Hostens Review 2024: Is It The Best Web Hosting Platform?

Hostens Review

Overall Verdict

Hostens seems to be a wise option while searching for something like a perfect web host because it has a robust data center, reasonable costs, system administration by multiple dashboards based upon chosen service, and 24/7 service.

Out of 10


  • Consistent Uptime
  • Low entry cost
  • Simple to Install Applications
  • Plans that are shared like Python, Ruby, and Git are all supported.
  • SSD Configured server
  • Various Data Centers


  • Including shared hosting, most plans have a threshold level.
  • There seem to be no managed VPS plans available.


Price: $ 1.20

Do you know in reality, by the end of 2021,87 percent of all new companies would be predominantly online? The new requirement for web hosting cannot be underestimated.

Due to COVID-19, several people are attempting to start their own online companies. Many that were unemployed as a result of the pandemic now have a secure source of income.

Many other people acquired different abilities, such as culinary or crafting, while being on lockdown and aspire to use them as a source of side hustle.

When I read many articles on online business, I found out that selling goods and services online is innovative because it allows companies to attract a larger audience while also adhering to the social distancing controls.

To do so, you could use a website where your buyers can place orders. So if you’d like to get a webpage, you’ll need reliable web hosting that acts like your platform’s real estate.

Web hosting is like a workaround engine that controls most aspects, including resolving all the website optimization issues.

I know that selecting a web hosting provider has, of course, been more effectively spoken than being implemented. Web hosting solutions are open in a variety of sizes and shapes. This is why I have written this Hostens review to help you get the best web hosting services. 

Hostens Review

What is Hostens and What Does It Help With?

Hostens overview- Hostens Review


You must be wondering what Hostens is and how it came into existence. 

Hostens is a web hosting company specializing in hosting services, virtual private server hosting, and the domain name or transition. Linux and Windows server management, development cloud storage, and OpenVZ.KVM virtual machine frameworks are among these fields. 

The Hostens board comprises web hosting professionals with far more than five years of server management experience. They are professionals in a variety of web hosting areas.

Did you know that in 2005, they established Lithuania’s most well-known web hosting firm, pursuing their target of creating harmony among cost-effectiveness and enterprise-level innovation?

Hostens runs and maintains a “state of the art” data center that abides with tier three tech global norms (This implies a 99.98 percent accessibility rate.). This is ideally positioned in Vilnius, Lithuania, around Europe’s geographical halfway mark.

Hostens seems to be a low-cost web hosting company that assists local consumers and companies find a suitable web page platform.

Hostens, which identifies itself as “A home to your web page,” provides an all-in-one approach to launching your internet business, including web hosting, website creator, domain name registration, safety certification, and additional features too including VPS or VPN hosting.

It’s clear right away that Hostens provides marvelous price levels: this web hosting starts at 0.90 dollars each month. Aside from their competitive costs, 24/7 customer care, and 99.95 percent SLA, Hostens appears to be a very credible services company.

Features And Services You Get By Using Hostens.

Hostens features- Hostens Review


Hostens is now a full-service networking company that provides reseller hosting, virtual private server (VPS) services, shared hosting, and domain name registration. The thing I was amazed about is the below mentioned functions included in the hosting services:

  1. Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%
  2. Backups are made automatically every day and every week.
  3. Domain authentication is now active.
  4. One hundred websites are feasible.
  5. Let’s Encrypt SSL certification is available for free.
  6. Increasing to Sixty Gigabytes of storage
  7. Monthly bandwidth of up to four TB
  8. Obtain a Simple Web address
  9. Configuration with a single click
  10. Create a Website for Free
  11. Pragmatic support
  12. Connectivity in the Cloud
  13. Virtualization with OpenVZ/KVM
  14. Templates for the Operating System
  15. Plans that you can scale

Domains for free- After a yearly payment period, you can get .Online



.Tech,or .Site domains for free.

Help is available 24/ 7- They’re happy to assist you through the mail, group chats, social media, or the ticket process.

Cloud Platform- A hosting network based on enterprise-level servers with durability and efficiency in consideration.

Genuinely Effective tools- Let’s Encrypt license, competent mail folder, planned backups, DNS administrator, and more are only a few of the features available.

Applications are already provided- Installatron enables the installation, updating, and backup of over a hundred files and data management practices.

Create your platform for free- Anyone who purchases a web hosting plan is entitled to a free website construction tool.

Ease of Use

When I used Hostens I got to know that it is effortless to use it. Novices can appreciate the Installatron one-click launcher, which allows the user to access prominent applications without requiring any technical knowledge.

Hostens review and benefits

Since both proposals use the Ruby software programs, Python and PHP, there are loads of attributes for professionals. MySQL servers with remote connectivity and even the phpMyAdmin user interface are also included. You could also arrange Cron jobs to gain SSH entry, which is uncommon for shared plans.

Inside a shared networking setting, hosting packages support SSD storage for quicker read/write frequencies and CloudLinux, which separates you from noisy teammates.

From its picturesque cartoonish scenery, endless warmth, and a small adorable mascot throughout the style of a hamster, Hostens’ primary webpage homepage is the unnervingly nostalgic presentation of child’s storybooks.

The business’s background, network infrastructure, and staff are all covered in detail on the corporation’s page, including images. The platform comes in a  multitude of languages, namely Russian,

 Latvian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and English.

The process of selecting and obtaining the desired hosting package is also as basic as using Hostens’ website. There is an FAQ segment beneath the proposals that answers the majority of the common questions for each hosting form in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Once you pick a package, all of the information about it, including payment times and necessary add-ons, would be shown clearly. After that, they’ll question you to select a payment method from among a variety of options.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with Hostens, you’ll get requested to include a few bits of information, but it’s nothing unusual. You may also sign up for SMS alerts of information and news.

This would be the place to go if you’d like to allow two-factor verification to increase your sense of protection. New create an account with a new web address or pass an existing one after paying the fee if they own one.

Once you’ve completed everything, you ought to have easy accessibility through your newly built portal. Hostens employs the industry-standard cPanel control panel, which would be helpful to both beginners or those previously acquainted with it.

From that, you could use Installatron to establish SSL and download WordPress or even other similar software.

Here’s to the joy of many who anticipated it, Hostens recently enhanced its hosting service with something like a drag-and-drop website creator. Overall, it’s difficult to argue that Hostens seems to have a lot to sell! 

Speed and Experience

With all of the requisite details regarding Hostens’ network infrastructure, anticipated flawless results, which Iachieved. In reality, it’s the first instance we’ve witnessed GTmetrix grant a complete a hundred percent to a web page speed results, that is nothing short of remarkable.

Hostens’ official site takes 2.8 secs to open the standard ultimately is 8.1 seconds with 48 demands; the proportion is 89, which appears to be impressive.

Hostens guarantees a 99.95 percent uptime, which pales compared to the 99.98 percent uptime that tier three databases will achieve. Despite this, I documented zero downtime while continuously tracking the uptime of Hostens’ official site with UptimeRobot over fourteen days.

There was one noticeable fluctuation in reaction time and a couple of small ones, yet nothing noticeable enough to affect final performance.

Pros and Cons

Hostens Pros-

  • It has consistent uptime and overall outstanding service. 
  • Surprisingly low entry cost.
  • Data centers can be located in Europe, the United States, or Asia.
  • It has a free website developer, a web address, and other services such as Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Plans that are shared like Python, Ruby, and Git are all supported.
  • Installatron makes it simple to install applications.
  • The server is required to be completely SSD-configured.
  • Account formation and configuration management are finalized immediately.

Hostens Cons-

  • When an agreement is renewed, the price hikes dramatically.
  • Including shared hosting, most plans have a threshold level.
  • There seem to be no managed VPS plans available.

Why Do I Recommend Hostens?

Here are three significant points to get Hostens-

Hostens benefits- hostens review

There Are No Hidden Requirements-

As a result of the industry, they’ve chosen not to mislead the clients with limitless deals, unlimited space, unlimited connectivity, free domains, and other such nonsense.

They never have any hidden charges or requirements. They’re entirely transparent and straightforward, providing you with all of the facts you have to comprehend the offer and make an informed decision.

Good Infrastructure- 

Around 2005, they grew to become Lithuania’s leading hosting services company due to the satisfied clients and their recommendations. They are pleased to provide domain name, website hosting, and VPS services to clients by integrating inexpensive, flexible options of enterprise innovation.

They are happy to report that they give upwards of 13 years of expertise in the hosting industry. Hostens can deliver a conveniently accessible computing infrastructure in Vilnius, Lithuania, and accurate and straightforward network connectivity to each of Europe’s service interchange points, thanks to the apparent technological heritage of ‘Interneto Vizija.’


Hostens will deliver several of the cheapest deals on the marketplace since they own computing infrastructure. Furthermore, they have transparent marketing plans and also promotions based on the amount of the transaction.

This Peculiar Pricing Factor Would Attract You!!

Price And Plans-

Hostens - Pricing- Hostens review


VPS hosting-

  • After the 70 percent discount, Monthly rates begin around $1.20 from 2.99 dollars.
  • Equal to 1024 Gigabytes of hard drive space and Eight GB of Memory space
  • Replacements are done regularly.
  • Plesk/cPanel/DirectAdmin (optional)

Hosting in a Shared Setting-

  • After the 70 percent discount, Monthly rates begin around 0.90 dollars from 1.99 dollars.
  • Equal to Forty pages on close to forty GB of storage space
  • Backup and restore on a daily/weekly basis
  • cPanel is a web hosting control panel.

Hosting for resellers-

  • After the seventy percentage discount, Monthly rates begin with 1.80 dollars from 3.99 dollars.
  • Owing to 400 domains on close to forty GB of system memory
  • Backup and restore on a daily/weekly basis
  • WHM & cPanel.

A Table On Pricing Plans-

VPS hosting 1.20 Dollars
Shared Hosting 0.90 Dollars
Reseller Hosting 1.80 Dollars

Hostens offers several unique forms of hosting: reseller hosting, VPS, and shared hosting, with three separate-sized coverage offered with each. The three dollars each month entry-level shared hosting package seems to have a lot to give for such a low price. 

When you invest for a bit of a while annually, it decreases to 1.50 dollars, 1.20 dollars within two years, and 0.90 dollars with three. This becomes the most cost-effective option whether you are capable of making a long-term commitment. 

This package includes ten Gigabytes of storage space, one TB of connectivity, and access for up to ten domains and servers, as well as hundreds of email addresses.

This also comes with regular and monthly automatic updates, cPanel, a Let’s Encrypt SSL license, and a web developer.

There is indeed a 30-day money-back policy whenever their facilities don’t match your requirements. Unless the transaction was charged by PayPal or credit card, it as predicted removes domain name or any add-ons.

In terms of payment options, Hostens accepts Alipay, BitPay and yes, they embrace bitcoins, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Nevertheless Reum, and DOKU, in comparison to the regular ones listed previously.

What About Customer Support?

When you still can’t seem to find what you’re searching for even after reading their knowledge-based blogs and articles but would prefer additional personal service, I would advise you to reach the Hostens staff through a chat session, email, pass, or contact page.

Since their support staff is accessible 24 hours per day, they can quickly answer any issues, inquiries, or complaints. Nevertheless, while I may not have gotten horrible feedback with Hostens’ service quality, it seems that a few numbers among their consumers did, as shown by the reviews that could be seen across the web, quite prominently on Trustpilot.

Users’ opinions differ greatly, of those who are extremely satisfied regarding Hostens’ services compared to those who describe them as having poor client support. I acknowledge that nobody can please everybody, although there are some problems that Hostens can tackle.

FAQs On Hostens-

👓How effective is the customer service at HOSTENS?

HOSTENS is indeed several of our favorite web hosting providers. However, this may be due to HOSTENS' status as just a tiny, under-the-radar web host. A smaller hosting provider has benefits since you, as a client, are much more valuable to them.

✌ Not sure which HOSTENS plan to choose?

The advice is to proceed with a less expensive plan. Afterward, you could still modify your plans. HOSTENS will assist you in making the switch towards a more affordable package. On some occasions, an uptick in guests involves a longer time than anticipated, so don't spend a fortune till the requirement occurs. Of course, the conditions could differ. In this scenario, you might seek advice from a HOSTENS managing professional.

💥What type of Datacenter does HOSTENS operate?

Hostens operates a tier-three data center, and its official website is available in multiple languages.

✔ What is the price of HOSTENS?

HOSTENS has packages ranging from one dollar to three dollars. The cost is classified by the characteristics of the hosting service you select. You can find the revised pricing package in the section above.

👀 What is the expert scoring on HOSTENS?

Many hosting professionals have scored 9 out of 10 on the reliability factor, and the features are achieved 8 out of 10. It is scored 10 out of 10 based on user-friendliness, a 9 out of 10 on pricing plans, and a complete 10 out of 10 on support service.

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Hostens Review Verdict: Is This Web Hosting Worth It??

I personally loved using this hosting provider to amp up my business needs. According to my overview, the quality promise of Hostens is what makes it so intriguing.

Although many network operators promote their limitless deals, Hostens is doing the exact opposite. Hostens indicates that they do not deceive their clients by giving limitless hosting since it does not scrutinize. 


Alternatively, according to Hostens, they would like to keep their consumers’ life more uncomplicated by offering a hosting service without any hidden fees. They have the best pricing options as compared to other hosting servicing companies. 

They also have a website developing function which makes it easier for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The discovery that Hostens has a website developer is crucial because it allows them to save cash by building their webpage.

Hostens’ group always employs a cute and amusing hamster-like protagonist in their designs. This is because- their squad’s campaign slogan is “actually your hamster could have a webpage today” to highlight that maintaining a webpage is indeed a simple, fun, and cost-effective process.

Hostens seems to be a wise option while searching for something like a perfect web host because it has a robust data center, reasonable costs, system administration by multiple dashboards based upon chosen service, and 24/7 service.

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