Iftekhar Ahmed & Karan Wyas Interview: How SEO changed their Life

So most awaited interview from BNLF meet Mumbai 2015, Iftekhar Ahmed & Karan Wyas(ECE completed, Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Engineer) Interview. Everyone in India blogosphere know him as owner of Premium tricks  by IftiSEO. He is  the owner of iftiSEO.com and writes on various topics like Online Earning, SEO, Blogging etc.

He has worked on many blogs and also works as an SEO Analyst. Apart from blogging he is also pursuing a degree in Computer Science Engineering. His partner in crime Karan Wyas is always with him in  his money making niche blogs.

Karan & Iftekhar share their strong bond of trust and how they work together to make money. I had ask them questions related to niche sites and how they are able to work on many sites. Seriously these guys are awesome and they work so hard in such a young age. I truly respect them and it always pleasure to learn from hustlers.

Niches Exposed

So here is the interview :

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Jitendra Vaswani
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  1. I love talking Iftikar Ahmad. He is my favorite blogger. Well, still he did not tell how much he earns.

  2. Thanks for sharing video . I get new inspiration idea after see the interview.

  3. Thanks Jitendra Sir,
    For this interview and I want to say that few things that are how they manage blogging and other daily works man. I’m also doing part time blogging and learning from ifti and I also get my first earning in sixth month.

    I agree with the thing that India’s mentality is not going to change because parents are thinking that this thing are waste of time and a job is a secured option to go for.

    Thanks again for this interview sir.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Interview. I have seen previous Interview on Youtube. I really learn lots.
    Thanks again…

  5. I learnt many things from Iftiseo. It is really a high quality blog. Good to see home with karan. Both are really inspirational bloggers. Thank you very much jitendra for interviewing them. Everyone who is falling to controversies in social media is due to greed very true. Again thanks for aharing.

  6. thankyou for sharingthis IFTI SEO Good to see ur nice blog this is great information for us Thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for sharing this Iftekhar Ahmed & Karan Wyas interview but this all are the my inspirations but thanks again this interview.

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