather than the page editor, a “make split test” option is available in the menu.

 Leadpages - benefits

Several versions might be given distinct names in order to be easily identified. You may change each one separately in the landing page editor.

Traffic split modification is available here as well as in InstaPage.

The main distinction between these two editors is the detection of variants. InstaPage allows you to build numerous versions, but they all belong to the same landing page.

With LeadPages, each version has its own name.

Finding and modifying LeadPages might take some time. Yet, it eliminates the danger of mistakenly altering the incorrect instance.

InstaPage has a far higher chance of altering the erroneous variation than LeadPages.

Integration Flexibility For InstaPage vs Leadpages

In terms of integration flexibility, both tools are very comparable. They provide over 40 connectors, which include practically all of the key applications that you would wish to combine with your landing pages.

The main distinction is that on the InstaPage dashboard, there is a separate “integrations” page for connecting to marketing providers.

In the LeadPages dashboard, on the top right, there is a user icon.

When deciding between these two tools, this element will have no impact on your decision. Both offer sufficient integration flexibility to allow your page to develop as it should. By choosing one of these services, integration will not be an issue.

 Marketing Support for InstaPage and Leadpages

When it comes to marketing support, both InstaPage and LeadPages lend live support. They provide various help articles and tutorials to help you learn more.


InstaPage provides a help icon on every page when you log in. On the landing page editor, it opens a live chat. To make things easier, a search pop comes up on account pages. This lets you look for a tutorial article. Besides, you can also get email support whenever you need it. You can see a live chat bubble on the bottom left. This can get your guidance from someone.


LeadPages, like InstaPage, provides help on each page, although it is not obvious from first.

As you launch your editor, you’ll see a question mark at the bottom of the left side menu. When you click it, a help menu appears on the right side of the screen.

You can seek for a help article here. You may also initiate a live chat session or request a support ticket.

On other sites, the same assistance symbol may be found on the top menu, which opens the same menu.

It is less obtrusive than on InstaPage.

Marketing assistance is nearly identical on both. But, if you dislike having boxes on your screen, LeadPages is a better option.

 Analytics And Reports : InstaPage vs Leadpages

Both of these tools don’t provide an extensive amount of data. Still, if you need more, you can integrate it with Google Analytics.


Using InstaPage, you may separate your reports based on numerous factors. To date, segmentation might span from desktop to mobile traffic.

In the same graph, the performance of various versions versus each other may be shown. Basic parameters like as visits, conversions, and conversion rates are displayed.

Instapage- Data Overview

The top tier plan comes with heatmap recording software for your pages. All this can prove out to be extremely useful to carve out a conversion strategy.


Leadpages Vs Instapage

LeadPages let you sort reports by dates, but it doesn’t segregate mobile or desktop visits. You can still get basic data like views, conversion, and conversion rates.

Even though both sites are not that much into analytics and reports, InstaPage is the winner here. No matter what your use is, InstaPage is a better option. The use of heatmap is exclusive to InstaPage, making the analytics more interactive and knowledgeable.

InstaPage Vs LeadPages: Pros And Cons

Both LeadPages and InstaPage have their own set of pros and cons.



  1. No limit on traffic
  2. Built-in tools for analytics
  3. Integration with other software systems
  4. Text-replacement for PPC
  5. Best templates and page designs
  6. Direct WordPress integration
  7. More than 200 editable templates
  8. User-friendly interface


  1. Number of in-built icons, shapes, and images are less
  2. The basic plan doesn’t provide split testing
  3. Unsuitable prices for some users



  1. Precise countdown timer
  2. Progress bar widgets which are pretty useful
  3. Visitors can join events by clicking the link in their inbox due to the Lead links feature
  4. You can create popups on any of your pages


  1. Autosave feature can be buggy at times
  2. Limitations on customization options
  3. Complex editor tool

FAQs InstaPage vs Leadpages

👉🏻What unique features does Instapage have?

Instapage has many unique features such as Easy real-time collaboration, Audit logs, preset saving ability, and Dynamic text replacement.

👉🏻What unique features does LeadPages have?

LeadPages also has so many features. These features include a drag-and-drop editor, Facebook ads integration, and Lead links that add subscribers to a sublist.

👉🏻How are Instapage and LeadPages similar?

There are differences between the platforms. They both have support for WordPress plugins. Moreover, they both support A/B tests on landing pages. Third-party analytics apps integration is possible on both platforms. Both platforms allow users to create Facebook ads to match your landing page.

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Other features : The stuff that isn’t a 1:1 comparison of LeadPages & Instapage

LeadPages Unique Features

use-our-drag-and-drop-builder leadpages

Leadpages has many features.

  • Its drag-and-drop editor allows you to create popups. The popups can be triggered by clicking a button on a web page or by timing when they appear.
  • You can also use Leadpages to build Facebook advertisements that match your landing page.
  • Leadlinks allows subscribers to sign up for a sublist or webinar simply by clicking on a link in your email message to them,
  • Leaddigits allows you to sign up mobile phone subscribers by Sending them an SMS text message asking if they want to opt in.
  • With the upgrade, you can construct a website in the same way that Squarespace and Wix do.
  • You must include a “alert bar,” which you may do on your landing page as well as other pages (or both).

Instapage Unique Features

Instapage new features

  • The software allows you to collaborate with a team to create a landing page.
  • People’s remarks may be found on the page itself.
  • All updates and alterations to your account are tracked by the app. It enables you to substitute words in real-time to assist visitors in better understanding what they are viewing.
  • The program also saves time by allowing you to create blocks of content, such as headers, footers, or testimonials sections, which can then be reused on other pages.

Testimonials & InstaPage vs Leadpages

Instapage Reviews

Instapage- Testimonials

Leadpages Reviews

Try-Leadpages - Testimonials

Quick Links:

Conclusion: InstaPage vs Leadpages Comparison 2024

Both services are commendable in the job they are doing. You can’t choose anyone based on just features. Both are neck-in-neck with each other concerning the features.

So To make it easier, we are going to mark some important points to help you out.

Choose InstaPage if :

  • You need a grid-based editor.
  • Don’t consider not having a tutorial for using the tools.
  • Going to be solo designing the landing page.
  • Planning to build entire websites rather than just a landing page.

Choose LeadPages if :

  • Not on a tight budget and can shell out a few bucks extra for quality.
  • Like a free-form editor.
  • Want control on your mobile version landing pages.
  • Need valued analytics like heatmaps.
  • Working as a team rather than being solo.

Unbounce is a good choice for businesses with medium to large budgets. They can do many things that are designed to help marketing agencies and teams. If you have a business like that, you should consider Unbounce.

Unbounce could be even better if it also offers landing page sharing and collaboration tools like Instapage. Instapage is a awesome tool for making landing pages that is easy to set up and use. It has beautiful templates for many different industries and use cases, but the basic plan does not offer A/B testing or it costs money on an annual basis.

We strongly prefer InstaPage here as the better option.

The best landing page builder is the one that can help you with your needs. You are the only one who knows what they are. If you need help, reply and tell me in the comments below.

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  21. I was hesitant before signing up for InstaPage, considering the business plan costs as much as college tuition. However, I would soon find that those fears were unfounded. InstaPage is one of those programs that keep getting better with every update. It has easy-to-use templates to make your landing page design a breeze and even lets you publish it on Google’s first page… Perks like these make it worth paying for!

  22. Leadpages is a marketing tool that does all the work for you, so it’s really easy to change your content flow and redirect people from one offer to another. The best part about this software is that if their long-term goal of being able to outsource most of my advertising needs has been realized!

  23. Leadpages is a product that enables people to create stunning landing pages without coding skills. It simplifies the complicated process of creating leads and converting them into buyers. This lead generation tool is very easy to use, it can be used even by non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs with no design experience. The most basic membership, the Standard one costs 25$/month billed annually or 37$/month monthly plan. It gives you only the basic features which include A/B testing for headlines & text per experiment, live URL previews, analytics per experiment reporting with scroll depth analysis. The slightly pricier one, Pro membership has up to 3 sites support for 48 $/month billed annually or 79$/month on a monthly basis and provides some privileges.

  24. Leadpages is an amazing platform with amazing features. It’s just complicated to use and requires hiring an expert or hours of learning to use. I designed my pages but got stuck on connecting everything to Drip and Shopify, Pixels and all that. It’s a little expensive for my needs as I only need one landing page so maybe different price points on what you need might be good. I asked support to give me a referral for experts to hire to implement the technical things and none of the expert’s emails went through. I will have to look at storetasker or Upwork to finish setting up.

  25. I did not use any service Leadpages, I just created an account but it was a whole process to cancel the “””free””” subscription.. when you hit cancel, and you click an obvious button it doesn’t cancel it. So after some months, I noticed that they kept taking money from my account and were not willing to refund even when they see that I never made a website or anything.. it was sad.

  26. InstaPage is so easy to use! It doesn’t take long to create a page, and yet the pages are very attractive. I really appreciate how InstaPage will actually design an entire web page for you, giving it its own unique look. With all these good features plus the company’s great customer service, why not get your hands on this software?

  27. InstaPage is the best landing page builder service I have ever used. It’s a joy to use and comes with a drag-and-drop interface that only 3% of man people can’t figure out. You get 1,000 credits each month, which will cover your needs if you’re setting up five or more surveys. It has tons of features including a custom domain, selective forms for direct flights on eCommerce sites, Slack integration among others.

  28. Leadpages is the lander pages builder that made creating a gorgeous, conversion-oriented landing page straightforward. This incredibly accessible yet powerful tool makes designing an online marketing campaign easy as pie with its intuitive drag and drops editor interface which allows you to create high converting landing pages in minutes! Now you can also sell your products, services or advertise events with this host of options using Leadpages’ pre-made templates for all occasions.

  29. Instapage is an intuitive, easy-to-use landing page builder that helps you execute your marketing campaigns with passion. This app is loaded with features that are specially designed by experts to provide you with the greatest user experience imaginable. Pointless ads have never been more engaging than they are on Instapaths!

  30. Even when I am not using any services they took money from my PayPal account, where they misled me on how to cancel their ‘free demo’. When demanding my money back because I not even created or did anything on their account they do not reply, I would not recommend Leadpage.

  31. Even when not using any services they took money from my PayPal account, where they misled me on how to cancel their ‘free demo’. When demanding my money back because I not even created or did anything on their account they do not reply, I would not recommend Leadpage. Took about 100USD for like 0 services.

  32. InstaPage is nothing short of amazing when it comes to its customer service. It’s great for small business owners because they offer both good website templates and the ability to build anywhere. I like their wide range of templates because it gives me more opportunities when designing my site. Instapage also has a lot of features which you can add on for a fairly cheap price, so I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase!

  33. Tons of bugs, slow, cannot collaborate with multiple people on the same page.
    InstaPage aggressively compress images to save bandwidth, and they look Pixelated/blurry all the time unless you contact their support. They don’t support basic things navigation menus with dropdowns, you need custom HTML (aka developer support), which defeats the whole purpose of the tool.

  34. InstaPage is my new favourite app. I only heard of it yesterday when this girl in one of my classes wanted to make a quick exit survey for all her classmates but didn’t know how to do it. That was when she mentioned Instargetry and taught me how to use it! I and the rest of my family love InstaPage because you can set up surveys that go out within an hour or day anonymously with answers coming in instantly via the mailbox function. The unlimited page sets are economical whilst not compromising on quality. If you can afford more than economic convenience, they offer enterprise plans if you need any special features tailored specifically for your brand needs. It has never had its own crash issues except maybe once.

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