Kyle Roof IMG Courses Review: The Netflix for SEOs (Internet Marketing Gold Review)

IMG Courses Review

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As an SEO professional, you know that staying ahead of the curve is essential to success. That's why you're always on the lookout for new and innovative strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition. But what if there was a place where you could get unlimited access to the latest and most cutting-edge SEO courses? A place where you could learn from the best in the business, no matter what your skill level? Well, there is. IMG Courses is the world's largest exclusive library of SEO courses, offering everything from basic introductory classes to advanced techniques that can take your SEO game to a whole new level.

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  • Get $18,909 worth of value for only $97/Month. Cancel anytime, Guaranteed
  • Courses for absolute beginners to seasoned pros
  • NEW Courses Added Regularly
  • Learn SEO Anywhere With A Dedicated App
  • Unlimited access to 40 SEO Courses and counting
  • All SEO topics covered, all levels
  • Convenient, dedicated app with 2x speed
  • Includes access to hot ticket SEO Conferences


  • More pricing options needed for newbies


Price: $ 97

Looking for Kyle Roof IMG Courses Review, you are the right place.

I understand how you’re feeling. In your search for the greatest SEO training, you’re unsure which to choose. As if that wasn’t enough, I never even asked what type of SEO you’d like to study. It’s hard to cover everything SEO has to offer in a single course!

I’ve taken a number of SEO courses over the previous five years from a variety of providers. When it comes to SEO, IMG Courses is a great way to learn about Google’s algorithm and connect with other SEO specialists in the community, as well. Things that can make or break your website’s performance should be studied, discussed, and debated!

IMG courses Kyle Roof

IMG Courses Review 2024 Best SEO Course on Internet ? Internet Marketing Gold Review

The World’s Largest Exclusive Platform for SEO Courses : Get access to the world’s largest collection of SEO courses. It’s like Netflix for SEOs, with just the best and most relevant content available at any given time. Search engine optimization (SEO) ideas and approaches that are as up-to-date as Netflix are provided, so you don’t spend your time watching.

You’ve heard it before: More visitors equals more money. IMG also offers “offbeat” classes that offer even more inventive ways to make money, in addition to the traditional SEO strategies and tactics that are taught. We also cover digital marketing, user experience for conversions, webmaster tools, and social media.

How about a list of five simple techniques to increase your site’s revenue? With Appstore SEO, can you bring in a new stream of revenue? Add a new traffic source from Google ads (Google Ads basics) and more. (Appstore optimization).

IMG Courses Review

Who is Kyle Roof ? Internet Marketing Gold Review

Kyle Roof is the co-founder of High Voltage SEO, a bespoke SEO firm with locations in Phoenix, Berlin, and Melbourne. Before co-founding Internet Marketing Gold, a scientific SEO community, Kyle was the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency, overseeing over 300 single variable tests on Google’s algorithm. I did his tool review Page Optimizer Pro here check it out 🙂

I am sure in this interview you will learn lot about his ranking strategies and how is able to beat Google algorithm.

Why you should take IMG Courses ?

IMG is the only online school for SEO that you’ll ever need. With comprehensive courses in all aspects of optimization, IMG has you covered whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer. Their instructors are industry experts who will guide you through each step of the process, so you can learn everything there is to know about SEO without breaking the bank. Plus, with our wide range of digital marketing courses, you’ll be able to improve your skills in all areas of online marketing. So why wait? Enroll today and get started on your SEO career!

Types of SEO training – New courses added every few months

I’ve heard that new courses are being added to SEO training on a regular basis. In addition to deciding on the best SEO course, you must also decide the aspect of SEO you would like to focus on. What about SEO on the page? Is there a local search engine optimization strategy I should know Linkbuilding?

Keyword Research is another option.

Each one of these subjects merits its own course. It’s impossible to create a single course that covers everything. In other words, instead of just a few hours, you’ll be studying for weeks or perhaps months. There are many hours spent teaching and learning SEO specialties.

There will be a steady stream of new courses being uploaded.

Training on on-page SEO

As a beginner, Kyle’s On-Page SEO instruction is the place to begin. During the past three years, I’ve taken his classes twice and each time they were packed with valuable information. It was jam-packed with information, and I’d be remiss not to suggest it.

Courses for Creating Multiple Backlinks

Ted Kubaitis, the host of the Low-Level Link Building course at IMG Courses, offers a variety of training options. On the subject of low-hanging fruit, Ted teaches this course. Building backlinks across multiple domains without doing any outreach. He assists you in locating and obtaining them.

Another Link Building course, created by Georgi Todorov, is available for more experienced SEOs. You’ll learn 7 White Hat linkbuilding tactics that will help you rank higher in the search engines and bring in more money. Hiring authors, Outreach guidelines, Guest Posting, Broken Linkbuilding, HARO linkbuilding, Link reclamation and many more are all included in his courses.

Bibi Raven offers a link-building course titled: Link Building Outreach. Talking about outreach isn’t a bummer.

Other courses are also available.

Content Audit Playbook, SEO for Real Estate, Affiliate SEO, SEO Campaign procedures, App Store optimization, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Keyword Research are some of the other courses available on the IMG platform.

In addition, SEOToollabs does have a dedicated training course for the Cora software that will help you get the most out of Cora SEO.

So, yeah, IMG training is comprehensive.

SEO testing – Find out how to outsmart Google.

There are dozens of SEO testing that have been completed over the last couple years, and they’re all available to you through IMG Courses. Knowing what works and doesn’t with SEO experiments is critical to your success.

If you don’t know what works, don’t waste your time constructing a website or even a single page. Single-variable tests, as well as field tests, make up the majority of the testing. As a result of this, you don’t have to harm your client’s website in order to discover whether or not it ranks or tanks.

There is a full library of SEO tests conducted by our members, as well as the opportunity to become an SEO researcher yourself.

After completing 2 of their courses, I plan to take more over the years of 2024.

Best SEO training online

The 14 Steps that put you on top of Google

This is the course that started it all. It takes everything Kyle has learned during two years of running 400 scientific SEO tests to figure out exactly what it takes to rank on top of Google. He reveals exactly how he ended up fooling Google’s search engine algorithms with nothing but gibberish text. So if you have any real money keywords you want to rank for like  “paid program dell”, “paid program forbes” or “program dell technologies”, the On-page SEO IMG Course can take you there.

His unique process still works wonders today and Kyle provides the actual sites ranking with nonsensical text. Inside you’ll learn:

  • The biggest take aways from 400 SEO tests
  • The 14 steps I use to rank my sites and my clients’
  • Why everyone is doing Silos wrong
  • How to force Google to rank you with one-way links
  • The truth about SEO ranking factors

SEO Courses Online

IMG Courses Review by Customers & Students:

We had to update 40% of our workflow

As an agency managing about 30 accounts, we felt that we had a decent system of SOP’s in place. After taking Kyle’s course, we were humbled that we had to update about 40% of our workflow.

Compared to other courses we have purchased over the years, Kyle’s teaching style and quality are by far best. We looked at some of the other outlines in IMG and see that they follow the same easy-to-follow outline. We found a new home for effective learning at IMG! Well done Kyle!

Brian Childers

The best I’ve seen from an SEO course

The content quality is the best I’ve seen from an SEO course. I’ve been taking SEO courses since 2016 and the style is easy going and never over my head. I love the “show me how to do it style”! Great course!!

Nancy Reagan

I wasn’t fully aware how easy Google is to beat

Kyle’s teachings totally changed how I approach on page SEO. I already knew that Google is an algorithm, but I wasn’t fully aware how easy it is to beat. I really like the teaching style and content quality.

Raoul Wruck

Kyle Roof courses review

IMG Courses Review Kyle Roof SEO Course Pricing Plan

IMG Courses Kyle Roof SEO Course Pricing Plan

If you want to make money online, this is the place for you.

You’ve had it with this? In exchange for an agreed-upon fee, you can take classes, meet SEO experts, and learn how to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

Lock in your monthly subscription price by signing up today.

IMG Course Alternatives (Affiliate Lab, Super Affiliate System & Wealthy Affiliate)

1) Affiliate Lab – #1 IMG SEO Course Alternative

The Recursive Keyword Research Process

📣 About
How to create, grow, and sell profitable affiliate sites.

💰 Price
$997 ($200 discount sometimes available).

✅ Pros
Breadth and depth of training is outstanding.

❌ Cons
Volume of course material could be overwhelming.

🥇 Opinion
Outstanding affiliate training from the very best.

Matt Diggity worked as an electrical engineer before launching his own web business. Matt had a nervous breakdown as a result of his profession, which required him to work more than 60 hours per week on occasion.

Matt became fascinated with SEO and affiliate marketing at that time, and he grew attracted to the idea of making money online. Matt was able to break through and discover something spectacular after years of trying.

While learning SEO and affiliate marketing, Matt created various test websites. Matt made some money from these sites in most cases, but he didn’t have the time to run them, so he opted to sell them.

Matt then learned that flipping profitable websites is a lucrative business and chose to pursue it.

The Affiliate Lab is an education program for internet marketers, SEO specialists, and even average entrepreneurs who want to learn everything there is to know about establishing websites, enhancing them for search results, and flipping them for extra cash.

This course includes a large number of instructional videos on affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and other related topics.

Affiliate Lab Facebook group Affiliate lab matt diggitty reviews courses

This course has more than 12 hours of material, so it will take some time to complete.

When you purchase the course, you will get six pre-made templates as well as an off page and onsite checklist. You will also have access to Affiliate Lab’s private Facebook community.

There will be a discussion about selecting a niche, conducting keyword research, and creating captivating content that not only ranks but also converts.

Who is The Affiliate Lab for?

Beginner SEOs ready to take a shortcut into advanced SEO practices

Advanced SEOs who want to polish up their SEO game and take it to the next level with tactical linking, debugging, and monetization strategies. If you read my blog, you’re familiar with me releasing new strategies never seen before. The Affiliate Lab contains the strategies that are too valuable to release publicly.

SEOs that gave up. If you tried other methods and didn’t succeed, its because you had the wrong information. There’s no theory or guesswork in The Affiliate Lab, its all based on actual tests.

Client SEOs looking to diversify into passive income through affiliate

Lone wolf SEOs that would like to join an advanced SEO community

Complete Newbies who have never built a website. They start from scratch.

Matt Diggity Courses reviews online

You will learn how to design a website and enhance its pages, regardless of your level of experience.

Other areas to be covered include anchor text mastery, affiliate website citations, and backlinking.

You will also learn how to boost conversion rates, flip a website, manage content, and use keywords.

 Here’s what you get at a glance:

Matt Diggity SEO Course

  • 45+ Hours of training
  • 210+ Videos that teach niche selection, keyword research…everything you need to know to dominate Google and profit from your sites.
  • 6 Plug-and-play Templates

Templates & Tools

  • You get 6 Plug-and-Play templates and tools, the very same I use for my agency.  Take the guessing out of your niche selection, get the optimal ratio of anchor text & more.

Checklists & SOP

  • Checklists & SOPs
  • Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The very same that I use on my own and my client’s sites to rank on Google.

FB Group & Bonuses

  • Exclusive FB Group
  • Access to the active members-only Facebook Group. Ask any question about SEO and get them answered by me, or other members of the group that have been in the affiliate marketing world for years.

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

2) Super Affiliate System by John Crestani 

John Crestani Reviews Course Testimonials John Crestani Super Affiliate System Reviews

The super affiliate system is good for anyone who hasn’t made money online and also a good program for those who are completely into money-making online and only want to up their game. This app works very well with a new person and the user also does not need to know intense technological skills and can be a layman. 

This software provides a course that is very easy to understand and is in a very simplified manner. It is also said to gain maximum capacity and best results in work within 6 weeks.

They give you templates of the audiences and other landing pages that you can use with permission on your promotions. The training stretch which is almost 6 weeks has lecture sessions of 50 hours in total and explains the affiliate marketing process from scratch.

The lecturers have worked a day in and day to device the best work material to help students understand the concepts better. They make sure that their students are held accountable if any case of false learning. They also have a system where if the student is not given access to the main system that’s because they haven’t gone through all the course material. 

Check Out My Interview With John Crestani 

Super Affiliate System Review John Crestani

3) Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate

It is an online training program that offers courses on affiliate marketing. This community has been very fast growing and it has multiple entrepreneurs and buyers and sellers and other types of traders. The course content is very legitimate and it mainly focuses on giving you the best training and tips to start a business online.

Their teaching process is very educational and with the help of webinars and video based lectures, the learning process becomes much more engaging and clarifying. 

These tools are mandatory for all beginners as they lack access and they also do not know how to use tools that have been in use for a long time by most who make money online. The next main criteria of the learning are to familiarise the students with modern-day technology and the new-age digital marketing techniques.

Conclusion:  IMG Courses Review (Is It The Best SEO Training?)

Kyle had been studying SEO for years, and he had finally figured out how to beat Google’s search engine algorithms. He was excited to share his findings with the world, and he knew that this course would be the starting point for many people who wanted to rank their websites at the top of Google. He revealed exactly how he had managed to fool Google with nothing but gibberish text, and he showed his students how they could do the same thing with their own websites.

SEO can be a lonely business. Most people barely understand what you are doing and trying to explain it quickly leads to glazed eyes. But at IMG, they understand better than anyone else. They are an exclusive community of SEOs who go through the same things you do day in and day out. Your second free bonus for joining IMG is the exclusive community. Ask any questions, post your latest win, or get that little motivational push you need when you are down. And their courses are known to throw the occasional local party.

160+ Ways to rank on top of Google: Get access to a vault of 160+ IMG exclusive SEO tests + NEW tests added quarterly : All done under scientific conditions & peer-reviewed

Best SEO testing group

Because this is an exclusive community, you might be able to find a profitable connection within. One of their members recently allowed IMG users backlinks to one of the most popular sites in the world. A recent member found their dream client and another found a graphic designer who understands SEO. One member even developed their own plugin and offered it exclusively to IMG members. Several other members have actually ended up working for IMG and its affiliated businesses.

There is no spam allowed but there are a lot of profitable connections to be made within IMG. If you input your location, you can even connect and find nearby SEOs and kick it off.

Ask any questions for crowdsourced answers

  • (optional) Find SEOs near you!
  • Connect & make lasting friends
  • Make profitable connections
  • Tight knit and willing to help
  • Reach anyone with a chat message

So I highly recommend you to try our IMG Courses and I am sure you will learn tons of secrets in SEO world. Let me know what do you think about IMG Courses review in comments below.

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