ICDSoft Review 2024: It It A Premium Web Host?? (Why 9 Stars)



  • Free site migration when moving from another provider
  • Free Website Builder
  • Professional Email Service
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Renewal Discounts Upto 40%
  • Daily Backups


  • More pricing options needed
  • Website builder is not that great


Price: $ 2.99

In this post, I have shared a detailed ICDSoft Review. So, let begin with:

What Makes ICDSoft a Premium Host? Find Out Below.

Are you a startup? Or you are seeking a host to run your dream blog? Whatever the case, you will need a hosting company that can provide some server space to host your website. There are a lot of organizations that everybody knows.

They focus a lot on marketing, and this is why they appear on the first pages of search results, in various ads, and there are a lot of reviews about them. Be that as it may, while those organizations have the brand name associated with them, the price is also usually high for a startup, and there are many additional conditions hidden in the fine print.

ICDSoft Review- ICDSoft

These hosting providers are in no way, shape or form the main quality choice when looking for a good web host. There are other hosting providers that provide an amazing service while keeping a low profile. ICDSoft is one such provider, and here is what you need to know about them.

ICDSoft Review

ICDSoft Review 2024: A Premium Web Host?? (Why 9 Stars)


The Advantages of having ICDSoft as your partner for hosting needs:

  1. Hassle Free Order Process
  2. Instant Domain Registration
  3. Responsive Support Team
  4. Incredible Site Migration Service
  5. WordPress Installation in a Click
  6. Free WordPress Migration to Servers
  7. Automated Daily Backups
  8. White-labeled Solution for Web Agencies
  9. Proactive Security of Servers
  10. Money Back on Dissatisfaction

As the company software has numerous advantages in its name, there are some disadvantages which you need to face as you take the services from ICDSoft:

  1. Weak Joomla Focus
  2. High Initial Price for the VPS Package


ICDSoft Hosting Features and Pricing: ICDSoft Review 2024

ICDSoft offers three shared hosting plans, two Node.js hosting plans, and two managed VPS plans. They also have a reseller program, as well as an affiliate program.

ICDSoft Review- ICDSoft Pricing Plan

The best software arrangement includes the following features:

  • 100 GB of disk space
  • 1 TB of information exchange every month
  • Custom Control Panel software
  • Automatic daily backups, with free restores
  • SSD storage, which offers preferable execution over the more seasoned turning drives
  • A free SSL certificate from “Let’s Encrypt” to keep the connection to your site secure

ICDSoft Review- ICDSoft Technical Support

  • The most recent version of PHP, which offers improved execution and security over previous PHP versions
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Choice of three unique server locations in the USA, Europe, or Asia (Hong Kong)
  • Free site relocations
  • One-click installers, including a single-click WordPress installer
  • Full-featured email service

What you need to pay as you make a purchase?

There are three shared packages offered by ICDSoft, where one needs to make a 6 USD purchase for Economy Plan. The Business plan costs 10 USD every month. But these are initial prices. One of a kind thing about ICDSoft is that you get a 20% discount when you renew, rather than the cost increment that you see with a ton of hosts.

So, we recommend one should definitely go for a Business Plan, as there is a lot more to explore without being limited. Also, the cost is very affordable for the number of features and quality of services you get.

The Ultimate Reseller Program

The ICDSoft reseller hosting program is what you need to build your own hosting company from the ground up. As a reseller, there are ample benefits one can get, from volume discounts to complete billing automation with the online store’s feature.

Here is a list of other benefits which you get as an ICDSoft reseller partner:

  • An ultimate support team, which dedicatedly work hard for you so that the customers are always served with an ideal solution.
  • An unbelievable discount of up to 90%, that makes the deal 100% on your side.
  • A state-of-the-art management interface.
  • Overdraft facility so that you can carry on without being worried about finances.
  • Site integration with the online store widget
  • A complete reseller solution.

Premium Plans for WebApps

A software company always looks forward to a hosting site which can support multiple projects at once. The ideal hosting provided by ICDSoft enables you to run various projects at once without being hassled or compromising on the speed.

Here are the benefits which one gets as they acquire web app hosting from ICDSoft:

  • WebApps and WebApps Pro plan support Node.js, which is actually not available with shared hosting.
  • Other than this, one can deploy custom runtime environments (e.g. Django) in a short time frame.
  • The plans support regular applications such as WordPress.

The Control Panel Dashboard of ICDSoft

The primary dashboard looks very similar to a WordPress blog page at ICDSoft. It is a custom-assembled dashboard, so not many hosts get a similar user-friendly outlook. You can manage your services quickly and easily.

ICDSoft Review- Cantrol Pannel

WordPress Autoinstaller

For one thing, in the event that you need to introduce WordPress, you can utilize the WordPress installer available in the hosting control panel. You should simply enter your data and the installer will deal with the rest for you.

ICDSoft Review- WordPress Auto installer

File Manager

As an alternative to FTP, you can utilize the File Manager tool to manage the files on your server directly from the control panel.

ICDSoft Review- File manger

Simple Backups on ICDSoft

To create a backup of your data on demand, you can utilize the Backup manager. The tool gives you the option to create backups of your files, mail, and databases, and then download the backups to your computer. In the event that you need to restore from a backup, the Restore manager makes it simple to restore data from the automatic system backups, or from one of your personal backups.

Get an SSL Certificate in One Click

In case you need a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, you can enable it with only a few clicks from the SSL/HTTPS section The control panel even gives you a simple choice to force HTTPS for your website, which is much easier than editing your site’s .htaccess document.

ICDSoft Review- SSL Certificate

ICDSoft Network Performance Tests

ICDSoft has a unique tool that allows each visitor to test the speed from their own location to each of the data centers where the company maintains servers. This helps visitors pick the best hosting location for their needs.

ICDSoft Review- Network Performance

ICDSoft Support Area

On the off chance that you need support, you can utilize the dedicated help dashboard to post a ticket. ICDSoft ensures a reply inside 15 minutes, however, as a rule, answers tickets significantly quicker than that.

The Affiliate Program

ICDSoft can be a good source of income via their affiliate program. Let’s understand more about this program:

The Affiliate marketing program from ICDSoft enables their partners to make money by referring clients. Affiliates can create custom promotions and choose from a variety of ready banners. The maximum commission on sign-up is 75%, there is no minimum payout, and affiliates get paid for renewals as well.

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FAQ’s On ICDSoft Hosting

What is ICDSoft?

ICDSoft has been helping individuals host their sites since 2001. They offer reasonably-priced plans which include all the features you need for a great hosting experience. I tried their service, and in this review, I will cover some of their plans and features.

What are the benefits of ICDSoft?

An ultimate support team, which dedicatedly work hard for you so that the customers are always served with an ideal solution. An unbelievable discount of up to 90%, that makes the deal 100% on your side. A state-of-the-art management interface.

What is the price of ICDSoft?

There are three shared packages offered by ICDSoft, where one needs to make a 6 USD purchase for Economy Plan. The Business plan costs 10 USD every month.

ICDSoft Testimonials by Customers :

“I can’t say enough good things about the service and services available with ICDSoft.

I needed to migrate my website away from a host that was costing too much money and too much of my time, while leaving me with an unending string of unsolved problems I didn’t have the expertise to solve.

What a contrast since migrating to ICDSoft. Service is fast, specific, detailed, and expert. Costs are upfront and fair. I find I am unused to sitting down to solve website and hosting problems and actually getting them solved. ICDSoft support exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

A friend who knows how to do everything suggested I switch years ago, and I didn’t believe things could be so much better. Now I wish I’d listened earlier, it would have benefited my site and my time. It just seemed so daunting to switch, and now I realize the biggest problems were because of the previous host.

The site management tools are incredibly easy to use. An added plus is support for WordPress.”

AJ Lumsdaine


“I have been using ICDSoft to host several websites for 12 years. I cannot praise them highly enough. The service is good and their control panel is extremely easy to use. The best thing about them is their customer support. They have always responded to my requests for help very promptly. The questions I ask of them are quite often related to problems I have caused myself. They are always willing to work through things with me and get stuff working.”

Andy Tough


“ICDSoft offers incredible service. I have used other hosting companies in the past but have moved all my client sites to ICDSoft. The hosting control panel is clean and can be modified and often new and useful items are added, the pricing is for hosting is unbelievable for the service received and incentives for adding accounts makes it even better. But the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of ICDSoft is the customer support. I have never experienced anything like it. It is fast and reliable and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! I truly can’t believe that a company this amazing exists.”

Glenn Burns


“I have been a customer of ICDSoft since 2004. After having a slew of problems with my previous hosting service at the time I found ICDSoft. I was initially drawn to their affordably priced packages but in the subsequent years I have grown to appreciate the reliability of their service and the efficiency, courtesy and professionalism of their support services. There is no call in number for support but the process for opening a ticket is easy and their response has ALWAYS been under 10 minutes. I signed up as a reseller for their business many years back and I have all my websites hosted by them. I’ve never regretted my decision to go with them all those years ago. An excellent company.”

Christine Janus, The Extreme Consultant

ICDSoft on Social Media :

Conclusion: ICDSoft Review 2024: A Premium Web Host?? (Why 9 Stars)

ICDSoft probably won’t be too known as some other brands, however, don’t let that be a reason to simply ignore them. The custom control panel makes it simple to manage key parts of your site – like introducing WordPress and creating/restoring backups. Also, the execution was very great, particularly when you consider the low cost of the arrangement that I was trying.  

In this ICDSoft Review, I can say that the Business plan is an exceptionally decent arrangement, particularly with additional items like free SSL certificates from the “Let’s Encrypt”.

Furthermore, recall – you’ll get a 20% discount when you renew. In general, in case you’re searching for a stable web host to have for your blog, you ought to think about ICDSoft’s hosting solutions. They are very good and can easily convert your business into a profitable venture at a compatible price.

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