Heepsy Review 2024 | Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Tool?

As you may already be aware, influencer marketing has become a great option for brands and businesses to be able to promote their products. In reality, brands are expected to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022 according to Business Insider Heepsy.

If you’re a brand or organization that wants to launch an influencer marketing campaign but aren’t sure what kind of influencers you should consider, there are influencer marketing search and analytics tools like Heepsy that will save you a lot of hours from scrolling down social media.

Heepsy Review

Heepsy Review 2024 | Should You Go for It?

In-Depth Heepsy Review?

Heepsy is a tool designed to facilitate this work to companies, through a platform that allows reaching the influencers that best suit their needs. Founded in 2016, the idea of the developers was to design a tool for influencer marketing that provides customers nothing but the highest quality search tool, that is guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied.


Influencer marketing is a strategy increasingly used by brands to give visibility to their products and services, through people with a large number of followers in social networks and Heepsy’s goal is to provide customers with the best Influencer Marketing platform in the market.

More about Heepsy!

Heepsy was our latest discovery of influencer marketing tools which makes life easier for the marketers. As we all know, influencer marketing is one of the most important tactics to be faced in 2020, but it poses some of the challenges that need to be addressed before we begin.

Heepsy Review - Heepsy

  • What influencers am I close to?
  • Who is a true influencer with a genuine audience?
  • Which one is of interest to my business?

Heepsy makes it very easy to find Instagram influencers. With 5 K followers or more, Heepsy has 7 million influencers, which is 90 percent of influencers with that range.

Find influencers with powerful filters Heepsy Review!

Heepsy is a program built by marketers for marketers. The software offers some very apt and powerful filters that will help you narrow down your search results so you can target the right influencers for your marketing campaigns and collaborate with them. You get access to several sets of filters depending on the plan you have purchased.


  • The Audience filter allows the user to narrow down the search by audience age range, audience location, audience interest, audience language and audience gender.

Audience Filter

  • While the Authenticity filter helps to narrow down the results by percentage of suspicious followers and the quality score.

Authenticity filter


Find influencers by a particular country, county, or town. They have influencers from around the world, from every country. If you find influencers for a particular city, it will yield fewer results than if you look at a country.

Heepsy - Discovery


With this filter, you can find influencers related to a particular niche because most of their publications are related to particular niches. We think influencers are fashionistas or artists, but influencers also exist for fitness, lifestyle, gaming, etc.


You might want to have influencers in your campaign for a particular range of followers. You can test influencers here, starting with those who have 5 K followers.


Engagement is the engagement with influencers that people have assessed by likes, comments, or video views. This metric is really significant as it indicates how much their audience is interested. You want to partner with an influencer who has a strong commitment to it. The percentage of engagements ranges from high to low, depending on each group.

Post cost estimates

If you are on a tight budget, you can find an influencer’s post cost as a specific amount of dollars. This is only an estimate, but it gives you an idea of if the campaign would be something you can afford or not.

Branded posts and posts per week

You can check for influencers with these two filters which have a percentage of advertised posts and then the number of posts they publish per week. Influencers who post too many pictures or videos often make their audience confused about their content. That’s why testing the engagement rate is relevant too.

What makes Heepsy better than others?

Heepsy has been in the market for over 4 years now and is well versed in all the key aspects of influencer marketing. 

While there are several tools that aim at helping clients boost their influencer marketing campaigns, the majority of them don’t give you the option to try it for free.

Unlike other tools, before you buy one of their plans, you can try Heepsy and it’s various tools with certain limitations through its free plan.

Heepsy’s Bio search

You can use the “Bio search” for free, which means you can try to enter a relevant keyword (a category, country or whatever) and discover thousands of influencers from Instagram in seconds.

This search engine produces very good results, helping you to pick out the influencers that best suit your campaign objectives. I must admit I’m a huge fan of the incredible influencer data that they deliver. I really like the way they deliver knowledge that simplifies decision-making. Here in their website you can find some examples of this, or sign up for free and try yourself.

Quality Search on Influencers!

We have done several searches with the intention of testing the tool’s ability to find influencers for various types of campaigns. We have used one of their payment plans for this, thus we have access to a larger number of filters and further refine our search. The number of influencers shown by the tool in each search has been high, even though I have tried to be very specific in both categories and location.

It is true that a bit of manual work on our part is required after conducting the search, but for our campaign to be successful we have to select influencers who are compatible with our business values. Not only this, but it’s also necessary to discard the Instagram influencers that don’t have an authentic audience, that is, influencers that we can suspect they’ve purchased followers, comments, or even likes.

Metrics and graphs

Heepsy provides us with a measure that gives us this detail in one glance. This metric is “score of the audience,” measuring the influencers algorithmically with a score between 0 and 100 points.

Heepsy - Graph

However, we can go into the specifics too if we prefer. You’ll get a growth graph that visualizes the growth rate of followers of an influencer. Some spikes will help us to discover fake followers buying them. A negative trend can suggest one influencer ‘s decline.

Analyze the influencer engagement rate

The engagement rate allows us to determine whether an influencer can help us achieve our campaign objectives. This graph contextualizes the influencer telling us whether the amount of interaction that other influencers have on his category is above or below that. You can also consider the comment-like ratio, which will say whether there is an odd proportion that can be an indicator of purchasing experiences. The graph again allows us to consider the proportion of each influencer contrasting it with the other influencers in their group.

Heepsy_ Analyze Influencer

Other interesting information is the brands the influencer has worked with. This is a good way to understand whether the influencer fits your brand values and maybe it can also help you discover influencers that have collaborated with your skill.

Finally, if you’ve chosen the right influencer for your campaign, you can add it to a list of other influencers you’ve chosen. You can download all influencer details (including contact details) to get in touch with them and offer them a collaboration when you finish executing your list.

Heepsy Pricing Plan!

Apart from a free plan, Heepsy plans start at $49, becoming one of the most accessible marketing resources for affecting all the features and influencers that you have access to.

 Heepsy Review - Pricing

You will have access to a set of filters and a number of reports in which you will see the advanced metrics, depending on the plan you are getting.

Heepsy currently offers 1 free plan and three paid plans for customers to choose from.


Price: NIL

Test out the website and do a search using the filters. Some of the profiles are getting blurred. You can see the counter with results number. Experiment with limited search results on all our apps.


Price: $49 per month

  • Access to 7M influencers
  • Lists and notes
  • Basic search

Use the filter location, category and followers to do searches. You may also insert keywords to locate influencers in the search bar. Provides ten reports to see detailed influencer metrics. Make lists to group the searches for influencers.


Price: $169 per month

  • Access to 7M influencers
  • Lists and notes
  • Basic search
  • Engagement search
  • Contact
  • Exports
  • Premium support

All that the Starter plan has and other filters including commitment, cost estimate, post frequency etc. Here’s 60 reports you have. You may also make lists of your favorite influencers. 


Price: Starting at $269 per month

  • Access to 7M influencers
  • Lists and notes
  • Basic search
  • Engagement search
  • Contact
  • Exports
  • Premium support
  • Advanced search
  • Audience search
  • Authenticity search
  • Multiple devices

Everything that the Plus package has plus the possibility of filtering through networks and accessing the influencers’ contact information. You can download the lists you created in CSV or xls, too. Additionally, if you’re working in an agency or on a big team, let’s log in to this plan at the same time. This package has 125 reports but you can also buy more reports (up to 5,000 reports a month).

As you can see, depending on your needs and budgets each plan has a set of filters and reports. If you’re on a plan and you think a higher plan is better for your work, you can change and get a proration, so don’t worry because you won’t be paid twice.

My thoughts about Heepsy Pricing Scheme!

In lieu of your free plan, subscribing to one of your payment plans is necessary for running a full campaign. Thankfully, their costs are affordable, and more if we take their standard of search and useful metrics into account. You can visit their pricing section to view the comparison chart of all the 4 plans offered by Heepsy!

Finally, if you have a bigger project and those plans don’t fit your needs, custom plans and annual plans are available. The annual contracts have a discount of 20 percent!

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Conclusion: Heepsy Review 2024 

Heepsy is indeed the best search method on influencer out there. The company strives to provide an accurate, user-friendly, and affordable search tool to clients. By providing them with insightful metrics, the team always works hard to connect businesses with the top content creators in the world.

They have a whole host of influencers. According to them, there are more than 7 million influencers you can find and filter. Whatever your business, this is more than enough to carry out any campaign.

The Influencer profile gives you important details for determining whether an influencer matches your brand objectives. It is truly through. First of all, there’s a “Quality Score” which tells you whether or not an influencer is fake in a glance. You can then check the average engagement, a growth graph, other collaborations with brands and other interesting data.

A further benefit to remember is customer service. Heepsy provides support via chat or email should you need help with something. The questions or doubts which emerged in our test were resolved in the first communication and in a very effective manner.

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