How To Setup Your Business Website With Shared Hosting 2024

 Starting a new website can seem like an uphill task. You need to think of a niche for your website and then decide on a suitable domain name. Once this is taken care of, you need to start building your website and choosing a hosting option is the primary step. Shared Hosting is one of the most preferred options for new websites. It is easy to manage and economical. Moreover, it helps you establish your presence in the online community without worrying about the technicalities of maintaining your website. 

Let’s walk you through Shared Hosting and how to set up your business website with shared hosting.

How To Setup Your Business Website With Shared Hosting

What Is Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting can be best explained with an apartment analogy. Take, for example, an apartment with multiple rooms where each room is rented to different people. These people though live their own lives in their own room share certain resources viz. the kitchen and living room. Here, the apartment is the shared physical server whereas, the rooms are users/websites. 

 Shared Hosting Review - Shared Hosting

Thus, Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting service that allows multiple websites to share the same server space, as well as, the server resources. Here CPU, RAM, and bandwidth are the basic resources shared amongst several users. 

How does Shared Hosting work?

As mentioned above Shared Hosting, a server is partitioned to host multiple accounts/websites for different users. Each user manages his/her separate website, databases, emails, and more. However, the server space, resources, and costs are shared by all.

Why should you opt for shared hosting?

It might so happen you may wonder if sharing server space and resources with several websites is a good choice to make. After all, wouldn’t it be better to have the entire server space, as well as, the server resources to yourself? 

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Although as agreeable as this sounds, it might not be a good plan of action considering you are a new website, as you won’t be needing more dedicated resources, furthermore, your website traffic is still growing. 

On the contrary, there are multiple benefits to opt for Shared Hosting. We’ll list down 4 key-reasons that you should consider Shared Hosting.

  • Cost-effective
  • Built-in control panel
  • Easy website management
  • Easy to scale

Let us now cover these advantages in detail:

  • Cost-effective 

Shared Hosting is a budget-friendly option to host websites. It is the most preferred option of hosting for websites just making their way in the online community and do not have high incoming traffic. 

  • Built-in control panel

Website management can look like a mammoth task, more so when you’re new and testing the water. With Shared Hosting, you can manage your website easily with a built-in control panel. cPanel is the most preferred control panel when it comes to managing web hosting. The cPanel dashboard allows you to take care of databases, addon-domains, setting-up your email accounts, and more effortlessly.

  • Easy website management 

Owing to the fact that the server is partitioned for multiple users, Shared Hosting offers you the freedom to not manage your server by yourself. Moreover, if you face any technical difficulties or server related issues, you can contact the web hosting service provider, as it is taken care of by the hosting provider itself. 

  • Easy to scale

Scaling is an important part of any business website. As your business grows, so does your traffic and eventually, you outgrow your hosting plan. In order to maintain business continuity, your website should perform well, this means, there should not be slow website loading or server down errors. With Shared Hosting it is easy to scale your website from hosting plan to another to accommodate your website needs. Below are ResellerClub’s Shared Hosting plans and pricing, that you can choose based on your needs.

To sum up, Shared Hosting is perfect for your website if:

  • You are a startup entrepreneur 
  • You’re launching your first blog or website
  • You run a small-midsize business
  • Your website has less frequent visitors 
  • You do not require a lot of server space, dedicated resources, as well as, bandwidth
  • You just want to experiment with web hosting without investing much

The ResellerClub Advantage & Shared Hosting 

ResellerClub powers over 200,000+ resellers and web pros globally and is an excellent choice for a web hosting company. They offer services that can be advantageous to your business:

Free cPanel and SSL Certificates

ResellerClub’s Shared Hosting plans come with a free cPanel account for easy website management and a free SSL certificate to keep your website secure. 

Free website migrations

ResellerClub helps you easily transfer your website on cPanel hosting with any other hosting provider to their Shared Hosting order absolutely free of charge.

Hassle-free upgrades

Easily upgrade your Shared Hosting plans as and when required, completely free of additional costs. ResellerClub offers technical assistance needed to do so.  

Unlimited email accounts

ResellerClub’s Shared Hosting plans come with Email Hosting to offer you unlimited email accounts to always be in touch with your customers, anytime and from anywhere. 

24×7 round the clock support

ResellerClub offers 24×7 round the clock support from hosting experts to solve all your web hosting related issues.  

99.99% uptime

Uptime can affect the performance of your website. ResellerClub offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for your websites.   

Blazing fast website speed

ResellerClub’s Shared Hosting plans are powered by high-performing processors, designed to deliver world-class performance, efficiency, and reliability. Moreover, they come with varnish cache that boosts website speed by 10x offering unmatched website loading speed. 

Easy management

ResellerClub’s Shared Hosting plans come pre-installed with a 1-click Softaculus installer that allows you to install over 400+ applications on your website including CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and more.

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Every online business needs a website and with it, a hosting service to establish themselves in the online community and Shared Hosting is the best choice. 

Overall, the benefits of Shared Hosting make it a great choice when you are trying to make a mark for yourself in the online industry. It is affordable, user-friendly, easy to scale, and manage. So, what are you waiting for? Host your website with Shared Hosting today! 

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