Instaboostgram vs Kicksta 2024: Which One Should You Choose? (Our Pick)

Instaboostgram vs Kicksta is one of the most phenomenal and outstanding Instagram growth hacks, which fetch you, organic followers.

These growth service hacks help you to prioritize mainly in gaining real followers, promising organic growth, & promotes quality. It helps the customers to attract an active audience.

On Instaboostgram, we can check proper insights & buy impressions like views on stories, IGTV. Whereas, the latter deals with helping customers review daily statistics, and to know Exact engagement rates.

Let us dive more in-depth, and understand this growth hacks elaborately with its other features and characteristics.


Instaboostgram is the number one platform to, as the name suggests, give a boost to your social media following on Instagram. An Instagram marketing company using advanced interface owing to an integrated booster tool that can help you up to your business or brand.


Kicksta is an AI tool that is used for brand building and growth for Instagram. It has a state-of-the-art user-interface coupled with progressive AI integration to help you give the required push to your account. With the help of Kicksta, you can increase your followers and, as a result, your brand value as well.

Instaboostgram vs Kicksta

Instaboostgram vs Kicksta: Overview


Instaboostgram is a device or kind of a store where the users can purchase the followers according to their needs, can increase views on IGtv, likes, comments, can boost their views on stories, and can help to increase the reach and impression of our posts.

Instaboostgram vs Kicksta - Instaboostgram

People usually choose Instaboostgram as they prefer the sum of total followers (quantity) over the value and content (quality). In brief, Instaboostgram allows the users of the application to buy new followers to increase their followings and views.

If you have a look at the reviews, most of the customer reviews are similar as they complain about fake followers. In addition to it, the website’s foremost establishment is to convince its users to purchase “active followers” but gives no response about whether the followers are real people or robots.

The engagement of the followers in user accounts is unsatisfied, and after you purchase the followers, you can see the gradual decrease after some extent of time. The users can buy the followers as per the plan mentioned by the website.


Kicksta can be termed as an “Instagram wide system” as it focuses more on natural growth than purchasing the followers, unlike Instboostgram. Kicksta allows you to sign up to their visionary or innovative plan and gives you the upgrade for the features, provides you with the filters, and focuses on likes, which can help to increase your impression and reach. Check our detailed Kicksta Review with Kicksta Discount Coupon to claim exclusive discount offer.


Kicksta won’t allow their users to buy the followers but can assure you for at least 1,500 interactivity per day. Kicksta ensures the followers who are following the users are all active and are human, not the bots, and they also assure you of no fake followers.

Users can easily trace their impression by just clicking on the recent post and can see their impressions, likes, comments, highest saves; followers follow a day quickly. Kicksta users can easily view their daily status on the insights and can detect their regular posts.

Users of the Kicksta account can easily use the service after signing up the plan and as soon as they enter the email. Users can purchase the plan per month, which ignores the inactive account, fake account, and suspicious accounts and can help you reach the impression naturally.

Key Features and Benefits


The clients can buy their followers and enjoy the growth in their business or the popularity of their accounts. They have various pricing plans which one can purchase based on the number of followers you want.


Here, the growth of followers is more organic, and hence the quality of the followers is better and credible. Kicksta uses AI technology, which reduces the number of fake followers, spams, and bots in the system. Hence, you get 100% real followers on Kicksta.

Kicksta -Features


Instaboostgram believes in quantity, whereas Kicksta pitches for quality. Instagram is a site where people would like to gauge each other’s status by the number of followers one has. This is a bitter fact of today’s modern social media frenzy. Between Kicksta and Instaboostgram, you can either choose a service offering real followers for a more extended period or more followers who cannot be sustained.



Instaboostgram is very safe as they never disclose the customer data. It has a very secure payment portal, which is SSL protected.


All the information provided by the clients is encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption. The protection of customer data is of utmost importance to Kicksta.


The services provided by both are at par when it comes to privacy policies and data protection. There is no doubt that information security is of utmost priority to Instaboostgram and Kicksta.

Targeting Algorithm


Instaboostgram works on the model of buying followers. Users can buy a specific number of followers, likes, and views. The client’s progress statistics can only be seen by the number of followers he has purchased.


Kicksta believes in increasing Real followers on Instagram. It uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to engage with the users who are only interested in your brand. It filters all the fake followers and duplicate accounts. Kicksta tracks its client’s growth by regularly reviewing and updating its followers, likes, and views.

Kicksta- Targeting-Algorithm


How would you want to boost yourself or your business? Organically or by purchasing followers? Would you want an increase which is stable and long term or which keeps changing with time? Instaboostgram will help you purchase more followers for a short time while Kicksta will increase your followers organically with a genuine interest in your business.

Customer Support


They have a 24/7 customer support system. You can post your query by filling a form on their website.



Kicksta also gives you 24/7 customer service. Additionally, if you have a premium membership, you get VIP email support and Live chat support.



A satisfied customer is a loyal customer! Every organization is well aware that proper customer support is essential for their business. Both Instaboostgram and Kicksta are equally good in this service.

Pricing Plans Instaboostgram vs Kicsta

There is a lot of competition among online vendors who sell services to gather more likes, followers, views on social media sites. Hence, their pricing systems are very affordable. Let’s have a look at the prices offered by both companies.


Their pricing system is straightforward. From the given list, you can choose a package depending upon the type of Instagram followers you require. Fill in your ‘Username,’ choose the payment which fits your budget, and you are good to go. Their prices are categorized as per the number of followers you want.

1. High-Quality Followers:

There are specific followers with only profile pictures, but no posts or further uploads in their Instagram accounts. These are termed as high-quality followers.

  • 100 Followers – $2.89
  • 500 Followers – $6.75
  • 1000 Followers – $12.75
  • 2500 Followers – $29.99 – This package is chosen by many, and hence there is a 30% discount available in this category as per the Instaboostgram website.
  • 5000 Followers – $39.25

The features, services, and quality of all the pricing categories are the same.

  • The followers provided are the best and of the highest quality. They are called Quality HQ Followers.
  • There is absolutely No Password Required when you give your account details
  • All your data is secured, and there is complete Protection of Privacy.
  • Their services are the Fastest. You get the required number of followers in the shortest time.
  • Customer Support is 24/7.
  • Most of the Instaboostgram clients are 100% Satisfied with their timely and quality services.
  • You can Track your Order, thus, providing complete transparency in their services

Instaboostgram - Pricing

2) Premium Followers:

This is the perfect category for professionals who want to see a growth in their accounts.

  • 500 Followers – $11.89
  • 1000 Followers – $18.99
  • 2500 Followers – $48.99 – This package currently has a 25% OFF on their website.
  • 5000 Followers – $79.99

Key Features

  • You get Real followers who are active on Instagram.
  • This section comes with a Guarantee on Delivery.
  • Also, it has a 30 Days Auto Refill facility, so that there is no drop in your followers.
  • All other features are the same as 24/7 Customer Support, no requirement of password, and complete protection of privacy.

Instaboostgram - Pricing


Kicksta has a monthly Standard plan and Premium plan. It gives a 14-day money-back guarantee wherein if you are unsatisfied with their services; you can cancel your subscription and get a refund. Now that is a huge plus! This plan is best suitable for small enterprises and beginners.

  • The Standard plan comes at the cost of $49 per month.
  • Your Instagram account will grow at a moderate speed.
  • You get the facility of Video on-boarding
  • The total number of targets will be 10

The Premium plan costs $99 per month and comes with more and better benefits. It is best suited for established enterprises and marketing firms.

  • The Growth speed is Maximum.
  • Video on-boarding – Yes
  • Your target accounts are 40
  • You get support via chat and email
  • Also, you can use the Advanced targeting facility
  • An essential benefit is that you get to Blacklist any improper accounts

Also, they have a Bulk pricing option, where you just need to fill a form with your necessary details, and they will get back to you with the pricing options.

. Kicksta - Pricing

Pros & Cons



  • Instaboostgram is well equipped with safety and privacy protocols.
  • One is assured completely.
  • No need for secret codes ( password) required in Instaboostgram.
  •  If a client follows a particular plan by purchasing, say: a premium plan of 5000, the same client is awarded the crowd of 5000 followers as a bonus.
  • If one witness, sudden drop in the followers, the leftover place will be refilled immediately. They are equalizing the same number of followers.


  • It does not assure or guarantee in providing the real and authentic audience.
  • Instaboostgram provides email support availability for 24× 7 hours but does prevail in any kind of direct or immediate contact.
  •    It does not offer any kind of free trial.



  • Clients can grab organic followers; customers gain an authentic audience, not the fake ones.
  • Proper engagement done on individuals’ work, gets reciprocated, and gains equivalent amounts of attention as one did.
  • The support team provides proper assurance of support; it helps the customers in every way possible.
  • It even helps us track our progress. For instance, it has an online dashboard which contributes to the same.
  • No complicated software is to be installed.


  • We can track progress & check the number of viewers, but we aren’t able to exactly know the usernames of the viewers.
  • It does not offer any free trial, just the limited support assurance to all those who opted for the premium plan.
  • Kicksta supports growth only via likes.
  • It enables you to gain followers based on the quality of content & engagement.

 Customer services


Instaboostgram has 24 hours, seven days customer support service utilizing email as well as a form to be filled on the website. Furthermore, there is also a direct link on their website in case customers want to reach out regarding a lesser number of followers or about the current status of the account. However, as fact so far, it has been seen that only the customers who have bought the service can reach out to the network. They have a money-back policy of seven days in case the product is not delivered or is not as described. However, the request for a refund has to be made within seven days of buying the product.

Further, they also have a warranty period of 60 days, during which they claim to replace any loss of followers. It is known as a free-retention warranty. Instaboostgram does not offer any policy for satisfaction. Customers, however, often claim that they have been unable to reach the network for any sort of support.


Kickstart offers their customers 24 hours, seven days customer support service utilizing email as well as live chatting with the employees for any query or help required. General questions may be answered through FAQs. Also, there are options for video courses available in case there are doubts regarding the usage or application of Kicksta. Feedback from clients makes it evident that they believe Kicksta offers them growth authenticity and a genuine boost for their business.


Both the tools are equally customer-friendly. However, Kicksta seems to be one step ahead because it offers the option of live chatting. This saves time and energy of clients trying to reach out to the network for the resolution of queries. As opposed to Instaboostgram, which requires you to fill out a form, Kicksta’s customer support is much quicker and easier to get through.

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Why are the ideas of purchasing followers on Instagram not suitable?

Yes, the idea of purchasing followers is not suitable as most of the followers will be allotted as a bot or are inactive accounts, and they won’t engage with your pages. It’s difficult to measure the statics growth of the profile and the impressions. It also makes it hard for you to survey the timeline

What is the safety measure of Kicksta?

Kicksta is safe to use, but the increasing rate in the pages is un-calculable, unsure, and unpredictable. They usually like one or two photos from the targeted posts, so you have to make sure the targetable account is the most active, straight, available, and Instagram users.

Can I make money by gaining more followers?

Yes, you can earn money if you have an active, legit, and available Instagram followers. Purchasing the followers is a bad idea as it mostly includes only inactive followers and bots, so by reaching the impression and using particular hashtags, you can make money but only if you have active followers

Conclusion: Instaboostgram vs Kicksta 2024

It’s a debate about choosing any one website, Instaboostgram deals with buying the followers, and Kicksta deals with the natural growth of users. Instaboostgram doesn’t give us a warranty about the active followers, whereas Kicksta growth rate is unpredictable. Soo chooses and tries both the sites wisely. Thereby, it has to be noted that such a growth service platform and these marketing automation tools carry its pros and cons. Today, social media is a way of life. Everyone wants to be popular. Having more followers and likes on Instagram is like a status symbol.

Nowadays, everyone wants to grab a crowd of followers & likes on Instagram, which is more like a status symbol now. Instabooster and Kicksta are doing just the right thing by giving businesses and clients the boost that is much needed in today’s competitive environment.

Yet, Kicksta has served as the most reliable and safer platform as compared to Instagrambooster. Reviews from most trusted customers have been taken into account.

Still, there are many growth platforms, but not all are equally safe and convenient at the same time. Some marketing automation tools give you the unreal and fake following, unlike Kicksta, which is best in this regard.

Thus, we need to be rational enough to adopt these tactics Wisely and with proper knowledge only.

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