How Much Does HubSpot Cost In 2024? HubSpot Pricing & Packages

HubSpot’s services cost anywhere from $50 to more than $180 per user per month. The cost of a yearly package for a company with 10 employees can range between $500 and $59,000 with one-time setup and onboarding costs.

It’s important to note that HubSpot lets you try it for free to get a sense of the platform. HubSpot offers a wide range of pricing options, so this page breaks down each conceivable fee to help you understand what you’re paying for.

Perplexity is natural, after all. With HubSpot, users can subscribe to its core content management system for free or pay a monthly fee. The software also offers three “hubs” for marketing, sales, and customer support, each with three levels of subscription.

Furthermore, there is a Growth Suite offering a discount of 25% on the three hubs, as well as creating your own package from the hubs, tiers, and add-ons.

Remember that CRM software cannot be standardized. Understanding the costs associated with your business is crucial, as each firm has its own requirements and size.

To quickly get competitive CRM software quotes, we suggest you use our Simple CRM Quotes Tool.

Keep reading to learn more about the HubSpot pricing tiers.

HubSpot Offers a Free Plan?

The HubSpot free plan is available. As well as HubSpot CRM, users are able to access a subset of HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and service features.

There is a respectable toolkit here, if not exhaustive, and it’s all free forever, for any number of users. Try HubSpot free for 30 days.

Some of the features of the platform include Contact and deal management, task and activity management, Gmail, Outlook, and HubSpot Connect integration, ticketing support, native and pop-up forms, advertising management, dashboards with reporting, and email tracking. 

HubSpot Pricing HubSpot Offers a Free Plan

Marketing tools such as team email, live chat, conversational bots, and mobile optimization are all free.

With a free plan, you’re likely to eventually need a premium feature – whether it’s A/B testing capabilities in the Marketing Hub or customer videos that need storage and management in the Service Hub.

A free plan may not be right for every organization, especially if your organization needs the additional flexibility and centralized management of a subscription plan. An overview of five common CRM solutions is provided below, including HubSpot.

How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

The HubSpot platform is organized into “hubs,” each of which specializes in one aspect of operating a client-focused business.

HubSpot Growth Suite Costs – starting at $45 per month, this is a bundle of three hubs, including the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub.

With HubSpot Service Hub, starting at $45 per month, a company can provide rapid, intelligent customer support for its entire client base.

Pricing for HubSpot Sales Hub starts at $45 per month and allows businesses to track every lead engagement and transaction.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Cost – starts at $45 a month and provides the tools that businesses need to attract customers and convert contacts into leads.

With these Hubs and the Growth Suite, there are three pricing tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. As the price increases, so do the features

It may seem daunting to compare HubSpot’s plans and levels. We have broken down the projected expenditures associated with each plan to make it easier for prospective customers to understand.

Based on one-time setup fees and 12 months’ worth of monthly payments, this table details the estimated costs for a firm with a 10-person team and 10,000 contacts to maintain. Due to HubSpot’s annual pricing model, this should provide an idea of how much the firm’s start-up cost will be.

HubSpot Growth Suite:

You now know HubSpot’s pricing structure, and you know what capabilities are included in each Hub. That’s all fine and dandy, but what if you need elements from multiple systems?

To create your package, you can use HubSpot’s bundling tool. Make use of the HubSpot Growth Suite pricing strategy.

You can save a small fortune by choosing the Growth Suite, which offers a convenient 25% discount on all standalone prices. Moreover, you can combine many aspects of Sales, Service, and Marketing into a single platform.

The free HubSpot CRM is included in all HubSpot Growth Suite pricing options, as stated previously. Growth Suite bundles differ in price based on the number of users and the functionality they include.

HubSpot’s flagship product is the Growth Suite. You will get all three hubs – Marketing, Sales, and Service – as well as free HubSpot CRM and will pay 25% less than if you purchased all three memberships separately.

HubSpot Pricing HubSpot Growth Suite price

The Enterprise Growth Suite: 

All of Enterprise Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs’ premium features are included in the Enterprise Growth Suite. When you and your company team will not compromise on capabilities, this suite is right for you.

You’ll only have to pay $4,200 a month for each Hub, instead of $5,600 per Hub. The reduction is significant, but the price remains high.

The Professional Growth Suite: 

The Pro-Growth Suite is HubSpot’s mid-tier package, designed for those looking for an enhanced Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service package.

This package, which includes elements from Sales, Marketing, and Service Professional suites, as well as HubSpot CRM for free, is the most popular growth suite available today. It is priced at $1,200 per month.

The Starter Growth Suite: 

The starter package includes HubSpot CRM, Sales, and Services starting packs at $113 per month. It includes everything you need for HubSpot’s inbound marketing ecosystem.

This might be the ideal solution for you if you’re trying to find a cost-effective entry-level sales and marketing solution.

Once you start adding users and contacts to the Growth Suite subscription, it becomes more complicated, although there are no hidden costs.

After 1,000 contacts, the Starter plan costs $15 more per 1,000 contacts, the Professional plan costs $38 more per 1,000 contacts, and the Enterprise plan costs $8 more per 1,000 contacts.

Moreover, under the Starter tier, each person added to a Sales or Service Hub will be charged an additional $38 per month. Under the Professional tier, this fee increases to $60 per user after five users, and to $90 per user after ten users.

All that information has been absorbed by you? One of the most important points to note is that costs increase in the same fashion as they would in any of the Hub plans, but with a uniform reduction of 25%.

Onboarding charges can also pile up quickly if not taken into account: the Professional plan charges $4,000 for onboarding, while the Enterprise plan charges $9,000 for onboarding.

HubSpot Service Hub:

Any business’ success depends on its marketing and sales tactics.

Today’s economy requires you to not only offer exceptional customer service but also know how to stand out from the crowd. You must invest in dependable services to succeed.

In HubSpot’s Service Hub, consumers will be able to engage with businesses that have many teams spread over the country. Using the Service Hub, you can access your inbox and live chat, as well as Facebook messaging, all in one place. Everything is enhanced by HubSpot’s CRM, just as it is with its other products.

Despite its built-in reporting and automation capabilities, HubSpot Service Hub is a great help desk solution. By doing this, you can easily turn emails and conversations into manageable and trackable support tickets. This includes:

1. Live Chat Functionality: 

With conversational bots, you can engage your customers in more engaging discussions.

2. Team Email: 

Automate the conversion of incoming emails into tickets through innovative email aliases.

3. Knowledgebase:

Your knowledge base can provide you with easy-to-access articles and documentation that can answer any of your client’s concerns.

4. Automation and Routing: 

Automate and route your marketing and sales efforts so they continue to run at an optimal speed throughout the buyer journey.

5. Feedback Support: 

To get critical feedback from customers, conduct surveys and polls. Concerns of customers are monitored and handled through customer service tickets. A member of your team may be assigned individual tickets, which can be given a deadline.

Manage conversations easily with a centralized inbox aggregating emails, chats, and social media accounts. A HubSpot Service Hub can enable businesses to create a seamless customer experience by providing customer service software capabilities. 

Using the hub, you will be able to streamline and automate the process (for example, by creating knowledge bases or deploying chatbots), in addition to collecting feedback from consumers through native forms or pop-ups. A more detailed interaction monitoring feature was also added.

HubSpot Service Hub price

Service Hub features may even convert delighted clients into brand ambassadors who will refer new customers to your firm or act as case studies.

It’s all self-sustaining: In business-to-business (B2B) sales and revenue increase 50% with high customer engagement ratings. As with the Sales Hub, the Service Hub has three layers.


For ten paying customers, there is a monthly fee of $1,200. In addition to everything in the Professional package, Enterprise also includes playbooks, objectives, hierarchy, team roles, Slack integration, single sign-on, computed properties, and self-service webhooks.


For five paying customers, the monthly fee is $400. Include everything in the Starter package, plus ticket status and routing services, task automation, and multiple ticket pipelines at the same time. Further, there are self-service options including knowledge bases, video storage, NPS surveys, and insight dashboards.


Single-user registration costs $50. Besides the HubSpot CRM, it adds ticketing, live chat, conversational inbox, a call center, artificial intelligence bots, team emails, templates, and sequences, meeting scheduling, ticket reports, rep productivity reports, and time-to-close metrics.

HubSpot Sales Hub:

In HubSpot’s view, the goal is to identify potential customers. The HubSpot Sales Hub assists in this process.

Leads and prospects can be tracked using the Sales hub. It allows companies to view real-time statistics about their website visits, including which pages are most popular.

To make email marketing more efficient, you may also track how frequently users visit and record information about individual contacts.

Among the features of HubSpot Sales Hub are: 

  • Make the process of meeting prospective clients easier by integrating your calendar.
  • HubSpot CRM integration allows you to keep track of which sales you’re winning and which ones you’re losing.
  • Analyzing and monitoring your entire pipeline
  • Lead rotation and task generation, for example, are time-consuming processes that may be automated.
  • The notifications indicate when a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or interacts with an attachment.
  • Convert routine information into interesting content by creating and distributing email templates.
  • Automated follow-up and reminders with individualized emails

With Sales Hub, businesses can focus their efforts and monitor every contact with leads, such as when a lead opens an email, down to the very last detail. Further, lead scoring is included in the platform, so you can identify the most valuable leads.

HubSpot Pricing HubSpot Sales Hub price

On their dashboard, Sales Hub customers can also track their meetings, playbooks, quotations, and chats in addition to transactions and sales funnels. There are three levels to the Sales Hub – 


Ten paying customers pay $1,200 per month. The Enterprise plan is HubSpot’s most expensive.

All the features of Professional are included with this package, plus call transcription, predictive lead scoring, eSignature capability, recurring revenue monitoring, quotation approvals, and improved user administration.


For five paying customers, a monthly fee of $400 is charged. The HubSpot Starter plan includes everything you’ll find in the HubSpot Premium plan, plus 1:1 video, automated sales processes, sequence queues, quotations, Salesforce integration, support for several currencies, and team management.


One paying user pays $50 per month. Included is everything offered by HubSpot CRM, including email monitoring, alerts, and sequences, lead calls, live chat, meeting scheduling, and tracking of deals.

A few one-time fees also apply to the higher-paying tiers: If you opt for the enterprise tier, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $3,000 for onboarding or a $250 fee for a mandatory Quick Start Consultation.

HubSpot Marketing Hub:

You may imagine that HubSpot Marketing Hub was designed for companies that prioritize advertising above all else.

Based on the information you collected about your audience via your HubSpot CRM system, you can create a content marketing plan through the HubSpot Marketing Hub.

In addition, you do not need any programming or coding experience to create a responsive website. HubSpot provides hundreds of templates that you can customize.

Once you’ve created a website that appeals to the eye, you can begin writing SEO-optimized blogs, use advertisements to increase your exposure, and share your material on social media.

Among the features of HubSpot Marketing Hub are:

  • You can monitor and utilize critical customer information through HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot CRM, as well as other tools, such as Salesforce.
  • Users are enticed to explore your site further with personalized landing pages. A/B testing can also be used to verify that your conversion rate is always increasing.
  • You can reach your audience wherever they are by using real-time SEO tips and social media publishing options. In this manner, you can ensure that your site receives the most amount of traffic by monitoring the best time to post.
  • Develop lead nurturing campaigns by using customizable email layouts. You can reach out to your customers no matter where they are and ensure that they follow a personalized path to purchase with email drip campaigns.
  • With drag-and-drop functionality, you can create blog entries, web pages, landing pages, and fully customizable content. You will also always have designs that are responsive by default, which is ideal for smartphone users.

Marketers using the HubSpot Marketing Hub can attract visitors, convert them into leads, and achieve more sales – all while keeping their clients happy. According to our research, HubSpot is by far the best CRM available for marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Hub price

There are three subscription levels at Marketing Hub: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. There are three levels, each offering all the features and capabilities of the preceding tier, as well as additional features and support.

The number of users at any tier may be limitless, but the number of contacts is what determines the cost at each tier, with a $1,000 increase in monthly expenses with each additional 1,000 connections. Each plan is described in detail below –

HubSpot Enterprise: 

All HubSpot features from the Professional suite are included in the enterprise pricing, including 10,000 contacts. In addition, for £3,200 per month, you can have single sign-on, custom events/funnels, filtered analytics views, analytics APIs, CMS membership, email frequency limits, extra domains, a hierarchy of teams, and social permissions.

HubSpot Professional: 

The Marketing Hub offers space for rent for $800 per month. As part of this plan, you will get everything included in the Starter package as well as the option to automate your marketing efforts.

The tool also includes SEO and content planning tools, blog and social media help, A/B testing, calls-to-action, landing pages, video hosting, and statistics about website traffic.

Starter Pack: 

A $50 payment is due every month. All features found in the HubSpot CRM are included with this pack, as well as live chat, conversational bots, pop-ups, analytics of website activity, list segmentation, email marketing, and ad retargeting.

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How To Apply HubSpot Black Friday Discount Code?

It’s best to wait until Black Friday when HubSpot offers huge discounts. Invest in small amounts rather than huge amounts by using the discount code.

Hubspot tool review

The discount code must be applied by following the steps below.

Follow the guidelines and avail of this discount code.

  • In order to reveal a promo code or discount code, you have to click on the show button first. Then HubSpot’s official website will be displayed.
  • The code is displayed on the screen and you must click it to reveal it.
  • Choosing a HubSpot plan according to your business’s needs is the next step.
  • In this case, you need to enter the discount code as it is automatically copied to the clipboard.
  • If the discount code isn’t automatically copied, you can do it manually by copying and pasting the code.
  • It should display the modified price after applying a discount code on the screen.
  • Next, you should enter your name, email address, etc.
  • Once you have entered your payment details, including your bank and credit card information, hit the submit button.
  • Now that you have applied the discount code, you can enjoy HubSpot at a discount.

What Is HubSpot Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal?

Due to the Black Friday Deals, HubSpot is now available at a discounted price. All HubSpot pricing packages are included in these Black Friday Deals.

This discount will help you save money and relieve you from having to spend huge amounts of money.

This HubSpot Black Friday Deal will work with all HubSpot pricing packages and offers us a 25% discount.

Use this offer whenever you want to purchase HubSpot and you will get a discount. It’s a big discount deal to get HubSpot at a low cost if you’re not interested in investing a huge sum.

Hubspot customer communication

All HubSpot pricing plans can be used with this discount, so just choose the one you want to buy and apply the discount. When you do that, you can apply the discount offer and save some money instead of paying full price.

Use this Discount Code to get 25% off for every HubSpot pricing plan, as it’s verifiable and 100% valid on all of them.

During the checkout process, you’ll get this discount of 25% off for any pricing plan of HubSpot.

As a result of applying this HubSpot Black Friday Offer, you will experience all of the features and functionalities it provides as you find yourself experiencing each feature in detail.

The savings will be applied to your selected price plan and you will be shown the modified price. Then, just hit submit to check out. You can see how much money you saved by looking at the modified price.

HubSpot Black Friday Pricing Plan: What Does HubSpot Cost and Which Plan is Right For You?


As for HubSpot pricing, it provides prices for different categories, including marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

Here are more details on each price.


  • For an annual subscription, the starter plan costs $540 and starts at $45/month.
  • For an annual subscription, you’ll pay $9600/month and $800/month for the Professional plan.
  • An annual subscription fee of $38,400 for Enterprise is $3200/month or $32,200/month for a month-to-month plan.


Starting at $450/month and $5400/year, the starter plan is identical to marketing. There is a monthly fee of $1200 as well as a yearly fee of $14400.

Customer Service:

Starter and enterprise both cost $360/year, while the professional version costs $4320/year.


Starting at $23/month, the CMS hub price for the starter plan is the same as for Customer Service, and the price for the enterprise plan is the same as for Sales.

Operations Hub:

In terms of annual billing structure, the starter plan costs $720/mo and the professional version costs $8640/yr.

CRM Suite Bundle:

It costs $16,000/year for the professional version of Marketing and $1600/month for the starter plan. It costs $4000/month or $48,000/year for the Enterprise version if subscribed annually.

How Much You Will Save On This HubSpot Black Friday Deal?

HubSpot is providing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year as these are huge ones that you do not want to miss. It is a good choice to invest in HubSpot if your company wants to manage all of its online activities.

On Black Friday, consumers can save a great deal of money. With the HubSpot Black Friday Deals, you’ll receive 25% off any HubSpot pricing plan you choose.

Get the discount code and all the online services you need to take advantage of this offer. You’ll receive a revised price after applying the discount code, and you’ll proceed to pay the amount based on that new price.

The amount of money saved doesn’t need to be calculated or any difficult process to be followed. They jump at the opportunity to take advantage of this excellent deal on Black Friday.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This HubSpot Black Friday Deal?

There are two major occasions when we can get discounts on products: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a bonus, HubSpot is offering 25% off Black Friday Deals, so don’t miss it!

It can be a big offer to invest in for new online businesses, saving them from spending large amounts. When you invest in HubSpot, you can generate a lot of leads, and better yet, it’s a very inexpensive tool.

This HubSpot Black Friday Deal should not be missed since it is the best platform to invest in during this holiday season because it is the most powerful platform that can handle all business activities easily and efficiently.


3 Best HubSpot Alternatives 2024:

Here is the alternative to Hubspot:

1. EngageBay

As a small business or startup, you have a lot of different hurdles to jump over to compete successfully. You have limited resources at your disposal, and that means spending money wisely is essential.

But if you don’t have the time to research precisely what different software can do for you, you might end up wasting a lot of money on the wrong tools.

That’s why we created EngageBay. It gives you access to a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing suite for small and startup businesses, and it only costs $20/month.

Everything comes integrated, so there’s no need to jump around from app to app and your data is always up-to-date everywhere. Plus, every plan comes with every feature, unlike those other companies that make you pay just to use their contact management dashboard or sales CRM features.

Engagebay Overview

2. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is a leading marketing automation service with small business CRM and email marketing. The company has been around since 2011, and it’s designed for sales, marketing, and customer service teams for verticals like higher education, software as a service or SaaS, eCommerce, and bloggers.


ActiveCampaign also provides you with well-organized subscriber lists for better market segmentation. You can also use the SmartTags feature to automate tagging subscribers whenever they take specific actions on your website or in emails.

With tasks, you can delegate important responsibilities to your team members so you don’t have to micromanage them. With lead scoring, you can track how much potential each customer has to turn into a buyer and then work toward converting them into real customers.

The built-in contact relationship manager lets you see data about different contacts within seconds. At any point during your online campaign, inside sales teams will be able to procure leads quickly.

ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation is powered by customer behavior, which helps you determine the most engaging offers for different audience segments. This can help you prioritize your time and budget more efficiently than other tools like MailChimp, AWeber, Drip, or GetResponse.

3. GetResponse:

GetResponse which is an email marketing company. It offers various services including autoresponders and landing page creation.


Solutions Overview:

  • Drag-and-drop editor for autoresponse messages.
  • Advanced timing controls.
  • Unlimited daily messages.
  • SSL-encrypted webinar URLs with password protection.
  • Customizable webinar URLs.

Services for Website Owners: GetResponse Offers the following Services for People Who Own Websites:

  • SSL-encrypted webinar URLs with password protection.
  • Customizable webinar URLs.
  • Unlimited landing pages.
  • An unlimited number of redirect links can be added to each page and tracked using Google Analytics, so you always know how many visitors are coming from your website.
  • Conversions and goal setting in the system and in Google Analytics allowing you to take advantage of all reporting possibilities at any time.
  • An unlimited number of redirect links can be added to each page and tracked using Google Analytics, so you always know how many visitors are coming from your website.
  • Get full reports about conversions and goals via our web interface or directly in Google Analytics with one click. You can set up advanced website conversion funnels and see which traffic sources generate the most revenue for your business.

Hubspot Pricing FAQs:

Is HubSpot free or paid?

The only thing you pay for (when you need it) is what you need. Use HubSpot's free tools to start growing your business today. Get free access to all HubSpot's CRM, sales, marketing, and customer care features.

Can I use HubSpot for free?

It is completely free to use HubSpot's free CRM. HubSpot's free CRM is completely free, has no expiration date and has a limit of 1,000,000 contacts. More comprehensive CRM capabilities are available in our Sales Hub premium packages.

Is HubSpot good for small businesses?

Small and medium-sized enterprises with sales forces and a desire to generate leads and customers online can benefit most from HubSpot. HubSpot - and inbound marketing as a whole - also places a high value on content development, promotion, and creation.

Is HubSpot a CRM?

As a provider of cutting-edge marketing technologies, HubSpot has increased its visibility. Known for its innovations in marketing automation, social media campaigns, and customer relationship management, it recently started focusing on CRM.

Is HubSpot free CRM worth it?

It's worth the cost because you can begin using HubSpot CRM and a number of marketing tools immediately without spending a dime. HubSpot offers a lot of value for your money even if you go beyond its free features.

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Conclusion: HubSpot Pricing 2024

I have a lot to think about! For only $4,200 a month, I believe that everyone should get the Enterprise growth suite.

It’s obviously a joke. I believe several functions are superfluous as is usual with corporate systems. Some features are common to all products.

They additionally seem “inflated” for no good reason. Adding more users is more expensive when you upgrade to a higher tier of Hubspot.

At this point, should I recommend a free plan? Try something used by large organizations if you don’t mind their branding and would like to try something new. As a small business and individual user, I’m not clear why Hubspot is better than other specialized solutions.

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