HostPapa Pricing 2024 How Much It Costs ?

It has been a while since HostPapa was founded. It began in 2002 but did not offer web hosting services until 2005. The company was officially established as it is today in 2006.

It’s hard to miss HostPapa these days since it’s so prominent. Its logo and name are catchy too, isn’t it? The logo was created as part of a contest held in 2012 – yes, the current design was the winner.

We consider HostPapa to be one of the best web hosting companies based in Canada. Its headquarters are located in Burlington, Ontario.

HostPapa pricing

The company operates in various countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Singapore, India, and more. These guys can work quite well if you need a good web host in Malaysia, for example.

HostPapa is also one of those environmentally conscious companies if you’re looking for a green hosting service. As part of their environmental initiatives, they use renewable energy to power their servers and data centers.

Their web hosting services include shared VPS, and reseller hosting. I am going to focus on their most popular product – shared hosting – in this review.

HostPapa Pricing

Pricing Hostpapa

1. Starter

You will find all the necessary features in HostPapa’s starter pack. This month’s introductory price is $2.95, but the renewal rate (regular price) is $10.99.

This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage space of 100GB SSD. You can host 2 websites with this plan.

2. Business

HostPapa’s Business plan has more features than the essential package. Compared to their Starter plan, this plan offers many more advanced features. Additionally, it offers unlimited SSD storage space and bandwidth as well as hosting an unlimited number of websites.

The HostPapa Business plan is available for only $2.95 per month right now. You will, however, be charged the regular price of $15.99 each month when you renew your plan.

3. Business Pro

The Business Pro package is HostPapa’s most powerful and expensive package, but you can get it for just $11.95 a month as an introductory price. The regular price (renewal rate) is $19.99 per month. Additionally, this package includes unlimited websites, SSD storage, and bandwidth, just like the Business plan.

There are all the features included in HostPapa’s top-tier plan (e.g. essential and advanced features) in addition to the features from their Starter and Business plans. In addition to all that, it has better performance overall. With this plan, you’ll get higher levels of security as well as faster speeds.

HostPapa’s pricing system offers the following considerations:

  • Always remember that HostPapa’s main differences are the number of websites you’re permitted to host as well as their respective storage and bandwidth. More expensive plans offer greater performance and power than cheaper ones.
  • Compared to traditional hard disks, HostPapa uses SSD storage.
  • A free domain can be yours if you sign up for HostPapa’s annual plan (or longer). Each plan includes a domain name, which is valid for one year (you must renew it annually thereafter).

Conclusion: HostPapa PricingĀ 

HostPapa’s pros simply outnumber their cons as a Canadian hosting company, as you can see. Freebies, money-back guarantees, and great uptimes are just a few of their perks.

We only have a problem with the loading speed on their cheapest package (Starter). The loading speed negatively affects your SEO efforts and also results in a poor customer experience.

The CDN feature can help to solve the speed issue – although HostPapa’s Starter plan does not include it. Due to its CDN feature, we advise going with their Business plan. We recommend taking advantage of the huge savings on HostPapa’s Business plan as well.

You can always upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan as you go, as with other hosting companies. Getting their Business plan will put you right in the middle – with plenty of room to grow and downgrade.

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