How to Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog : Detailed Guide

When you step into the world of blogging, it’s a long journey. In this field of blogging many bloggers quits because they didn’t see immediate results. All you have to do is clear the initial hurdles then on the other side a huge reward will be waiting for you. In your blog if you do have 1K genuine followers who is always looking for your blog. If have achieved that target then definitely your blogging service will be outstanding.

During this period of time you can customize your blog design you can also go and hire some new writers, add some magnificent plugins and be on the track focusing on your blog. But only one thing you can’t do is to change your domain name. This is the most important thing because your domain name is your brand name.

How to Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog


How to Pick A Great Domain Name For Your Blog

You have the choice to choose a brand domain name or a keyword domain name during the time of registering your domain name.

A generic brand name like, it has the capability to do or launch anything with that. If you have domain name such as then this will stop you to talk about India. User from other countries will not accept this because with the domain name suddenly they will come to know that this must be for Indian readers.

You should be specific when you will be choosing the domain name let them not your road block towards the step of popularity and followers all over the world.

This time when you will be choosing the domain name then you should go with keywords domain name which is very good for you popularity.

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This may be the biggest mistake among all of the new comers in the blogging community that they can start with any domain name and they will change it later when they will be popular.

Unfortunately, you can not change your domain name once you had registered. You will be known by your domain name and that will be your brand name. There may be such people who can change their domain names without getting hurt. has changed to successfully. You can not take all the risk associated with all this you will have all the SEO expertise. You should start your blog with some good domain name. Some of the new bloggers have not any good domain name they may regret after sometime. You have some difficult choices with the domain names that you have registered with the complex domain name which may difficult to    remember.


Yaro Starak is famous among all of us. Because he runs a blog name He said it several times that he may should start with a better domain name in his coaching program.

You can not make any prediction regarding the success of your blogging project. But the most problem is that the money to start with this idea.

Another example of that is DARREN ROWSE from It should be a great to change the domain name but may be loosing traffic. Everyone is looking for .com.

He was dramatically loosing the traffic with this change. The ALEXA traffic rank of was going up exponentially. He has to buy that to protect his brand name. Always choose a unique domain name, it will definitely help you in future.



Instead of additional options, .com has a standard among all other domains available. It gives you high degree of trust with customers. Its communication sense with the customers has set to this domain to another level which is hard to receive with another domain name extensions. Because it .com have set a milestone to have highest price sale in domain market.

When you will be using .com people will really appreciate the value of .com goes up. Even AIR ASIA has switched to .com.

Usually many people will choose .net or .org if they din not get the .com extension. The result of that is they will start losing the traffic.

It is easy to remember by the way and people will definitely remember brand name with .com extension. In these extensions you will be getting more traffic to your domains with some positive reviews. Its just not extension but it’s a name of trust.



If you are going to have a .com extension then you have to keep one thing in mind that nearly all the domains with .com extension have been already taken. But this may not your end you can even get a good .com name. Some of the domains resold.

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These premium domains names marketplace are sold from $50 to $100,000. If you are planning to built a professional business then you should at least invest $1000 is not a bad idea.


You should go and do the simple test for gauging the value of a domain name. Before going further with your domain do this simple test. If it does not pass the phone test, then do not think twice to think before building a blog. You should visit the domain name very easily without spelling it.

When you will be investing money on domains then make sure that they pass the phone test.

Register and hold your domain name:

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When you get a .com name for the registration you can go and register that name on GoDaddy & Namecheap. The price range for these registration is affordable and very cheap around $2- $12. You can transfer your domain after two months of registrations. When you will be transferring your domain to other registrars then they will be providing you free one year renewal for absolutely free which will be really beneficial for you.

Do not wait just go and find the best domain name you can. Start investing in yourself and you will see success.


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