How to Build An Authority Blog For Affiliate Marketing Promotion

In This Post, We’ll Look How to Build An Authority Blog for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing and authority.

Both goes together if you really want to see handsome income coming every month.

Selling products on your blog (your own or an affiliate product) is all about your trustworthiness and authority.

People will buy only and only if they trust you.

When I started affiliate marketing around 8 years back, I did few mistakes.

I wanted to sell my products to people who have never interacted me, who didn’t know who I was.

So why should they believe on me?

Why should they spend the money on a product which I am suggesting in my review?

I got the answer when I made no sales after spending 4-5 months.

So I thought about building authority so that people can trust what I want to say and ultimately they buy the things which I suggest them to buy.

How to Build An Authority Blog For Affiliate Marketing Promotion

So in this post, I’ll talk about a few core ingredients which are necessary to make affiliate sales on your blog. Some ingredients which I have personally used in last 2 years and seeing a huge increment in my sales.

How to Build An Authority Blog for Affiliate Marketing, Let’s See:

How to Build An Authority Blog for Affiliate Marketing

1. Establish Professional-looking Blog

If you want to make your blog an authority in your niche, a professional design will help you to create the good first impression for your blog.

The professional-looking blog is considered more authoritative for your audience. If you don’t believe it, change your blog design into a cheap and ugly design and watch your traffic and readership drop quickly.

Make your blog professional-looking, and people will regard your blog as a credible and reputable blog.

2. Post-High-Quality Content Regularly

Of course, you can’t build an authority blog without posting high-quality content regularly. Remember, it’s not by updating your content regularly that will make your blog authority.

Yes, you can update your blog with PLR content and that will not make your blog authority.

You have to post high-quality content to your blog regularly in order to establish reputation and credibility in your niche. Original and unique content is what will make your blog authoritative.

3. Associate With Popular Blogs

Associate With Popular Blogs

Without good association, you can’t boost your blog reputation. If you associate your blog with low quality and less popular blogs, people will not see your blog as authoritative and you will lose Affiliate Marketing Promotion.

Only if you associate your blog with popular blogs you will be able to make your blog more reputable.

By submitting guest posts and writing comments to popular blogs, your blog will be regarded as a reputable blog. Remember that the right association is the key to establish good reputation in your niche.

4. Promote Your Affiliate Product Through Mailing List

If you have a mailing list, all your promotion efforts will be a lot easier. That’s because once you’ve built authority blog in your niche, it is easy to attract people to join your mailing list.

You will also have loyal readers and subscribers that will follow each of your recommendation, no matter what it is.

It is a good idea to focus your Affiliate Marketing Promotion on your mailing list instead of your blog because it will bring you more result and you can have less affiliate advertisements on your blog.

Aweber is the best option to start email marketing because you can start it by paying just $1 for the first month.

5. Build Strong Branding For Your Blog

Build Strong Branding For Your Blog

Strong branding will affect your success in promoting your affiliate product. For an authority blog, branding is important because it is what will make the blog authoritative.

In fact, branding is important in any business. Take for instance, when you hear about Google, what will come in your mind? Search engine. When you hear about Facebook, what will come in your mind? Social network.

If you can brand your blog so that people can associate your blog with your niche every time they hear about your blog, you’ve successfully made your blog an authority. And it will be easy to promote affiliate product on your blog.

6. Use Professional Images

Using wrong image in your blog post can not only deviate your visitors but also make very negative impact as well.

Try to find images which are most relevant to your blog post and gives your readers a good feeling while going through your content.

For example, check QuickSprout, he always uses images which are of very high quality and clicks reader’s mind directly.

You can try DollarPhotoClub which has 27 million royalty free images which you can use anywhere. By paying just $10/month, you can download any number of images every month by paying $1 for each image.

7. Write Review if You Have Used The Product

Write Review if You Have Used The Product

Many bloggers do the same mistake.. and they do it again and again.

They write about the product which they have never used. They find some images by searching on the Google and ultimately use them to convince their readers.

Think about it.

You started your blog to help people who are finding solution of any genuine problem… and you are providing them fake reviews just for the sake to earn affiliate commission.

If you really want to make money with your blog with affiliate marketing then write about the product which you have tried.

Don’t worry if you cannot buy the product, because you can always request the product owner to provide a review copy for the product. You can request them to activate the licence for 15, 20 or 30 days.

8. Provide Real Case Studies

People always want to read insider tips.

They want to know how any particular blogger is making money online and how much efforts he/she is paying to achieve his/her goals.

Real case studies give them more confidence and they start getting more interest in your blog.

NichePursuits and Backlinko are the two live examples of real case studies. Every article you read there it tested and proven.

You can interview experts in your industry to help your readers to learn more about your niche. You can invite experts on your blog and let your readers to interact with them directly.

So this is one of the ways which you can use to build your authority in your niche.

Final Words

If you really want to make money with your blog by promoting affiliate products then I would suggest you to work on the points which I mentioned in the article.

If you have any questions, please shout it out in the comments!

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