How To Scrape Instagram 2024 Your Ultimate Guide

Businesses can use social media scraping to gather useful information from social media networks for a number of purposes, such as market research, brand monitoring, and lead generation.

One of the best ways for businesses to grow their internet presence, leads, and sales is through Instagram.

Recent studies have also revealed that:

  • 90% of Instagram users observe a company account, making it the fourth most popular social media site worldwide.
  • In 2022, marketers from all over the world ranked Instagram as the second-most popular social network globally.
  • Instagram was used by 79% of marketers to advertise their brands.

You must scrape a considerable quantity of Instagram’s public data in order to make use of its data. Manual data extraction is time-consuming; to speed up and manage the data, you need to employ a web scraping application.

This article defines Instagram scraping, explores the legitimacy of it, lists the top six Instagram scrapers, and discusses what Instagram data should be extracted.

How does Instagram scraping work?

Instagram scraping is the computerized extraction of openly existing facts, such as keywords and hashtags, messages, and profiles, from social media accounts.

One of the best ways for businesses to grow their online visibility, leads, and revenue is through Instagram. Businesses can gather useful information from Instagram by scraping for a range of uses, including market research, brand monitoring, and lead creation.

Is Instagram scraping permitted?

It is legal to scrape openly accessible Instagram data as long as your scraping operations do not harm the website being scraped, for example, by duplicating or impairing the service and operation of the website.

Instagram logo

You don’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII). You can gather information from websites in a respectable way by observing certain technological best practices for web scraping, such as:

  1. Using proxy sites along with the Instagram scraper.
  2. Selecting a reliable Instagram scraper capable of managing anti-scraping measures like CAPTCHA.
  3. If obtainable, use the website’s APIs instead of the Instagram web scraper.
  4. Using a headless browser.
  5. Observing the online scraping rules described in the robot.txt file for the website

Which Instagram information is available for scraping?

Instagram data is so widely accessible to the general public that we could categorize it into three groups such as:

  1. Keywords or Hashtags: You can obtain post URLs and media URLs that feature a particular keyword or hashtag.
  2. Posts: You can obtain information about Instagram posts, such as the URL, permalink, date, number of likes and comments, and the post author ID.
  3. Profiles: By entering a particular username or URL, you can access all of the publicly available information in an Instagram profile, including posts, image URLs, likes, comments, and the total number of followers and following.

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How can Instagram be scraped most effectively?

1. Web scraping APIs for Instagram scraping

Through requests and answers, web scraping APIs allow users to access and collect data from web sources. For instance, the web scraping API uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol to deliver a user’s connection request to the target website (HTTP).

Then, it receives the requested data in XML or JSON format from the target website.

The destination web server must support API technology in order for API to be used; otherwise, API cannot be used to scrape data from the web server. Instagram data can be obtained either way:

  1. Use Instagram Graph API.
  2. Create your Instagram API using a web framework, such as FastAPI, and a programming language like Python.
  3. Leverage third-party scraping APIs.

Instagram API

Businesses and creators can access and obtain publicly available data from Instagram via the Instagram Graph API. You need not be concerned about being barred or being recognised as a malicious actor because it allows approved Instagram access.

If the Instagram account you are aiming for is a business account, only then can you use the Instagram Graph API.

2. Web scraping bots for Instagram scraping

2.1 Low code & no code web scrapers

Both programmers and non-programmers can scrape Instagram data utilising no-code or codeless web scrapers by employing ready-made data collecting templates. Without writing a single line of code, you may collect data from Instagram using an Instagram scraper.

The cost of outsourcing the creation of the infrastructure for scraping can be higher than the cost of developing an internal Instagram scraper.

You can use a web scraping service to scrape Instagram if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to waste time maintaining web scraping software.

2.2 Cloud web scrapers

Users can employ cloud web scrapers to accomplish Instagram scraping. Instagram scraped data is not kept locally on the user’s device, but rather on the cloud. It is more affordable to run your Instagram scraper on the cloud when you need to get a lot of data from Instagram.

2.3 Open source web scrapers

Users can scrape information from social media networks and web sources without paying for a licence thanks to open-source web crawlers. According to their own Instagram scraping needs, users can alter open-source Instagram scraping programmes.

3. In-house web scrapers for Instagram scraping

Making your own web scraper is another way to scrape Instagram. To create your code environment, you can use scraping libraries written in languages like javascript, python, and ruby. Users can tweak and alter using internal Instagram scrapers according to their business needs.

If you lack fundamental programming skills or have less expertise as a developer, some programming languages, like Javascript, can be difficult to comprehend. You should research the online community and resources available for a programming language before choosing it.

4. Proxies for Instagram scraping

While gathering data, you can help your Instagram scraper by using a proxy service. Proxy-integrated Instagram scrapers allow for extensive data collection and access to regionally tailored material.

You can create an internal proxy server instead of contracting out the creation and upkeep of a proxy solution.

If you don’t have the money to outsource your proxy service and only require a small amount of Instagram data, an outsourcing proxy solution makes sense. However, building and maintaining proxy activities requires a skilled technical team for in-house proxy services.

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5 Best Instagram Scraping tools in 2024

You must scrape a sizable amount of Instagram’s public data if you wish to make use of its data. It takes a lot of time to manually extract data, streamline and accelerate the data collection process, and utilize a web scraping tool.

We analyzed the 5 best Instagram scraping tools for you. These include no-code web scrapers and web scraping APIs.

No code Instagram scrapers

1. Bright Data

bright data

The top web data platform in the world is called Bright Data. The most recent data is readily available to businesses, who can utilise it to make better decisions. Moreover, Bright Data provides effective tools for companies of all sizes.

It can also be used to correctly, swiftly, and quickly extract data from the internet. It has functions like Boolean search and web scraping. In other words, you must check out Bright Data if you’re seeking for the top Instagram scrapers.

It is also renowned for producing top-notch solutions that facilitate the easy analysis and extraction of useful data from social media networks. Also, it is simple to use and can swiftly harvest data from your preferred Instagram profiles.

2. Smartproxy


A variety of proxies from SmartProxy are available and are necessary for effective data scraping.

You’ll receive automatic rotation as soon as you join up to keep you safe. Access to the SmartProxy Instagram scraper will also be available. It is intended to gather every Instagram data you can imagine.

Developers can easily scrape any web page and render javascript using the SmartProxy Scraper API, which internally maintains hundreds of proxies and headless browsers. Without even knowing how to code, the Smartproxy Instagram scraper truly has a success record of 100%.

Web scraping APIs

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs- Fast USA Proxies Providers

With Oxylabs, you can easily gather data from a variety of sources and look for trends in your data. It has consequently become a well-liked option for businesses wishing to gather massive amounts of data.

Nonetheless, Oxylabs is well recognized for its Instagram data scraper tool and real-time Scraper API. It enables you to download all current, open data from Instagram without being stopped. For rapid extraction of Instagram profiles, posts, hashtags, followers, and titles.

4. Apify


Apify is a free platform for web scraping, data extraction, and automation that gathers information from any website quickly. Data collection from any website is simple with Apify thanks to its user-friendly UI.

It is also simple to automate the collection procedure thanks to its built-in scripts.

Additionally, Apify offers a number of reports that can help you comprehend your data better, and its support staff is accessible around-the-clock to assist you in making the most of Apify.

You, therefore, use this wonderful tool to scrape Instagram. With their customized proxies and capacity for browser adaptation, Apify bots can likewise almost be indistinguishable from people.

5. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee - Overview

The greatest online scraping API, Scrapingbee, enables developers to quickly and efficiently extract data from websites. Any website, whether public or private, can be scraped for data. It also offers a tonne of capabilities that make it simple to retrieve data from web pages.

For users who wish to swiftly compile all of a specific account’s most recent posts, Scrapingbee is the finest Instagram scraper.

The software is straightforward and has options for filtering posts according to date, location, and other factors. Additionally, it offers secure scraping and permits bulk post downloads. So, you can easily compile all of the most recent postings from various accounts at once.

Conclusion: How To Scrape Instagram?

By removing the underlying HTML code and data from a database, the appropriate scraping tool will be able to extract structured data and content from Instagram. We hope that this article will be useful to you when you choose an Instagram data scraper.

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