Instapage Pricing 2024: How Much Does Instapage Cost Per Month?

In This post, we will cover Instapage Pricing 2024

Only a few landing page builders come close to Instapage when it comes to creating appealing post-click experiences. However, one can’t help but ask whether Instapage’s price structure is warranted.

Without getting too technical, let’s be clear: Instapage is not your typical landing page platform.

Apart from being a landing page builder, the software also provides end-to-end conversion solutions, including conversion rate optimization (CRO) capabilities and security measures.

If you’re still on the fence about whether Instapage’s cost is worth it, continue reading. In this comprehensive review, I’ll go over all of the features, pricing options, and pros and downsides of this landing page software.

Let us immediately begin.

Instapage Overview

Instapage is a cloud-based platform that comes pre-configured with everything you need to get started developing and distributing landing pages.

Regardless of whether you already have a website or an online presence, Instapage enables you to create conversion-optimized landing pages that will help you generate more leads, sell more items, or elicit some other action from your visitors.

There is no need for prior coding or design knowledge since the capabilities of Instapage ease the process of generating great landing pages – regardless of the product or service being promoted.

Utilizing features such as heatmap, analytics, and split-testing tools, you can utilize visitor data to enhance the effectiveness of your landing page designs.

What Does Instapage Offer?

Instapage is a comprehensive landing page development software that includes split-testing and analytics. With this platform, you can simply develop amazing post-click experiences using easy drag-and-drop functionality that add value to your advertising funnel and possibly double your conversion rates.

This software is a must-have for anybody wishing to automate their marketing efforts without the burden of coding.

However, Instapage is not a standalone “product.” Rather than that, it is packaged and sold separately as discrete “items,” the specifications of which are shown below.

1. Converting:

Why to choose Instapage

Although not a distinct product, Instapage’s Converting plan merits particular mention.

This is a one-of-a-kind individual who is ideal for companies with enterprise-level requirements. This package provides a scalable solution for all of your advertising and post-click experience demands.

Along with all of the incredible features (which we’ll discuss momentarily), you have access to a personal customer success manager. Additionally, you have access to highly trained people who are experts in migration, custom website design, and development.

2. Page Speed: 

Page Speed is the next item on the list since it aids in the creation of lightning-fast landing pages.

The Thor Render Engine®, Instapage’s patented AMP technology, is the product’s standout feature. It guarantees that your landing pages are optimized for mobile devices.

After all, even the smallest delay might jeopardize your online sales and lead generation. In summary, this software enables you to provide a seamless experience to mobile consumers and increase conversions.

3. Experimentation:

Marketing and advertising are fundamentally about trial and error and learning from mistakes.

To begin, you cannot assume that a certain advertisement will generate clicks or that a landing page will reach the intended audience.

However, by employing hard facts, you can concentrate your attention on the most probable outcomes. That is when Experimentation enters the picture.

It is Instapage’s conversion rate optimization solution, and it may assist you in perfecting your advertising and marketing initiatives.

From heatmaps to A/B testing, you can utilize the resources at your disposal to discover how your audience responds to your messaging, the most effective methods to engage them, and how to increase the likelihood of conversion.

4. AdMap:

Depending on the extent of your efforts and marketing goals, tracking your advertising campaigns may be tough and complicated.

This may not be an issue for a small firm. Keeping track of assets, on the other hand, might be a headache for a corporation with a large number of advertising and related landing pages.

Instapage has addressed this issue with AdMap – a tool that enables you to see your advertising campaigns and link them to the most appropriate landing pages – all in one place.

AdMap displays previews of your presently running advertisements and enables you to build (or “attach” to) suitable “experiences” with them.

Additionally, you do not need to access Google Analytics or Adwords to assess the performance of your advertising; you can check anything on AdMap. All things considered, this is a major boon for campaign managers, since it is often tough to monitor all of that data.

5. Collaboration:

Collaboration among members of a team is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. Your team members (and customers) may use Collaboration to assess progress, suggest modifications, and approve final work.

You will not need any other third-party marketing tools due to the built-in, real-time collaborative platform.

Additionally, you may quickly bring in other stakeholders without incurring additional costs or fees. Simply establish subaccounts for them and connect with them through a highly secure platform.

6. Personalization:

If you want to create an impression on your prospects and convert them, nothing beats a little customization.

When a prospect receives individualized messages and offers, he or she is more likely to convert than when they get general information that may or may not bring value. While it is easier said than done in general, Instapage’s Personalization makes it as simple as one, two, or three.

With a few simple clicks, you can accomplish 1:1 ad-to-page customization by matching a particular version of a post-click experience to the visitor’s intent. Additionally, you may design as many distinct experiences as you desire for your audience.

7. Creation:

To begin, let’s look at Creation, the real product that allows you to create landing pages.

Create professional-looking landing pages with Creation by simply adding/removing and rearranging “blocks.” Additionally, the pages you develop will be consistent with your brand and optimized for search engines (and your prospects).

And the cherry on top? If you’re pressed for time, you may always choose from over 200 landing page layouts. In my opinion, this is certainly one of the greatest landing page builders in terms of simplicity of use.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage pricing

It’s important to note that Instapage is not your typical landing page solution. While the majority of these tools have basic capabilities like templates and design tools, Instapage goes above and beyond with a comprehensive spectrum of functions.

Businesses may obtain all they need to convert customers using Instapage. When you include Instapage into your marketing toolset, you have access to a fully functional landing page designer, editor, and analytics system. Additionally, custom templates, split-testing, and Google analytics are available.

With this in mind, it’s simple to understand why Instapage is somewhat more expensive than the ordinary landing page tool.

The good news is that Instapage may be far less expensive than you believe. Instapage provides just two price tiers: Building and Converting.

If you pay every month, the Building package is $ 199 per month. However, if you’re wanting to save money and are certain that Instapage will increase your conversion rate, you may choose to get an annual subscription instead.

Although this option may cost somewhat more initially, you will save more money in the long run, since the price will level out at $ 149 each month.

Regrettably, the only plan about which you can learn anything on the Instapage website is the Building package.

The Converting alternative is priced on an individual basis. As a result, the price you pay will vary according to the features and functionality you want. To get a precise estimate for enterprise, you’ll need to contact the team, since there is little information available on Google.

Which Instapage Pricing Plan is Right for You?

Thus, which pricing strategy should you employ? Which company or enterprise plan is most appropriate for you? In the end, it is all up to you.

If you’re new to the digital realm, we suggest beginning with the Builder plan. You are unlikely to need the enterprise option’s additional bells and whistles at this point. Additionally, you retain a great deal of functionality from the company plan.

Ideally, you may prevent any initial expenditures by initially signing up for a free trial. Currently, consumers may sign up for a 14-day free trial.

This is an excellent method to get a feel for the program before diving into how it works to give real-time data and increase your WordPress conversions.

Instapage customer reviews

The free trial will allow you to experiment with features such as install blocks and dynamic content replacement on your landing pages. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine how much additional help you’ll need from a customer success manager if you want to upgrade to Converting.

Instapage explicitly designed the Converting plan for businesses that have established a foothold in this sector. When you’re servicing tens of thousands of unique visitors each month, it’s time to consider Enterprise requirements.

If you’re still a very small firm, the decision to upgrade will come down to the kind of capabilities you want. Many businesses pick Instapage’s Converting plan because they want their pages to be more customized.

The Converting Plan provides an exceptional level of customization. Indeed, you can verify that you’ve established the ideal client experience by monitoring everything from consumer intent to the kind of advertisement they click.

Additionally, the Instapage Converting Plan includes additional hands-on support from the firm. If you want assistance in determining how to support unique visitors or are worried about your ability to handle your landing page software, the Converting Plan is an excellent alternative.

The Builder plan of Instapage includes dedicated assistance from an expert who can assist you with conversion rates and underperforming parts.

Instapage Free Trial


The most apparent method to get started with Instapage is to sign up for a free trial. This trial period is 14 days long, after which you can either upgrade to the plan that best matches your brand or discontinues your subscription. You are not required to provide your credit card information; just log in and begin playing with the features.

The free trial has access to all of the basic Builder plan’s features. However, it is limited to 2,500 unique visitors. This should be plenty for you in any case, since using a free trial for a large campaign is probably not a smart idea.

Bear in mind that if you begin experimenting with the landing page software and marketing automation during your free trial, all of your pages will be canceled and removed after the trial. The only way to preserve your campaigns is to upgrade within 60 days to one of the premium solutions.

The benefit of the free trial is that you may test the waters without having to invest a bunch. The bad news is that you will likely be unable to launch many email marketing campaigns or long-term landing sites due to your restricted alternatives.

Additionally, you may have difficulty locating the free trial, since Instapage makes it tough to discover. However, as soon as you click on the “sign up” button on any website, a form enabling you to take the trial will appear.


Are There Any Instapage Hidden Fees?

Purchasing cloud-based software may be a difficult process. Occasionally, you believe you understand what you’re paying for and then discover a slew of additional expenses. For you, the greatest landing page builder will be fully clear.

You should be aware of the actual cost of creating landing pages and contacting customer care. That is why we conducted further research to see if any Instapage features came at an additional fee.

The first thing you should know about Instapage is that, although it offers a free trial, there is no long-term subscription that entitles you to unlimited usage of the site. If you want to utilize our landing page platform indefinitely, you must pay.

Additionally, although Instapage makes it simple to access landing page layouts and resources, you must still have your URL. By continuing to use an Instapage domain, you will get an unprofessional-looking subdomain.

Another consideration with Instapage is that, although you can get a refund for the service, the window for doing so is limited to 24 hours. If you wait longer than that, you may be unable to get a refund. Although you might always contact our support staff to confirm.

One significant benefit of Instapage is that if you want to use the free trial to check out some of the new features, you will not be required to provide a credit card.

Is Instapage Worth The Price?

Yes, Instapage is definitely worth the price. Here are some of the reasons that make Instapage worth its price –

1. Built-in heatmaps to find hotspots:

Heatmaps enable you to determine which areas of your site get the most interaction from users. Normally, you’d use an external application like Hotjar to monitor your landing page’s heatmaps. However, Instapage can collect heatmap metrics automatically and display them directly inside the Instapage dashboard.

2. A lot of options for attribution data beyond AdWords:

Apart from its specific Google AdWords and Google Analytics connections, Instapage also allows you to provide custom lead information (such as referral source or IP address) for even more precise attribution monitoring.

3. Easy AdWords integration:

If you’re using Google AdWords to drive visitors to your landing page, Instapage makes it easy to link your landing page to Google AdWords in a matter of clicks. The advantage is that you can monitor cost and AdWords campaign information from inside your Instapage dashboard, which simplifies the process of calculating your return on investment.

4. Google AMP support for quick-loading mobile landing pages: 

AMP accelerates the loading of your landing pages for mobile users. However, the majority of AMP pages are unsightly.

Instapage enables you to use AMP while maintaining a focus on design and conversion optimization. You will experience some size and technology limitations associated with the AMP platform (for example, you will lose the timer widget) – but you will still be able to create validated AMP pages using the familiar Instapage builder.

5. Instablocks to save you time when working with common elements: 

You’ve previously seen Instapage’s full-featured landing page layouts, but Instapage also offers a more compact template option known as Instablocks.

Instablocks are simply landing page templates for a certain segment. For instance, you might use an Instablock to create a header part or a call to action section.

They aid in the acceleration of the development process without necessitating the usage of a completely pre-built template.

Additionally, in addition to the pre-built Instablocks included with Instapage, you can store your sections as Instablocks, which may save you a lot of time if you need to reuse identical features across several landing pages.

6. Easy visual collaboration (great for teams): 

If you work in a team or with an agency, you’ll appreciate Instapage’s integrated collaboration options. It’s similar to InVision, except it’s integrated directly into your landing page development tool.

With Remark Mode, you or a member of your team may click on particular areas of your design to comment.

Then, other team members may either react with their remark, including @mentions, or fix the problem once it is resolved, which helps in keeping track of which modifications were made.

Pros & Cons: Instapage 

Instapage Pros

  • A heatmap enables you to see the actual performance of page components.
  • No credit card is required for the 14-day trial period.
  • Customer service is much superior to the industry standard.
  • Significantly greater freedom in terms of editing and creating landing pages than rivals.
  • The loading of pages is lightning quick.
  • Drag and drop makes it simple to use for non-programmers.

Instapage Cons

  • There are a few formatting issues to be addressed.

FAQs On Instapage

Does Instapage have a money-back guarantee?

Not really: they provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee. Following then, your cost is non-refundable, and you may cancel your membership only after your subscription term (depending on your monthly or yearly contract).

What happens if I exceed my maximum number of “Unique Monthly Visitors” at Instapage?

Instapage will notify you and allow you to upgrade your account through sales. Otherwise, visitors will be sent to an empty page.

Can I easily upgrade/downgrade my Instapage plan?

Yes. Upgrade from the Free Trial to the Builder Plan is a simple matter of clicking a button. However, Instapage only offers one genuine plan: the Builder Plan. As a result, upgrading and downgrading are not a thing. To upgrade your plan to the Converting Plan, please contact sales for a quotation. Additionally, you must speak with sales to downgrade from the Converting Plan.

Do I need to enter my credit card details for the Instapage free trial?

No, no credit card information is required.

Does Instapage have a free plan?

While Instapage does not offer a freemium plan, they do provide a 14-day free trial.

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Conclusion: Instapage Pricing 2024

When it comes to providing exceptional landing page technology to your marketing teams, Instapage is a strong rival in the market. Along with competitors like Leadpages and Unbounce, Instapage is one of the most well-known options available. It includes everything you need to convert clients, including popups and forms, as well as subaccounts.

Naturally, the more features you wish to use with Instapage, the more money you’ll have to spend. Even the most basic package is fairly costly, which means that many smaller organizations may struggle to justify the investment. If you want to experiment with other selling methods, such as creating your webinar or automated email campaign, the prices increase even more.

Instapage does provide a free 14-day trial so you can familiarize yourself with the features and how everything works. This is your chance to construct your Instapage landing page using the platform’s customizable templates. You can see for yourself how simple it is to get started without much understanding of HTML and CSS.

If you realize that Instapage offers all you need to convert your visitors, you may opt for the free plan. This should be sufficient for the majority of businesses. We’d suggest adopting the enterprise option only if your business is really large or if you’re a marketing firm that constantly creates a large number of landing pages.

Instapage is a wonderful tool for developing effective landing pages for the most part. However, this is not the lowest option available. If you’re on a limited budget, you may struggle to justify the cost of Instapage – even for the basic plan.

My recommendation is to take advantage of the free trial and assess your feelings after that. If you believe you can generate an incredible ROI with your Instapage landing pages, the investment may be justified.

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