How to Use AI for Your Marketing Needs (4 Ways)

The concept of artificial intelligence is no longer something that can be considered science fiction; rather, it is already a reality that is gradually but definitely making its way into our daily lives. And as it does so, its potential for marketing is expanding at an exponential rate.

And this is a positive development.

Automation of laborious and time-consuming operations, gaining profound insights into the behaviour of customers, and the production of tailored content and experiences at scale are all made much simpler with the assistance of AI tools and platforms.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence may assist you in doing more with less resources while simultaneously improving the quality of your work.

However, are you interested in learning how to use AI to marketing? This article will be of assistance. In this article, I will detail numerous methods in which you may employ artificial intelligence in your marketing to concentrate on customer interactions rather than just doing repetitive activities that deplete your creative resources.

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The following are some examples of how AI may be used in marketing.

1. Produce material for online journals and social networking sites.

It is now conceivable and even clever to get material from AI thanks to the development of GPT-3, which is the most powerful language model that currently exists.

Text that is generated by software such as Jasper is almost indistinguishable from that which is authored by actual people.

This does not imply that human copywriters and content writers can be replaced without further delay by automated alternatives. These forms of artificial intelligence are not able to think on their own. And in order to generate material that is both readable and useful, they need the wisdom and direction of humans.

On the other hand, if you want to swiftly create material for your social media and blog, as well as if you need assistance with ideas and organising your content, an AI tool for writing is excellent for you. A tool of this kind may help enhance the work of your content employees and free up their time so that they can develop something more innovative.

2. Automate social media participation

Even if you are unaware of it, it’s likely that you have already been exposed to at least one kind of AI automation if you are like the majority of people.

If you contacted a well-known company via social media, you probably did not get a response from a real person but rather from a computer application or bot instead. However, you would not have been able to tell the difference.

Integrating an artificial intelligence content production tool with a social media management platform like Hootsuite is something that can be done. In the real world, Hootsuite may collaborate with Lately to research keywords that get momentum on the internet and produce articles that are likely to captivate readers by analysing phrases that are popular.

It is feasible to automate the process of creating material for social media and engaging with users in this manner.

When you have access to the appropriate tools, the amount of physical labour required to communicate with actual people through social networks is significantly reduced.

3. Boost your SEO

Manually optimising a website for search engines is time-consuming. It would take you hours to create a template for a single optimised article if you did things like do keyword research, determine the appropriate amount of words for a post, count the number of times a phrase should be repeated, and so on.

On the other hand, SEO solutions supported by AI may cut such effort to a matter of minutes. They may also:

  • To assist you in doing research on keywords and locating terms and phrases that are connected
  • Your post should have the recommended amount of words in order to compete with the other posts.
  • Make outlines for your blog posts.
  • Your blog’s content may benefit from some ideas.
  • Provide general advice for the internal and external linking structure of your website.
  • When you make AI tool for writing, you will increase the number of people that see your material. People will benefit from the helpful information you provide, and you will see an increase in traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

4. Segment your audience

If you treat your audience as a homogenous group of individuals, you are not acting in the best interests of your organisation.

The phase in marketing that is both the most important and the most basic is precisely identifying your target demographic. And then taking a step further by separating them into various groups based on the features they share.

If you run an online business selling sports equipment, this indicates that it is not enough – although it is a start – to target individuals who enjoy sports in general as your customer base.

Your audience has to be broken down into subgroups such as runners, football players, and weight lifters, in addition to more general categories such as gender, age, and other demographics.

In point of fact, the degree to which you may divide up your audience is really limitless. It is possible to construct hundreds of distinct segments by combining a variety of features and qualities.

Manually doing this task is not only next to impossible, but it is also inefficient. Even if you divide up your audience into several groups, it will still take too much time to produce content for each of those groups.

The application of AI is required here. It is a wise decision to make an investment in AI-based solutions for email marketing as they will assist you in effectively segmenting your audience. Modern CRM applications also have artificial intelligence elements that may assist you in segmenting your audience depending on the data that the tool collects.

You have an astonishing amount of leeway in terms of the degree to which you can personalise your material if you use the correct mix of technologies.

Your conversion rates will improve in direct proportion to the degree to which you tailor the content of your emails, chats, and push alerts.

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