20 Experts Roundup On- How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares

In this post, we have featured 20 SEO Experts Roundup Post On-How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares. Experts from all over the world share Tips on How to Increase Blog Engagement and Social Shares…


How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares


20 Experts Roundup On How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares

Let’s see what Experts got to say!


1) Holly Medwid

Holly Medwid


Holly Medwid: Holly is an Online strategist with a focus digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Holly’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

There is no trick or shortcut to creating real engagement on social media channels. You have to start with strategy and strong content that is based on the authenticity of your brand. It takes a focused effort to attract, responds to and manages a community. You need to speak in the language of your target demographic if you want to encourage any interactions with your content.

2) Ryan Biddulph

Blog: https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/


Ryan Biddulph


Ryan Biddulph: Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

Ryan’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Being generous and genuine boosts engagement and social shares. Here’s how; genuinely take an interest in people by commenting on their updates, by Messaging or DMing them and by sharing their content on your wall or through your stream. Bonds form. Friends share your content and comment on your updates. This simple, organic process works if you generously help people from authentic energy.

Toss persistence into the mix too. Keep at it, be detached, trust in the organic process of befriending people honestly and things will grow for you on social media. Focus on the word “organic”; nothing good, freeing and rewarding in life happens through rushed, forced means. Good things take time.

3) Vladimir Gendelman

Blog: https://www.companyfolders.com




Vladimir Gendelman: Founder & CEO of Company Folders, Inc.

Vladimir’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Create an image that visually describes your post and stay away from using stock photos. The vast majority of posts which users share and engage with contain an image, so using a graphic that represents the text of your post will give you a leg up on the other stories appearing in their feed. Just make sure the post looks clean and professional, rather than created by an amateur. Images that contain human faces tend to perform better and, when combined with an appropriate color, can influence the perceptions of viewers. With these tactics in mind, you will certainly increase the effectiveness of your social media postings.

4) Servando Silva

Blog: https://stream-seo.com


Servando So Yong Silva Sohn


Servando Silva: Servando is a full-time Affiliate Marketer and Blogger who writes tutorials and case studies Stream SEO.

Servando’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

If we talk about blogs and traffic, engagement is mostly seen in the form of comments, page views, and social shares.
We use several strategies in our websites to increase both. here are a few ones that come to my mind with the best performance so far:

1. Embed Tweets with Quotes. This helps people share the quote that links back to your article without having to compose themselves the tweet.

2. Show social share button on images. Especially for social networks like Pinterest but anything works. People tend to share more images than pure text as they tend to avoid composing their shares (laziness).

3. If you have a ton of mobile traffic, consider using those floating social hare buttons but keep them small and not intrusive. We like the ones that you can use for free with Sumo.

4. If you want more comments, ask people to comment at the end of the article or focus on articles about case studies and tutorials. Those are more commented and shared than simple articles with short content.

5. Engage with the users that share your content. Also, answer comments as fast as possible (before 24 hours) so they know the comments are not being just ignored. I’ve seen a lot of posts with tons of comments and no answers from the original writer.

6. Create roundups. Exactly like this one 🙂 They get shared by all the people featured and you get access to a lot of new eyes at the same time.

5) Chris Well

Blog: https://buildyourbrandacademy.com


Chris Well


Chris Well: Chris Well is a media veteran who has worked more than 30 years in professional media. He’s also an expert in leveraging social networks and email list management to grow and engage audiences. Chris is the founder of Build Your Brand Academy, a columnist for BookWorks, and recently returned to DIY Author as the new owner/editor. As a novelist, he’s written for traditional publishers and as a self-published author. As such, he can share his experiences from both sides of the desk so that authors can learn how to get the media to work with them.

Chris’ Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Following the 80/20 rule, make sure that 80-percent of your messages focus on keeping that audience educated, enlightened, entertained, or engaged. You can do this by mixing and matching posts that—80-percent of the time—offer quick tips, inspirational or surprising ideas, smartly curated content, and fun content that encourages your readers to join in the conversation. When you’ve earned the right to mention what you have to offer (sign up for my challenge, come to my webinar, check out my product, etc), make certain that part of the content is crafted in a manner that’s equally interesting as the other 80-percent of your content. Above all, don’t be boring!

It’s very hard to get traffic on your blog, you have to be active on various social sites, forum, Q&A sites, no worries our BuzzBundle review take care of all check it out now.

6) Gina Horkey

Blog: https://horkeyhandbook.com/


Gina Horkey


Gina Horkey: Gina Horkey is a married, millennial mama to two precocious kiddos from Minnesota.
Additionally, she’s a professional writer and online business marketing consultant with a decade of experience in the financial services industry.
Gina enjoys helping other freelancers gear up to quit their day jobs and take their side hustles full-time via her website, Horkey HandBook. She initially started the site to display her writing samples and share her journey – since then it’s turned into a leading resource for virtual assistants and freelance writers.

Gina’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

At Horkey HandBook, we have found three things that have increased our engagement:

1. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for inspiration, a cheerleader in their corner telling them they can do it. So we daily put on a quote that inspires our followers and speaks to wherever they are in the business process.

2. People want to connect with other people, so we also have quote images with a picture of me and my mantras, quotes, and sayings, so they can feel connected with me even through Social Media.

3. Time is a valuable asset for all of our followers, so making sure our content has value for them is imperative. We gather information from other entrepreneurs and news sources to keep them up to date on the latest trends and information in our business field. They don’t have to look around for that news we have it right there on our channel for them.

7) Alice Elliott

Blog: https://www.thecommentingclub.co.uk


Alice Elliott


Alice Elliott: Alice Elliott (aka Fairy Blog Mother) is an award-winning WordPress consultant who focuses on explaining blogging simply and promotes profitable #socialchat to benefit both individuals and businesses.

Alice’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Engagement is more likely to happen if the recipient thinks you are totally focusing on them, without a motive to benefit yourself. This means altruism is key; concentrate on giving rather than receiving. All your interaction is to improve their lives, make them feel better, provide encouragement and offer solutions to problems.

This means commenting on lots of blogs and social updates. Remember where your focus lies: produce meaningful, constructive and worthy comments the recipient would be delighted to receive. These should consist of a minimum of 3 sentences, with a greeting, acknowledgment, main point, and closing summary. Prove you’ve read the post or update properly and have understood their message.

Do this many times and people will soon start to reciprocate on your blog. Make it easier for them by providing examples for comments at the end of your posts, or ask a controversial or leading question readers cannot fail to answer. Writing posts your readers can relate to can encourage a response. If they have empathy, they will share their experiences.

Engagement is about giving first and providing value. Your recipient is extremely important and should be made to feel so. Do this right and they will respond favorably.

8) Maria Johnsen

Blog: https://www.maria-johnsen.com/social-media-marketing/


MJ - M Johnsen


Maria Johnsen: Maria Johnsen holds a degree in political economy from Kharkov University, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology BA in informatics, Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and master degree in filmmaking and television from the University of London in the UK.
Her professional background and education is diverse and includes skills in areas such as sales, multilingual digital marketing, content writing, business intelligence, software design, and development. In addition, she possesses the experience and education in the management of complex Information Systems.
She has skills and proven records in all areas of search engine optimization including keyword targeting, competitor research, and on-site optimization. In 2016 she was ranked #6 digital marketing influencer in the world by Onalytica company who runs Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution in the UK and U.S.A.
Ranked #1 among Top 100 SEO Influencers by Kcore: https://buff.ly/2y85odQ
Ranked #2 among the world top 100 digital marketing influencers in 2017 by https://nodexl.codeplex.com/
Ranked #2 deep learning influencers in 2017 by Betweenness Centrality aka NodeXL http://bit.ly/2xQqgFZ
Ranked #12 among top 50 agency strategy influencers ? by Onalytica http://bit.ly/2wFZNJV
Ranked #9 among top 50 lead generation influencers ? by Onalytica http://bit.ly/2wFZNJV
Ranked Among Top 200 Global Influencers in Content Marketing 2017 by Onalytica http://onalytica.com/blog/posts/content-marketing-2017-top-200-global-influencers/
In 2019 Maria received The International Star Award for Quality Convention 2019 for Quality leadership, innovation and excellence. The convention ‘s held in Geneva Switzerland.

Maria’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Getting more shares and engagement in social networks is half of the battle. The rest is up to them to let you get maximum exposure on their social network. Each social media channel is designed differently and has their own set of rules. You have to be consistent in social sharing without using any automated tools. Because if any glitch happens between the social tools you are using and that social network’s algorithm, you lose your account.

The most important aspect of social engagement and sharing is to post content that your audience can relate to. If you are in the photography business, you should share quality and meaningful images with the highest resolution. Your target audience must be professional photographers, photo lovers, camera equipment companies and photography students. If you work in food tech niche, nothing is more valuable than sharing unique food recipes which are relevant to your country’s current season. It depends on if you live in Northern or Southern hemisphere. If it is summer then it is irrelevant to share Christmas food recipes.

You can tag foodies and food lovers in your post in order to increase engagement and sharing. You certainly wouldn’t tag vegetarian users to your lamb BBQ and kebabs food recipes. In the food business, there are users who are on keto, weight-loss lovers, meat lovers, veggies, etc. So the relevancy and targeting the right audience is important. I would add video and images to the content to drive in more targeted users to the post. Using unique and interesting images get more attention.

If you are in the marketing business, share strategies that work for you and your clients. You can provide case studies related to the current trend and tag marketing companies, eCommerce owners and marketers. Marketing, Advertising, SEO and digital marketing articles are useful for the majority of niches because every company has a marketing department. They‘d love to know what works and what doesn’t work in their niches. However, you must be careful who you tag and the category you add.

For example, if you post your SEO or PPC ad management strategy under cybersecurity category, then get ready to get bullied and defamed for posting your valuable content. These kinds of users look for tech stuff such as ways to hack or recover a hacked site along with the newest tools in the hack community. They all have products and need to know marketing strategies, but they don’t like to see SEO related posts in their social communities unless you post something that is related to marketing of a certain information security tool. In such case they read it, so you get traffic to your post, but they may not share or click at the like button.

Make sure to give a personality to your posts and make them interesting. Getting exposure in every social channel requires expertise and proven strategies to maximize your traffic and as a result sales. Timing is another aspect to consider. You have to check and see what works for you. If you feel that your posting gets more exposure at 19:00 PM, then do it. Another aspect to consider is on which server you are sharing. These social media channels have their hidden rules, for example on Twitter they let some users get maximum exposure while they shadow ban or hide some other users.

The traffic you get from Twitter comes from content curation bots and other social sharing bots, very few humans read your content. You may also for no reason get suspended as Twitter has a lot of algorithm glitches and bad artificial intelligence programming. So why would you drive bots to your website and exhaust your band weight and get spams to your email? Your content also gets stolen and plagiarized. I would not recommend using Twitter in 2019.

When they suspend your accounts, it will take time to outrank all suspended links from Google and the other search engine. Use your effort on social platforms which give results. I highly recommend using Facebook group, facebook fan page, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Youtube Vimeo sharing, be very careful if you share on Reddit.

9) Gail Gardner

Blog: https://GrowMap.com

Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner: Small Business Marketing Strategist, founder of GrowMap, BizSugar Mastermind Community Manager and Staff Writer for Small Business Trends.

Gail’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

The key to engagement is interaction. Even if you automate some social sharing, you must make the time to participate in groups and Twitter chats. That is how you build relationships. People engage with and share for you if they know and like you.

Choose which platform is most important to you and focus on it. If it is Twitter, participate in relevant, popular Twitter chats. Follow other participants and answer their tweets. Share their content and they’re more likely to share yours.

On Facebook and LinkedIn, seek out groups that are related to what you like to share. Be an active participant. By supporting the efforts of others, you become more visible. And they may then support what you do.

Make sure you have very visual tweets and posts. Images and videos are far more likely to be noticed, commented on and shared.

10) Janice Wald

Blog: https://mostlyblogging.com


Janice Wald


Janice Wald: Janice Wald is an author, speaker, freelance writer, blogger, blogging coach. She blogs at MostlyBlogging.com where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Mostly Blogging was nominated for 2019 Best Marketing Blog at the Infinity Blog Awards. Wald recently published ALL THE INSTAGRAM TIPS AND TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW (http://bit.ly/InstagramManual) available on Amazon.

Janice’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Increasing engagement and social shares is easy and fun.

1. Use a Call-to-Action asking people to comment.
2. Use a Call-to-Action asking people to share.
3. Have a giveaway. Select from random comments.
3. Have a giveaway. Select from people who have shared your post. When they share, they need to include a unique hashtag so you can easily find them.
4. When you offer the giveaway, tell people in the introduction there will be a surprise at the end of the post, so your readers stay on the post until the end.
5. Use social media quote posts. People love inspirational posts and will gladly share them with their social media followers. Free tools exist for making social media quote posts. https://www.mostlyblogging.com/social-media-quote/.
6. User-generated content is big. People put photos of themselves using products on Instagram with a brand’s hashtag. Brands put these photos on their Instagram account. You could hold a contest and award an inexpensive prize to people who put the most creative content on Instagram with the unique hashtag.

11) Adam Connell

Blog: https://bloggingwizard.com/


Adam Connell


Adam Connell: Adam Connell is a content strategist with a background in SEO and email marketing.

Adam’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Since engagement can mean a few different things, I’ll focus on the social sharing part of your question.

Here’s the good news: there are plenty of ways to do this. We’re fortunate to live in an age when so many tools exist to facilitate these tactics.

Here are several ways you can increase social sharing:

1) Share more often – most social shares just don’t get seen. By sharing more often, you’ll increase the likelihood that people will see them. I use Sendible to automatically reschedule social shares for evergreen content.

2) Add “Click to tweet” widgets to your content – You can use ClickToTweet.com for this, or a plugin like Social Snap (if you use WordPress.)

3) Leverage social proof (and hide negative social proof) – When you get a good amount of shares on your content, it will lead to more shares. But if you show low share counts, it’ll tell people they shouldn’t be sharing your content because nobody else is. This can be done easily with WordPress plugins like Social Snap, or Social Warfare.

4) Craft more engaging social messages – You can factor in copywriting formulas, memes, GIFs, emoji’s, etc. Or jump on trending topics – all of this will help you get more shares.

5) Add share buttons to your images – Social networks are highly visual. When you add share buttons, you can get quite a few extra shares.

12) Ronnie & Ave

Blog: http://www.homelifeabroad.com


Ronnie E.


Ronnie & Ave: Two expat bloggers living far away from home and loving their adventures abroad.

Ronnie & Ave’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Build or join a community of bloggers in the same blog niche. You can all help each other thrive on the internet by engaging on each other’s posts, sharing content, commenting and even exchanging guest posts. We see an immediate increase in social engagement when like-minded bloggers share our content to their followers. It also increases communication and engagement in social media posts, which further boosts the posts to more timelines and dashboards. Joining a community helps everyone expand their follower base and as a cherry on top, you can build great friendships along the way!

13) Steven Watts

Blog: https://newtlabs.co.uk


Steven Watts


Steven Watts: WordPress Site Care Expert, Founder of Newt labs

Steven’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Sharing your content on social media lets people know who you are, what you do and the things you like to talk about. But in order to build an audience, you need to join (or create) relevant groups to help get your name about. By inviting key influencers and prospective customers to join in discussions you can show your expertise, build up relationships and increase exposure to your brand.

By engaging with these influencers and prospects you can create mutually beneficial opportunities such as promoting a post in return for discounts or freebies. When your brand is endorsed by a well known and trusted personality or a group of loyal followers your presence spreads to their audiences resulting in an exponential increase in engagement and social shares. By building on this approach you can then create other opportunities such as guest posting and interviews to help bring more traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and sales.

14) Virginia Nussey

Blog: mobilemonkey.com


Virginia Nussey


Virginia Nussey: Virginia does marketing at MobileMonkey, the fastest-growing official Facebook Messenger marketing platform and free chatbot builder.

Virginia’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Facebook Messenger marketing ( https://mobilemonkey.com/chatbots/facebook-messenger-marketing) is a new channel for digital marketers to drive traffic and increase engagement in the Facebook ecosystem.

Step 1: Set up interactive chatbot autoresponders to your Facebook posts. Now, not only do Facebook Page posts become more engaging, you can now also send direct messages to Page fans in Messenger.

Step 2: Send chat blasts in Messenger that drive visitors to your website, or serve relevant promotions and offers, in a chatbot conversation with sophisticated audience segmentation, visually delightful content elements like GIFs, and choose your own adventure style interactivity.

15) Terri L Maurer

Blog: https://www.maurerconsultinggroup.com/designing-strategies-blog/


Terri L. Maurer

Terri L Maurer: Terri is a Strategic Management Adviser for Small Businesses. A logical, analytic review of current client situations is taken to identify barriers in the way of the company’s growth. Once identified, a focused strategy is developed to turn the barriers into bridges to a clear path to growth and success.

Terri’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

This may be a bit off the beaten path of blog engagement, but it is important. Take the time to identify your Ideal customers and focus your marketing on them. Once you know who those customers are and what they need to succeed, you can direct valuable content to them and get engagement rolling.

16) Evan Carmichael

Blog: https://www.evancarmichael.com/




Evan Carmichael: Evan believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500k to $15mil. He now runs the biggest YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with 1.9M+ subscribers, wrote 4 books & speaks globally. He wants to solve the world’s biggest problem.

He has set 2 world records, uses a trampoline & stand-up desk, owns Canada’s largest Salsa Dance Studio & has a giant Doritos bag in front of him all day long to remind him that he’s stronger than the Doritos. Toronto is his home. He’s a husband, father, TSM fan & Teemo Main.

Evan’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

“Let’s take my Instagram, for example, we went from 6K subscribers/followers last year 2018 to now a 150K+ by taking it more seriously, posting better content, spending a lot more time on it, I will still do the first message that comes in. So anybody who DM’s me, I’ll still do the first message that goes out. Like if you DM me, I’ll send you back a message. After that my wife and my team take over as there’s not enough time in a day for you to actually manage all of the comments as you grow. Just like any business, if you grew your Tutoring business to be all over China, it’s not going to be you going to every class, saying ‘Hey, here I am teaching’ you have to hire other Instructors. You have to, any business – that’s how it grows.” – Evan Carmichael

17) Kate Erickson

Blog: https://www.eofire.com


Kate Erickson


Kate Erickson: Kate Erickson is the integrator at Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast where John Lee Dumas interviews inspiring Entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE. She is also the host of the podcast Kate’s Take and co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days. Learn more about the free training Kate & John have created for entrepreneurs over at EOFire.com!

Kate’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Increasing engagement is all about creating a platform and space where people feel as though their input, experiences, and feedback matter.

The #1 most important thing you can do when trying to increase engagement is to let people know you want it! Give a call to action requesting feedback on a specific part of your blog post, podcast episode, or video. Ask a specific question, or give people a specific action to follow (example: comment on the post below and share your #1 takeaway!)

#2 is to actually be there when people do start reaching out. If you ask people to do something via a CTA, but then you’re not there to reply, then the conversation will never actually start (and therefore, it won’t continue).

#3 do the first 2 things consistently. Engagement is not a 1-off thing, and if you want to grow a following of believers who will be there to engage and share your content with their followers, then you have to show up consistently. So don’t just do it 1 time – do it every time you post a new blog, a new podcast episode, or any other piece of content – and that momentum will start to grow!

18) Isaac Bullen

Blog: https://www.3whitehats.co.nz


Isaac B


Isaac Bullen: Digital marketer, environmentalist, and traveler. Asia Pacific Director at 3WhiteHats

Isaac’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Three tips: 1, Research and utilize hashtags, – but don’t go crazy here, cause it’ll look spammy. 2, Use any intelligence you have such as refined audiences using tracking pixels to give an initial boost. 3, Share engaging video or pics which tell the story you are looking to tell. Bonus 4, Use the live and Story functions across all social media platforms, they are all heavily promoting these at the moment a great opportunity to double down on your reach.

19) Ted Rubin

Blog: TedRubin.com


Ted Rubin


Ted Rubin: Ted Rubin is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Author, Provocateur, CMO of Photofy, and various Advisory Boards. In March 2009 he started using and evangelizing the term ROR, Return on Relationship, hashtag #RonR.
Many people in the social media world know Ted for his enthusiastic, energetic and undeniably personal connection to people… #NoLetUp!

Ted was Chief Social Marketing Officer (a new title he created in 2011) of Collective Bias… and a principal shareholder until the November 2016 acquisition by Inmar.

In the words of Collective Bias Co-Founder John Andrews… “Ted, you were the vision, heartbeat, and soul of Collective Bias, thank you for building a great company. From innovations like cb.Socially to the amazing relationships, you built with the blogger community, clients and employees, you drove the epic growth.

His book, Return on Relationship, was released January 2013, How To Look People in the Eye Digitally was released January 2105 and The Age of Influence… Selling to the Digitally Connected Customer was released in May 2017.

Ted is currently writing his latest book, along with business partner and Retail Thought Leader John Andrews titled Retail Relevancy.

Learn more about Ted at TedRubin.com, @TedRubin, and LinkedIn.com/in/TedRubin


Ted’s Tips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

Pretty damn simple… How do we find out what’s important to our audiences? Ask them! Have social conversations, pick up the telephone and talk to your best customers. Engage them in conversation. Ask them what’s keeping them up at night—what they’re passionate about, or how you could improve your product. Social is great for asking those kinds of questions so you understand where your audience is coming from rather than simply trying to sell them something. And most important… LISTEN. There is a conversation happening on social platforms every day so start paying attention.

20) Alex Chris

Blog: https://www.reliablesoft.net/



Alex Chris: Digital Marketing Manager at reliablesoft.net

Alex’sTips To Increase Engagement and Social Share:

4 Tips that always work:

1. Use high quality images within your blog posts – Users are more likely to share a post with a nice image than a post with no image.
2. Check and make sure that your content looks good when shared using social media buttons – Make use of open graph tags and test how your posts look on all major social networks.
3. Reply to every single comment on your blog or social media pages – Ask people to comment on your blog and when they do, make sure that you reply to each and every comment. Moderate all your comments and delete any comments that are not related to the post.
4. Follow anyone that shared or commented on your blog posts – This is a great way to start a conversation and connect with your followers. Doing that consistently will increase engagement on future posts too.

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Conclusion: Tips On How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares

As of now, you might have a clear cut view of Tips On How To Increase Engagement and Social Shares. You can apply these experts advice in order to build a more profitable business.

Which Expert advice you liked the most, tell us in the comment section below.

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