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As your body needs food to sustain, your business also needs promotion and publication, perhaps good marketing. We know there are hundreds of ways to do the marketing of your venture, but today, in this era the most successful marketing strategy revolves around email marketing. A robust email marketing strategy helps businesses of any size or at any stage. Email marketing increases the strength of your ad campaign many fold as per the requirements needed to get desired results and revenue.

iContact Review

While the question now arises how to know which email marketing product is best.  Personally, I think iContact has set up a mark in this industry with its exceptional services.

Before Starting With My Review here is a glimpse of the features of iContact by Nathan Hammond

iContact Feature Overview

Email Marketing Service Features
Email Designer
Email Templates 100+
Form Templates
Drag n Drop
Responsive Emails 30+
Time Based Delivery
Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Click Tracking
Form Builder
Email Preview
Mobile Apps
Social Sharing
App Market 20+
Online Survey
Blog Newsletter
Manage Lists
Free Trial 30 Days
Support Options 4
Quick Overview
Market Strength
Feature Strength


Merchant Price
Official Website $14/mo View Website

Here is my review of iContact, enlisting its various features

iContact Review

Getting started with iContact

iContact Solutions Main features iContact Solutions Main

iContact is an email marketing platform which helps you maximize your profits and revenues without any certification or degree in web marketing. iContact will keep your business active in n –number of email boxes and also simultaneously keep trending on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking websites.  iContact’s tools are unbeatable among email marketing products.  You can also get a dashboard of interaction of people with your business.

iContact can even trace any of the smallest minor activity happening on your business. The USP of iContact is that it is user friendly and easily navigable; it manages n-number of contacts and can send a specific message to an audience.

Interface & Features

iContact has a very user friendly interface, it’s like no strings attached as you do not need any web marketing knowledge to use this. The dashboard shows the detailed social media reports with simple access to social networking sites, in no time you can become a champion in using iContact. There are lots and lots of features at iContact from image library to auto responder or message builder to coder tool. There are many diverse pre-designed templates for every situation.  The message coder tool which is generally for advance users helps you to create your own HTML template.

iContact Review

Building Messages

iContact is very quick when it comes to sending messages to your recipients. Compared with other email marketing products iContact gives the best methods to track your progress in the business. It can trace who read your message, who did not and who deleted without reading so that you can resend accordingly. You can easily view a report on the dashboard and understand the mindset of your client. You can survey the custom areas as well and that is considered a best way to get feedback from your customers.

Social Media

The social media plugin feature is an innovation where you can post messages and use the social media dashboard to monitor the business activity. It’s something new which gives you the power to analyze your business reach.  You can also increase iContact’s functioning by adding any third party services like 123ontactForm, UltraCart, SalesForce.

One can even make his or her own third party service. iContact beats others in this part. Also iContact excels in checking spams from social networking sites, all the data is recorded and there are auto responders. It also comes with an option of contact mailinator which blocks the disposable address. Such filters are always helpful in business.


Apart from the lots of support options the product comes with a live support facility over the phone, email or online chat box. In this e-world there are lots of challenges with every product today and almost every product maker cuts loose on the service to a customer which makes the buyer head towards online forums. But in case of iContact it’s totally different the customer service is superb. Apart from customer service iContact also provides ‘Advisory Services’ in which it provides advice and suggestions to the entrepreneurs to make decisions and improve strategies.

This is a totally new kind of service in the industry. Apart from this iContact also organizes weekly or monthly sessions to enhance your email marketing skills and sharpen your customer interaction skills.

iContact Success story

Free Trial and Pricing

iContact Pricing

iContact always comes with a free trial version as well. You do not need to pay any money or need any kind of card to avail the services of iContact. After filling some relevant information you can avail the trial version of iContact. The trial version is valid for 30 days, post that you to upgrade to the basic version costing you $10 with 250 contacts. iContact price is very pocket friendly compared to other market players  of email marketing. The plans are all based on monthly basis. No big or long duration contacts are actually required.

They give heavy discounts if you buy their annual plan. There is no subscriber limit paid for the accounts you are using.  What really keeps iContact above the market competitors is that it is giving personal tailor-made advisory services which not only make an advertising plan for you but also come up with time to time advice and eradicate the problems coming on the way.

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iContact Affiliate Program

iContact is the leading email and social media marketing provider for small to mid-size businesses with over 70,000 clients and 700,000 users. With iContact anyone can easily create, send, and track email newsletters, auto-responders, surveys, and social media.

Earn commissions in two ways:


Referral Program Details:

 iContact Awards:

iContact awards

iContact Testimonials

iContact Customer Rating

What do I finally think about iContact

iContact is a super email marketing product this can be said very convincingly after going through the whole features of the product. It comes up with fantastic surveys which give your email campaign a big boost. It comes with very user friendly interface. There are various plans from free to $109/ month you can choose from, depending on your budget. iContact is the easiest and quickest product today to make announcements  with triggered timed email functions.

The consistency and excellent customer support is what will make you passionate while using this product.

iContact Review

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Here is another video review of iContact by profitmentor

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