How To Learn English With TV shows 2024 Learning Tips

In this article, we will discuss How To Learn English With TV shows 2024

Over time, there has been a huge advancement in language acquisition. In reality, there is more and more research available that demonstrates how our brains passively take in linguistic knowledge when exposed to media material. This includes viewing television, movies, or any other kind of video content.

What was formerly seen as a heroic and almost impossible accomplishment is now much more doable. Watching material in their chosen target language helps language learners all across the globe achieve their linguistic objectives.

Students may learn a language using this strategy in a motivating and enjoyable manner.

You may get a close-up view of performers speaking in their original tongue by watching television shows, soap operas, or motion pictures. This enables you to go on with your efforts to acquire fluency in that language.

This article will provide you with the strategies you need to watch TV to enhance your language abilities while having fun. Lingopie is the ideal tool for language learning while watching TV.

How To Begin: Choose Your TV programs.

We’ve described a few alternative methods for selecting which programs to watch so that we can help you become organized.

Genre – If you’re just starting out, kids’ movies are an excellent place to start. This is due to the fact that their language is often simpler and simpler to learn. Comedy television shows and films often feature terminology that is simpler for beginning or intermediate learners to master. They also use a lot of bodily gestures, which might help with comprehension. Action films and television shows are often better suited for intermediate or advanced students.

Duration – In terms of duration, short movies may assist beginners to avoid learner weariness. It could be challenging to focus for extended periods of time while learning a language for the first time. Therefore, if you’re practicing your capacity to maintain concentration in a foreign language, sticking to shorter material may be helpful. When you are at least an intermediate learner, we advise you to watch feature films. Feature films may last up to two hours, which does call for intense focus.

Platform – Lingopie is a fantastic option for language learners who wish to study a foreign language by watching TV, according to Platform. Along with having access to a variety of material, you’ll also receive features like dual subtitles, which let you view both English and the original language subtitles actively at once, built-in transcripts, and even quizzes to learn vocabulary.

Watch the greatest British and American material on Lingopie to binge-watch your way to proficiency in English. Get unrestricted access to thousands of episodes in nine additional languages in addition to entertainment in English. Utilize Lingopie TV to begin bingeing.

Studying in context will help you acquire local language skills and give you a sense of authentic culture. Your level of understanding dramatically rises when you use television to learn rather than just repeating words. The Lingopie approach is a far more effective way to learn a language. You cannot learn a language as effectively with any other approach.

What Is Lingopie 

The only language streaming service that provides tens of thousands of TV series and films to watch and study in a fresh, entertaining manner is Lingopie.

What Is Lingopie : How To Learn English With TV shows

You’ll have pleasure while studying since we utilize regional TV episodes and films in nine different languages. With our interactive video player, you may watch with dual subtitles and a script on the side, stop and record yourself to improve your speaking, repeat lines for better understanding, and listen to vocabulary in context at your own speed. Learn Spanish with Lingopie

Every word, phrase, or slang term may be instantaneously translated with just one click, allowing you to study while having fun.

You’ll accumulate flashcards during each episode so you’re always expanding your vocabulary. This will help you learn new terms more quickly.

You may monitor your development by keeping note of how many hours you’ve binged. No matter your level—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—Lingopie is for everyone who enjoys watching television and movie.

It’s time to try something new—learning a language while watching TV series and movies—if the traditional method of learning doesn’t appeal to you. Over 100,000 people select Lingopie to watch and learn because it’s enjoyable and simple.

Lingopie is accessible online or on the app so you can watch and study on the move, wherever you are, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or plain old-fashioned desktop. You may slow down, loop, or repeat the movie and learn at your own speed thanks to the interactive video player with dual subtitles.

This is how to learn English with Lingopie:

  • Choose a film or TV Show – Choose a movie or TV program from the hundreds of hours of English-language entertainment available to you, regardless of the genres you like.
  • Watch and click – Dual subtitles make learning English quicker and simpler than ever. Just watch and click. You may rely on Lingopie to preserve any word or phrase you wish to remember or hear again by clicking on it.
  • Revise test and play – To help you remember all you’ve learned, visit the “review” area and your own set of “flashcards.” The language-learning aspects of Lingopie don’t end here.

Alternative to Language Classes, Lessons, and Courses

According to statistics, 3 months is when 99% of online learning students leave. It takes a lot of work to maintain concentration when studying online.

As you can see, the majority of individuals find it ineffective. We developed this enjoyable alternative as a result. So feel free to use Lingopie however long you desire. Watch regional television programs and films to see how quickly you pick up on new vocabulary and hone your pronunciation.

If you would rather study in a classroom setting, we offer individual 1-on-1 courses that you can schedule whenever you choose using our platform. It’s a fantastic chance to talk about your favorite programs and review the new vocabulary you learn. All of our Lingopie-verified instructors are native speakers and eager to assist you in achieving your desired level of fluency while making it enjoyable for you.

Good for Beginners 

All skill levels, including novices, will enjoy Lingopie. You may follow the story with dual subtitles, listen to it again, view it at your own speed, and make flashcards.

You may stop the film and practice your pronunciation while using the learning features in our special video player until you get it right. Have fun, huh? You’ll notice some significant changes after only a few sessions. You won’t feel like a novice for very long if you keep it up.

How long it would take 

Only 3 or 4 episodes will be enough for you to start seeing changes. Your hearing, understanding, and vocabulary will significantly increase, but more importantly, learning will be enjoyable for you! Your confidence will soar after binge-watching a complete season of 8 episodes.

You’ll begin to organically learn new words, phrases, slang, and grammar since you’ll be listening to native speakers use the language in context. Of course, you learn more the more you watch.

Techniques For language learning through watching TV

As we previously indicated, there are certain approaches that will support you if you want to get the most out of this fantastic instrument as a language student. Here are some simple suggestions for maximizing your ability to learn from TV content:

  • Pick the right programs to watch, of course.

To pick which TV program to watch, you may utilize a variety of criteria. In fact, we’ll explore this subject in more detail later on in this piece. Regardless of the approach you choose, by making an informed decision you will have the opportunity to listen to the discussion in context while keeping your level, requirements, or interests in mind. You’ll be able to learn more effectively as a result of this. To maximize your language learning experience, choose movies and TV series that correspond to your current level.

  • Concentrate on certain words and phrases

Instead of concentrating too much on a single word that you may not know but is probably not that significant either, pay attention to key terms that appear often.  You may begin speaking before you fully comprehend every word you encounter. It will also be easier for you to apply what you’re learning to various conversational contexts and situations if you choose to concentrate on the sounds that certain words make. Some words will be used a lot! If they do, remember to write them down so you may use them in your own speech.

  • Partition of the episode or movie

Instead of watching each episode in its entirety, you may want to break it up into smaller chunks to get the most out of each program. Never hesitate to pause, resume, or rewind. You may then focus on certain discussions and events that intrigue you or that might have useful information for you. Watching the same show more than time is a further means of doing this. You may, for instance, watch it twice, the first time with subtitles in your native tongue and the second time with subtitles in the original. You’ll essentially be listening to the same words, but after knowing what they mean better, which will aid in helping you remember and learn vocabulary and grammatical structures.

  • Stop now, then repeat after me

One advantage of listening to native speakers of your target language is that you’ll get valuable feedback for improving your pronunciation. You may learn how to pronounce words properly by pausing and repeating them as you go. Stopping to repeat what you hear can also aid in the assimilation of phrases in your brain, increasing the likelihood that you will be able to use them later in discussions. In reality, Lingopie includes amazing built-in capabilities that let you stop, repeat certain phrases and expressions, and then get immediate feedback on how they sound when you speak.

  • Record what you hear and say out loud to yourself

When watching movies, have a notepad and a pen or pencil with you. Don’t forget to record any new words or phrases that you hear! Numerous studies have shown that writing down a word activates a portion of the brain associated with remembering. As a result, making a list of terms is a fantastic technique to truly learn new words in a foreign language! Additionally, by doing this, you’ll develop a list of new words that you may later refer to and practice.

  • Schedule your sessions

Despite the fact that learning a language via media material is perhaps the most enjoyable method, make the most of it as much as you can. Planning your sessions will help you get the most out of this fantastic tool. Actively participate in this trip. Some of our topical advice is to attempt to arrange your sessions in the same way you would a lesson, choose how much time you’ll spend viewing material each week, make a list of the subjects you’ll be learning, and then choose which episodes to watch based on that!

  • Work on your conversational abilities

Don’t stop there, please! Find a practice partner to talk with or a language teacher for conversational sessions to test out your newly acquired speaking abilities. Practice is one of the most crucial elements of language acquisition. You must get the courage to start interacting with others. Therefore, don’t undervalue the value of good practice with other people.

You may really schedule classes with language teachers using Lingopie. We also provide you access to discussion boards where you may meet other students. Therefore, the platform is a perfect location to meet other language learners and instructors who share your interests so that you may practice speaking and improve.

8 Tips To Learn English Easy Way By Watching TV Shows

You may improve your English learning and get better, quicker outcomes by following these 8 easy steps:

  • Look for a program that you find interesting and amusing. It is considerably more beneficial to learn English via TV if you are interested in and engrossed in the material.
  • Watch some English television every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Only by developing everyday new learning habits will you be able to become proficient.
  • Learn all you can about Lingopie’s incredible language learning resources. If you know how to repeat, pause, and listen to words again while saving them to your own flashcards, it will be highly beneficial for your English learning.
  • Repeat the conversation you just heard aloud. You may use our tool, which reads it back to you slowly if it was too quick. Don’t learn passively; make sure you understand the material. If you want to learn English as quickly and successfully as possible, you must do this.
  • Make notes and include any English words you think are significant or helpful. Your capacity to recall words and phrases will improve greatly if you write them down. Although Lingopie remembers the words you click on, writing them down by hand can help you remember them much more.
  • Retell the show’s or movie’s story aloud to a friend or family member who is able to comprehend English. You may even practice speaking in front of the mirror! Speaking aloud is a crucial activity to verify the information that has been stored in your brain.
  • You may disable the supporting subtitles and just leave the English ones on after you are a bit more proficient and self-assured. This makes sure you rely entirely on your own knowledge and don’t ask for assistance. But if you’re having trouble, don’t worry—you can still click the words in the English subtitles to get the translation shown!

Why is Lingopie the best choice to learn English?

By giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the real English-speaking world via popular entertainment, Lingopie is improving your language-learning experience.

  • TV Shows – We provide original programming from the English-speaking globe, whether you’re seeking drama seasons or reality shows.
  • Movies: Do you favor the hilarity of rom-coms or the tension of science fiction? Learn how to pronounce and use an authentic English accent by picking your favorite movie genre.
  • Music – There isn’t a better way to exercise your brain than to enjoy singing in English with the most well-known artists and bands in the world!
  • Audiobooks & Podcasts – Listening to audiobooks and podcasts while getting ready for work or doing the dishes allows English words to get permanently lodged in your ears.

The Lingopie Price

Costs for a Lingopie subscription are $12.00/month or $67.00/year. Lingopie costs only $5.60 per month if you pick the annual membership (a savings of 55%). For $99.00 a year ($8.25 a month), Lingopie’s Family Plan allows you to share an account with several users. Four users may share one account under the Family Plan.

Free Lingopie Trial

The Linpope Price

You may sign up for a 7-day free trial of Lingopie to use the service before subscribing. You get access to all of the materials for each language throughout the free trial. You may use all of Lingopie’s other features, including as flashcards. This will help you determine if Lingopie is the right decision for you.

What exactly does the Lingopie Subscription include?

You may watch as many movies and TV series as you like to learn up to nine different languages. Our interactive video player offers tools for speaking, listening, understanding, memory, and pronunciation practice, making learning enjoyable.

Each Lingopie language-learning application includes:

  • Unlimited access to dual-subtitled movies, TV programs, and other media
  • Flashcards, tests, and games
  • Real-time transcript player
  • Playing interactive videos
  • Audio looping feature
  • Recorder for practicing pronunciation and understanding

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Conclusion: How To Learn English With TV shows

By using Lingopie, you may continue to study while watching TV. It’s without a doubt the greatest language-learning tool available right now.

You continue to learn even while you are not working. On a site that is only dedicated to instructing users in appropriate grammar use and sentence construction, you may watch more than 1000 international television programs with accurate subtitles for the first time.

Prepare to watch your favorite programs or enter an unfamiliar film in your new nation and learn something in the process. Few businesses provide this, and Lingopie is free to use for beginners.

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